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One Interracial Encounter


I had been an on-site manager of a large apartment complex for over three years at that time. What was about to happen to me on that extremely hot Arizona summer day was definitely a first, but fortunately not a last.

The apartment complex was nothing special. It had enough pools to serve half the state yet I could not see enough hotties laying out in their bikinis. Besides enjoying those rare views, my job was pretty simple and even boring sometimes. Unfortunately, more "older" folks lived here than college age women, which I preferred myself having been a recent graduate.

I arrived to my office at 8 am when I was greeted by Jenny, the 30-some year old receptionist. I guess I could call her a good "view" considering her endless legs and 36C breasts. Her long brown hair didn't make things worse either. All in all, it was enough for my cock to ache numerous times each day. The only disappointing fact about her is that she is committed to her husband which makes even little flirts prohibited.

Today, she didn't make things easy for me. Since the weather forecast predicted 100+ Fahrenheit today, Jenny felt it was necessary to wear the shortest skirt and wear the thinnest button up shirt that rested tightly against her tits. Even her bra was thin enough for her pointy nipples to poke right through the fabric.

I am not sure if she realized that I had a perfect side view of her out of my office, letting me stare at her beautiful body for minutes at a time. If I am not mistaken she has caught me with a few hard-ons numerous times.

As I walked into the office I greeted Jenny with a warm "hello" and found myself staring at the back of her tanned legs while she was standing by the copy machine. Without turning her head she replied with a usual "good morning" and told me a story about her husband who just got a new job or something. (I simply become an awful listener when I get horny)

The remainder of the morning I spent doing regular office work and finding enough excuses to come out of my office to get a closer look at Jenny's perfect tits. When I left to talk to a tenant, I walked by the main pool, which usually was dead at this time a day. However, these seemed to be my lucky day. There were a handful of young ladies sun bathing. Angie, also a recent graduate, was one of them as she was trying to improve her already perfect tan while she was laying oiled up by the pool side. She greeted me with a flirting "Hi Dave" as I stopped by the gate and tried to find a topic for a conversation so I had a reason to stare at her for a while.

I made it a point to get to know as many tenants on a personal basis as possible, no matter how old, boring, or ugly they are. Angie I would never forget, however. I always remembered the first time I had shown her the apartment, when she couldn't stop her flirting nature. For all I know, she was willing to show me her appreciation in special ways that day. She had started going out with a guy soon after who actually moved in with her, so I never tried to get a piece of her perfect ass.

As I left the pool area, I noticed that my cock was throbbing, which may be the reason why Angie was smiling at me when she got a side view of me when I was leaving, probably revealing my bulge to her and maybe the other women as well.

The tenant I was visiting had not been paying his rent, which required me to check up on things. This was definitely the least pleasant part of the job. The remainder of the afternoon I spent showing the apartment to a bunch of different people of who none seemed to be overly interested. That definitely made me lose my eager desire for Angie, Jenny, or whoever was around. It was 4:50 pm and I was getting ready to leave as I got another good glimpse of Jenny's legs as she was talking to someone on the phone.

I soon took my eyes of her legs as the door opened when two women walked in. My cock, already hard from Jenny's legs, did not know where else to go when I digested the intoxicating view of the two hottest women I had seen in a long time.

They walked into the office and paid no attention to Jenny since she was busy and one of them walked straight up to me. I grabbed a clipboard to cover up my biggest boner yet and went to greet her. I almost fainted when I looked at her legs which must have been at least 36 inches long. Combing those long legs with her overall tall frame and the high heels she was wearing, she almost got within 3 inches of my 6'7'' frame. My eyes soon went back up to look straight into her eyes as she introduced herself as Sara and immediately pointed to her friend that was standing behind her. "That's my GIRL-friend Lisa." My level of consciousness did not find much ground when I got a look at the most beautiful ebony girl I have ever seen. In contrast to Sara, Lisa was around 5'2'' tall and at least just as beautiful.

