One Last Touch



This is set in the D & D world of the Forgotten Realms.


The years had passed quickly, much like an echo in time. Khaira had indelibly grown older. The years had wizened her immensely. She proudly protected and cared for Greengrove. She became friend and mentor to many young druids who sought her wisdom and knowledge. The forest grew all around her, its beauty becoming everlasting, eternal. Yet Khaira remained the same. She'd weathered the years graceful as a bear could.

Although she gained the ability to change into many forms, large, tiny and in-between, she rarely assumed the form of a humanoid. She had imposed on herself a vow of celibacy, never taking a mate. Though through the years she had often longed to have children, she abstained, treating the forest creatures and younger druids as if they were her children.

Despite her mother's plea for grandchildren, Khaira resisted. Caden could give them grandchildren. He now reigned as Lord Stormwhisper over his own keep somewhere in the Dalelands. It had been years since Khaira had seen him. She knew he had a pretty wife and a son to follow in his footsteps. Caden had done well for himself. He had fought bravely for the Elven King, proudly earning the title of King's Champion. The King had granted him with lands and a title. He ruled over his vast keep with an iron hand encased in a velvet glove. A just man, a loving man, a generous man to all he cared for. Yet he meted out vengeance swiftly when warranted.

Khaira admired Caden greatly. He'd become a fine man. He had all he ever wanted. A pang of jealousy coursed through her and she mentally squelched it. It wasn't fair to think like that. Caden hadn't experienced the trials she had. Caden hadn't ignored the signs his deity placed before him. He hadn't died and came back in the form of a bear, either.

Despite her form, there had been offers over the years from other druids and rangers. Khaira had turned them all down. It seemed they wanted her for her power or strength, not because they loved her or wanted her for who she was deep down. Besides, her heart wasn't in it. She had stupidly thrown away her chance for eternal love. How could she be with someone else and give her heart away when in fact it already belonged to another...someone she would never have.

Though she thought of him often, she hadn't seen him in years. By now he'd be married, perhaps with children. She shook her head as tears assailed her. She let out a curse and smacked the ground with one massive paw, causing clumps of dirt and grass to fly in all directions. What was done was done and there was no way to change it now. Karowyn had been long lost to her.

Khaira hefted her large bulk up from where she lay and headed back to the large hollow tree she'd made her home in. The lower level was her den. Carved from the natural wood were stairs leading up to an upper level which contained living quarters for a humanoid. Khaira rarely went up there, though. There had been no need for her to do so. Occasionally her family or other druids had used those quarters. Khaira climbed the circular staircase, growing as her joints ached. She glanced around the room. She noticed the dust on the floor and the cobwebs growing near the ceiling. She'd have to clean it sometime soon. She sighed, perhaps before someone visited. Visitors...she hadn't had many lately. Most came to Greengrove, meeting with The Order of the Verdant Grove.

Shaking her head, desperately trying to stave off her melancholy mood, she did something she hadn't done in longer than she could remember. She changed her form into that of an elf...her old form. She stared down at her lithe naked body. If only she could remain this way for always...never growing old.

She opened the oaken wardrobe and pulled out a dress. It had been years since she'd worn this. It was white with long flowing sleeves and a golden girdle that draped across her hips. She brushed her hair out until it crackled and shone, cascading down her to her waist. With a sigh, she checked her reflection in the looking glass. Not beautiful, she mused, but when had she ever been? Then she left her den.

She began to walk through the forest. She did not have a destination in mind. She sought companionship, if only for a few fleeting moments. She knew not what she would find out here, though. She walked east, covering many miles until she grew hungry and weary. Scanning the forest, she noticed a bush of ripe raspberries. Her mouth watered. Rushing to the bush, she began to pick the berries off, popping them in her mouth two and three at a time. The raspberries tasted good. She savored their sweetness as juices dribbled down her chin, staining her white dress. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed the lush sweetness of these berries. Her diet had predominantly consisted of meat. How ironic that a vegetarian elf had come back as a carnivorous bear? Must be Mielikki's sick little joke.

