tagHumor & SatireOnce, Twice, Seven Times A Fucker

Once, Twice, Seven Times A Fucker


This story is a continuation of Hilda's previous adventure that was entitled "Hilda Humper's Delicious 2% Breast Milk". It begins in the same day and only shortly after, perhaps only an hour after, the previous humorous happenings of said tale. Thanks for reading.

The Blonde Bimbo With The Big Boom Booms, Hilda Humper stars in: "Once, Twice, Seven Times A Fucker" By Victor C. Nathan

"Oh, yes! That's it! Oh, yes, baby! Just like that! Give it to me hard!" Hilda Humper screamed as the mammoth-breasted bombshell neared completion of this, her third fucking of the day by her milking partner and big-dicked friend, Denny Fuckerfaster whom only today had she finally gotten the opportunity to fuck. "I'm almost there! Oh, shit! I'm so close! I'm so very close!"

Hilda's tight pussy clenched and squeezed Denny's thick ten inch pole with her strong inner muscles, snugly gripping its emormous girth and then releasing it, repeating this contraction and release method over and over again. Basically, she was milking it as he had milked her titan titties earlier that afternoon, except instead of milk, she would soon reap a powerful orgasm of thick spurting semen straight from his member, as well as the tingle that she would feel in her own sweet little pussy when she came in spades. Hilda Humper's long legs were resting on Denny's shoulders and this allowed him to go much deeper into her than was normally possible and to pummel her snug slot from the best possible angle. This man that she found so amazingly handsome, was plowing her sweet honeypot with every ounce of power that he could muster. Every few thrusts he would slide his penis so far up into her cunny and then hold it there, that soon Hilda never wanted him to slide it back out again. It felt so good way up inside of her that she wouldn't have minded having her pussy permanently housing the fucker. Now she could feel an orgasm on its way and from the breakneck speed Denny was pounding into her, she knew that he would soon be shooting every drop of another big load into her, overflowing her with his thick seed. Hilda's huge boobs bounced and her fleshy buttocks quivered as Denny's giant phallus slammed into her pussy full hilt like a huge freight train entering a long dark tunnel. With this powerful thrust, Hilda knew Denny was coming and she was definitely right on that count. She had fucked enough to be able to have a sixth sense about when a man's arrival was going to commence. Hilda felt his penis predictably jerk within her at the same time that she reached her own lavish delight.

"Aaaaahhh," Denny groaned in a relieved voice of placation.

"Yesssssssss!" Hilda Humper squealed as a strong orgasm rattled her full-fleshed body the very instant that her partner's slippery pecker exploded like a firecracker. "Oh, yeah, baby! Third time's the charm! Yes! Give me all of it! Squirt your seed deep inside of me, sugar! So good, Denny! Come on, Fuckerfaster! Make me a mommy! Put every sweet drop in me, good fucker! Shoot it! Squirt it! Fucking fill me up!"

And he did. This could have been his first time fucking her instead of his third of the day, for his explosion was as forceful and his load just as quantitatively large as the two he had squirted in her lush slot earlier during their quality time spent together in the sheets, frollicking and fucking like beasts in heat and following their instincts. Denny's seed splashed into Hilda's pussy as it rocketed full force from his superbly spitting johnson. Again and again and again he exploded, until at last he had wholly flooded her, his thick jizz running down her inner thighs in a gooey sticky stream, a mixture of his fluids and the ones that oozed from her love canal incrementally. Finally, his dick subsided and was dormant, not unlike a volcano that was all out of eruptions. They both stayed locked in a close embrace for nearly five minutes as Denny still held his penis firmly in place inside her deep overfucked slot.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Hilda said, as she wrapped her arms around him, her oversized megaton boobs squashing sweetly into his chest that was now glistening with sweat from their most recent copulation session. "That was even better than the last two times. I can't imagine what the next one's going to feel like. It's going to light my little hungry pussy on fire with hot fucking tickles of love."

After another minute, Hilda loudly and audibly groaned her disappointment as she felt Denny's huge member begin to soften and shrink inside of her. Even after their earlier rest time, Hilda could tell he was starting to get worn out a little from the excessive amount of sex they had been having and the absolute frenzied speed with which they had engaged in it. Denny's breathing was still fierce and heavy, and when he finally slipped out of her, he collapsed heavily on his back, clearly exhausted and looking nearly debilitated and enfeebled from three straight times of fucking her. Hilda wondered how he was going to do her seven times, how he was going to be the proud seven fucker that she had told him she wanted him to be when he first penetrated her an hour before. Hilda was so horny that she really needed to be fucked seven good times. She wanted to be all fucked out by the end of the day, if that was at all possible for a woman of her immense appetite. It was only late afternoon at this point.

