tagLoving WivesOne Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 07

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 07


This part brings Rose back to the forefront where she belongs. Have you noticed that she's getting more adventuresome? That was our experience in real life. The more she got, the more she wanted, and I always delighted in seeing her get the best and then enjoying it with her when they were finished or couldn't handle any more. Of course I was getting my own from their wife or girlfriend concurrently and my wife enjoyed seeing me give it to them as much as I did watching her.

With the latest experience with Mac and his fiancée, Pat, behind us I was beginning to wonder what could top that and our adventures with the Campbell family. What came next was a pleasant surprise.

Rose was obviously feeling very comfortable with her newfound confidence and partners. And I have to admit I was having more fun than the law allowed myself. It certainly had done wonders insofar as warming up our own bedroom antics. Rose was even more interested in sex than ever and I was beginning to wonder if I could meet her daily needs which seemed only to be increasing. That's when I found out she was quite capable of filling those needs by herself.

The communication between Rose and I, always open and completely honest, had increased in our late night chats with each other. I knew Rose was enjoying her exploits as much as I, so I wasn't exactly shocked when she told me that she had found a new prospective playmate.

"Do you remember that salesman who was trying so hard to get us to buy a new car last spring?"

I had been almost asleep when she asked the question, but my ears and attention both perked up when she mentioned Jay Norris, a particularly likeable guy who had been so attentive to us while we window shopped for another car. We had explained that we weren't in the market at the moment, but were just window-shopping. The attitude and part of his personality that had impressed us most was that even after assuring himself we didn't intend to buy a car soon, he still took the time to show us the cars that most suited the features in which we were most interested. We didn't see anything special that day, but Jay still left us with a positive impression. He had given us his card and promised to call us periodically to see if he could serve us.

I managed a grunted reply. I remembered him well. In fact he had been one of the men who I felt could be enticed by Rose' charms before I realized how attracted she had been to Mac. I also remembered how he had charmed Rose who had experienced some bad karma with other salesmen who made the mistake of talking down to her. I rolled over to face her and mentioned his name.

"Sure, why?" I asked.

"He called today and asked for you. I knew you were busy in your office, so I told him that I would let you know so the two of you could discuss it. He told me that he would bring it by if we wanted to see it. The new models have just come in and he said he had one that had all the features we wanted."

"Why don't you give him a call and see if he wants to bring it over. After all, it's going to be your car. Take it for a ride and see if it's what you want. When you get through I'll come out and the three of us can talk it over. I'm up to my rear in alligators right now and I just don't have the time to spend with him telling me the same things he could tell you."

I remembered Rose' obvious interest in Jay immediately. I trust Rose implicitly. She knows exactly what she wants, sexually or in any other way. What's more impressive is that she can deal with the best when it comes to getting it. I almost chuckled as I thought of the surprise Jay might be in for. Rose is much more intelligent, and certainly more aggressive recently, than many women I have known over the years as Jay was certain to find out.

That settled, we ended the discussion with a final kiss and went off to dreamland holding hands.

Jay Norris was a good salesman, not only because he knew his product, but also he had a personality that drew his customers closer to him. When he received the call from Rose, he wasn't sure he remembered her, but on reflection he did and the memory caused him to smile. He was disappointed that her husband wouldn't be available, but Rose had assured him that the choice was hers and if she approved, he would have a sale.

As she hung up the phone, Rose smiled to herself. She remembered Jay very well and the slight maneuvering he had done to 'accidentally' get a feel of her breasts last spring. She felt the tingling in her loins as she began to dress for their second meeting. She intended for him to get a second chance and this one wouldn't be 'accidental'. Even I was surprised at how obviously she was preparing herself for some fun. I hadn't missed Jay's concealed groping last spring, and smiled as I realized Rose intended to fuck him this time. I looked forward to her coming home with a load of hot cum in her pussy and I knew, with her past experiences, that would be the way she would return.

