tagLoving WivesOne Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 06

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 06


Welcome back. If you’ve been following the stories up to this point you know that Pat is a relative newcomer to the idea of swinging . This story takes her deeper into it with her fiancée’s help and our encouragement. I hope you enjoy it. I would like to hear your comments, and ideas. If you want to flame me, just ask yourself why you bother reading something about a lifestyle with which you can’t agree..

Pat moaned with pleasure as Paul’s thick rod drove into her again and again. He was in kneeling over her with her knees held in the crook of his arm, pumping another load of cum into her through already swollen and engorged labia lips. His face, chest and back were covered in a sheen of perspiration as he tried to bring her to her third orgasm of the evening. On her right breast, Mickey Campbell had both hands wrapped tightly around Pat’s 34B, forcing her lust swollen nipple high although it couldn’t be seen because his mouth held at least a quarter of that saliva covered lovely globe.

Pat’s shoulder length red hair was glistening with her own perspiration as she accepted and shuddered her way to orgasm state while Paul and Mickey did their best to drive her over the edge. I had a terrific view of this erotic struggle because from behind her heart shaped rear, I was balls deep in Lucy Campbell’s equally tight and very juicy pussy. She was begging me to fill her cunt with another hot load through the one Mac had just put in her a half-hour ago, and I was doing my best not to disappoint her. It’s too bad Ellen couldn’t see this, but she had a pretty good view of my cock driving into her daughter from where she lay beneath her, watching my cock fill that teen-age cunt. I knew she was still there because I could feel her warm tongue bathing the juncture of my dick and her daughter’s weeping pussy as my efforts drove some of Mac’s seed from that young, clean shaven portal of male bliss.

I wondered if my wife, Rose, could see anything from her position atop Mac, but I had to doubt it. Her eyes were closed as she rode his cock and fondled her own breasts when Mac’s hands left them occasionally to stroke her clit or take a double hand full of her gorgeous ass.

We had been at it for more than three hours, switching partners or changing positions as often as the need for a momentary respite required. Little had been said once we got into our initial partners and the conversation now consisted more often than not to a muffled, “Oh!” “Now me,” or perhaps “harder!” as it usually did when we were so engaged.

The sight was just too much for me. I reached beneath this young woman’s body and grasped the luxurious tits that were already almost as full as her mother’s. Lucy knew from past experience that I was about to cum in her vacuuming vagina and arched her back with a groan as she felt the first jet of liquid heat filling her cervix. The motion was just enough to dislodge my cock from that sweet, velvet glove and I felt a new, less slippery warmth enfold my cock head. I knew that Ellen was enjoying the second thick rope of cum that I had intended to fill her daughter with, but it was no less enjoyable for me. Lucy squalled with momentary dissatisfaction before I felt my hard dick pressed back into Lucy’s very receptive pussy. She got the benefit of the four or five additional shots of thick cum right where I had intended it to go – deep into that muscular tunnel of love.

As I rolled off, Ellen cleaned the residue of Lucy and my juices from my slowly withering cock. The exquisite feeling of her warm mouth as she bobbed her head up and down in my crotch was almost painful after such a delightful time in her daughter’s tight cunt. I pressed Lucy’s arched back down to her mother’s head again and watched as Ellen sucked her daughter’s pussy dry.

Paul and Mickey had succeeded in driving Pat over the peak of her orgasm and she now lay shuddering in the afterglow as they sat near her, their faces mirroring their satisfaction and enjoyment. Lucy crawled over Pat’s flat stomach and took her brother’s full size cock in her mouth, begging him to give her the load of cum she had been unable to coax from Mac earlier. Within minutes, they was murmuring their satisfaction to each other, and Lucy was kissing her father, forcing the slight amount she had not swallowed, into his mouth as he fondled her swollen tits.

Exhaustion overtook all of us at about the same time and we lay languidly on the oversized bed trying to recoup the energy we had expended during the hours of delight we had experienced with this swinging family. Slowly, one or two at a time, the shower was pressed into service to rid ourselves of the crusty by products of our afternoon. Pat and I were the last to shower and despite the orgiastic delights we had enjoyed, we still delighted in running our hands over each other’s sex organs until the water began to turn cold. We hurriedly finished rinsing off the soap before climbing out of the shower and toweling each other down with the thick fluffy towels that had been left for us to use.

I felt Pat place her small hand in mine as we walked toward the family room. The thick white robes we had found hanging beside the shower stall absorbed any residual moisture. She stopped me in the hallway before we had joined the others, stood on tiptoes and kissed me. It wasn’t a kiss of passion, more like one of thanks, which is exactly what she said when she wiped the smile off my face with a fragrant hand.