"You okay, honey?" Hilda asked him sweetly, as she rose from the bed, still in her birthday suit. "Let me get you a glass of water. Being a seven timer is a tough thing to achieve, baby. We've only gone three times and I want us to do it for the big lucky number."

"I'll take a drink," Denny Fuckerfaster responded, his sticky dick drooping and falling over against his leg. "A man needs a drink if he is going to be a seven timer, I guess."

"Damn right," Hilda said, heading for the kitchen wearing only a smile, her glorious ass bounding with her excited little jaunt. "You fucked me harder than I've ever been fucked. That has to tire a man's fucking penis. Mr. Wee Wee must be begging for a little break. My pussy can tucker that fucker out."

Hilda washed her hands and extracted a glass from the cabinet and poured him some water from a pitcher in the fridge. She had to get his strength up. She was getting horny again already. Hilda needed it so bad that she could fucking taste it. Come to think of it, she had tasted it earlier, and boy, had it made him come. Taking the full glass of water from the kitchen, she entered the bedroom, her goal being to revive her worn out seven fucker. Denny sat wearily up in bed as the still buck naked Hilda handed him the glass of water with a syrupy, good-natured and almost loving smile. He was still trying to catch his breath and was having little luck. Miss Humper's hand brushed his softened manhood as he drank thirstily from the glass, savoring the cool water and replenishing the supply that he had lost making sweet sweat with her. Hilda lay beside him, her blonde head resting in her palm, her forearm flattening one of her big breasts. She smiled, her beautiful angelic face lighting up as her gimlet eyes shone with the desire, the yearning that never left her person. Hilda leaned over and lovingly kissed his chest as he finished the last of the water. Her fingers ran through the soft patch of chest hair and then tweaked his man nipples with friendly little pinches that denoted her affection for him and her want of his body once again.

"Oh, my little aspiring seven fucker. Oh, baby, I love you," Hilda giggled cutely as she kissed Denny on the cheek with a butterfly peck, the swell of her gargantuan boobs pressing into his chest, their pebbly hard nipples scratching his sweaty flesh.

"You love my dick," Denny corrected her with a wry smile. "If that is your definition of love, then you are in love with every man you meet. Geez, I'm tired as shit."

"Awwwwwwwwwww. My seven fucker is so tired and Mr. Wee Wee is all tuckered out. What are we going to do about that? What are we going to do? I'll tell you what momma is going to do. She is going to revive that big fucker, that wee wee that momma loves so much. Ohhhhhhh, yesssss, she is."

Denny was amused at the amount of babyish language that this learned school teacher was using in her speech.

"My goodness, Hilda," Denny said, laughing lightly as he sat the empty glass on the nightstand situated near the bed whose sheets were tangled in disarray. "I never knew you talked so much baby talk in bed. Surprising, to say the least."

"Oh, baby," Hilda said, kissing him on the cheek again and cupping his balls. "I never start talking baby talk until I get in the sack and see a man's big wee wee. Then I start using the language of a mother with an infant. I am a mother and have raised two children and I don't think I addressed them as silly and childishly as I do most of the wee wees I play with. I hope it is not bothering my seven fucker though."

"Not at all," Denny said softly, smiling at the sight of her quivering titties. "Just surprising, is all. I don't mind a whit how you talk in the bed, especially when I am the lucky one you are in bed with. You could bark like a dog if you wanted to and I wouldn't obtrude. I just like fucking you. But it sure can be tiring."