Still Jay was a little surprised when, as soon as he pulled the car to the curb in front of Rose and Earl's home, she had come out to meet him before he even had an opportunity to get out. She further surprised him by coming to the driver's side and motioning him over to the passenger seat. He slid over as she opened the door and gave him a smile. Rose remembered the feel of him immediately. Her smile widened as she recalled how Jay's attentions had centered on her during their previous visit to the showroom.

"Let's go for a ride." She said confidently as she adjusted the seat and mirrors to suit her lesser height. She pulling her short skirt higher above her knees as she made herself comfortable behind the wheel. Slipping one high-heeled pump off her right foot, she tentatively gave the car a little gas.

"Don't you want...." Jay started to ask before the car accelerated smoothly from the curb.

"No," Rose said, her smile still intact, "I'm sure you're going to tell me all about it as we go and we would just have to discuss it again with Earl when we get back." She was glad that she had worn this clothing combination. She was well aware that the soft wool of her sweater set the swell of her breasts off perfectly and the low cut neckline gave more than a hint of the delights within. Her lack of a bra flattened her chest lines slightly, but also caused her nipples to make lovely points against the loosely woven fabric. Her skirt, which ended almost four inches above her knees, was the accordion pleated one she now wore so casually when she was 'trolling' for some male attention. Worn without panties, it was the perfect seduction costume without giving the immediate impression of a lady in need. Jay looked like a man who would appreciate such things.

Although she was interested in seeing how the car performed in both traffic and on the road, she didn't miss the fact that Jay was now sitting perfectly relaxed against the passenger side door now that he had seen she had complete mastery of the vehicle. His eyes followed her every move and she could sense his approval of her as well as the way she drove. She let the car wallow down a deeply rutted road as she checked the suspension, turning off the road into a grove of trees close to the banks of a seldom-used fishing spot. She made a tight U-turn, then turned off the ignition.

"Well," she exclaimed as she turned toward the smiling salesman, pulling her right leg up on the seat until her knee was touching his. She leaned forward to recover her black pump fully aware of how the widened neckline would give him an impressive view of the fullness of her breasts. "It seems to be just what I wanted last spring, so what kind of deal can we make?" Rose was keenly aware that the pivoting of her body like that emphasized the fullness of her breasts and caused the neckline to spread even more, giving Jay a god look at more than half of one breast. It also left a dark shadow so high on her thigh that a man would not be able to tell if she wore panties or not. She tittered slightly as she realized the almost double entendre of her question.

So my wife was a little surprised when Jay reached behind himself, and opened the door. Coming around to the driver's side, he opened the door, causing Rose to retreat to the passenger side.

"There are a couple of things I'd like to show you," he said softly, "that may appeal to you even more."

Rose could already see one - a hardening bulge at Jay's crotch as he got in and turned to her.

"You already know about the GPS system that allows the driver to know exactly where you are at all times. That frees you from having to assist in the navigation on long trips. It also means you can get some rest while your husband drives. That's a great feature in this car. Let me show you." He leaned over her until he was almost in her lap. On the way down, his muscular arm in the short sleeved shirt slid slowly over her breasts, causing Rose' nipples to respond. He had paused just enough in that move to feel the hardness of them press against his arm. Despite the efficient air conditioning, he began to sweat. Did he dare do what he hoped to get away with? Leaning further over her, he grasped the handle that retracted the seat. Instantly the seat went into a fully reclining position.

Rose yelped as she felt her body suddenly dropped so her head was almost in the rear passenger seats. Her hands caught at the edge of her seat, but too late to prevent the sudden change from a vertically seated position to a recumbent one from causing her skirt to rise almost beyond her previously barely concealed assets. Jay, still leaning over her, was treated to the sight of a well trimmed, golden brown bush emitting a musky aroma that was only enhanced by the perfume Rose had carefully applied to her inner thighs after dressing. He hesitated long enough to inhale the fragrance before pushing himself back into position.

"I'm sorry if I frightened you," he managed to say, watching Rose' hands trying to tug her skirt down. He tried to sit up, but without losing any more of the view than necessary.

