tagGay MaleOnce in a Lifetime Opportunity Ch. 01

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Ch. 01


My head was spinning... it was actually going to happen. I'd flown into Las Vegas and had everything set, this was going to be my first time meeting anyone from the adult fuck site I'd finally decided to subscribe to, after I found a couple forum posts I trusted that said they'd gotten laid by girls on the site. It did seem to have hot fuckable pussy if you could believe the all the pictures. And knowing I had this trip planned I started a couple months ago looking at all the hot sluts in Las Vegas, of course a few were thinly disguised escorts, but most were just hot horny sluts ready to play. I'd chatted with a quite a few and even exchanged emails with a couple real anxious women, but in the end it was two very hot pussies that had been the focus of my pleasures online and both were actually going to meet me later, both had wanted a threesome with me and another woman. I'd figured, why not I love to watch woman on woman pornos, they want to explore being with another woman, and I wanted to fuck both of them, but thats really the beginning of another story.

Right now I was four hours away from that meeting, I'd checked into my room, I was trying to relax in the hotel bar, horny and ready for tonight, just trying to decompress and wondering how life could get any better or for that matter more out of control.

It was then that I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me ask, "mind if I join you for a drink?" I turned and caught my first glimpse of the man who was asking me if he could join me. Now, I've always considered myself straight, I've had the occasional fantasy about what it might be like to have my cock sucked by a guy, but I've never really even gotten aroused by another guy. That was until now, I was speechless for a moment and all I could do was nod and point to the chair next to me. I'm not fresh out of college anymore and this guy was at least a few years older than me, but he had the most incredible presence. Even the way he smelled was intoxicating.

I finally got out, "no go ahead, sit down. I just got into town and trying to relax before I go on a fantasy date tonight." Why I was telling him all this I'm not sure, but to be honest I was in a trance. I think you had to see him. He was above average height, well toned you could tell even in his casual dress which I was just noticing was like it was made for him, extremely well tailored. He had a presence thats all I can say. Deep blue-eyes, strong chin, he was like a retired model, but much more real and sitting next to me.

Before I said anything else, he started the conversation with, "I have to tell you, you're an extremely handsome guy, and very attractive, if you don't mind me saying, and part of why I wanted to join you, its no surprise you've got women lined up to go out with you, I know that was what I was hoping you'd be up for, with me." Now I realized even his voice was mesmerizing and I almost didn't think about what he was actually saying for a moment. Then it dawned on me, he was talking to me like I might a woman I was trying to pick up in a bar. Immediately, I was very present and shock set in, they say that with fright comes a fight or flight animal response, but I didn't feel like either. I was horny from thinking about the pictures of the two women who would be in a threesome with me that night, but I realized my hard-on was much more a result of my response to this man sitting next to me than my fantasies and I really didn't want to fight it.

He must have caught my deer in the headlights realization that he was hitting on me because he immediately said, “Oh by the way my name is John, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, please by all means if you're not interested in more than casual conversation, this conversation needs to go no further.” Time stood still. All the thoughts I've ever had about other men and sexual exploration went through my mind, I mean even the time I stroked off with my best friend in high school watching pornos and especially the recent conversations I'd had about threesomes with these girls and if I'd ever considered a two guy and a girl connection. I honestly forgot to breath and I know John could probably see the wheels turning in my head. He ordered us both another round of drinks as I had quickly finished my long island ice tea.

In a low voice, John began to seduce me. "This may not matter, but I'm a very wealthy man, actually at this hotel I can pretty much get whatever I want comp'd including sex, you see I have a pension for gambling a bit. As much as I'm used to getting whatever I want, and I have to be honest, I want you. Sam, I saw you earlier and decided I was going to have you." He knew my name... how could he know my name. "I know you're married, I know how much debt you have, about your job, your house, the fact you don't have kids... and I even know a few things you don't think anyone knows about, including the names and addresses of the two girls that you're meeting later." Ok, some of what he just said was kinda scary, but I know how easy it is with money to buy information about anything, so I decided to listen.

