tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Story

One Fine Massage Story


When a male Massage Therapist like me gets a bit older, clients get scarcer. I took a job teaching at local College of Massage Therapy. The extra income filled some of the gap, and to help out even more, I worked the shipping Department of my Son's store a couple of days a week.

There was one lady driver who came in daily, she would grab the cartons and load them in her van, some of them right at the 70 pound limit. I noticed she handled them with ease.

In short order, I learned her name was Karen, and we would chat or swap a joke every time she came in.

I loved those uniform shorts she wore, and as she was very small busted, often when she bent over to pick up a package, I would get a nice glimpse down her blouse, which always turns this man on. Karen caught me peeking a couple of times, and it seemed after that that she would make a point of bending over in my direction.

One day we had a fairly large load going out, she went into the main store to get a cart we use to speed things up. I followed to help.

I keep business cards for my massage practice right out on the counter, I get a new client or two every month that way. The cards just read "Massage for Ladies" by a talented male therapist, with my voicemail number. I noticed she idly picked on up, looked at it, and slipped it in her pocket!

Sure enough, she called and left her number. I returned the call that afternoon, and she took an appointment that evening at my home office.

She arrived at the appointed time, my wife Lee greeted her, and ushered her into my office. I came in to get the forms filled out, she looked at me, startled. "Ted!", she said, "I didn't realize....". I just smiled, and had her fill out the forms.

She then took a quick shower, as I readied my oils and washed up. I came in, Karen lay face down on the table, covered fully by the drape. I did a few rubs through the drape, noting there was no bra, but she had left her panties on. No problem, I am used to that, I just went to work.

I did her legs first, she was tight as steel, I really had my work cut out for me. But in about 15 minutes, I felt her muscles trip, and she began to relax. I worked the back of her thighs, a bit to the inside, and avoided any touch of her buttocks, unsure of her level of comfort. I did note that she adjusted on the table, allowing me access higher up her legs. As I finished up her legs, I told her I wouldn't work her buttocks, as I didn't want the oil to stain her white panties.

"Oh, you can take them off if it will help", she told me. I slipped the drape up above her panties, took hold of both sides, she lifted her hips to ease things for me, as I slid them down, her Vagina came into view for a second. I then tucked the drape back in between her cheeks, making a point to push gently directly against her pussy. She made a low sound, but that was all. I then uncovered one cheek, and began to work there. One trick I use is to pour a rather large amount of oil, right at the top of the cleft, and let it run down a ladie's pussy. They seem to love that sensation, without fail, then I go "oops" and do a quick motion to wipe up the excess.

I did that, she twitched a little, but said nothing. I then finished up her buttocks, and back and shoulders, down the arms. As I lifted the arms, I could see that her breasts were quite small, I could make out the edge of her nipples as she lay there.

As I turned her over, and held the drape for her, I asked her "are you bashful about your breasts?". That got me the usual "no" so I slipped the drape to her waist to do her chest and abdomen.

Karen had tiny little button like nipples, they were just the size of a dime, with a tip about the size of a pea. They were hard as little pebbles, I knew I had her a bit warmed up.

As I worked her abdomen, I could feel the well developed muscles, this lady was in shape! I allowed my fingers to brush across the top of her pubic hair, and each motion slipped the drape lower and lower. Finally it was just at the top of her clitoral hood, as I stepped around to the top of the table and did the full sweeps across her breasts and down, I could see she was quite erect! I grabbed a warm fuzzy towel, and slipped it across her bust, then started at her feet. I soon had worked my way up her legs, then I lifted her right leg and placed her heel about six inches from her fanny, noting that I felt almost no resistance. This tented out the drape, I sat on the table to block her foot from slipping down, and lifted the back of her thighs, pressing blood towards her pubic region.

I noticed that with each stroke, her hips would press forward to meet my hands, this placed the fingertips of my right hand just almost touching her vagina. I slipped my hands up over the top of her legs, and across her abdomin, this pushed the remaining drape completely clear, fully exposing her trimmed bush to me. Her pink hood stuck out of the pubic hair, it was very large, I could see the end of it poking out of the surrounding flesh, and I noted that her lips opened out like a flower. I did more sweeps up her legs, allowing my fingertips to brush her lightly, teasing. I repeated the entire process with the other leg, and as I was brushing her vagina, her hips again thrust up to meet my strokes!

As I lightly touched her, I asked is she was comfortable with this, getting a whispered, "Oh yes" in reply.

I assumed the Yoni position, this is where the giver sits facing the lower body of the lady, which gives free access to the entire pubic region. I used the gentle strokes up and down the labia, each side, every few strokes allowing first one thumb, then the other to slide up under her clit, lift it, then let it drop. I now had had Karen on the edge of orgasm for close to 20 minutes, so I slipped my index finger inside, and lifting towards the navel, I lightly stroked her. Then I leaned forward, took her protruding clit in my mouth, and lifted it with my tongue, gently rolling and flicking it. She exploded, and I varied the rythmm and instensity of my tongue and fingers, holding her in orgasm for close to 30 seconds, as her whole body pulsed in wave after wave.

I allowed her to come down slowly and easily, I slipped off the table, spread the drape over her whole body, and tucked it in tightly.

Then I swept my hands the length of her body again through the drape, slowly reducing the speed of each stroke.

I stepped from the room, leaving her with her feelings to calm down.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the room, looking flushed. She looked me up and down, smiled, and said, "Next week?"

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