Rose laughed. "You didn't frighten me, it was just unexpected." Her eyes watched his as he fought to tear them away from that unexpected delight. Even though Rose had managed to get the edge of the skirt below her crotch, she could feel the openness giving way to a heightened awareness of what a view Jay was getting. She knew now that if she wanted him, he was hers - and she wanted him. She raised her arms over her head and pulled herself higher in the seat until her head was touching the passenger seat back behind her and she was almost supine from head to toe. Unfortunately, the squirming managed to do what her hands had not been able to do and Jay's marvelous view was lost.

Jay was excited. He could feel the rigidity of his swollen cock forcing the warm fluid of pre-cum over his thigh. He fought the thoughts going through his head long enough to recover his ability to speak, but realized he was being given an opportunity that might not be available if he didn't take action right away.

"There is a drawback to this position though," he managed to say in his most sultry voice.

"What's that?" my wife asked, with a smile, fully aware that Jay's eyes were traveling over her body and that he was having a reaction to it.

"It might cause the driver to lose his concentration and begin getting a little amorous as he drives. Like this." Jay extended his hand and put it over Rose' thigh, allowing it to slide to the inside. He watched her eyes carefully to see if there would be a reaction other than what he hoped for.

Rose had her man, and she reeled him in by putting her hand over his and sliding it higher on the inside of her thigh until his little finger was in the crease of her leg and touching the side of her labia. She smiled as she saw the weak smile Jay gave her before cupping her pussy.

"And what do you think a woman should do about that?" she asked, her smile widening as she realized Jay wanted her. Her legs spread slowly, encouraging him to give her pussy a gentle squeeze.

"Frankly, I think a man should pull over in a nice secluded spot, and help her relax," Jay said softly as he slid into the foot well of Rose' side. It required a great deal of bending and folding until he felt almost like a contortionist. Finally he had to open the door to give himself enough room for what he wanted to do next.

"Like this," he added as he lifted Rose' skirt just enough to fasten his mouth over the dewy lips of her sex. Sliding his hands beneath her hips, he used his thumbs to spread the lips farther apart and began slowly moving his tongue up and down the warmth of he cunt, slowly pressing it deeper with each vertical movement.

Jay was a master cunt lapper according to his wife, who reveled nightly in his expertise before he fucked her to orgasm and let her drift off to sleep with his cock still wedged in her welcoming pussy. Many times he woke her during the night unable to sleep comfortably until he had sucked their juices into his belly and left her with only the memory of the delights they enjoyed together. He knew that even now his wife, Evelyn, might be receiving the same enjoyment from one of the men he knew entertained her during the day, but he wasn't worried. She loved him and it had been he who had finally converted her to the pleasures of a third in their bed until she realized that while one is good, two are better when it came to partners. She also had found out that their previously good sex life had become fantastic. Jay loved her even more for the rapidity with which she was learning to 'spread her wings' as well as her thighs.

Rose found out what Evelyn already knew. Jay was good, very, very good. She found herself using both hands to pull him deeper into the fountain of her sex until she had her legs behind his back and was urging him on. Jay had let the swollen lips of my wife's pussy close over his tongue as his hands moved up on her body and he was cupping both her breasts, gently squeezing them, as his tongue continued its work. Soon he had Rose' hands cupping her own breasts as she lapped at the nipple. He used his now free hands to open her wider until he could get his long fingers inside her. He felt the tremors of her body as they worked against that spongy little spot on the upper surface of her vagina. He didn't stop until, with his lips gently pulling her clit between them, he tasted the sweet nectar of her orgasm.

"Oh, Yes, yes," Rose gasped as she let the wonder of her orgasm ripple through her body, slowly dropping from it's mind blowing intensity, exciting her even more as warm lips left her clit swollen and as sensitive as her nipples. She came down slowly, guided by her lover's caresses. His hands were on her breasts again, lifting and squeezing them while his mouth claimed the remnants of her juices. Her eyes opened as she felt his body lift from her own.

She didn't know how, but somehow Jay had managed to unfasten his belt and unzip his trousers, freeing a throbbing, swollen cock from his shorts. She gasped as its full size was disclosed. She watched as he pushed his shorts down further and freed it completely disclosing a modest seven inches of the thickest cock she had ever seen. Despite the fact she had just had a very satisfying orgasm, she knew that she wanted to feel that hard rod inside her.

