tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 07

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 07


This is one of a series best read in sequence.


At 2:00 Alicia arrived on the porch of the Crocket's Lodge. She still wore the T-shirt and her blue string bikini. I'd left the door ajar and she knocked and then looking in, called my name as she walked in. She heard the shower going and decided to wait for me. Closing the front door, the young beauty sat down on one of the couches in the living room.

When I entered the room, I was wearing only a towel wrapped around my waist. Alicia swallowed hard. She was a tall, slender, teen with firm breasts a bit larger than tennis balls, an hour glass waist with firm abs and smooth, firm hips that gave way to a pair of very long, tapering legs. Her dark hair came over her shoulders and I gazed down at her as I sat down in the armchair opposite her.

"Do you understand why you are here?" I asked. Alicia nodded. "Why?" I asked.

"Because we were dealing dope and we got caught." she acknowledged.

I nodded. "Do you understand the terms of our agreement?" I asked.

"Yes." the young beauty replied.

"And what are they?" I asked.

"I am to do whatever you ask of me." she answered.

"That is correct." I said. "To be sure you understand. You are going to become my sexual slave – same as Laura. Your body will be available to me for my pleasure and hopefully your own, whenever and wherever I desire. You will not refuse anything I tell you to do. You will not tell anyone about any of this and if you do or if you disappoint me, I will punish you and Laura severely and then turn you both over to the sheriff and his boys will have one hell of a good time with you two." I said. "That makes you both dependent on each other." Alicia nodded as she squirmed a bit on the sofa.

"Do you accept the terms of our agreement?" I asked.

"Do I have a choice?" she said somewhat sarcastically.

"Yes you do." I said with a touch of annoyance in my voice. "Shall I call the sheriff now? He and his boys would love the opportunity to fuck the shit out of two rich city bitches like you and I would still get to fuck you whenever I wanted." Alicia paled.

"No, no, I agree." she said quickly in defeat, her head bowed.

"Good. Stand up." I said. Alicia slid forward on the sofa and stood up. Her tits jiggled slightly as she moved and she then stood straight. "Lose the shirt." I said and Alicia hesitated and then reached down to the edge of her shirt and crossing her arms, peeled it up over her body and over her head. She slid the shirt off of her arms and tossed it on the sofa behind her. I gazed at her beautiful body as she stood before me. She had a magnificent ass and I was looking forward to enjoying all of it in the near future.

"You are used to boys trying to seduce you by kissing and caressing you and trying to make you hot enough to let them go further. I would bet that they can be fairly rough as they paw your body though. They think that if they get you turned on enough, then you'll let them keep going, maybe all the way, right?" I taunted her.

"More or less." she answered, a bit surprised by how right my analysis and her own experience was.

"You enjoy making the boys worship your body. You probably got that from your mother. She's a beautiful woman but to be honest, I remember her from when she was your age and you are even prettier. You expect the boys to give you pleasure in order to stand a chance of getting any themselves." I said. "I'm sure you've sent more than one poor boy home with a pair a blue balls." I added. Alicia looked at me, not understanding what I was talking about.

"Do you know how painful it can be for a man to get an erection and have his balls fill with cum and then they have no way to relieve the pressure?" I asked her. She shook her head as she lowered it. "It is quite painful. But from now on things are going to be different. You are my slave and you are here to please me and to provide me with pleasure. Your pleasure comes from serving me and if I decide to pleasure your body, it will be because you have pleased me." I said. Alicia looked at me as I gazed at her young body. This was all very new to her. Not just because of her inexperience but the whole attitude.

"Have you gone all the way a lot?" I asked fully aware of the answer.

"Some." she replied, trying to mask her fears.

"Well, that's going to change." I said. Standing up, I slowly walked around Alicia's body as she stood before me. I gazed down at her tits and she felt very uncomfortable as I got closer and closer to her, looking at her body in ways she'd never been looked at before, at least not from such close range. She could feel my warm breath on her soft skin. Standing directly in front of the young beauty, I looked down at her firm, young tits as they lay concealed beneath the soft, knit triangles of her bikini bra. Alicia stood nervously as I watched her. I decided to start slowly.

