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Oh ya baby I love when you lick my tits like that. Say what? You want to do what? Oh of course you can do that! Sure go for it. Stick your fingers in my snatch. Can you feel how wet I am already? My sweet juices running down your fingers! Why don't you take them out and taste me!

That's it stud lick your fingers and taste all that sweet pussy juice. Oh you like it don't you. I know you do, I can see you smiling. You like how my pussy tastes I can tell.

Is your cock getting hard yet babe? Is it all big and making your pants all tight? So you want to take it out? Why don't you do that? Take that nice hard prick out for me to look at. Oh stud you are so big! I can't wait to feel that monster deep in my hot wet pussy. Oh but first I want to watch you stroke it for a bit. You heard me big boy grip that cock and work it.

Would it help you more if I was pinching my nipples like this? Oh yes...Maybe if you saw me putting my fingers deep inside my hot cunt like this? Oh there we go. Slide your hand right down that cock. You're so thick your hand barely fits around it. Keep jerking baby!

I can tell by the way you are looking at me you want to eat my wet snatch. Well do ya Hun? You wanna slide your tongue inside my hole and suck on my clit for a while? Yes I think I would like that too. Mmmm it would feel so awesome to have your wet slimy tongue sliding in and out and in and out, then all around. Oh baby I would cum so hard on your face.

Oh yes sweetie I see you are really stroking that cock now! Your hand is moving so fast. Look how red your pole is! What is that...Oh you like licking my pussy...well I like you liking me too.

Say what? You want to put your tongue where? Oh please do! I would love to feel your tongue lapping my tight ass. Mmmm just look at your cock now! Look at the precum oozing out the tip. Why don't you bring that over here and let me have a taste of that!

Mmmmm you taste yummy. Here I want to try something, let me... Ummm get this ...slurp cock...mmmm....slurp....mmmm. Oh yes you taste so good! Mmmm I am so turned on right now. I got to feel this beauty in my tight pussy. Come on baby stick that cock in my cunt! Take me honey. Oh ya just like that.

Oh god!! I can feel your thick rod splitting me open. Oh yes you are stretching me sooo much! Come on baby, come on that's it, push it all the way in...Oh God! You are so huge in me. That's it pull it back nice and slow then jam it back in me. Oh God...yes again!...yes...yes...fuck me...fuck me harder...Oh ya faster baby....faster....Jesus you are so deep inside me!

Fuck me, oh yes I am cumming, I'm cumming. Here it is cumming soooooo hard!!! Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh! Did you feel me gush all over you? Now what do you want? You want me where? On my knees? Oh my you want to take me from behind? Well here just let me...there we go baby.

OOOOHHHHH Baby that's not my pussy! Damn boy if you are going to stick in there be gentle. That's better stud. Oh...oh...oh...you...feel...so...huge! It...is ...so...tight...filling....my...ass...UP! That's it baby...nice...and...smooth...YES...fuck my...ass! Oh yes...baby...faster...now. I am going to rub my pussy while you jam your big cock up my tight asshole.

Can you feel my ass gripping you sweetie? I can feel every vein of your monster prick as it slides in and out of my tight butt. Oh yes I know you like it when I squeeze my cheeks. Mmmmm I can feel your huge cock throbbing deep inside my ass. Yes keep fucking my ass! That's it keep ramming me with your huge cock. I love how it feels up my ass. Oh God! You're so big!

Yes I want you to shoot your hot cum in my ass now! Yes baby I am almost there. I want us to cum together. Yes...I'm....gonna....I'm...gonna....FUCK YES I'm CUMMMMMMIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!...yes baby cum with me....cum with...me. Yes...that's it...shoot it....shoot...it up my tight ass. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Oh baby that was fantastic....See you soon!

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