tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOnce Again It's On

Once Again It's On


Six left. Too many. My ass was open wide and my pussy was begging to be fucked by someone with a big dick. The skinny-dicked man did me no good. But, six more chances. Hopefully someone would want my pussy.

Still in the shack, still naked on the blankets, my pussy still dripped cum while I waited to see what he meant by “real fun”. For finding out, there is no time like the present.

The finger fucker said “Who wants to help me fuck?” The part-time bartender from the Shady, Marcus, said he would help. The finger fucker, naughty boy that he is, came to me and began to suck my pussy. He grimaced not once even though my pussy must still taste of the skinny-dicked mans cum. He slurped my swollen pearl tongue into his mouth and began to force his fingers back into my pussyhole.

Marcus walked over to me and fed me his dick. I could barely fit my mouth around it. For the first time in my life, I wished I didn’t have teeth. This was a dick I wanted to suck right. I did the best I could. I slurped, sucked, attempted to deep-throat and hummed all over his dick. Everything I did was returned to me twofold. The finger fucker had forced his hand into my pussy about four inches past the wrist and watching my lips slide back and forth over his arm as he licked occasionally at my clit.

Marcus’ dick had swollen to the point where it must have been painful for him because it was impossible for me to keep my teeth off of it. He slowly worked his way out of my mouth. “I want some ass, dog”, Marcus said. OK was the reply. Finger-fucker removed his mouth from my clit and sat me up so I was riding his arm. He moved me around until I was hovering over Marcus’ dick.

From there, Marcus took over. He grabbed his dick and hunted down my asshole. When he found the hole, he shoved. I moaned in a combination of pleasure, anticipation, and pain. He forced my sphincter farther open than it had been all night. I screamed and tried to run but he just pulled me closer and pushed in harder. I gasped and shivered when I felt his balls touch my underside.

Marcus pulled me back until my back was pressed against his chest and fucked into three quick times to make sure his dick was totally in. Finger fucker began to shove his fist back and forth into my tunnel. Marcus clearly enjoyed it. I didn’t. I wasn’t wet enough for this and it was beginning to hurt.

My ass, on the other hole, was completely wet and still cumming. Finger fucker noticed this and was about to take advantage of it. “Let’s take a vote. Say yawl if you think she can take two dicks in her ass at the same time”. I lost. Six yawls and a nawl.

So, still impaled on Marcus’ dick, Finger fucker yanked his hand out of my mostly dry pussy and got into position. He began to rub his dickhead against Marcus’ dick and my hole. When it was wet enough, he signaled to Marcus to pull out. When I felt pressure again, it was a searing pain that threatened to split my asshole. I realized soon that they were both attempting to force their dickheads in at the same time.

I could do nothing but grin and bear it because they didn’t care how much pain they put me in. Finally they were both in as far as they would go. When they began to fuck in and out of me I realized it was well worth the pain. The pain in my ass was transmitted to my pussy as waves of pleasure and before long I was trying to get my hand to my pearl tongue.

“She likes it”, was yelled from someone in the crowd when they saw the cum glistening on my pussy. So Finger fucker and Marcus rolled me over so my ass was in the air. Marcus began to pound steadily into my ass. Finger fucker stayed where he was and tried as hard as he could not to cum. It didn’t work. As soon as Marcus began to thrust faster into my ass, Finger fucker allowed his dick to slip from my ass and shot hid cum all over my pussy.

Shots hit my pearl tongue and shot up to drip from my stomach. Satisfied, Finger fucker moved from beneath me. But now that I was free, another dick was shoved towards my face. I sucked it because I wanted to. Marcus enjoyed my display and began to fuck my ass for all he was worth. I reached back with both hands and spread my asscheeks to him. He conceded and made my ass fart, he fucked it so hard.

My pussy quivered and dripped as he banged repeatedly into my open asshole. “Aahhh”, he moaned and removed his dick from my well- fucked ass. I moaned with displeasure once and was rewarded with his fat dickhead pressing against my pussyhole. He slid in easily and began to fuck me. One stroke, two, three. He reached below and began to massage my nipple while he watched my head bob on yet another dick. “Oooohhhh!”, he gasped and yanked me towards him. His dick pulsed and he flooded my swollen pussy with his hot cum. He jerked and spasmed until he finished cumming and pulled out of me slowly.

Three to go. The dick in my mouth retreated and I was left alone. The three remaining grinned at me like rapists with a willing victim. Which is what they were. And what I was. I watched Marcus and the others leave the cabin. When they were gone, I stood up. Only three left. I was going to make this fun for me.

“What are your names?” I asked.

John, eight or nine inches, a little on the thin side, he was going to get ass.

Xavier, eleven inches, at least, all pussy.

Mike, nine inches, thick with a beautifully tanned head, was going to fuck my throat.

