tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Crazy Nude Trip

One Crazy Nude Trip


If you've read my last two accounts of my nude life, you'd know that at this point I've only been a nudist for a couple days. My whole life had been spent without knowing the joys of spending time nude, and feeling the freedom nude recreation can bring. Over the next few weeks Claire and I spent a lot of time nude together. We went to the beach, we hung out at each others houses, we had sleep overs, we pretty much spent all our time doing something in the nude.

So its still summer before my senior year in high school, about a month or so after my first nude beach trip. I wake up one day, and get a phone call from Claire.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey there girl. What are you up to?" asks Claire.

While standing and looking at myself nude in the mirror I reply, "Admiring my golden tan! I just love the fact that I have no tan lines right now. Spending all this time nude is having such a great affect on my tan."

"So what do you want to do today?" asked Claire.

"I don't know, why don't we head to the beach today. I feel like running around on the beach all day" I tell Claire.

"I suppose you want to go to the nude beach?" asks Claire.

Laughing I say, "I really don't think you need to ask that question any more."

"Alright, sounds like a plan to me. Come pick me up and we'll go" says Claire.

"Alright I'll be over in a half hour or so" I say.

At this point, I had just woken up. I had started sleeping nude at home without my parents knowing. They never check on me in the morning, and I've found how much I love sleeping in the nude. I don't think I could ever sleep with anything on me ever again.

So I take a shower, get something to eat, gather my things, and then start to head to my car to go pick up Claire. I had no sooner walked out the door and was on my front porch when I looked down and noticed I was not wearing any clothes. I had totally forgot that I was still naked! I had gotten so used to being nude this summer, that I almost left the house nude.

Thats when a crazy thought entered my mind. Why couldn't I just leave the house nude? My car was parked in the driveway, and my car had tinted windows. We had been in the parking lot of the nude beach naked before, so it wasn't like new territory or anything. So thats when I turned back around and closed and locked the door and bounded to my car in the nude. I was gonna stay bare all day.

My stomach was doing flips with excitement at how naughty I was being by running around naked like this. In retrospect, it was probably not the wisest thing to do, but I didn't care, I just loved being nude.

So I got in my car and started heading to Claire's house. The ride to her place was VERY nerve racking, and I was very careful because I didn't want to get pulled over. I couldn't wait to get there, so I could have some company and support from Claire. And maybe i could get her to leave her clothes at home too. In fact, I'm sure she would have it no other way.

So once I got to Claire's house it hit me. I'd have to get out of the car and go to her front door to pick her up. I hadn't thought it completely thru, and sitting in her driveway was when i started to panic. I didn't have my phone with me, so I wouldn't be able to call her to come out and meet me. And even if I did call her and tell her to come out, she would probably just tell me to come inside anyway. So I sat there for a minute trying to get my courage up to get out of the car like this. Claire doesn't live in an overly large neighborhood. Her house backs up to the forest, and you can't see any of the neighbors from the driveway, but the road that she lives on does have a fair amount of traffic, so I figured in the minute and a half that I'd be outside there was about a 50% chance of being seen. Those odds aren't too bad, but I was still nervous nonetheless.

So finally I opened up the car door and got out. The feel of the pavement of her driveway and the cement of her front porch on my bare feet reminded me that I was totally naked with every step. I pretty much ran to her front door and rung the door bell. It was a nice warm day out, so it felt great being nude, but that wasn't really on my mind at the time. It felt like I was standing on her front porch for 5 minutes before she finally answered the door. But finally, she saw me standing there and opened up the door with a shocked expression on her face.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Claire. "Someone's getting more comfortable with their nudity, aren't they?"

"Are you going to let me in or not?" I asked while getting impatient.

"I'm not sure, you look so comfortable all naked on my porch like that" Claire replied.

She then let me in, stepping aside as I finally felt comfortable and not so exposed.

"I can't believe you just did that" said Claire. "Did you even bring any clothes with you?" she asked.

"Well to be honest, no I didn't" I said. "I was getting ready this morning and gathering up my things, and I totally left the house naked. I didn't realize I was still nude till I had already closed the front door. So I just decided that I'd just go like this", I said as I put my hands on my nude hips.

"Well, I think you trumped me today. And to think I thought I was going to be the most daring with what I was wearing" said Claire.

It was then I noticed that Claire was standing there in a rather skimpy bikini. It covered all the necessary parts, and when she turned around and led me into the kitchen I noticed that it was a thong as well. Her outfit was quite daring, it didn't consist of much, and she pretty much looked naked from afar. In fact she might as well had been naked with as little as it covered. She completed her "outfit" with being barefoot. We both agreed that when we're naked, or at least close to it, we both prefer to be barefoot.