Jay hesitated as he studied Rose' reaction to the sight of his aroused cock. Evelyn had always warned him that few women could take one as large as his. Few had, indeed, but those who had always came back for more. The head was as large as a plum, and it only got larger as Rose stared in disbelief. Instead of tapering down beyond the crown, it became even larger until, just beyond that blood-engorged tip, it was the size of a beer can.

Hesitantly, Rose reached out to hold it. She couldn't get her fingers more than half way around its girth. She saw him smile as it grew longer until she had to use both hands to cover its length. Her mouth was open in awe of the fleshy monster with swollen veins. Jay misread her open-mouthed awe. He raised himself along the length of her body, urging her to suck it. Rose knew that it would be nearly impossible to take that bulbous head in her mouth despite how beautiful it was and how much she wanted to do just that. Instead, knowing she had to have it, she pushed Jay downward until the oozing tip was poised at the entrance to her very juicy cunt.

Jay understood immediately and pressed it firmly between those still swollen lips and into the velvet smooth entrance to her vagina. Rose gasped as she felt the hardness pushing her kagel muscles aside almost painfully. She watched that swollen, bloated cock force its way into her. The twinges of pain that came with the gentle but inexorable driving force relented once the meaty head was inside her, but increased again as the even thicker shaft followed closely behind.

Jay saw her pain and relented. He no longer pressed forward. Allowing her to slowly accustom herself to the size of his dick, he kissed her. Slow, passionate kisses that he knew were arousing her as much as the feeling of his cock would when he had it entirely inside her. His hands were on her breasts, and he squeezed her nipples almost savagely, giving her a different point of mild pain to relieve the ache of an over-stretched pussy entrance. It worked. Soon he felt her body slowly relax beneath him as her legs crossed behind his thighs. He was past the point of no return. That beautiful velvety smooth tunnel of love was open to him now. He backed out slightly until only the head remained inside her and then eased slowly forward, regaining the depth he had lost and adding perhaps another half inch. His cock was copiously producing the slippery pre-cum that he knew helped his partners accommodate him. Rose' own juices, aroused by his oral technique, provided additional lubrication. He felt her legs tighten against his thighs, urging him to go deeper.

Rose was making little gasping sounds even as she begged Jay wordlessly to give her more. It felt as though she had a log wedged in her pussy, but it was such a beautiful log - thick, hard, wet with their juices and beginning to scratch itches that she never knew she had until Jay had put it in her. Already the pain was fading fast, giving way to wonderful sensations of fullness and anticipation. Looking down she could see the unbelievably stretched lips of her pussy's inner lips clinging to that enormous cock as he slowly withdrew it before sliding it back into its temporary home. Sighing with pleasure, Rose tightened her grip on her lover. She realized that there was at least another three inches of that hard dick to fill her now welcoming emptiness. Jay's hot breath on her swollen nipple made her groan with pleasure as she felt him roll it between his lips and gently nip its engorged fullness.

Jay was smiling to himself. He never dreamed it would be so easy to get into Rose' pussy. He had even told his wife, Evelyn, of his reservations, but how much he wanted to fuck her, and received only a smile in return. "She'll never be able to take you," she had told him. "Ellen told me that her husband screwed her, and she was barely able to handle all he had, let alone this beautiful monster," she told him with a squeeze of his just used and still cum-slick tool. Jay had smiled at that too. He knew that Paul Campbell certainly was well built in that department, but still not up to his own size. He also remembered how Evelyn had squalled with pleasure as Paul Campbell and his son, Mickey has taken her in the ass as well as pushing copious amounts of cum in her pussy. "But do her if you can, I wouldn't mind eating her cunt with her husband's cum oozing out. Ellen says he's delicious." The thought of sharing Evelyn with yet another couple almost sent him over the top before he was ready. He wanted to leave Rose with the knowledge of how good it felt to have her cunt full of his love sauce and he was still several inches shy of giving her his full length.

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