tagLoving WivesOne Hot wife & Two of My Friends

One Hot wife & Two of My Friends


In early June I and two of my buddies were sent out to Oregon to do a large contracting job. The company had rented an extended stay motel room for us with a small kitchen; two beds a living area with TV and a pull out couch for us to stay in. The area we were working in was remote and a long way from anything.

Our third week there we were given four days off over a weekend while the other crews caught up with us so that we could finish our jobs. My wife Dedre along with Bill and Charlie’s wives were supposed to come out to visit us for the long weekend.

Early Thursday morning Bill’s wife Christie called and told Bill she would not be able to make the plane that morning and had a big project due at work that had to be done. As we headed out the door Charlie’s wife called and told him that she too could not make the trip that her father was sick and had been taken to the hospital. We finally left the motel and headed to the airport to pick up Dedre.

We picked up Dedre at the airport and drove back to our motel. Once there I went to the desk to get a room for Dedre and I for the weekend and was told that no rooms were available for the weekend. Dedre was highly pissed and wanted to go back home but decided to stay and room with us even though she was very uncomfortable being in the room with Bill and Charlie. She told me that as long as we were not alone nothing was going to happen that weekend.

To add insult to injury Dedre found the guys stash of porno movies and mags in the room and would hardly speak most of the day saying that those filth rags were degrading to women.

Around 7:00 Bill prepared a supper for us and we sat and ate. During dinner we joked around and talked and Dedre finally began to loosen up and make small talk.

After dinner the guys and I started our nightly ritual of playing cards for nickels, dimes and quarters and having a few beers and drinks. Dedre did not want to play and sat watching TV.

AS the evening wore on and Deidre continued to get more sociable and join in our conversations staying in front of the TV on the couch while we sat at the table. She wanted to go out and do something and we told her there was nothing to do anywhere close.

Dedre had kept her looks for being 34. She stood 5’3” and weighed 105lbs. Her hair was shoulder length brown and permed and she had a pretty little face with a small mouth. She had a great figure but had small tits that barely filled an A cup bra.

Around 10:00 Bill asked Deidre to come over and join our game.

To my surprise Dedre replied “Hell why not, maybe it will liven this place up a little bit.”

“So, whets the game here guys?” Deidre asked.

“We just finished a game of rummy and the next is poker” responded Bill.

“Can I get in?” asked Deidre.

“Sure, the more playing the more money I make.” Replied Bill.

For the next hour we continued to play with everyone winning several hands. We had all really got casual and Dedre was flirting with the guys and winking at them.

“This shit is getting boring as hell, let’s liven it up a bit.” Dedre said.

All the guys just looked with no one speaking a word as Dedre grabbed the cards and shuffled the deck.

“New game, I am the house and I make the rules as we go.” Dedre said dealing each of us five cards down.

After several minutes Charlie and I had folded and it was left to the cards Bill and Dedre held. Bill laid his cards down and Dedre laughed laying hers down, she had beat him good.

Dedre got up and walked over to Bill and motioned for him to get up. Once standing Dedre said “Now I get to choose what this hand is going to cost you.” She continued unbuttoning his shirt and removed it revealing his firm muscular chest. She then reached into her own shirt and slipped out of her lacy bra putting it onto Bill with the small cups coming around just past his arm pits. Dedre laughed and sat down dealing another hand.

Bill again lost the second hand and Dedre stood him up and got down on her knees in front of him. She undid the snap on his jeans and lowered the zipper pulling his pants down to his ankles. As she lowered his jeans down her face brushed up against his tight bikini briefs making his cock spring to life beneath his shorts.

Dedre dealt the third hand with only two cards each. “This hand is Blackjack guys.”

To our amazement Dedre again won this hand and she had us each line up together. Kneeling between Charlie and me she used each hand to unbutton and unzip our pants removing them from us. Charlie wasn’t wearing any underwear and displayed an erection 9” long and fat around. I stood in my boxers with a semi erect cock wondering how far Dedre would take this. She then approached Bill and seductively removed his tight straining bikini briefs allowing his rock hard cock to spring out standing out at least 10” and dripping with pre-cum.

Dedre went over to the TV and put one of the porn tapes in turning it on. “Sit and watch this and I’ll be right back.” She said.

A few minutes later she returned carrying her pair of white cotton panties in her hands but still wearing her pants and shirt. She took the panties and rubbed them across Bill’s face exposing a large wet pot in the crotch. She finally got done teasing him and stuffed them into his mouth.