"I don't want to buy you, although no matter what happens between us I've set you up with a house account so you'll be able to gamble all you like while you're here. I don't want to intimidate you, I just want you, but I only want you if you're willing." Again I'd drank nearly all my new drink.

"Sam, you're a very attractive man. You remind me of myself about 10 years ago, and I'd like to share with you some of what I've discovered is available to those who are willing to explore new possibilities." His smile was stronger than anything I was drinking and I let his words wash over me. I was already his, I wanted whatever he was selling and I was willing to 'explore' any possibility if it meant getting to be with him – it was like how hungry a str8 frat guy gets when he sees the hottest girl at a party and she is dancing like she is ready to fuck and has a room full of guys ready and willing and all he wants is for it to be with him.

I felt his hand moving up my thigh, before I could even say anything, it was John's way of acknowleging without words he knew my answer and he confirmed my interest when his hand came to rest on my throbbing erection. John then casually said, "Why don't we go up to my suite where its more private and we can talk more there. Sam if at anytime you feel like you don't want to continue I'll understand and with no hard feelings we can just be friends."

I stood up and realized I hadn't eaten, but that they'd mixed my drinks will all the alcohol that a long island should have. We walked away unconcerned about the bill. I asked John if he had anything to eat in his suite and he assured me we could get whatever I wanted and that he'd planned on feeding me. On the way to his room we talked about his early success in a dot com venture and that he was one of those who kept his money and had bought real estate. I noticed all the hotel people knew him by name and that made me feel kinda vulnerable wondering if they were all watching him take me to his room. I wondered if this is how an escort feels and for a moment I felt incredibly slutty, I don't know if it was the alcohol effecting me, but I realized I kinda liked being a slut.

When we were let into his room, actually it was the presidential suite. He even had a butler, that was a huge surprise when he opened the door for us. John sent him to get me some food, I can't even remember what I said I wanted. This had to be one of the nicest hotel suites I've seen, yeah you see stuff in movies, but this was incredible. He gave me a tour and I'm sure it was intentional, but it was only when it ended in the bedroom and John brought his body close to mine and put his hand on my ass and pulled me too him that I realized how much we both wanted each other.

I felt his throbbing cock against mine and he was unbuttoning my shirt and I automatically began to undress him. As his shirt fell to the floor and I got my first look at his half naked body, I was amazed, it was perfect, not over developed, but cut like by a sculptor, his abs would have made a perfect commercial shot. For a moment I got self-conscious, I'm in pretty good shape I was a slob compared to what I was looking at. His hands caressing my chest and stroking my hardening nipples and I completely forget my momentary concern.

His lips surrounded my right nipple and it felt like I was on fire, I've sucked on as many breasts as I could in my life and feel like I've mastered how to make a woman have an orgasm with my mouth on her nipples, but I'd never felt anything like this he was incredible. His hands continued to undress me... unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants... his hand brushing over my pulsing need and I couldn't help but breath in deeply, as he rubbed me through the fabric of my boxers. My breathing actually became much deeper and I knew if I didn't keep up he'd have me cumming before I even got him undressed. As his pants fell to the floor and my hands fondled him through his boxer briefs I had to step back and he watched me as I looked down to see what I'd been feeling. John had a monster cock. I have wowed a few easily impressed girls with my 8+ inch cock mostly because its also very thick, but I immediately stripped Johns shorts off so I could confirm how large he was... 12 inches at least of rigid cock sprang out and landed in my hand and my fingers could only reach around it part way. Amazed at his size it wasn't until I was stroking his cock that I realized what I was doing. This was the first time I'd actually touched another mans penis and it felt incredible in my hand like it was alive as it pulsed and the his silky foreskin stretched tight over his proud erection. I used his pre-cum from his soft mushroom head that leaked out of his slit to lubricate my hand and continued my exploration of stroking another mans cock.