Denny took in a huge breath of air as Hilda leaned over and gently kissed the head of his softened manhood. Her delicate tongue traced a sweet path down its trunk and then she expertly took its thick spongy helmet into her pouty lips like a hooker giving head. Hilda was going to revive his Mr. Wee Wee and make Denny a seven fucker whatever, and however long, it took. But the way Denny's organ was fatigued right at the moment, he thought that it might take a lot of sucking and oral stimulation to get it up and hard at attention again, much less functioning well enough to make him a seven fucker. Hilda desperately wanted a fourth fuck but was still having little luck with her seven fucker's normally rigid shaft. The "big fucker" that she was going to revive remained soft, even as she took its mushroom head of warrior into her skillful lips to suck upon. And Hilda wasn't giving Denny's member the gentle gingerly treatment that she would have begun a standard "Humper Special" blow job with. Hilda was sucking him noisily, almost violently, her wild and pouty smacking lips making the sound of her weenie wash echo through the cozy and cushy bedroom. It sounded much like a child eagerly enjoying a popsicle on a blazing summer day after purchasing it from the neighborhood ice cream man. The only difference was that she preferred Denny's Mr. Wee Wee to any frozen delicacy on a stick. Hilda enjoyed nothing more than giving head. She knew that it was the one thing that felt better to a man than anything else, any other sensation, in the world. The problem was that Hilda couldn't get the soft fucker to stand up for her.

"Mmmmpphhh," Hilda managed through a mouth obstructed with dick, her blonde head rising and falling as she took more and more of him in.

After several minutes of extreme oral pressure, Hilda felt the faint stirrings of life within his manhood. It was beginning, slowly but surely, to swell to its former Olympian height. Pulling him from her mouth, Hilda quickly boob-clenched him, holding his semi-erection hard between her mountainous mammaries as she watched it steadily grow before her eyes. Denny smiled with hubris as his penis crept taller and taller up through her cleavage. She clasped her titties around it lovingly, as if she were trying to protect it from the elements outside of the warm chasm between her breasts. Hilda was excited to know that a fourth fuck was finally in order. It was what she had been waiting for and what her hungry pussy would finally receive.

"Yeah, baby!" Hilda screamed excitedly as she brought his length out from the warm insulating girth of her boobs. "Now you can park that big boy right where he fucking belongs. You can put him in a warm and wet little place and do me like you've never done me before. Come on, baby, and fuck me!"

"You're going to get fucked, all right," Denny said grinning and happily sitting up in bed. He grabbed Hilda roughly and brought her to a position on all fours, in a position poised and ready for the doggie style humping she adored. "Now I'm going to park Mr. Wee Wee right in my milk maid's love canal. Then I'm going to fuck my baby- talking milk maid silly."

Hilda squealed and shook her ample ass, her titan titties nearly touching the bed as they dangled. She was horny and excited and she reached back and adroitly guided him into the lush confines of her honeypot's spread labia. It was, as usual, a tight and snug, but quite enjoyable fit. Denny's ten inches and his thickness combined to fill her pussy to capacity. It was all Hilda could do to avoid screaming uncontrollably with her horniness.

"Give him to me!" Miss Humper begged, her plump ass wagging and her pussy tingling with the first twinges of the pleasure that they would soon share, bucking and thrusting there upon the king size bed, each one of them yearning and working at the blissful game of satisfaction and carnal frivolity. It was their favorite game to play. It was a game where there were no losers, where they both found victory in the glorious throes of orgasm, the mutual explosion of a pyrotechnic sexual moment.

"Oh, yeah, Denny!" Hilda screamed, her big round ass pointing up into the air as he slid into her cunny from behind. "Now you fuck me! Fuck me now, you ten inch seven fucking sweet cock motherfucker! Fuck me hard! Fuck the fucking shit out of me with that big fucker!"

Denny brought his massive member into her as far as it would go. His eyes widened at the amazing amount of dirty words coming from the horny school teacher's mouth. Hilda was swearing like a sailor and wanted sex so bad that she seemed to be going completely crazy when she finally got it. She wanted it more than any woman he had ever been with. After all, Hilda had just used the word "fuck" eight times in a few sentences alone. Denny was shocked at her sheer crassness, but said nothing and just kept fucking.

"Ohhhh," Denny groaned as he felt her vaginal muscles grip the penis that he had just put inside of her lush pussy. "Oh, yeah, baby. I want to shag my dirty naughty little big tittie vixen."

He placed both of his hands on her substantial ass and kneaded her cheeks wantonly.

"Give it to me then," Hilda squealed, her eyes clenched shut as Denny slowly began to thrust his member in and out of her very deep slot. "Fuck me proud, baby."

Denny's thrusts increased in rapidity and soon he was driving into her with great force and speed, making the buxom gimcrack goddess scream his name and beg for more, more, more. As Denny banged her, he reached under Hilda's outstretched arms and placed a hand around each of her bobbing breasts, his fingers digging into their massive fleshy girth and using them for leverage to brace him as he made his deep plunges into her pussy. Denny felt Hilda's titties bouncing heavily in his hands as he fucked her as hard and as fast as she had been begging for for the last fifteen minutes when she was all worked up about him being her little "seven fucker". Denny wanted to make sure that she was all good and fucked out by the end of the day. He wanted Hilda to really know, to fully comprehend, what he and his big dick were capable of.