Dedre dealt yet another hand and again won. This time she had me and Charlie remove each others shirts and told Charlie to remove my boxers. By the time my boxers came off my own cock was standing out at full hardness at 7”.

The next hand had all three of us totally naked kneeling at Deidre’s feet licking her feet and sucking her toes for five minutes. No one complained.

Dedre then instructed Bill and me to sit on the couch to watch the porno flick on TV as she placed Charlie lying across our laps. She proceeded to really spank Charlie’s up turned ass making his cheeks bright red. I could feel Charlie’s cock impaled into my thigh as he received his thrashing. As she let Charlie up he left a wet spot on my leg where his cock had been.

After admiring her reaction on Charlie’s ass cheeks she proceeded to give both Bill and I the same thrashing she had dealt out to Charlie having us lay over the other two’s laps. By the time she was done and between the flicks on the TV each of our cocks was engorged to a point of hurting and seeping endless pre-cum.

Dedre sat in the chair opposite us on the couch and asked “Do you boys want to see my tits?”

“Fuck yeah” replied both Charlie and Bill, I knew it was not going to be this easy and wondered just what my kinky little wife had in store.

“Fine, then. Here are the rules then.” Dedre said as she raised her shirt to reveal her flat stomach. “You all play with each other and make each other cum all over yourselves, if you do it to my satisfaction I will let you see my tits and take off my shirt.”

“Fuck NO” replied Bill.

“Bullshit” hollered Charlie.

“That’s fine guys, then game is over.” Replied Deidre. “It’s fine to sit here and watch two women go at it on the TV but I don’t get to see the same thing. Your all a bunch of pigs and can take care of your own hard dicks.” Dedre lowered her shirt.

I felt Bill’s hand reach over and grab my cock lightly and in a matter of moments Bill, Charlie and I were each pumping each others dicks. We ended up in a pile on the floor together and in no time each of us had released a huge load of hot white sticky cum over all of us in the pile. As we got back up on the couch Dedre sat looking at us with a huge smile on her face.

“You boys did well and I will reward you.” Dedre said as she pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her small white tits to the three of us.

After a few more drinks and ogling over Deidre’s tits and the hot scenes on the porno we were all back at full hardness.

Dedre finally broke the silence asking “Do you boys want to see me remove my pants?”

“I know I’m not going to like the price, but hell yes.” Bill said.

“Oh come on now, you boys look like you’re really enjoying yourselves over there, and you want to get me hot don’t you?” Dedre asked.

“Oh shit my cock is going to explode, let’s do it.” Said Charlie.

“Good boys, now make me really hot and I will take care of you. Bill get down here on your knees and suck Charlie and Tony making sure not to spill any of there man juice from your hot little mouth.” Dedre said.

“Fuck I aint never touched a guy or sucked a dick before tonight.” Bill said.

“Come on now baby, you want to see me suck a cock don’t you Billy?” Dedre asked.

Bill did not respond other than to take my and Charlie’s cocks and begin sucking us alternately. Within a few minutes both Charlie and I had dumped our second load of cum that night down Bill’s throat.

“Now, Bill that was really hot. Lay back and let Charlie and Tony suck you. C’mon boys, I’m getting wet.” Dedre said.

Bill laid back and Charlie and I got down. I took Bill’s raging swollen cock into my hands and put the head into my mouth tasting his salty cum from earlier. Dedre instructed Charlie to suck on Bill’s balls and then had us switching back and forth. Finally Bill could not hold out any longer and filled both our mouths with his hot cum. Exhausted we all lay on the floor as Dedre got up.

“You boys are making me so hot, I can’t stand it. I have to get out of these pants.” Dedre said as she pulled her jeans off her hips and stepped out of them. She had put on another pair of panties though that covered her sweet ass and pussy.

As we recovered Dedre had slipped in another tape. Do you boys like what you see so far? She asked.

She got affirmative responses back from each of us and smiled.

“Well then, I know you want me to take off these panties then, don’t you?”

We all nodded afraid to ask the price of the panties that would have Dedre completely naked in front of us.

Dedre got up and placed me and Bill down on our hands and knees facing the TV and her chair. She then produced a tube of Astro Glide and rubbed it into our asses. She positioned Charlie in back of us and said you each fuck each other really good and cum in each others ass’s and I will reward you.

Without hesitation I could see Charlie grab Bill around the waist and I heard Bill scream “Ohhhhhh shhhittttttt, fuck that hurts. Aaauuuuuugghhhh, and then the sound of Charlie pumping into Bill’s ass hole.

