tagGroup SexOne for the Road Ch. 03

One for the Road Ch. 03


I re-entered the dining room and found a woman reading my paper. My coke was gone. I stood there for a minute, contemplating what to do.

She was about forty with short blonde hair. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt that accentuated her breasts. I could make out her nipples but there was no sign of a bra. Her breasts were quite shapely but small. She didn't really need a bra.

I put my hand on the chair that I had vacated half an hour earlier. I asked her if anyone was sitting there. She shook her head as she looked up from my paper.

"You were" she said as she smiled up at me. She had pale blue eyes. I sat down beside her.

"I put your drink back in the cooler. You were gone so long." She said as she winked at me, "Do you want to read the paper? I've been driving for hours and I'd like to talk, but if you crave solitude I can sit elsewhere."

"My cravings have been satisfied" I laughed as I tossed the paper onto the vacant chair, "except for something to eat."

"That's great," she whispered as she lightly tapped my arm, "but what did you do that was so satisfying?"

"Well," I took a deep breath and started to give her a summary of the blowjob that I had just received. I surprised myself with the vivid detail that I provided. She hardly moved, seeming to hang on every word.

I was really surprised to feel my cock growing in my shorts again. I rarely get two hardons in one day. Talking to her was turning me on. By the time I had finished the story our meals had arrived. I started eating. She sipped her coffee and edged closer to me.

"OK then," she said as she placed the cup on the table, "now that you've got my pussy juices flowing let me tell you about the two German backpackers last night. They were both up me at the same time. Want to see the photos?"

I nearly choked on my burger. She was good at this game. All I could do was nod in eager anticipation.

She placed her iphone in front of me and selected a folder marked "sex: male". There were six other folders but I only had time to read one other. It was titled "sex: female".

The folder opened. There were ten pictures in it. I enlarged the first one and started the slide show as she talked me through the dual penetration.

I realised that although my balls had been sucked dry, I actually craved a good hard fuck.

June narrated the slide show as I sat dumbfounded. She had spent last night in a motel in Bondi, a beachside suburb of Sydney. She went for a walk at sunset. Some guys whistled at her. She stopped to chat. She took all three of them up to her room. While two of them showered she stripped naked and got on all fours on the balcony. The first backpacker started rubbing his cock along her slit. Soon, he was hard and she was wet. At her insistence he shoved it straight into her and fucked her senseless.

It took him some time to unload into her. She had two small orgasms while he pounded that hungry pussy of hers. He had a long thin cock and although she enjoyed the feel of his cum shooting into her uterus she still wanted to feel a nice thick shaft spread her lips wide.

Another backpacker came out of the shower while she was still on all fours. He was hard from drying himself in the shower. His cock wasn't very thick either and was about six inches long. He rammed it into her dripping cunt. He reached under her and started fingering her clit. He blew in about two minutes. He kept working that clit until her next orgasm but when he pulled out her fanny still needed a good work out.

She let them rest before she ordered the three of them to sit on the lounge. She sucked the middle one while she gave the other two hand jobs. She then sat on his lap, impaling herself on his erection. She got the other guy to stand behind her. He worked his cock into her pussy as well. It took some effort but she was soon getting fucked by two cocks. It felt good. Her mouth worked the third cock until he came. That guy then started taking the photos.

The two cocks worked in unison for a while, pushing in and pulling out at the same time but once she was really wet they worked independently, one pushing in as the other pulled out. She came several times as the cocks slid in and out of her. These small eruptions of passion grew into a huge screaming orgasm as both the guys shot into her crowded cunt.

They fell into a sweaty heap on the floor. After a few minutes the three guys left.

She paused the slide show at the last photo. It showed her lying on her back, legs spread as semen leaked out of her vagina. She zoomed in until the photo was just a close up of her fanny. I could count her pubic hairs!

"I needed more!" she sighed as she closed the photo gallery, "and their pricks were just too thin. I like to be nailed by one good thick piece of cock."

"Oh, and that last photo was taken by the maid," she continued to tell me, "After the guys left I called room service and told them there was a mess to clean up. I paid her to lick me out. She earned a bonus when she buried her hot little tongue deep inside my butt."

After she finished her story she ordered another coffee. I had finished my meal. My cock was halfway to a full erection. This woman was getting me hotter than anyone had for years. I didn't even know her name.

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