"Pull open the front of your bra." I instructed and Alicia brought her hands up to her chest and then, looking down at her firm cleavage, slid the two triangles holding her breasts apart. She did not expose her taut nipples to my view. "A little more." I insisted and she pulled the triangles all the way to the very edge of her nipples. She could feel how hard they were and she was embarrassed by her excitement. The soft skin of her breasts was creamy white compared to her beautiful tan. I leaned over and kissed her breast right next to her nipple. Alicia gasped as she felt my lips touch her sensitive skin.

"Your breasts are truly beautiful." I complimented her and then as I stepped around behind her, I picked up the strings from the bow that held the back of her bra together. Alicia felt the tension on her bra as I slowly pulled the two strings and the back of her bikini top fell open. Her bra remained in place only by the firmness of her beautiful, young breasts. She felt my finger slide under the string around her neck and then I slowly pulled up and she felt her bra slide up off of her breasts and over her soft shoulders. I tossed the bra on the sofa as the young beauty stood before me bare-breasted. Alicia quickly crossed her arms over her breasts. I wasn't surprised.

"Put your arms down." I said and the young beauty revealed her naked breasts for me to see. They were firm and nicely rounded with rosy pink nipples that were small and very hard, framed by the creamy, white skin that was usually covered by her bikini. She felt her nipples getting harder but when she looked down and saw them standing up like small pencil erasers, she blushed deeply.

"These are beautiful and I hope they will bring great pleasure to both of us." I said. "Now up onto the table." I instructed. Alicia stepped up onto the coffee table and I watched as her beautiful, young breasts bounced gently as she lifted her body. She moved to the center of the table and stood with her long legs slightly apart. She could still see herself in the mirror.

"Pull your bathing suit up tight into your ass." I instructed and Alicia reluctantly reached down over her firm asscheeks and then hooking her fingers under the edge of her bathing suit, pulled the soft material up into the crack of her magnificent ass. As she did this, she could feel the material tighten into the gash of her pussy and the tightness felt arousing. The material rose between her firm cheeks and then pulled tight as her warm buns touched each other. I stepped around behind her and gazed at her magnificent ass.

"Slide your feet apart." I said and she moved her feet about a foot apart. "Further." I added and she slid them wide apart. "Now bend over and touch the tabletop." I instructed. The beautiful teenager slowly bent her body over until her hands came down on the tabletop and her ass was thrust backwards and spread wide for my view. I looked down between her parted thighs and saw her full breasts hanging below her chest. Alicia stared between her open thighs and saw me standing there gazing at her ass. I leaned forward and placed a warm, wet kiss on the smooth skin of her asscheek and a shudder ran through her young body. I was sure that no one had ever kissed her there.

"Very nice." I said. "I look forward to enjoying your ass fully." I teased. Alicia wasn't sure exactly what I was intending but that didn't matter for now. "Stand straight." I said and the young beauty lifted her body up and stood before me. Again I began to walk around her beautiful, young body and then reaching up to her hip, I picked up the end of the bow that held her bikini bottoms in place. Alicia froze as she felt me begin to pull on the string and in the mirror, she could see the bow begin to unravel.

Once the loops of the bows were gone, only the twist of the string held what was left of her bikini in place. I stepped around to the other side and picking up the string of the bow pulled it slowly as the young beauty watched the last trace of her modestly slip away. Only the pressure of the strings on her firm hips held her bikini in place as she stood before me with her legs spread apart and the back of her bikini pulled up tightly between her firm asscheeks.

"Open the strings." I said softly. Alicia took a deep breath and closing her eyes, brought her trembling hands to her flaring hips. She slid her fingers under the soft strings and gently pulled them loose. Alicia felt them come loose and the front of the knitted triangle fell open as the dark fur of her pubic thatch came into view. For the moment she was glad that the bathing suit was crammed into her ass crack.

Stepping up close to her body, I reached between her open thighs and took hold of the soft knit triangle that dangled below her soft, pubic thatch. Alicia watched in the mirror as I pulled down and the bottoms of her bikini pulled from between her firm asscheeks and then fell from her naked body. I could see that her dark bush had been shaved close and small, to fit into the tiny triangle of her bikini. As she saw herself standing naked and exposed in the mirror, she crossed her hands in front of her dark vee and her upper arms framed her firm tits as her nipples stood out hard. She could feel the heat and moistness emanating from between her legs as her young body began to get excited.