John was stripping my boxers off of me and leading me to the huge bed in the middle of this massive bedroom. He used my cock to guide me to the middle of the bed and then laid me out on it. I felt his lips find my cockhead. I moaned and again had to remember to breath as I felt his tongue swirl my cockhead and then flick over my piss slit devouring my pre-cum. His hand was stroking me as I watched his lips slide slowly over my mushroom head. I think all the sensations were more intense than I've felt since like the first time I discovered masturbating, but the feeling of his mouth on my cock was unlike anything I've ever felt, including anything a woman has done to me before. All I could do was watch and moan in pleasure as he started to suck me deeper into his mouth. My hips started to press up to greet each bob of his head moving up and down my shaft ... the suction was intense, like he wanted to use my cock like a straw to draw all the cum out of me before I could even climax.

As he continued to pump up and down my shaft, I was overcome with lust and pulled John over me so that his legs were on either side of my head in a 69 position. I started by stroking his cock and licking it up and down. I admit I was intimidated he was not only long, but huge. I finally began by licking and sucking on his cockhead it fit in my mouth and I tasted his precum on my tongue. It was like a drug, I wanted more and I started to mimic what John had been doing to me... sucking hard. My hands went to his firm wonderful ass and pulled him deeper into my mouth. I had an initial panic attack as his cock slid as far in as it could before hitting the back of my throat. John anticipated my fear and pulled out so I could breath.

It was at this moment that as I thrust my hips up and he came down, that I was impaled in his throat for the first time. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt, I even had that initial tingling in my balls and I had to bear down not to explode at first contact. John slowed and let me regain my control and then started to deep throat me with passion. It was like my cock was in a silk vice being sucked, more than the talent of any womans pussy, this felt like where my cock had always wanted to be and for a moment I forgot about how big the monster cock in my mouth was and pulled John down hard wanting to impale him in my throat. I thought I was going to die... I know they say that not being able to breath can be erotic and intense, but this was just plain terrifying. I mean I had John's cockhead deep in my throat and I really couldn't breath and I hadn't taken a proper breath and it felt like he was stuck.

He saw my distress and pulled out... he also let my cock out of his mouth, which was almost more distressing. He asked if I really wanted to take him into my throat because it takes some practice. I wanted to share what I was feeling with him so I said yes. He moved me closer to the edge of the bed so my head went back over the edge and then slid his cock back into my mouth as he stood with his legs on either side of my head, he coached me on breathing and then pressed in. I felt his cockhead pop into my throat and then he started to fuck into my mouth and I figured out how to breath. He did most of the work I just grabbed his ass and tried not to forget to breath.

He leaned back down and took me back into his wonderful hot mouth and as he fucked into my throat and milked my cock with his own I knew it was only a matter of moments before I lost total control. I tried to warn him with a hand signal, but he waved me off knowing I was going to cum. And I did ... as hard as I can ever remember... my body was possessed with my climax. I was unable to not thrust hard down John's throat and pump wave after wave of hot jism into his throat and mouth. I heard him moan and at first I was glad he seemed to enjoy my cum.

Then I realized he was beginning his own fierce ejaculation into my throat. Now a lot had happened in a very short time and I'd given little thought to the consequences and if you think I wasn't prepared for deep throating then multiply that by a hundred when it came to trying to swallow all the hot cum. John was pumping it in gallons it felt like into my throat and mouth. As I thought I might drown in it I pushed his hips back and felt his cock pop out of my mouth which was already overflowing with his hot cum. Then I felt him cum all over my face, neck and chest. As rope after hot rope stuck to my face and landed on my stomach, I was convinced I would have drowned if he hadn't pulled out.

After swallowing most of the cum in my mouth I think I took the first full breaths of air I'd taken in awhile. John was laying down on top of me.... smearing the hot cum between our bodies as our spent cocks touched and I felt electricity shoot up my spine and John's lips were on my own.

He'd saved some of my hot cum and it co-mingled with his own as his tongue entered my mouth and I kissed him with the kind of passion that only young lovers know. My body was ignited with sensations and the feeling of John moving his body over mine lubricated with his cum this moment remains one of the most erotic memories I'll ever have.

