tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Drunken Night

One Drunken Night


My friend Melissa was coming over to stay at my apartment tonight to have a few drinks and watch a few videos. Nothing special, just two girls hanging out on a Friday night, relaxing. I had just taken a shower and had stepped out into the bedroom to lotion my body. My nipples tingled with pleasure as I swirled lotion all around my breasts.

I sat down to do my legs, and looked across at a picture of Melissa and I on my nightstand. We were hugging each other and smiling. She had her long blond hair hanging down over her shoulders and her killer smile going on. We both were dressed up that night, in tight fitting but nice dresses as we were at a nice bar. Although I have nice sized perky breasts, Melissa's breasts are huge, and we both were showing a lot of cleavage in this particular picture, arm around each others necks, bending over laughing. Good times.

The phone suddenly rang, and woke me up from my thoughts. I put the lotion down, and tightened my bath towel around my body as I answered the phone. "Hello?" I said slowly.

"Hey Lisa!" I heard a familiar voice say. It was Melissa. "What's going on?" she continued. "Am I still bringing some wine over?"

"Yeah." I replied. " We may as well have some variety, all I have are some wine coolers."

"Alright then." Melissa said. "By the way, I just bought a new white skirt and a new top to match it today at the mall, and I need your opinion on it!" she laughed.

"Oh boy" I sighed sarcastically. "Not another piece of clothing I have to rate on your cute, tight body!" That made Melissa laugh again.

Forty minutes later Melissa walked through my door with her new, sassy white skirt and shapely legs, and a bottle of wine.

"Whats up stranger?" I joked as I hugged her.

I couldn't help but feel her breasts crush against mine as we hugged briefly. Melissa smiled. She stood there for a moment, hesitating.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well," she started. "I was just wondering if I could stay the night tonight, my stupid cat got fleas, and they are all in my apartment, and its being bombed!" Her blue eyes showing anguish.

"Of course you can!" I replied as I took the bottle of wine from her and proceeded to get some glasses. Melissa sauntered over to the kitchen behind me and took a glass from me.

"Well?" she asked. "What do you think?" as she took a swig from my wine glass and spun slowly around.

"Aye, what a hot Senorita!" I joked, as I smacked her ass. As usual, it was a plump yet tight cheek I hit. Her response was to smile.

"Its short, but I like it" I said. She smiled again and said "Lets go watch that movie."

It seemed another hour went by and we had finished the bottle of wine and were working on the wine coolers that I had from a previous occasion. We were quite drunk by that point.

All of a sudden my phone vibrated and rang on my table. It was Joe. He wanted to come over. I was feeling rather horny too, but I didn't think having Melissa over, and having a quick booty call would mix. But Melissa didn't mind if he came over, she said. She had met Joe before, and she thought he was a cool guy. So I told him to come on over. "Make sure to bring some beer!" I told him.

Another half hour went by, and Melissa and I had finished off all of my wine coolers. We were laughing and joking, at old times and old friends, sitting at my kitchen table. I noticed Melissa had no bra on for the first time. Her big nipples were poking through her designer top, as they rubbed up and down from us laughing. "Melissa!" I slurred, quite drunkenly by now. "Your nips are showing!"

She looked down and laughed hysterically. "Oh my gosh they are, quickly give me a shirt!" she slurred back. I went into my room and grabbed a white button down shirt, that she threw over herself just in time as there was a knock at my door.

I jumped up from my seat,and felt a slight elevation in my heartbeat, and a small, warm tingle in my crotch. I opened my door and was greeted by Joe. Joe was holding a case of beer and smiled a greeting. He walked in and set the case down next to the door and said "Hey beautiful!" and we hugged.

I said into his ear "Do you remember my friend Melissa, from last summer?"b He looked down at her and studied her for a second and smiled.

"Oh yeah!" he replied. "I remember!" as his eyes fleetingly scanned her body.

"Hey Melissa, how are you doing?" as she stood up to greet him. Melissa smiled, but before she could respond, Joe cut her off and turned to me.

"Listen!" he started. "I have a couple of buddies in my truck and was wondering if they could come up!" His eyes looked into mine.

"Do I know them?" I asked.

"No." he started, "But they are cool guys from the bar, real easy going, and they have booze!" exclaimed Joe. I looked at Melissa, who shrugged her shoulders at me.