"You have a truly lovely body." I complimented her. "I hope that you know what to do with it." I added. She stared at me with a mixture of fear and lust in her eyes. I walked over to the sofa and sitting down, leaned back and stretched my legs out onto the rug.

"If you are going to hold your pussy like that, why don't you play with yourself for me?" I teased her. Alicia moved her hands to her sides and stood before me bare-ass naked on the coffee table. She had a magnificent body. "Well, if you aren't going to play with yourself, then why don't you come down here and play with me?" I teased her. Alicia swallowed hard and stepped down off of the table. Her tits bounced nicely as she hit the floor and she came to stand between my outstretched legs.

"Kneel down in front of me." I said and Alicia sank to her knees. I held out my hands and Alicia placed her hands in mine. I could feel a slight tremble in her body as I pulled her forward and she inched closer to the edge of the sofa. She gazed down at the towel wrapped around my waist. She rose on her knees, her firm thighs pressed against the edge of the sofa as I placed her hands on my open thighs, just at the edge of the towel. My fingers came up to her breasts and I gently squeezed her nipples between my fingers. Alicia gasped as she felt my fingers close around her taut nipples as I pulled gently on them. They were unbelievably hard and she was surprised by how glad she was that I was finally touching her. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as my fingers pulled gently at her tender nubbins.

"You seem to be enjoying this." I teased her as I increased the pressure on her nipples. "That's good." I added. Alicia glared at me. I let go of her nipples and then gently caressed and tickled the firm flesh of her young breasts as she gasped slightly.

"Do you like to suck cock?" I asked. Alicia was silent. "I want you to massage my legs and then my cock and then I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock as you suck on me." I said. Alicia had never really handled a man's cock before. She'd rubbed guys through their jeans when they'd pulled her hands to do it but that had been in the dark and she had never stroked a man's cock in the flesh. The night she'd lost her virginity, her boyfriend had opened his pants and used his own hand to guide his cock into her virginity. As for sucking on a cock, she'd imagined it a few times, even fantasized about it a few time but never done it.

Now Alicia hesitated. I moved my fingers back to her hard nipples and pinched them tightly. Pulling her forward and down by her aching nipples, I felt Alicia's hands move under my towel and begin to rub my thighs. I released her nipples but she'd learned the lesson. Hesitation may cause pain and in the end, she'll have to do what I want anyway.

The young beauty sat back on her knees and rubbed my thighs under the towel. Her hands were shaking and her touch unsteady. She stared down at the growing lump under the towel. As she continued to stroke my thighs, her hands stopped shaking and then she began to really massage my thighs. I moaned softly to let her know she was on the right track. She looked up at me and I smiled at her. She blushed. I nodded and then I felt her hands slide further up my thighs. She gasped as her fingers grazed against my heavy balls as she rubbed my inner thighs – she thought I would be wearing briefs under the towel and was surprised to find that I wasn't. The further her hands moved up my legs, the looser the towel became, until it finally fell open. I reached for the end of it and pulled it completely open. Alicia gasped as she looked down at my ramrod as it stood up rigid before her eyes. She'd never really seen a man's cock before and certainly not one that was ready for action.

"Stroke me." I said. Alicia swallowed hard and then she wrapped her long, slender fingers around the length of my cock. It spasmed when she touched it and she was amazed by the way it seemed to come alive. As I watched her, I realized that she had never done this before. What a rush! I felt her hands begin the massage my cock as I watched her nipples get even harder. Her eyes were riveted to my manhood as her trembling hands rubbed up and down the length of it. I moaned as she massaged my ramrod.

"Kiss it." I said softly. Alicia looked up at me. "I know you've never done this before." I said. "It is something that gives men great pleasure and you must learn how to do it." Alicia hesitated but when she felt my hands move up to her head and my fingers slide through her long, dark tresses, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock. She was amazed at how hard yet how soft it was against her lips. Once again it spasmed as if it was alive. I released my grip on her head. She had learned the lesson again. She lifted her head but continued to stroke my shaft with her fingers.