I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and the butler walked in and brought warm towels and cold water. I felt like a teenager caught masturbating. I wanted to jump up and cover myself, but John was oblivious and continued to kiss me until I wasn't noticing how startled I'd been. The hot towel felt good as the cum was starting to dry and making us stick more than slide along each others bodies. The butler, Frank I think his name was, actually cleaned us both off and for a moment it felt like he was invading and then he was gone.

I totally forgot my embarrassment as John's tongue probed and made love to my mouth and his hands caressed me, it was like I had a glimmer what it felt to have your body worshiped, for a moment I felt very much John's, like he could make me one of his possessions and I'd go along willingly. I must have somehow communicated that with my body. John signaled the butler and a moment later I felt a hand rubbing behind my balls. I spread my legs and he shifted my legs onto his shoulders. His hand had lubricant on it and I felt his finger go into my tight back door.

Now, I've thought about what it would be like to be sucked off by another man, but I knew he wanted to fuck me and I realized I didn't know how I should respond. I was relaxed and enjoying his touch. "If you want me to stop just say so and we can save this for another time." John saying something about another time was almost as distracting as his invitation to stop.

I wanted to scream, stop! But even more I wanted to feel him inside me. What came out is, "Please, fuck me. Make me yours. I never want to stop." At that moment I knew I wanted to have him fuck me and to fuck him in return. I wanted him this time and yes, I wanted him again and again.

My cock was already hard and almost painfully erect with my need. John stroked me as his fingers pushed in and out, stretching me as he added first two and then finally three as he pumped inside me deeper and deeper. It was when he forced a fourth finger that I realized what he was preparing me for. I wasn't just a virgin who hadn't ever taken a cock I was a virgin that was going to be taking a monster cock. For a second I involuntarily clamped down on his fingers and then finally relaxed. He was now easily pumping 4 fingers in and out of my ass with lots of lubrication.

I felt his cockhead at my asshole, then it slipped inside and I felt John wait. I wasn't sure for what but when I felt myself relax I knew and immediately John was deep inside me and pushing in and out deeper each time. After what felt like a wonderful eternity of him pumping deeper and harder, I felt his balls tight against my ass. I was complete I felt like he filled every need as my ass stretched to take in his full length and there had been some discomfort, but John was gentle and the pleasure I felt was much more intense.

I put a pillow under my head so I could watch his cock pump in and out of my ass. Watching him was another erotic moment I'll never forget, my first time being fucked and by a monster cock and by a man who was irresistibly hot. When he smiled at me I could tell his pleasure in fucking me was intense and his stroking my cock bringing me ever closer, I knew why this was considered a lifestyle choice. When John moaned and fucked into me harder pumping my cock faster with his lubricated hands I felt my body reply to his and without even a word we moved in rapture of the moment to a total orgasmic eclipse where it was like our bodies just knew. His hot cum streaming into my ass and my spunk going all over his and my face and chest and stomach. It was intensely connecting and I was totally one with another man.

He fell onto my chest and this time we didn't worry about cleaning up with hot towels. Just feeling him breath as he layed on top of me was satisfying. We kissed and caressed, eventually got up and took a hot shower together, John promising me we'd have to take an entire day just enjoying the shower and its many wonders. That brought me back to what time it was. John assured me my date wasn't for at least an hour, then I began to wonder how I could rise to the occasion so to speak after what I'd just been through.

John toweled me off taking time to pamper me as he did, stealing a few touches, some licks and a more than one kiss. Like he was reading my mind he offered my 3 blue pills he said they were better than viagra, but would make sure I was up to whatever was needed tonight. We started to talk like lovers after great sex. He told me he had some property and a beach house he owned on the coast near where I lived and that I was welcome to use it anytime with him or without him.

We talked about my life, his lifestyle, I found out he had his own jet and pilot that could make many things possible. He knew I did some consulting in addition to my normal schedule and he told me he wanted to become my best and most profitable client. He was serious about this not being our first and only time, he told me he'd set me up with a high rollers suite and my bags were being moved to a new room. If I was willing I'd never have to worry about money again, but he wouldn't force me to take his money and he'd probably make me earn every penny. I realized he wanted me to be his mistress and then I realized I already was and I didn't mind.

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