“Thank you,” she said with a radiant smile that lit her face like a child at Christmas. “Mac told me that you and Rose would help me find out what sex could be like with friends and someone who wasn’t afraid to enjoy it. I didn’t believe it until it happened today. I couldn’t believe that what he was telling me could be true – how you let him fuck Rose and even joined with him as he did her. I never would have dreamed that a man would let his wife enjoy sex with anyone else and I certainly never guessed that it would be as good as it is.”

“Pat, I don’t know anything about your previous marriage, but just from what Mac, you and I have said, it sounds as if your husband was a very controlling man.” “

“You have no idea just how controlling he was,” Pat sighed. I never realized it myself until it was too late in our relationship.

Realizing Pat had much more she wanted to say, I took her elbow and led her into my office, just off the family room. It seemed to surprise her that I was interested in what she had to say as much as how much I enjoyed fucking her. I was a little surprised myself, but Pat was turning into someone I truly wanted to know better. We sat down together on the couch and she began telling me her story.

“I married him right out of college,” she began. “I was still a virgin and hadn’t done a great deal of dating when we met. He swept me off my feet by virtue of his intelligence, good looks, and apparent love for me. Within six months, I knew that it had been a bad choice, but I really wanted to keep my end of the bargain. That’s when I began noticing that his absences were becoming more frequent. At first it was just his coming home late, then it began to be overnight absences. When I would ask him about them, he would tell me it was ‘business.’”

“Our sex life, if that’s what you called it, was going downhill fast. At first he had been all over me, but even then it was a matter of him screwing me until he came, then rolling over and going to sleep. Since I had no one to compare him to, I assumed that was the way it was supposed to be. I learned as I went along that the ‘business’ he was always taking care of turned out to be between him, his secretary, and some clubs here in town.”

“How did you learn that?” I asked.

“It was really pretty simple. I was paying the bills and so I had the bank and credit card statements. Despite the fact that he made a good salary, it seemed like we were always just breaking even. Sometimes we even had to defer paying some bills. The credit card statements were showing charges to a motel near where he worked. When I asked about them, he told me they were for off-site meetings with clients. Then I began noticing charges by jewelry stores and I knew I hadn’t received any jewelry. He told me they were gifts to clients.”

“I suspected something more was happening, so I just decided to play detective on my own. I watched the motel where the charges were from and on three occasions, I saw him kissing and hugging a woman before taking her into a room. That did it as far as I was concerned. So, the last time it happened, I asked him about it that night. He told me what he did was none of my business and I told him that was the end as far as I was concerned. I moved out the next day and filed for divorce. He didn’t contest it, and that ended that.

“That must have left you pretty bitter about men and him in particular,” I said.

“You have no idea,” she said with a catch in her voice, looking down at her hands. She looked up as though she wanted to know if she should continue. I nodded my head and she continued her story.

“It took me six months to get at least somewhat straightened out,” she said, head still bowed. I had to get a job and an apartment. Fortunately, my college courses made getting the job relatively easy, and the apartment wasn’t any trouble. The alimony my ex was forced to pay made it pretty easy to move from there into a condo and that’s how I met Mac.”

I smiled, encouraging her to continue.

‘He was bringing a table into my neighbor’s unit. It was gorgeous and I asked him where he had bought it. He told me that he had made it and I asked him to come over when he was finished next door and talk to me about some items I wanted made.”

She looked up and was smiling as she continued. “To make a long story much shorter, Mac came over after a much longer time than it took to set up the table, and we hit if off immediately. In the weeks that followed, I got better acquainted with my neighbor. We talked a great deal and she finally admitted that Mac was doing her every week or so. Her husband was aware of it, and didn’t mind as long as she limited herself to that frequency and Mac alone. After I had known Mac for a little over a month, I asked him one night if he was doing my neighbor. He’s like a little boy when you put him in a position like that. He hems and haws and does everything he can to dodge the question, but he finally admitted it. I would never have let him do me if he had lied to me. So, we’re having a good time. I didn’t ask him to skip my neighbor, but I’ve noticed that the time he spends with her is considerably less. I couldn’t believe how he made me feel the first time we did it. It was my first orgasm. We spent that night together.”

My smile widened. It was much the same as what Rose had experienced with Mac. Of course, eventually Pat learned about Rose. Pat told me that he was very reluctant to talk about it, but she finally managed to coax some information from him and found that it didn’t bother her as much as she had expected.