"Kiss it again." I said. "And this time I want to feel your tongue lick the tip." Alicia leaned forward without my help and brought her soft lips to the tip of my cock. She kissed the tip and then parting her lips, I felt the tip of her tongue graze over the tip of my cock. I moaned aloud. "Now I want to feel your lips and tongue kiss and lick my cock all the way down to my balls." I instructed. Alicia obeyed me and sliding down slightly, she grasped my cock and began to lick and kiss her way down the length of my shaft until her tongue touched the soft skin of my balls. Slowly she began to lick my shaft as she felt it grow even harder in her hands. I felt her tongue caress my cock as she watched it move under her tongue. She licked her way to the tip of my shaft and then I felt her tongue flick across tip and dart into my piss hole. I moaned deeply to let her know what pleased me. Her eyes glanced up at me and I smiled at her as I gently brushed a few strands of hair away from her cheek.

"Open wide." I said softly and Alicia lifted her mouth from my cock and parted her lips. "Stick out your tongue." I said and she slipped her tongue between her teeth. I pressed the tip of my cock down onto her tongue as I looked down at her beautiful face. I could feel her trembling as my cock was poised to enter her mouth. I felt her upper lip touch the top of my cockhead but she made no move to take me into her mouth.

My fingers wrapped through Alicia's thick, dark hair and I gently pulled her face to my cock. I felt her try to resist but when she realized that I was not going to force my cock into her mouth but only guide her, she relaxed and slowly slid her mouth around my shaft. Slowly, she felt the tip of my cock slide between her soft lips as a man's cock filled her mouth for the first time in her life. She was surprised by how thick my cock felt in her mouth and how it pressed her tongue down. Then she felt the tip brush against her tonsils and realized that not that much of my cock was really in her mouth. I eased my grip on her head. She was able to slide her face back now but did not.

Alicia looked up at me as her mouth was filled with my cock. It was a magnificent sight – one I will always remember. I smiled at her. Holding her head gently, I lifted her head until most of my cock had slipped from between her moist lips. Then I guided her head back down the length of my shaft until I felt the tip hit the back of her mouth. I repeated this several times until Alicia began to do it on her own. I moaned deeply and smiled at her.

"Now suck on me." I instructed and Alicia began to suck on my cock as her face slid up and down over the tip of my ramrod. "I want to feel your tongue on my shaft." I said and Alicia began to lick my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. I let her pleasure my cock for several minutes, until I slid my hands through her dark hair and lifted her face from my cock.

"That was a good beginning – actually, an excellent beginning," I said. "To really give a man pleasure you have to combine several things. You want to massage my cock and balls with your fingers, sometimes gently and sometimes more forcefully. You want to lick my shaft the way you did before, you want to suck the sides and base with your lips as if you were nibbling on someone's neck. You want to suck as much of my cock into your mouth and suck on it while you use your tongue and massage my balls and the base of my cock with your hands." I instructed. "I know it's a lot to do at the same time but you want to learn how to please me." I added. "And you will improve with practice – and I will see to it that you get a lot of practice," I joked with her as I smiled at her beautiful face. "Now continue."

Alicia looked up at me and then down at my cock. She lowered her face to my shaft and I felt her tongue lick the length of my ramrod. The young beauty marveled at how alive my cock was and how it reacted to her touches and kisses. I marvelled at it also. She turned her face slightly and wrapped her lips over the side of my shaft and sucked on it as her tongue flicked across the sensitive skin. She slid her lips down to the base of my shaft and cupping my heavy balls in her hand sucked on my scrotum. I felt one of my balls move into her mouth as she sucked on it.

"That feels wonderful," I complimented her. "Use your tongue on it." I said and then I felt her tongue press against my heavy ball as she held it in her warm mouth. I spread my thighs wider apart to let her have better access to my crotch. Moving her mouth up to my shaft again, she held my balls in her hand and massaged them gently as she licked her way up the length of my cock. When she got to the head, Alicia took my shaft in her hand and standing it straight up, wrapped her soft lips over the tip and then sucked it into her mouth as she lowered her head over my ramrod. I felt her tongue slide over my shaft as she lifted her head and then lowered it again around my cock. She was trying very hard to please me and it was working.

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