I told them how I wanted it to go and they complied. I sat in John’s lap and slowly worked my asshole over his dick. By the time I was completely impaled on his dick, he had both of my tits in his hands. Using my breasts, he forced me up and down on his dick until it glistened form my ass juices. When he was satisfied, he gripped my hips and pushed me down until no part of his dick was visible. Then he leaned back.

Xavier’s turn. My wet pussy admitted even his large dick with no problem. The arm I had earlier might have helped. Regardless of how he slipped in so easily, he took full advantage of the situation. I could feel his dick pulsing inside of me. I was in heaven. X pushed his dick in until his balls rested next to John’s. I leaned back my head and accepted Mike’s dick.

We only stayed in this position for a few seconds. My pussy hounds were a little to anxious to be inhibited so. Xavier ripped his dick out of my soaked hole and backed off. John shoved his dick in completely and turned me over so that I was doggystyle in front of Mike. Now John had complete control of my ass and he began to prove it as I sucked Mike’s dick back into my mouth.

Xavier was not to be left out. He sat down next to Mike and allowed me to suck my pussy juices from his dick. Mike, being far too helpful, reached over me and spread my asscheeks for John. Thin dick or no, he was literally fucking the shit out of me. His cock was covered in ass juice and feces, but that didn’t slow him down. If anything, it made him fuck into my ass all the harder.

I moaned in pain as I sucked the two dicks in front of me. I tightened my asshole and just tried to take the brutal fucking that I was receiving. He crashed into my ass again and again, his balls making a slapping sound when they hit my pussy. John reached around me and began to fondle my tits. That was when X got his idea.

Xavier slid under me in 69 position and captured my swollen clit between his teeth. As he began to suck my clit, I grabbed his dick and began to jack him off. Sucking Mike back into my mouth, I began to fuck back against Xavier’s tongue and in turn John’s dick. Either he enjoyed my fucking or the whole situation was too much for him. Either way, John pulled himself from my ass, and came around to my face. No warning, he just aimed and fired. His milky, thick cum landed on my eyebrows, the sides of my lips, my nose, and was starting to drip from the side of my face into X’s lap.

But before he could be hit with a milky glob, he released my pussy and pushed me off his face. He announced it was his turn and pushed into me with one gushy motion. The intense ass fucking I had just received turned my pussy into a big, wet hole. Xavier moaned with delight and began to fuck me as hard as he could. I sucked furiously on Mike’s dick but it wasn’t good enough for him. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to deepthroat him.

When I was gagging from lack of air, he pulled his dickhead back just enough for me to draw two shallow swallows of air. Then he said he had a surprise for me. He pulled his dick from my mouth and began to slowly pull on it. Xavier continued on his pussy destroying mission. I was experiencing one long orgasm and could really care less what his surprise was. Probably more cum anyway.

“Open your mouth wide”. “Ahh”. I gagged and spit and he stopped. He had just shot his piss into my mouth. That killed my heretofore unstoppable orgasm. “you are going to swallow every drop of my piss, so get started”. The threat in his eyes was more than enough to make me open my mouth again. He instructed me to close my mouth around his dickhead and I did. He shot me a mouthful as I looked pleadingly at him. No good. He grabbed my nose and forced me to swallow. He did this again

and again until he bladder was empty.

When he was done, his dick went immediately back to hard and he began to fuck my mouth again like he hadn’t just done one of the most vile things in the world. Xavier removed his dick from my pussy and began to slowly penetrate my ass. I moaned no and got the last five inches shoved in at full speed for my trouble.

But he was taking his time and that was good. He grabbed my pearl tongue between his fingers and began fucking me for all I was worth. Mike could last no longer and let his cum spray the back of my throat. When he finished, I turned my head to spit and he told me no.

He turned around and spread his asscheeks to me. Using my tongue, he wanted me to force his cum up his ass and suck it back out over and over until he came again. Xavier thought it was a good idea and came and made a five shot donation. My mouth now held more cum than I could comfortably hold and I was happy to make the deposit into his ass.

He told me to hold open my mouth and wait for it to come back. I waited. Nothing happened. I waited more. Finally he told me to suck his asshole. It seems his cavern swallowed the cum. Nope. The nasty mother fucker forced shit into my mouth when I sucked. But it made him cum, THANK GOD. I jumped up and ran form the house.

There was no where to go. The road was barren and there were no other houses around. I was stuck here until I could get a ride or walk back to civilazation. After walking for about five minutes, I heard a truck engine. Unfortunately it was Mike and he was laughing. There is no exit this way honey. I’m sorry for shittin gin your mouth. Come on Ill give you a ride back to Shady’s. Dumb bitch me. I got in the car. You know where he took me. Right back where I came from. He pushed me inside and threw me a laptop. Then he bolted the door and drove away. He’s only been gone for about an hour now but I miss him already.

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