tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Inch Stacey Ch. 02

One Inch Stacey Ch. 02

byAvalanche Man©

A week later after Bobby had come up with the idea for Rick to somewhat change his relationship with Stacey, they met again. Once the others had left, and the three were just sitting finishing off the last of 2 pitchers that had bags of ice in them to keep them from getting warm,

Bobby plunged in and asked, "Well, What's the story, man?? Did Stacey go for the idea of giving you something special for the Big Three O??"

After looking his two buddies over carefully and taking a long sip from his mug, Rick said, "I told you about being careful in letting her get off on wild things of any kind...Well, although she wasn't jumping up and down on this idea at first, she has gone totally serious about it and added a few extras that we apparently didn't think of."

"Details, MAN, details, we wanna know the details and a full progress report!" retorted Bobby.

Noting the silence from Mike and having a good idea why he was being silent of this,

Rick laughed and stated,

"We started with the snake bite kits as was proposed by the web sites we checked out, and after two days of using the suction tubes from the kits...WELL, SHE wanted faster and better progress (Her words, not mine), so she express ordered the pumping setup and is really gung-ho into this now. "

" Stacey has set herself a goal of having 1" inch nipples by the time my birthday gets here, and is horny all the time with her nipples being very sensitive.

"So, she now goes topless around the house all the time. The new wrinkle to it all is that she went to all these different web sites getting this information on what to do, how long to leave the suction tubes on, and how to progress with her development...and she found some site about Henna dye for her nipples also."

" So, now while I'm enjoying her Cherry Red nipples...next week or whenever this wears off... I'll probably come home to find Blueberry or something totally different."

"She has said that it was a good thing she gave up bras a year or so ago as her nipples are way too sensitive to wear one now, but yet she loves for me to play with them all the time and wants me to suck on them constantly."

"Remember, I told you that I had to be careful about letting her get into things as she really goes to the extreme sometimes."

"SOOOO, now, Mike lets hear why you've been so quiet about all this", Rick said with a big smile.

As Bobby looked questioning at both of them, Mike cleared his throat several times before answering.

"Uh, Ah, well, as y'all know I'm pretty tight with Ashley and I guess semi living together either at her place or mine".

" Anyhow, it turns out that Ashley and Stacey work not only at the same company, but in the same area and they've gotten together and talked quite a bit."

" I don't know who recruited who, but now Ashley is into the nipple enlargement or stretching program with Stacey. She hasn't dyed hers as yet, but she knows all about it."

" The REAL difference is that Ashley is a bit of a show off,, and where Stacey wouldn't wear a top or dress that shows she doesn't have a bra on."

" Ashley loves to wear sheer tops and low cut styles that leave no doubt she doesn't have on a bra. As her nipples are getting longer she just loves to show them off to anyone and everyone."

Both Rick and Bobby sat back and waited, smiling and drooling for Mike to continue.

So, after a good blank spell, Mike decided to continue his side of what had happened.

"Anyhow, between the two of them; they've planned a poker game for Thursday or Friday, whichever is best for the two of you."

Taking a big, long drink of his beer, Bobby had to go for it and ask,

"Uh, does this mean that both of them will be topless with their new, extended nipples sticking out??"

"Shit..." replied Mike, "Probably, without a doubt, as I almost have trouble making her put on a top or something whenever we go out."

"When we started our relationship, she would get topless in the car for me every once in a while, and now she'll drop her top on a moments notice just about anywhere."

" Whenever we go out, she is all over me and rubbing against me constantly, especially her nipples...I don't know who stays hornier...Her or me!!!"

"Errrr...I'll have to have a talk with Denise (his significant other), as I don't know how she will feel about this", Bobby answered a bit embarassed that he had to admit to his friends that he wasn't quite the brave man he always acted.

"Have her give either Stacey or Ashley a call about it if it bothers her", Rick said,

"She'll be okay as she sorta looks up to Stacey, and has talked with her about going brafree before and I've seen that she went along with it several times...And although she is well endowed...she does have a nice set".

"Yeah, man, I know that you know that we've seen her rack even though she pretends to be embarrassed about it, she stays bent over too long in front of us to make sure we've gotten a good look at the assets you enjoy". Mike added to Rick's assertion.

Rick decided to finish up the beer and divided it between them, and then told his friends...

."Well, now that we've started this, it will be interesting to see where it all winds up, but at least from all I've read and heard it doesn't harm anyone or change things in a major way if you don't get crazy with what the girls are doing for us and themselves."

"It definitely changes their attitude and boosts their self confidence and we reap the benefits in their having higher sex drives. Stacey has started to dress a bit more provocatively and I am in hog heaven with her going topless at home all the time."

So, lifting his mug, he toasted, "HERE'S to Blueberry, or maple, or whatever flavor I get to suck on next week!!!"

"HEAR, HEAR!!!!" answered Mike and Bobby as they also raised their mugs.

Promising to call and confirm the poker game was sorta set for Friday night as this would give Bobby time to talk with Denise and her have a chance to talk with Stacey.

Not quite sure how to tell his friends, Mike had kept back a few details, such as Ashley had really, really gotten into the whole pumping scene.

She hadn't just given up her bras, but all underwear of any kind, and went totally free all the time. She had always shaved her pussy (something he had throughly enjoyed), and had gotten the complete pumping setup and was working on her designer pussy at the same time as extending her nipples.

Also, not only was she topless at home, but was totally naked from the minute she walked in the front door and stayed that way until she had to dress for work or when they went out. So, for the poker game he would have to talk her into a skirt or shorts at least

during the time his friends were there. He mused that Rick just thought he had problems with Stacey going overboard on things, as Ashley was far more extreme in really getting into whatever she set her mind on.

Fortunately, he had realized that he would have to control her dress as she would have gone to work, shopping, or anywhere in completely sheer tops and super mini skirts without any bra or panties.

If not getting her fired or sent home to redress; she also would have been hit on by other men who were in total lust from the views she was giving anyway.

A luscious Brunette with dynamite body and obliviously without bra or panties would bring out the wolves from even the nearest old folks home.

It would prove interesting how Friday night turned out, and hopefully would help him in keeping her from going off the deep end of this new adventure.

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