tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 3

One Fine Massage Ch. 3


I suspect that you would need to read the earlier two stories

(One Fine Massage, and One Fine Massage 2) to understand my state of mind.

as I returned to class on Monday.

After a 24 year marriage to a loving wife, who in all that time had never shown the slightest interest in another male, I was still in a bit of shock, to put it mildly, from having watched her go into complete and total orgasmic lust with my student.

Lord knows I am no prude, I service ladies in my massage practice, and have done so with the full blessing and knowledge of my wife of some 20+ years. Of course, not one time did I ever enter into actual intercourse, but I also learned very early on that repeat clients required some services that were not exactly with the blessing of State laws, or even acknowledged as acceptable by the massage board.

Still, I offered the services my clients required, and I did it with gusto, as I much enjoyed the women I worked with. I even carried a flavored lubricant, as some of my clients had difficulty reaching their climax, and I would resort to oral to satisfy.

I can't say that any of that bothered me, actually the reverse was true, of all the things I did in my practice, the oral part was the best, I love it, and in time, with some Tantra and ESO techniques, I felt I became quite good at it.

This resulted in many repeat clients, and even more as word of mouth spread.

I was always careful, though, just to make sure I never ended up with my face attached to the local telephone pole, as the latest of "sexual offenders".

After the session with Carey, I had some reservations about facing him in class, after all, he had just spent an evening that could best be described as completely sexual with my very own wife! I realized that I had given up my own fantasies, as I reveled in watching him, close up, actually enter her! *He knew that, too, he had also taken special care to make sure I could see ever aspect of the union, now he had total knowledge of my propensity to watch.

I opened the class on Monday, my students dribbled in as always, perhaps a bit more eager than normal, this entire week was "hands on" practice week, quite a change from some periods where most of the work is just textbooks and tests.

I have a rule, if my student does not attend the textbook and test segments of my class, they cannot attend the handson segements. This eliminates the ones who would sign up just for the opportunity to get their hands on some young student, as all of the members of the class trade off to practice as they learn.

Carey came in right on time, I was, to be honest, a bit worried about facing him in his usual manner though, he just said, "Hi, Teach!" and took his seat.

I glanced around the class, I had 4 women and 3 men, now that was a rare day! Usually I had five men and one or two women, the ladies seemed to be a bit reserved during hands on week!

Early on in classes, the students are usually very reserved, as time goes on, inhibitions go right out the window, quite simply, it is a learning institution, and we are there to teach and learn about the human body, and it's reactions to massage.

My male clients are usually the most trouble, they have to undress under a drape we provide, then climb on the table. Often this results in a raging hardon, and I do my explanation that "this is normal" expect it, and ignore it, as the school mandate provides.

I assigned each male to a female member, and as we were short one, I selected Janice, who was the heaviest and also the shyest of my group. I was hoping my calm bedside manner, well learned after many years, would put her at ease.

Janice had demonstrated shyness early on, let's face it, as the class progressed, nudity became very much not an issue.

I was watching Carey as he worked, he duplicated the strokes I showed, and called out the names of the muscle groups on que. He was working with Tish, a leggy Black lady, who even from the early stages of class showed few inhibitions.

I had Janice roll over, facing up, and placed the drape over the drape, demonstating the technique to protect a ladie's modesty, by placing a smaller towel over the bustline, then slipping the under drape down. Carey just allowed Tish to turn over, which bared her fine breasts nicely to the entire room. I told Carey to use his towel, he reached for it, but Tish said, "No problem", and he just looked at me, so I just shrugged. "Just great!" I thought, here we go, next I will be called up to the super to have a chat..

I showed the class a few more techniques, then called for free style, which means just massage as you want to, and I evaluate each student's styles.

I looked around the room, and saw bare breasts everywhere, so I looked down at Janice, and asked her if she was bashful about her breasts. That question is about 90% no and 10% yes with all the women I have been blessed to work with over the years, and Janice just glanced around, smiled, and said "No problem".

So I slid the drape to her waist, and worked her nice globes to a full flush. I love the way women give away their thoughts, their bodies do not hide excitement well!

It was quite a class, Janice told me afterwards she loved my hands on her.

I thought about that for awhile, and remembered what my wife had said, "I want to watch you do that to a woman!"

I wondered....Could it be? Here I am, 53 years old, and maybe, just maybe, a young lady might be interested in me?...Who knows, this is all still fresh, happening now...

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