Sara asked for information on the vacant apartments since she and Lisa were looking to move in together. I was overly excited, already imagining watching them lay by the pool and rubbing the oil onto each other. When I raised the clipboard to show them the different apartments, I remembered what the purpose of the clipboard was. I played the situation as cool as I could trying to get them to focus on the clipboard. I succeeded with Lisa since I held the clipboard fairly high. But I couldn't believe it when I saw Lisa not just looking but staring at my bulge. I promptly suggested for all of us to take a seat so we could look over all the different details together.

As both of them sat down across from my desk I finally managed to look at both of them more closely. Since I have given this presentation so many times, it was fairly easy for me to point things out on the handouts while still taking many chances by looking at them. Lisa had the cutest curly hair that almost seemed longer than Jenny's. The light makeup in her face seemed to put the finishing touches on a perfect face with the most beautiful eyes and fullest lips.

Sara, on the other hand had straight blonde hair that went barely passed her shoulder blades. Her face was just as perfect as Lisa's although she wore a little more makeup. Her lips were a little thinner but seemed just as soft as Lisa's.

The more interesting competition between the two was their tits. Both of them wore form fitting tops that showed more cleavage than Victoria's Secret models do. Sara's were a little larger, probably around a 36D, but Lisa's 32Ds seemed proportionally just as large to her smaller body. I found myself quenching in my seat as I looked at the rest of their upper body including their arms and hands, looking for just one feature that would not be considered flawless.

"...and if you ladies are looking for a mountain view, I would recommend apartments 201, or 312" I recommended to them as I proudly kept up my professionalism. "We would like to see them" Sara immediately answered.

I went ahead and grabbed the master key, while I was relieved to find my cock finally a little deflated. I pointed them out of my office so I could introduce them to Jenny who had finally gotten off the phone. My cock soon sprang up again when I first got a view of Sara's perfect slim ass and golden brown legs and immediately after I stared at Lisa's round ass that was wrapped in a pair of the shortest boy-shorts.

After introducing everyone, Jenny took their driver's licenses and we were finally ready to go. I took the lead to hold the door open and be able to point out the complex's features as we walked to the first apartment. This also gave me the chance to let my member completely deflate. We walked by the pool and a number of people were either swimming or trying to take in the last rays of sunshine before the surrounding buildings' shadows covered up the entire pool area. This must have been the first time I did not stare at the few young ladies in their bikinis knowing how hot the girls were that I was with. In fact, it seemed as if both Lisa and Sara took a closer look at them than the average girls would.

As we continued to walk, I found out a little more about their background. Both of them were amateur models while attending the local college. They were trying to save up some money by moving in together. Without sounding too curious I asked them more about their modeling "career" and tried to honestly expressing myself without sounding like a pervert by asking "Is there a chance that you want to become professional models?" not even knowing what the real difference between amateur and professional in the modeling industry was.

"Do you think we are hot enough?" Sara shamelessly asked.

"I don't think I need to answer that question" I replied.

They both looked at each other with questionable gestures.

I let them into the first apartment, and pointed out the balcony, large kitchen and both bedrooms. There was no furniture in the apartment which made it look overly spacious and plain. After showing them the master bathroom, I noticed that they were engaged in a conversation.

"We didn't know the 2 bedrooms were this big" Sara explained and added "how much money would we save each month if we got a one bedroom?"

"Around $120" I answered.

"Could we take a look at one, please?" she asked.

Knowing that a one-bedroom apartment wouldn't become available for another 2 weeks, I considered showing them my apartment, something which I have never done before. Most large apartment complexes have one apartment set up with furniture for potential tenants to a get a feel of the apartment they might move in.

I was almost nervous to ask them but I realized that that might be the only chance to keep them around for the next 6 months.

"Well, we don't have any vacant right now, but I live in the same building as the one that will be in 2 weeks and it is on the same floor with the same view."

As they looked at each other and Lisa shrugging her shoulders I started to become even more nervous.

"Sounds great" Sara said after she seemed to have received some approval from Lisa.