"Oh, yesssssss!" Hilda screamed, bucking her big ass to meet his thrusts. "That feels so good, darling. Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck my brains out!"

And Denny Fuckerfaster surely did. His hands dug into Hilda Humper's J cup titties so deeply that he knew it must have been painful for the bimbo. Denny slammed his cock into her pussy so hard that each time he did, it moved her up the bed a couple of inches. He knew he was almost ready to explode, to give her his seven fucking all. He was not used to sex being this rough and this extremely fast, this lacking in subtlety. As Denny slammed into her, he released her breasts and slapped her big round ass every time he entered her to the hilt. Denny spanked Hilda's round fanny harder and harder as he fucked her, changing cheeks every few thrusts until her cute bottom was very red with welt marks. Hilda seemed to like it, to take to it very quickly.

"Spank me! Fuck me! Spank me! Fuck me!" the buxom woman intoned, as their sex had now gone to what could be accurately characterized as breakneck speed, with Hilda bounding and jerking rapidly there upon the bed. "I've been a bad girl, baby. A real bad girl with a potty mouth. Oww! Oww! Oww!"

They were both almost to the point of orgasm and it had not taken very long for them to get there. It normally didn't when two people decided to fuck like frenzied animals in heat. She sounded like a crazed beast rutting rakishly, and in this moment nothing could have been more enjoyable to the horny seven fucking slut.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Hilda screamed out, thrusting her rear end to meet Denny's nearly bursting penis. "I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm fucking coming!"

And Hilda Humper did come with a vengeance. A powerful and overwhelming orgasm shook her, sending deep pleasure through her active pussy. The big-breasted femme fatale found heaven in every one of her climaxes, when they made her cunny feel like a little piece of paradise located in the recesses of her perfectly sculpted body.

"Yes, baby!" Denny Fuckerfaster roared with pleasure as his body simultaneously shared in the wondrous power of their mutual satisfaction. "I am giving all my seed to you. Mr. Wee Wee is giving you his best."

The load that Mr. Wee Wee spilled into her was not his best of the day, but it was substantial considering that it was his fourth time fucking, or as he liked to say to Hilda's chagrin, making love to her. After nearly eight shots of semen, he was spent, but continued thrusting until her orgasm had subsided to a peaceful afterglow.

A moment later the two of them lay cuddling on the bed, both of them panting like dogs on the scent.

"Now that was a doozy," Hilda said, letting out a sigh of fatigue. "That felt so good, Denny. Every one of your fucks is better than the one before. How do you do it?"

"I think they are better because you are hornier every time. I don't see how you stay so hot for sex after getting so much of it at one time. How do you do it?"

"Speaking of hot," Hilda cooed, kissing him squarely on the lips. "I think I want to suck your big dick again. I think he needs a good long blowing from momma. I think he needs a good woman to help him get his big fucking spongy head washed and waxed. Plus, I'm getting hungry. It's way past lunch time and I want a hot dog, a foot long weenie. Hee hee hee!"

With this, Hilda laughed uncontrollably until one of her titties began to leak a little bit and Denny had to lick off the excess milk it secreted. It was sweet and thin and he liked it. It was a real thirst quencher and a treat to the tired wearied seven fucker whose cock felt like it was worn to a frazzle and had been put through the ringer. Perhaps her soft talented lips could make it feel better as they slid smoothly down its skin, hungrily savoring and gingerly stimulating him in a spirit of true giving.

"I've got a fun idea," Hilda squealed, kissing him again and leaping from the bed bare-assed naked and dashing into the kitchen.

She was excited.

"What idea, Hilda?" Denny asked breathily, his voice wavering as he spoke.

"Oh, shit," he thought. "This could be a crazy one."

It was honestly an idea in the true nature of satire. Miss Humper returned with two squirt bottles in her hands. One was of French's Mustard and the other was a container of Heinz Ketchup. Now Denny knew her wacky plan.

"I can't have lunch without condiments, can I?" Hilda asked as she set the bottles on the bed beside him and grabbed his now sagging member with both of her ambitious little hands. "Now your big hot dog is getting some good toppings. Too bad we don't have any hot chili. Tee hee."

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