"Fine." I said. "If you say they are okay, then I'll let them in, but you guys can't be too loud in here!" I pleaded.

"Of course, of course!" Joe replied. "Let me go and get them." I noticed Joe stumble a few steps going down the stairs. I smiled to myself. Joe was hot, and I was needing some pleasure. I wondered what kind of night we were in store for with Joe and his friends, who knows maybe his friends would be cute!

I walked over to the case of beer that Joe had brought in. I picked it up and walked it over to the kitchen, pulling out two cans for Melissa and myself. I walked back over to Melissa and handed her a can as I sat down and cracked mine open.

"Melissa, slow down!" I laughed as I watched her gulp the beer down. Melissa looked at me and smiled.

"I know what i'm doing!" she laughed. Soon we heard footsteps coming back up the hallway. There was another knock at my door as I was already waiting to open it. I heard hushed talk and laughter, then Joe telling whoever he was with, to be quiet. I opened the door and there was Joe with two men, who were holding bottles in brown paper bags.

"Hey what's up?" I greeted them with a smile, as they filed in.

I studied each of their faces as they walked in. Both men looked quite disheveled. They were both grinning at me and checking out my body as they walked in. I rolled my eyes to myself as I shut the door and went into the kitchen. The men filed in there and sat down at the table.

Joe introduced his friends as Pete and Jay. Jay was kind of ratty looking and was tall and skinny. Pete was tall as well, and kind of chubby. But besides their looks, both were quite friendly and social.

Pete looked around at us and waved his hand and said "Do you girls like liquor?" I heard Melissa turn the television off and I turned my head to watch her, as she got up from my sofa. She made her way to the kitchen, her big breasts slightly bouncing in her tight shirt.

All the men were watching her with intent as she sat down at the table with us and said "What kind do you have?" I noticed that her words were slightly more slurred then before.

"Well, its Tequila" explained Pete. "But its the expensive stuff, not cheap at all." He shook his head.

"Sure, i'll have some, why not?" Melissa laughed.

Soon we were playing a drinking game. We were all laughing and having a good time. I noticed that Pete and Jay would often steal glances at Melissa's legs, or breasts when they were talking to her and when she would laugh, or look away. I noticed them checking me out too, but not so much, as they must have thought that I was Joe's girlfriend or something.

"Wow, it's so hot in here!" Melissa said out of the blue. She stood up and took off the shirt that I had borrowed her, and hung it on the chair she was sitting on. Pete looked up, and for a moment, his eyes studied Melissa's breasts, I saw his eyes dart from each breast, then watched as his gaze dropped to her skirt, where the hem met her thighs. He shot a look over at Jay and smiled. Jay was checking her ass out too, as she was innocently stretching, now that she was standing. She didn't notice their eyes, but I did, as I pretended to be paying attention to my drink.

Joe excused himself to use the bathroom, which left just us girls, and the two strange guys sitting at the table. They both were quite drunk, laughing at some joke. Suddenly, Melissa put her head down on the table and proclaimed that the world was "spinning".

"I told you!" I laughed as she moaned and laughed as well. She got up and walked over to the couch and lay down on her side and turned the television on. Jay and Pete stared at her legs and ass longingly, not caring that I was in their presence. Joe came back and sat down next to me. The guys started cracking open more beers as we played cards. We were laughing and having a good time.

It was about two in the morning, when I got up and stretched. Joe smacked my ass and smiled. Jay and Pete laughed.

"Cut it out!" I said tiredly, and smiled. I walked over to the couch and saw that Melissa was passed out. "Melissa." I whispered softly. No response. I whispered in her ear "Melissa honey, wake up." But still, I got no response from her. I stood up and sighed to myself. She was such a heavy sleeper!

Suddenly, Joe materialized, hugging me from behind, caressing my ass through my shorts. His lips nibbled on my ear. This was turning me on. I felt his fingers brush on my crotch, before grabbing at my hips again.

"Lets go to the bedroom" he whispered in my ear to me. I turned around and stared up at him. He looked down at me and smiled that sexy smile. I looked over to my kitchen table and saw that Pete and Jay were still playing cards together, drinking beers, and smoking cigarettes.

"What about her?" I motioned to Melissa who was passed out on my couch, her new white skirt riding up her legs to where the bottom of her ass cheeks were starting to show. Joe looked down at her motionless body, and shrugged his shoulders. "What about her?" he replied, as he grabbed my nipple through my shirt and tweaked it.

Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't let some strange guys I just met, hang out in my apartment, especially with one of my girlfriends passed out in the same room, and myself going to sleep in another! I didn't think anything would happen, but I knew that Pete and Jay had watched me try and wake Melissa up, and that she was stone cold passed out.

Joe was still holding onto me, caressing my ass slightly, while these thoughts flew through my head. I turned towards him and put my hand on his crotch and rubbed up and down on it, using his body to block the view of the guys at the table. He smiled, and I smiled and nodded slightly."Hey guys!" I said, as Joe headed to my bedroom.

"I'm going to bed, drinks are in the fridge, bathroom is down the hallway, and the television is on, but try not to wake up my friend Melissa, okay?" I added.

Pete and Jay looked at each other slowly, as if confused, then both said "Okay." as they went back to playing cards.

My pussy was very moist now, I could feel my breasts getting more sensitive. I needed some stiff hard cock. I turned to walk down my hallway, noting that Melissa hadn't moved at all. I walked into my bedroom and shut the door. Joe was laying there in my bed passed out, and snoring slightly. I stood there for a second, not believing what I saw. I shook my head, and sighed. I couldn't believe he was passed out already! Joe let out another small snore. I crept into bed with him and turned my television on. I lay there, and pushed Joe in his back.

"Wake up!" I whispered hotly. He didn't budge. I sighed to myself. I flipped through some channels as I lay there in bed. I began thinking to myself if it was such a good idea to leave my friend passed out in such an vulnerable state. I was thinking these thoughts when I must have passed out.

I woke up to my television showing an infomercial about kitchen knives.

"Sharp enough to cut through a steel pipe, yet durable enough that it stay sharp!" the infomercial blared loudly. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Joe was still passed out beside me sleeping. I looked down at my digital clock which read a little after three in the morning.

It was then I thought I heard a noise. I turned the volume down on my television. There it was again! It was people whispering! I couldn't make out what was being said. My heart was thumping in my chest. My pussy throbbed slightly from being aroused all night. I shut my television off and slid silently out of bed. Joe slept on, an occasional snore slipping from him. I slowly crept to my bedroom door and opened it ever so softly, the blood rushing to my ears in the darkness. There were people definitely whispering to each other in excited, hushed tones. My heart was pounding now, I couldn't see anything, as I was around the corner, but I could hear the whispers a lot better. I could actually make out some words. They belonged to Pete and Jay.

The television in my living room was turned off, as were the kitchen lights. I had some plug in wall lights, that cast a dim glow in the darkness throughout my apartment, otherwise, all else was covered in darkness. I heard more whispering then hushed laughter as I tiptoed, then crawled on my knees to the corner that led into my living room. I ever so slowly peeked one eye around the corner. My eyes, having grown somewhat accustomed to the darkness, could make out some figures that seemed to flow together. Pete, the fatter of the two men, seemed to be at the head of my sofa where Melissa was resting her head. He seemed to be kneeling, holding her wrists down from behind, each wrist was held by the sides of her head. The other guy, Jay, was positioned by her legs, kneeling close to them, his arms swaying back and forth. My heart was in my throat now, beating madly away. I felt what what have been adrenaline pulsing through my body. I was trembling! What is more though, is that I have never been so turned on before in all my life! I instinctively started rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I felt instant pleasure on my slit, the motion was driving me crazy. I steadied myself with my other hand, and continued to watch, and rub my pussy.

Jay, the skinny, tall guy, was swaying because, he was running his hands back and forth along Melissa's upper thighs, his fingers seemingly rubbing over her panties. All of a sudden I heard Melissa mumble "Stop, please." It was very slurred and quiet. Jay laughed a quiet laugh and said something to Pete. Pete put a large hand over Melissa's mouth, and held her wrists with the other hand.

My eyes were fully accustomed to the dark now, the little plug in the wall light was more then enough for me to see the three figures. I continued to rub my pussy, which was dripping by now, I couldn't believe it. I was scared that they would hear my labored breathing.

I watched Jay pull her panties to the side, and seemed to smell her pussy, and then lick it. Melissa moaned softly. His head seemed to nod up and down at her crotch as he held her knee to the side with one hand and kept her panties pushed to the side with the other. Jay laughed, and said something like "Tastes like strawberries!" in hushed excited tones. Pete grunted a small laugh, and quickly grabbed at her large breasts with one hand before he resumed holding his hand over her mouth. Melissa was so out of it I could tell. Her pleas of stop and help had no conviction in them.

