tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 2

One Fine Massage Ch. 2


To quickly bring you up to date, I am a Massage Therapist, now mostly retired, and working as an instructor at a local college. My wife Lee is petite, in shape, and in her late 40's. Both of us have been faithful to each other in our entire marriage. I am writing this story because it is true, and it is happening right now, at this stage in our lives. This session happened last Friday evening.

After Lee's massage with Carey, she was very aroused. We made mad love just like we had as kids, first married! I was almost startled at her reaction, and when she had blurted out that she wanted to fuck Carey, all I could do is stare at her in surprise.

Lee asked me if that upset me, I told her it didn't, not really, but I had a flushed and excited feeling that was unfamiliar, similar to when I watched Carey touch Lee and actually see her nude.

A few days later as I was leaving for school, Lee asked me if I was still willing to allow her another session, I said "sure", I would arrange it. At class, I asked Carey if he wanted to do another session, he agreed, and I asked him to lunch to discuss it. Over lunch, I explained to him in some detail the kind of work I had done with clients in the past, he mentioned that he liked that, and was hoping to do the same. I assured him he would do quite well, but that I had never actually had sex with a client, as I was faithful to my wife in that respect.

Carey said that since he wasn't married, he would have no real reservations along those lines. I felt that flush again, and mustering my courage, I asked him bluntly if he would be interested in "working" with my wife in that way. He looked at me for a long moment, then said "sure, do you want to be there?" I told him I thought it would be best, at least at first.

I was almost stammering with nervousness, when I called Lee and asked her if she would like another session the very same evening. She was quiet for a long time, then almost in a whisper said, "OK."

When I arrived home that evening, Lee was dressed in her normal conservative outfit, just slacks and a loose blouse, but I did notice there was no bra, although she often dressed that way anyway. I told her that Carey would be by at about 8.00, and she would be free to do what she liked. She bit her lip, I could see the nervousness in her, too. She told me that she was willing, and I should feel free to stop things at any point if I was having bad feelings. She said she wanted to try this, there had only been two men inside her in her life, just me and a fumbling attempt in the back seat of a car in high school.

I knew she was telling me the truth.

Carey arrived at 8.00, the appointed time, and we chatted for a bit, just small talk, then he asked Lee if she was ready for her session. She smiled and went into the home office and undressed as Carey and I continued the small talk.

Finally we went into the room, and I took a seat at my desk, as Carey began a normal massage. Lee had taken some pains to do her hair, and that touch of makeup that makes a woman look so good, the tiny enhancements to natural beauty one doesn't notice.

Carey worked on Lee's legs, then back and buttocks, almost normal in every respect, including using the drape in a normal fashion. I watched as his hands lingered, made little sensual touches, just gently bringing her sensations up. His hands slipped between her legs, and came back glistening with moisture, Lee was getting hot! I felt flushed and hot, nervous, was this really going to happen?

When she flipped over on her back, he took special care to massage her breasts, I watched her nipples grow, then stand out, she has amazing nipples, they will extend from her small and firm breasts almost an inch, so many times I had sucked those same nipples into my mouth and rolled them with my tongue in delight, and now here was Carey, doing the same thing, knowing it would drive Lee wild with passion.

I could see her chest heaving in short gasps, as she lay and accepted the pleasure. Her hips began little motions, she was ready, so Carey removed the drape, here she was, naked, legs apart, her pussy lips were engorged to a size I hadn't seen for years. Carey slipped off his shirt, then his trousers. He was like a piece of steel, his cock was about the same size as mine, but hard! Lee reached out and encircled him with her fingers, rolling her hand up over the end of his penis, then squeezing.

Carey got up on the table with her, and placed the end of his cock right at her entrance, and waited.

Lee reached out, grasped his buttocks, and pulled him into her in one smooth motion.

They stroked for awhile like that, her eyes would close, then flutter open, I got up and went to the end of the table, and got down to see him actually going in and out of her. Carey picked up on this, and they rolled over, placing Lee on top. I moved my chair to the end of the table, from this vantage point I could see her pussy lips roll in and out with the motion, as he withdrew almost all the way, and then plunged in again. This went on for close to 15 minutes, I had never seen that before, and here I was watching up close, knowing all of the sensations Carey was feeling as he fucked her on and on!

Finally, as she reached her orgasm for what had to be the sixth or 7th time, he moaned, and his sperm blew out the sides as he came and came.

Later, after Carey had left, she asked me how I was handling it. I told her is was a beautiful thing to watch, she came and sat by me, unzipped me and began one of those luxurious hand jobs she knows I like so well. Then she surprised me again. She said, "Can I watch you do that to another woman?"

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