tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 02

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 02


This is one of a series best read in sequence.



As I approached Laura, I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her nakedness to me. I tilted her head and brought my lips to hers. I pressed my tongue deep into her mouth as I felt the firmness of her naked breasts press hard against my chest. She didn't resist but was not at all responsive.

"You'll have to do better than that, a lot better." I teased her. As I pressed my tongue between her soft lips again, she put her arms around me and her tongue came to life. My hands slid down her back and she jumped when they gripped her naked asscheeks. I squeezed her firm cheeks in my hands, pressing her bare mons firmly against the huge lump in the front of my shorts. I could feel a shudder run through her naked, young body. "Much better." I whispered as I continued to probe her mouth with my tongue and my hands caressed her firm asscheeks.

"Undress me." I said as I released my grip on her magnificent, young body. Laura's trembling fingers reached up for my shirt. She'd never undressed a guy before. Her fingers grasped the buttons as she opened them and pulled the shirt from my shorts. Sliding it off of my shoulders, her naked breasts brushed my chest. "Now the shorts." I said, easing my grip on her magnificent ass. Laura stepped back and placed her hands on my chest. I reached up to her wrists and slowly drew her hands down to my belt. I could feel her hands shaking as she grasped my belt buckle and began to open it. She pulled the snap of my jeans and then holding the snap, slid the zipper down as she opened my shorts. She had never undressed a man before since her boyfriends had generally undressed themselves rather than wait for her to do it. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my briefs and slid them both to the floor. As she knelt in front of me, her face was barely inches from my cock as it stood straight out pointing as her face. She gasped as I held her face in front of my semi-hard cock - her eyes burned into it. She was certain I was going to force it into her mouth. She was right, but not just yet -- I had other pleasures to pursue first.

I pulled Laura to her feet and as I hugged her naked body to me, my hardening cock slid between her warm thighs, brushing against her moist pussy lips. Laura was shaking uncontrollably. I pulled away from her and stepped into the back room of the cabin and sat down on the bed. It was only about a foot from the door between the rooms. She stood naked before me as she looked at my naked body. Laura expected to follow me onto the bed but I waived her off. What an amazing body and it was about to be all mine - to do with as I pleased.

"I see you have your jam box." I said. Laura nodded. "Here. Put this on, but not too loudly." I said as I handed her a tape. She recognized it as the recording of the dance number she'd performed earlier in the week at a talent show. "I'd like a private showing." I said.

"Like this?" she said surprised.

"Definitely like this." I said. Laura walked over to get the tape player. As she walked, her huge tits bounced gently with each step. As she bent over, they hung down full below her chest. As she set up the tape, I could see the smooth roundness of her ass. I was going to ravage that ass in just a little while but first I wanted to be entertained.

Turning on the tape, Laura spun around to face me and then saw herself reflected in the mirror on the wall as her naked breasts thrust forward. She swallowed hard and tried to compose herself. I'd watched her dance routine the other night at the talent show, when she'd worn a tight leotard under a flaring dance skirt. I'd wondered what she'd have looked like naked, with all the shimmies and the jumping in the choreography. I was about to find out.

As the music began, it only took a moment for Laura to realize how valuable a dance bra was when she'd had one. Her huge tits bounced all over the place and she had a bit of trouble keeping her balance at times. Each time she squatted in the routine, her seething pussy was exposed to my view. I thoroughly enjoyed her dance presentation as her huge breasts bounced wildly as she kept time to the music. It lasted only a few minutes but was so active, that Laura was breathing heavily by the time she finished and her huge tits were heaving as she gasped for breath. They also hurt.

I stretched back on the bed and motioned Laura to sit beside me. Still breathing heavily, she sat at the edge of the mattress. I reached down for her knee and pulled it up onto the bed so that her body turned to face me and her smooth, tanned thighs were spread slightly. I let her relax for a moment while I watched her panting breasts. I reached out to fondle her firm titflesh and let my fingers play with her ever-hardening nipple. She made no move to resist me. I cupped the underside of her huge tit and closing my grip on her meaty melon, pulled her body down to me. My mouth found hers and this time I felt her tongue probe deep into my mouth. Wrapping my arm around her slender waist, I pulled her across my body and then over onto her back. "Put your arms up over your head." I instructed and the naked beauty obeyed. She felt very exposed and vulnerable as she lay naked beside me, her huge breasts still heaving from her dancing. I continued to kiss her face as my fingers traced patterns across her huge mams. Laura moaned softly beneath me.