“He didn’t deny me a thing,” Pat continued with a shy smile. “I don’t know how he can keep up the pace, but he certainly gives me a thrill. I thought that he would drop the others once he began doing me on a frequent basis and we talked about that. That’s when he told me that you sometimes joined them and how much Rose enjoyed having the two of you do her. We talked about why a man would allow his wife to screw another man and even join them. He explained how the three of you had sat down and discussed the same thing and he found out that some men get a thrill out of seeing another man have sex with their wife. I think you obviously convinced him that there was nothing wrong with that as long as everyone understood that it was sex for the sake of sex. He told me that he understands much more now about just how much you love your wife – and I saw that today. He asked me if I could ever consider such a thing. I didn’t answer him. To be honest, I didn’t know myself, but I knew if there was anything like what I was getting from him, I’d be willing to experiment a few times. Now I’m glad I did. I would never have believed that I would let two men have sex with me, but between you and Mac, I just can’t get enough.” She took my hand and gave it a hard squeeze, lifting her eyes to mine. “Last week he told me about coming over here today, I knew I wanted to come along and see what was what.”

“We’re glad you did.”

“I almost backed out at the last minute,” she said. “When we got here and I saw the Campbells, I didn’t know what to think and I panicked.”


“Well, first I thought it was just going to be the four of us for some fun together and maybe a little talking. I’m still not too sure about all this.”

“That was my fault,” I told her. “I had forgotten about the Campbells coming over or I would have called and told Mac, so he’s not the one to blame. By the time that I realized we had committed to today, it was too late. You all were already on the way. I’m just glad that you didn’t back out.”

“Me too, now.” she added with a smile. “There’s something about that family that makes you want to know them better, and now that I do, I can see why Mac was so insistent that we talk more about this. I just didn’t expect to be on my back with two total strangers putting it to me, or to have someone like Ellen, Lucy or Rose making sure I had all the sex I could handle.”

I laughed out loud as I nodded my head in agreement. “Yeah, it can get pretty intense sometimes, as Rose told me after our first time with all of them together.”

“Are they all doing her too?”

I nodded. “Unh hunh, but don’t ask Rose which she prefers. She won’t be able to tell you because she’s not even sure herself. She says that all she knows is that she’s getting more than ever before in her life and she wouldn’t go back to the old days regardless of how good she thought we had it. I can’t say I blame her either. Watching, any one or more of those three guys doing her is enough to keep me hard for a week. I’ll tell you a secret. I probably screw Rose at least twice as much as we used to before she started with Mac, and it’s never enough. I can’t leave her alone. She’s wonderful!”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind hearing that.”

“No, but it might make her more aggressive than ever, and I don’t know if I could handle it or not.”

It was Pat’s turn to laugh. “Well you certainly couldn’t prove that by me. I love the way you fuck me. Paul and Mickey were great, but I don’t think I could ever have believed having someone go down on me would turn me on the way you do. Rose, Lucy and Ellen are good too, but still a distant second to you.”

“Since a mutual admiration society is getting off the ground, I have to tell you that you are a fantastic cock sucker. Mac told me you were good, but I couldn’t believe how good you were until we got together that first time. You really turn Rose on too. She says Ellen is the only one who comes close to giving head as well as you do.”

“That’s good to know, because I really get off with her eating me while I’m sucking cum out of her pussy. I never realized how easy it would be to go both ways until Rose and I were on the bed together that first night. “

“Well, apparently there aren’t any lasting ill effects. You’ve come a long way in just a few weeks. Mac told me that he wants you to enjoy this experience as much as we do, and I’m beginning to believe that you will. How about you? Are you going to be hesitant about meeting other guys or couples?”

“Not as long as Mac and I both approve of them.” She said after reflection. I don’t know how we’ll go about meeting them, but I’m sure Mac will take care of that.”

“If he doesn’t, I will and so will the Campbells and Rose.” I took her by the elbow and stood up. With a quick kiss, I suggested that we go into the family room where the rest were ‘before they assumed we were having more fun than they.”

I needn’t have worried. The time had gotten away from us as Pat and I talked, but I think it included everything that needed to be said, at least for now. Pat was all smiles when we turned toward the family room.

The fluffy robes we all wore had been either discarded by now or left open to give each other better access to each other’s bodies. Lucy escaped Mac’s clutches and walked seductively toward me with a smile on her face, buxom breasts swinging gently. She reached for my cock, grasped it firmly and stood on tiptoes to kiss me as I fondled those lovely teen tits. Her tongue was in my mouth as one of my hands moved down to capture that tight little ass and pull it toward my rapidly growing cock.

“I want to fuck you,” she whispered in that breathy little voice that was so sexy.

I certainly didn’t have any objection to that, and we turned toward the bedroom once again.

Rose comes back for more in the next part. She finds that a man she previously met is still very much interested and has one of the few fantasies she hasn’t fulfilled finally met. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch this one, but I’ll see him do her later as well as enjoying his wife, Evelyn as we find out just how interconnected this lifestyle can be. And for the ladies out there who dream of someone like Jay, good luck. Just take precautions that our fantasy heroine doesn’t need.

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