I locked up the apartment and led us into the direction of my apartment. It was then when I tried to remember if there is anything laying around in my apartment (such as some dirty underwear etc.) that could embarrass me.

As if Lisa could read my mind she asked "Are you sure you don't have anything in there you don't want us to see?"

This was the first time Lisa put together a complete sentence and the tone of voice had something to it that made it as sexy as everything else on her.

As I led them into the apartment, I got a close look at Sara's cleavage and actually felt Lisa's side brush against my hip and left arm.

I showed them my bedroom which was as spotless as the rest of my apartment. I had been told numerous times that I had a great taste when it came to decorating my place. Sara went ahead and checked out the bathroom that was almost identical to the master bathroom of the previous apartment.

Being in my own place, I lost some of my professionalism and actually offered them a drink.

"What do you have?" Lisa asked as she took a seat on one of the bar stools.

"OJ, coke, water, chocolate milk or if you want a DRINK, I can make you ladies some martinis, or frozen drinks." I answered.

"Did I hear martinis?" Sara yelled out of the bathroom, making me wonder what the heck she was doing in there for that long.

As she returned I noticed that she touched up her makeup making her face look even more flawless.

To my delight, she sat down on my couch, crossing her left leg over the right taking away her mini-skirt's ability to cover her upper thighs and part of her ass.

Lisa seemed to have caught me staring and as if she was jealous, she tried to draw my attention by fixing up her top and leaning forward a little, revealing more of her tits than she has thus far. She succeeded as I turned my eyes towards her and gave her my first flirty smile.

The three of us ended up sitting on the couch as the ladies enjoyed their martinis and I jugged down the ice cold beer. Trying to do my job, I asked them if they were interested in moving in.

"I think it would get a little crowded with the three of us in here, but I could definitely see myself living in a place like this one with Lisa" she said jokingly.

"This is the best one we have seen so far, and the other managers have been some pricks" Lisa added.

"What will you call me once you leave from here?" I asked while smiling at her.

"Ask us after you have offered us all your services" Sara interrupted and added "the martinis definitely rock."

I was trying to figure out what kinds of services she was talking about already picturing myself being served by them. I then noticed that my cock woke up and tried to lose that train of thought as soon as possible.

"Do you guys want to watch some TV?" trying to move their heads away from me.

Lisa was the first one to find the remote and turned on the TV. She scanned up through the channels seemingly knowing where to find the movie channels making it seem like she wants to stay for a while. When seeing 341, 342... on the cable receiver, I realized that she was approaching the adult channels soon.

Before I could warn her, she reached the playboy channel which was showing a lesbian scene with three blondes. I turned somewhat red, and instead of seeing two shocked faces, I saw them turn to me and smile.

"Typical boy" Sara said while Lisa added "uhuuum.'

"Hold up, hold up" I said in defense, "as manager of this complex I am staying here for free and I receive all channels for free."

This was actually the truth, but that doesn't mean I cannot call the cable company and tell them to block those channels, which definitely wasn't something I would want.

"Good excuse" Lisa said jokingly. As Sara was laughing, she turned to me and tapped me on the chest.

It seemed that Sara liked what she felt, and being so conscious about my body building, I got a big boost of confidence as I looked into Sara's sexy eyes.

Lisa changed the channel, not down but up, showing a flick of a guy taking a chick from behind. Not even that scene seemed to bother the two, as they both focused their attention on the screen.

There was an about 30 second period of silence as the three of us watched the guy cumming over the back of the red head.

I have seen girls watch porn before and they simply laughed while watching it, most likely covering up their real emotions. Lisa and Sara, however, were more serious watching than before.

I took a sip of my beer as Sara bluntly asked "do you ever whack off to that?" making me spit the gulp back into the bottle.

I smiled at her and simply shook my head, not indicating a negation response, but simply trying to play it off as a joke.

Lisa must have felt my pressure and helped me out by saying "I do sometimes" and all in the sudden the three of us busted out laughing that lasted for about a minute it seems. We soon stopped laughing as the next scene started on TV showing a well hung black guy taking on two ebony pornstars.