Taking a firm grasp on her breast, I began to knead her titflesh like warm dough. I lay her flat on her back and my fingers closed around her sensitive nipple. I pressed and rolled her tender nub between my fingers until it was even harder than before. Laura couldn't believe how hard her nipple had gotten. Lying on my side, I lifted one knee and continued to probe her mouth with my tongue as I teased her tits with my hand. She was responding to the heat of the moment. I began to nibble my way down her long, slender neck and to the tops of her magnificent breasts. Closing my mouth on her hard nipple, I began to suck and bite as Laura gasped in excitement. I tried to suck as much of her meaty mam into my mouth as would fit. Laura moaned loudly as I chewed softly on her tender nipple and squeezed her other breast in my hand.

"Stroke me." I whispered and after a moment's hesitation I felt Laura's fingers move across my open thigh and wrap around my ramrod. I moaned as she stroked my cock and rubbed my balls. It wasn't that she'd never touched a man before but her hand had always been placed there by the guy. She didn't mind pleasuring a guy's cock, but it was never anything she initiated. I went after both of her nipples with real gusto. I was not exactly gentle as I bit at her tender nubs. She didn't seem to mind as I felt her grip tighten around my shaft.

I rolled onto my back, pulling Laura onto her side. Her hand was still busy stroking my shaft. I pressed my knee between Laura's and moved my leg up between her warm thighs, wedging it firmly against her wet pussy. She was very warm and I felt some moisture as my thigh touched her swollen pussy lips. I felt her roll her hips as she rubbed her drenched pussy against my thigh. Her arm and hand were trapped between our bodies. I lifted my ass and as she slid her arm across the mattress, I waited until her hand was under my ass and then pinned it down. She got the idea and I felt her fingers close around my heavy balls. Now both of her hands were at work on my crotch. I moaned with approval.

I continued to tease Laura's huge breasts as her hands played with my cock and balls. I pressed my thigh firmly against her sweet pussy and rubbed her hard. She ground her wet pussy against the hardness of my leg. As I continued to massage her tits, Laura's head lay on my chest, her eyes riveted to my cock. I placed my hand on the nape of her neck and gently began to massage her neck and shoulders. Then I pressed her head gently in the direction of my ramrod. Laura had anticipated this since she felt my hand on the back of her slender neck and began to nibble her way down my body until I felt her soft cheek brush the tip of my cock. I raised my leg to allow her to shift her own body and reach my shaft. I didn't want anything to keep her from enjoying full access.

She lifted her head and then brought her moist lips to my cockhead and kissed it. She cupped my balls in the palm of her hand and kissed her way down the length of my shaft. I spread my raised knees as wide as I could and Laura's head and tongue probed deep down around my balls. I moaned loudly as her tongue licked between my legs. She'd done this before.

Laura shifted slightly and sucked my balls into her mouth. Using her lips and tongue, she massaged them as her fingers worked wonders on my shaft. She was young but she was good. Shifting again, she raised her lips above my shaft and took me into her eager mouth. Her lips slid down the length of my shaft until she felt my cock ram against the back of her throat. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and in rhythm, her hand and mouth caressed my ramrod. Beautiful, built and talented -- what a combination. This could turn out to be a wonderful summer.

I looked to the side and saw Laura's lovely ass and rolling slightly, took hold of her leg. I pulled her over, until she lifted her knee over my head and lowered her seething pussy to my eager lips. I kissed her thigh and then wrapping my arms over her hips, pulled her drenched pussy to my hungry mouth. Her pussy was open and glistened with her sweet nectar. Pointing my tongue, I pressed it between her swollen labia. Her moan tickled my cock as I probed her most intimate flesh and tasted her sweetness. This was a first time for her and her response showed it. My fingers squeezed her ass and teased her asshole as my tongue darted in and out of her seething pussy. Her mouth created great suction as she tickled my balls and teased my asshole. Her long fingernails added to my pleasure as she gently scratched my body.