“ooooooohhhhhhhh fucccckkkk, that’s the tightest thing I have ever felt” cried Charlie. “Shittttt Immmmmm cummmmmmminnnng.”

As soon as Charlie collapsed Dedre was howling with her approval. She moved Bill in back of me and I could feel his rock hard cock sticking at my tight anal passage way. Dedre took up her position back on her chair in front of us masturbating her own cunt through her now wet cotton panties moaning in her own pleasure.

Bill finally got the massive head of his cock inside my asshole. It felt like I was going to split in two. After stopping for a few seconds Bill began to push his was inside going deeper and deeper in one long slow push until I could feel his balls against mine. I thought his cock had to be rupturing my bowels and coming up into my stomach. The pain was exquisite.

Bill began pumping my ass slowly leaving a tremendous void as he withdrew only to be quickly filled with his again plunging cock. I was hollering and moaning with a mix of pain and pleasure of my own. I thought I would pass out from the sensations riveting my body.

After a few short minutes Bill quit being gentle and really began to drive into my ass with all he had. My own cock was painfully rock hard and ready to explode from the action Bill was giving me. Finally my tight ass must have got to Bill as after 5 minutes of hard pounding he drove deeply into my ass and grabbed me around the chest as he placed his weight on my back. As I could feel torrents of his hot cum explode into my stomach Bill was sucking the side of my neck hard. His load of hot cum in my bowel made my stomach cramp hard, but I was not ready to quit, I needed release of my own boiling load.

Bill finally withdrew his spent cock from my ass with a loud gushing sound as my ass now felt empty and was met with cool air. Without direction Bill bent over Charlie and began sucking Charlie’s limp cock cleaning of his own mixture of cum and stains.

I got behind Bill and aimed my cock for his puckered ass hole that had Charlie’s cum dripping from it. I easily drove my full 7” all the way inside Bill’s ass which was already gushy wet and spread from Charlie. Bill’s only response was a low “ummmmmmmmm” mouthed from around Charlie’s stiffening cock in his mouth.

I was fucking Bill with all the built up lust that I had in me. His ass was still tight despite the fucking he had already received from Charlie and I was ready to go over the edge and dump my own load into his waiting bowels.

Charlie was now ready to go again and had moved behind me and as I drove into Bill he pushed his cock all the way to his balls deep into my ass. This time there was no pain only sensations that pushed me into a cumming frenzy as I tried to hold onto Bill and empty my huge load into his ass.

My own orgasm was clenching my ass muscles tight around Charlie’s cock. Charlie was reedy to cum himself again saying “oooohhhhhh fuccckkkkk, yesssssssssss, milk my cock you slut. Immmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnggggg” I could feel his load hit my already well lubed insides and cum running down my thighs.

Dedre was deep in her own orgasm as she sat in the chair eyes peeled on us with her own hand inside her panties and rubbing her own sex. “You boys are great, you make me so hot…..” She uttered at us through her orgasm.

Here it was 3:00 and I still had to fuck Charlie and Bill still had to fuck him as well. We had forgotten all about Dedre at this point as we continued our assault on each other.

At some point we had all passed out in exhaustion on the pull out couch bed. We awoke around 5:00 the next evening as the phone was ringing. Bill grabbed the phone and found it was Dedre who was at the airport back in Baltimore. She told Bill she had to leave and didn’t want to bother us. She had to take care of business back at home. She told him to check our email and hung up.

As Bill checked his email we found that Dedre had emailed several video files and pictures to both Bill and Charlie’s wives back home. There was a message from both wives saying how “hot” we were and how they thanked Dedre for getting us to this point. Bill’s wife said she would be in next weekend to visit and continue the fun. When I checked my email I found video and pictures of our three wives together playing with each other. Apparently they had been seeing each other for some time and had looked for an opportunity to have us join the fun with them.

We disconnected with several “shits” and “Oh fuck, no way.” From each of us at having seen our wives engaged in the same action that we had been in several hours earlier. Bill added “until we saw the video of the girls you know we never got to see Deidre’s cunt last night, which is what we were all after?” This comment was followed by several minutes of silence.

Charlie finally broke the silence as he said “Well, we’ve been initiated, we may as well join the fun.”

We decided to spend the rest of our long weekend with a clothing optional genre as we each showered and lay down across the sofa bed to watch another porno tape and have a few shots.

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