As if that situation was begging the question Sara turned to me and asked with an erotic smile "do you like ebony women?" definitely putting me on the spot. She then briefly looked at Lisa and momentarily petting the dark skin of Lisa's left thigh.

I was starting to lose my fear and gained confidence. I therefore leaned forward and looked at Lisa as if I was examining her, and jokingly nodded my head as if I approved what I was seeing.

I went a step further and added "Lisa is definitely one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen."

"Thank you" she replied rather shy.

"A tall guy like you must be attracted to someone as tall as Sara though, right?" Lisa questioned as both of them looked at me.

This again, was a perfect excuse to take a look at Sara from up close since she was sitting right next to me. Her legs looked so marvelous, and I finally got to look at her slim tummy and moved my eyes up slowing down around her breasts and ending up looking her into her eyes.

I lost some of my confidence and shook my head again a little and felt myself getting warm, also expecting my boner to rise back up again.

All I was able to say was "you are hot"

"Well thank you" she replied.

"You know, Sara never gets to meet tall handsome guys and she cannot be attracted to anybody that's shorter than her" Lisa explained to me, taking turns and now rubbing her thigh.

If that was the case, it must be hard for her to find someone, since she was probably around 6'3'' tall.

"How about you Lisa?" I asked since she hasn't expressed her preference.

"I like them all as long as they are nice, hot, and have a big...uhm, house" she said almost stumbling over her own words. All Sara could do was grin and then laugh.

The scene on TV was heating up as the stud was taking one from behind in the ass, while the girls were licking each other's clits.

"Somebody seems to like it" Sara said while pointing at my pants. Lisa leaned over and nodded for approval.

I noticed that they did not put me on the spot to pick on me but rather to tease me. I then decided to return the favor. Since Lisa already admitted that she plays with herself sometimes I looked at her and asked if she gets wet watching a scene like the one showing on TV right now.

This question must have shocked both of them and there was a moment of silence, making me wonder if I went one step too far. All in the sudden, Sara leaned over Lisa's crotch and sniffed her nose like a dog looking for some goods.

"I think it has had its effects already" Sara said teasingly.

I could not believe what was about to happen next. Lisa took her right hand and slipped it underneath her shorts moved it around making seem that she was scooping something and pulled out her hands. She went even further and took her hand, which was obviously glistening with her juices on her dark skin and rubbed some of the wetness onto Sara's thigh, and then allowed her to smell it by sticking her hand right underneath her nose.

This made me want to take out my aching cock and start stroking it.

Trying to loosen the mood even more I offered to make some more martinis. They both agreed and I went into the kitchen. I was hoping that they would start playing with each other, but instead they were leaning against each other while continuing to watch the flick.

I soon returned with the martinis and another beer and joined them on the couch. While watching the next scene, which showed the same black guy doing some office slut, I was trying to figure out a way to heat things up. I didn't have to worry about that for too long as Sara unfolded her legs and started to rub my right thigh with her left one. She didn't even bother to look at me or Lisa, as she started to rub Lisa's thighs more intensely.

At that point, I figured it would be appropriate to touch Sara's legs. As soon as my big hand wrapped around her slim muscular thigh, I almost lost control.

Still there was no reaction from Sara; but she seemed to pay more attention to Lisa. Lisa put her hand back on Sara's right thigh and was obviously much closer to Sara's crotch than my hand was. Before I could make my move, Lisa reached over to grab my hand and guide me straight to Sara's damp thong.

Sara did a very good job hiding her desires, which must have been sky rocking at that point considering that her juices were soaking through the garment. Sara then went ahead and moved her left hand towards me, but to my disappointment she put it on my head and was stroking my hair instead of my cock. That itself turned me on, however, as she finally started to let out her emotions by moaning as she rubbed the two of us.

As Sara was arching her back and tilting back her head, her tits almost popped out of her top. That made me lose complete control as my face went straight for her goods.

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