When I found her clit protruding from under its hood, I began to gently tease it with my tongue and teeth. I felt her breathing change and her sucking increase as I teased her love button. It only took seconds for her insides to flood with sweet cum. I licked and probed for all of it. As I went after her clit again, I could feel my own cum building up as Laura sucked feverishly. I decided to cum in her mouth and then rest before fucking her tight, wet pussy.

As she sucked, I raised my hips to match her rhythm and continued to nibble on her love button. My finger pushed into her asshole as she screamed softly in surprise and passion and her body convulsed in another powerful orgasm. As she came, her fingers tightened around my balls and her sucking became more powerful. I felt her tongue graze across the tip of my cock and my balls exploded, gushing hot seed out of the tip of my cock. Laura pulled away and my cum sprayed out onto her chest and my stomach.

"What the hell was that?!!!" I yelled as I shoved Laura off of my body.

"I didn't want you to cum in my mouth." she said weakly as she fell onto her side.

"You've got to be kidding!" I hissed. "You get me going like that and have me shoot my wad into mid-air?" Laura looked terrified.

"Clean me up." I hissed. Laura turned her body and started to get up. She was going to get a towel. "No, stupid, with your tongue." I said as I wrapped my fingers through her long hair and pulled her face down to my stomach. Laura stared at the pools of sticky cum on my stomach and realized she had better obey. Her tongue licked at the pools of cum and she tasted the saltiness in her mouth. She didn't paritcularly like the taste of cum but it was the idea of having it in her mouth that she really didn't like. She remembered the first time a guy had cum in her mouth and she'd spit it out, vowing to never let a guy cum in her mouth again. I enjoyed watching her squirm as she licked my cum. I was sure that this was the first time she'd ever tasted any or was going to swallow any.

"I'm sorry." she said as she finished and sat up beside me. "I didn't think you would be so angry with me." The young beauty was petrified.

"To ruin an experience that good is almost criminal." I said and Laura turned ghost white as she dried my body with the corner of the bed sheet. Her mind flashed on crime and jail and why she was in bed with me in the first place.

"Can I try again?" she begged. "Please?" I gave her a look and her blood ran cold. Her nipples were still rock hard and as I reached down between her thighs, she shifted her body to spread them wider for me. She would deny me nothing! I slid my hand up the inside of her firm thigh and then inserted my finger into her dripping cunt. "I'll let you try again - but later. You'll have to do something else for me - to redeem yourself." I said. Laura smiled, relieved at the chance to make up for her mistake. She didn't know what I had in mind but at this moment she would agree to anything I asked.

"Right now I want you to give me a full massage. You will massage my entire body, first with your hands, then with your breasts and then your mouth." I said. "Save my cock and ass for last." I added. "I also like the feel of your nails on my skin. Just make sure it's not too hard." Laura nodded as I rolled over onto my stomach and stretched out on the large bed.

I felt Laura's hands on my shoulders as she straddled my body and set her magnificent ass down across my waist. She'd been in this position hundreds of times as the kids in camp always liked to give and get massages from each other -- but this was the first time that she was doing it naked. Her hands came up to my shoulders and neck and then after a few minutes of excellent massage, I felt the warmth of her firm breasts as she pressed them against my back and dragged them across my body. Then I felt her warm, wet tongue as she kissed and licked me. She was doing everything she could to please me and pleased I was as I thought about all the ways I planned to enjoy her luscious, young body. This was going to work out just fine. She was very thorough, sucking on my fingers and toes and licking my ass and the bottom of my sack, something she'd never done before. I rolled over and Laura continued to pleasure my body. She massaged my face and then lowered her magnificent tits to my cheeks and then pressed her hard nipple to my lips. I sucked hard for awhile as her open and oozing quim pressed against my stomach. She then dragged her huge tits down my body and began to lick and kiss my chest.

Sliding her body down onto my thighs, I felt her drenched pussy slide across my rock-hard cock before she came to rest on my thighs. I looked up and could see her massive tits hanging down below her chest as her open thighs straddled my thighs and I felt her hands wrap around my ramrod and begin to stroke it between her fingers. I moaned softly as she pleasured my cock. Her hand slid down between my thighs and cupped my heavy balls and she began to play with them as her fingers slid up and down my rigid shaft. I was thoroughly enjoying this. Actually, it seemed that Laura was too. She knew the powerful effect her body could have on guys and she was pleased that a grown man would have the same response.