"When did you get that suit?" I asked her. "Its not like you to spend a lot of money on something you are hardly going to wear."

"I know, I know" she said. "I thought it would be a good suit to wear to and from the beach, but it appears that I might have it all wrong" Claire laughed.

"Alright, well are you ready to go or what?" I asked her.

"Yeah, just let me go grab my stuff" she replied.

Claire then ran upstairs to her bedroom to grab her beach gear. Like my house, both her parents worked during the day and thus she had the entire house to herself. The only difference was that when her parents came home from work, she didn't have to get dressed like I did. This was the reason why I was spending a lot of time at her place this summer.

So I stood there in her kitchen waiting for her to grab her things when I heard her come down the stairs. I turned, smiled, and laughed at her when I saw that she had taken off her suit and was now as naked as I was.

"I can't let you have all the fun, can I?" she said.

"I guess not. You might as well had been naked anyway, that suit didn't hide much" I said.

"You're right. I looked at myself in the mirror upstairs and realized how stupid I looked when compared to you. Besides, I was jealous that you were already naked" Claire said.

"Lets go!" I exclaimed.

And we left the house, got in my car and headed to the beach. I was really glad that she had decided to go "bare" as well. That way when we get pulled over by the cops, I won't be the only one in jail naked, I laughed as I said to myself.

The ride was pretty boring as you really can't see into my car with my tinted windows. It was weird to think while sitting at stop lights that the cars next to us had no idea that there were two completely naked girls sitting in the car next to them. Claire wanted to open the windows at one point, but it was then I pointed to her nude body and said, "Hey dumbass, you're naked, remember?"

Once we got to the beach we got out, and as before no one cared that we were already naked. In fact one other lady was making her way to the beach nude from the parking lot as well. I guess we had started a trend.

This is the point where you might except things to get interesting, but it really wasn't. It was like any other normal day at a nude beach, if there are things as normal days at nude beaches. We sunbathed, swam, went for walks, all the things you would normally do at a beach. It wasn't until almost 5 o'clock that Claire looked at her watch and reminded me what time it was. I started freaking out, cause I was going to be late getting home. My parents would be home and I had no clothes with me to put on!

We got our things together quick and pretty much ran to the car. People probably thought we were streaking being that we were still naked and all. I had a hard time keeping the speed limit as I drove back to Claire's house.

As we were driving back Claire said, "Maybe they won't be home yet. You never know, they could have to work late."

At this point, it was the only hope I was clinging to. My parents have this weird thing with me being home when they get home, and being home for dinner. Its just weird to understand, in fact I don't entirely understand it as well.

I quickly dropped Claire off, and sped out of her driveway back to my house. I was still praying that i was going to make it home before them. It hadn't even crossed my mind that I could have borrowed some of Claire's clothes to go home, I was so engrossed with trying to beat them home. I made it home, and thought I had done it. There were no cars in the driveway, and the garage doors were closed. This usually was an indication that no one was home yet.

So, I pulled in the driveway and grabbed my bag and ran to the front door hoping none of my neighbors would catch me in the nude. I put my key in the lock and opened the door when I noticed my mother and father standing in the kitchen looking at me as I walked in. My mothers jaw was wide open in shock and my father looked angry.

"What is going on, are you alright?" asked my mom, still with a shocked look on her face.

"I'm okay" I said. "Claire and I just were at the beach today. My suit and towel were wet so I thought I would just run in quick naked." It was the best excuse I could come up with, even though it sounded stupid at the time.

"Jess, don't lie to me. Now tell me why you are naked? You obviously have been spending a lot of time naked, you have no tan lines at all on you" asked my mom.

Thats when I told her about what Claire and I had really been doing. And what we had been doing the last few weeks. It was then my mom shocked me.

"Honey, I understand why you have been doing what you've been doing. You see, when your father and I go to St. Martin every year for vacation, we go to a nude resort there" said my mom.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My parents were stone cold nudists themselves.

"We just didn't want to expose you to our true feelings cause we thought you wouldn't understand. We've been into nudism since before you were born. We've been going to nude resorts and beaches for years" said my mom.

I was totally shocked, my mom and dad were totally nudists! It was then that my mom told me that she was alright with me going nude around the house, and with Claire. My parents were happy cause then they could go nude as well. And with that the dress code around my house changed dramatically. No longer did anyone have to wear clothes. In fact, most of the time no one wore a thing at all. I no longer had to hide my nude habits, and neither did my parents.

I could finally be a nudist full time, and so could my parents. I was so happy, and the fun had just begun.

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Great story

I enjoyed this story a lot. It inspires one to be nude as much as possible. I would enjoy more stories like this.

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