Jay was now on the couch with her. I watched him push her short white skirt up over her belly again, and continued to lick her pussy. . I could tell he was really enjoying himself, because he was making some loud slurping noises.

Melissa didn't seem to be struggling as much, and I saw Pete let his hands fall away from her wrists and mouth, as he pulled her shirt up over her breasts. Jay continued to lick and slurp on her pussy up and down, while Pete laughed quietly, and said something like "No bra!" Jay looked up from her pussy, and smiled at Pete and said something I couldn't hear. I could see Melissa's eyes were closed, but I didn't know if she was still awake, or passed out again.

All of a sudden Jay looked up at Pete, and whispered excitedly "I'm going to fuck this bitch right now!" Pete whispered back to him "Hell yeah, do it man!"

I heard Melissa moan slightly as I saw her head turn slowly back up, her long blond hair hanging over the sides of the couch. I couldn't see if her eyes were open or closed, as she started to struggle limply again. Pete, the chubby guy, was was still kneeling at her head from behind, and had both of her breasts in each hand. I watched as he traced his tongue on her ear lobes, while he seemingly juggled both of her breasts. He was tweaking her nipples, rubbing them thoroughly.

Melissa must have been awake at this particular moment because she began letting out small "No's" and moans, but they paid no attention, Jay kept licking her pussy, and now had a finger or two in there, and Pete was whispering in her ear, licking her face and ears in an up and down motion. Her pleas for them to stop only seemed to excite them further. "Hell yeah man!" Pete whispered excitedly again to Jay as Jay stood up and began to fumble with the buckle to his pants. Pete resumed his hold on Melissa's wrists and a hand on her mouth once more. I watched Jay pull his belt off, and throw it away to the floor. He began to unzip and pull his pants down while he stared down at Melissa's body. Her large breasts were hanging out of her shirt, which had been pulled up. They were like big ivory orbs glowing in the darkness, her areolas were seemingly big as well, two large dark spots on each breast.

"Stick it in her, hurry man!" I heard Pete say again in an excited whisper. I could hear Jay breathing in short excited breaths as he couldn't get his pants off fast enough.

My legs and the arm that I was using to steady myself with, were suddenly feeling like they were about to give out on me. I had been sitting in quite an uncomfortable position, while I was rubbing my pussy with one hand and steadying myself with the other for quite awhile now, I felt like I had to shift weight. I looked up again and saw that Pete was still holding Melissa's wrists, and that Jay had his pants off, and was now kneeling between her long tan legs that he had pushed open. I could see that her panties were still on because I saw the little white strings hugging her hips. Joe reached down I assumed, to to expose her pussy to him. Melissa moaned softly. As I looked at her face, she whimpered again, something like, "No, stop!" and shook her head slowly, but once again it was so slight, so quiet, she might as well not have said anything at all.

Jay seemed to pay no attention to her, a low deep moan of pleasure erupted from him as I watched him rub his cock up and down on her pussy. He grunted with pleasure and looked up and smiled to Pete. Pete smiled back to him and nodded.

Well, now seemed like a good time to shift my leg, as I couldn't stay in the same position any longer. So I tried half standing on it. It was a bad decision as I forgot my hallway creaks in certain areas, when you walk on them. I had just shifted my weight and made it creak! Instantly, I poked my head back around the corner, so they couldn't see me!

I heard silence. No whispering, no movement, nothing. My heart dropped again. I dared not move, and I dared not peak around the corner. I wait in the same position for what seemed like an eternity. A feeling of relief swept over me when I heard hushed whispering again. I dared not poke my head around the corner again, for fear of being seen! I sit there in my hallway,in the darkness, with still, a sensitive wet pussy. So I sit there and just listen. Then I hear it.

I heard what had to be Jay fucking my friend Melissa. I heard him tell Pete "It's good pussy man!" I hear Pete whisper back something excitedly, but I couldn't make it out. Jay moaned "Oh, God." or something like that. I presumed that he was really enjoying my friends pussy. I could hear him moving, thrusting in and out of her slowly and wetly, while he moaned. Melissa on the other hand, was awake and still protesting with small pleas and moans of her own!

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