Finally, I felt her massive tits brush across my shaft. I felt the warmth of her huge tits as they wrapped around my cock. I thought about what it would be like to tit fuck her, a pleasure I would enjoy soon enough. Her fingers once again wrapped around my ramrod and I felt her warm mouth envelop my manhood. She was eager to please. She sucked until I was rock hard. Taking a handful of her long hair and guided her mouth up and down the length of my cock. As she felt my hand guide her face up and down my cock, she mentally prepared herself for the eruption she expected to fill her mouth at any moment. Finally, I lifted her face off of my cock. She thought I'd cum in her mouth and make her swallow it. I would, but not this time. I lifted her face from my crotch and smiled at her.

"Climb on." I said and Laura lifted her leg over me and brought her open pussy to rest on my hips. My shaft lay beneath her as her wet pussy lips pressed against the length of it. "I want to feel my cock inside of you." I said as I raised my hands and slid them behind my head. Laura had never been on top and it took her a moment to figure out a plan of attack. She rose on her knees and then taking my shaft in her hand, spread her lips and guided my cockhead to the entrance of her tight pussy. She had never guided a guy's cock into her pussy since they always had done it. She was amazed at how wet she was. Slowly she lowered her body and my ramrod slid deep into her warm, wet tightness. Once she was impaled fully on my shaft, I gazed up at her and smiled. Raising my knees behind her naked body, I slid us back until I was able to lean up against the headboard of the bed. Laura's massive tits hung inches in front of my face. I lifted her hands to the top of the headboard, bringing her dangling breasts to my face. I sucked her tit into my mouth and felt her inner muscles tighten around my shaft as it was buried deep in her luscious body.

"Ride me." I said and Laura's hips went to work. She braced her hands on the headboard and pistoned her drenched pussy up and down on my cock. Her love muscles worked my cock as my hands mauled her bouncing titflesh. She was fantastic as she rode me. I caught her heaving tit in my mouth and bit at her nipple playfully. As I trapped her tender nub, she stopped thrusting up and down on my cock and began to roll her hips and squeeze my cock with her powerful inner muscles. Another minute of this and she would have me exploding inside her tightness. But I wasn't ready to cum just yet. I had more of her magnificent, young body that I wanted to enjoy first.

I released her nipple and Laura began to ride my cock again. She rode until she started to lose strength. Finally she stopped, exhausted and looking down at me, she pressed her palms to my face and kissed me, sucking my tongue all the way into her mouth. I rolled her off of me and onto her side and scrambled on top of her. Moving into her warm saddle, my cock easily slid back into her drenched quim and I began to take long slow strokes into her tight pussy. She spread her legs wide apart and lay flat as her huge tits heaved with each penetration of her luscious, young body. She raised her legs and locked her ankles around my hips as I started to hammer into her tight pussy. This was a position she was familiar with from the backseat of her boyfriend's car.

I reached down and pulled her legs up even higher, until I could press them under my shoulders and bend her young body over. Bent in half this way, my penetrations of her pussy were the deepest they could be. This was new for her. I pounded into her sweet quim as her head rolled from side to side and she moaned with pleasure. Cum just oozed out of her tender loins.

Supporting my weight on my cock in her seething cunt, I reached out to her hard nipples. Pinching one in each hand, I rocked into her young body. As her breasts bounced in all directions, I held her nipples tightly. The meaty part of her breasts pulled hard against her trapped nubbins and her face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I felt her muscles grasp at my invading cock and I shook her huge tits.

I lowered one leg and lifted the other as I began to roll Laura onto her side. Her huge breasts rolled onto the mattress as my cock remained embedded deep in her drenched pussy. I stroked into her naked body as her huge tits rolled back and forth, one laying on top of the other. She felt how deeply I was able to enter her body as one leg was below my crotch and the other bent behnd of her. Her thighs had never been this spread when a guy's cock was inside of her. She felt my hand on her ankle and as I raised her leg, she rolled over onto her stomach as my cock remained buried balls deep inside her pussy. Her body was seething with passion and oozing cum.

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