Once she'd gorged herself on the berries, she rose from the bush and looked around. If she continued to walk east, she'd come to the village she grew up in. Yes, she'd find plenty of companionship there, but not the type she sought. Everyone there knew her. Turning south, she hoped she'd find someone to ease her loneliness. She walked, lost in thought. The day waned and the sun began to set. Khaira noted it, but continued walking. She'd walk all night if she had to.

Her thoughts turned back to Karowyn. Was he happy? Had he found the kind of wife he sought? Did he love her as much as he had loved Khaira? Had Khaira thought he'd give her the companionship she sought just this one time, she would seek him out. Down deep she knew he'd be too noble to break his marriage vows. And she'd be a fool to even think of it. A fool...yes, that was what she was. She'd been a fool to refuse him, but even as she had, she always thought there would be another chance. Death had ruined all of those hopes.

Khaira sighed, shaking her head. Death...she knew it loomed ever close, lurking like a thief in the night. She had grown old as a bear and could feel its approach. It was the reason she was here now. It was the reason she sought companionship before her time was up.

Consumed by her thoughts, she hadn't noticed the small band of Orcs closing in on her. She let out a shriek as a crossbow bolt whizzed by her head and lodged into a tree. Startled she reached for a weapon and realized she had none. Oh no, she thought, as they closed in on her. She counted six, but as the hairs stood up on her neck, she knew there were more lurking out there that she hadn't seen. She began to cast Icebolt at one Orc while another pointed his crossbow at her. She did her best to fend them off, but for all her power she found herself outnumbered. Wounded and bleeding profusely, Khaira swore to fight to the death.

Help came whizzing from the trees in the form of several arrows. Hitting the Orcs in the necks, several fell instantly. Khaira renewed her fight, summoning 3 wolves to help her fend off the remaining Orcs. The reign of arrows did not cease until the Orcs were decimated. Khaira sank to her knees and pulled 3 bolts lodged in her abdomen out. She quickly stanched the blood by casting a healing spell upon herself.

She recognized the ranger who came down out of the trees above. His name was Jagger Everain. Khaira knew he resided within The High Forest. His skill with a bow was that of legend. She also had heard of his skill as a Deep Woods Sniper. She could see why his skill was so sought after.

He walked toward her. "Are you hurt badly, lass?" he asked.

Khaira looked up at him as she held the bolts in her hand. She had seen him in Greengrove before. He had often assisted The Order of the Verdant Grove. Oh, what a powerfully built human he was, she thought to herself. His height stretched over 6 ft and she guessed his weight to be around 200. His long black hair flowed down over his broad shoulders. Green eyes glittered like polished emeralds below thick black brows.

"Lass?" he repeated.

Should she play the damsel in distress or let him know she could heal herself? Should she let him know who she really was? Mostly everyone who came to Greengrove knew her...knew her as Gian Ren, the druidic bear. Most were unaware of Khaira Stormwhisper, the elf.

"I have a few bolts still lodged. I need your help," she replied, deciding to play the damsel in distress.

He knelt beside her and she let her eyes roam over his ruggedly handsome face. "It isn't safe for a young lass to be out here all alone, especially unarmed."

"I had my spells. I went for a walk. I didn't realize I was so far from home. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings."

"Are you a mage?" he asked as he examined her wounds.

"No, a druid," she replied. "Khaira is my name."

"Khaira," he repeated, as he thought for a moment, wondering why that name sounded so familiar. "I am Jagger. There is a cabin nearby I occasionally make use of. I can help you better once I have assessed the severity of your wounds."

Khaira nodded.

"Can you walk or shall I carry you?"

Khaira stumbled to her feet, ignoring the pain of the bolts lodged in her thigh. She groaned aloud. Jagger promptly swept her up in his arms, carrying her the entire distance to the cabin tucked discreetly away in the woods. He shouldered the door open and carried her to the bed. Laying her on it, he moved away and added fuel to the fire blazing within the hearth. Soon warmth enveloped the cabin. He heated a bucket of water and set aside a pouch of herbs he often used for healing purposes.

He approached her and knelt beside the bed. " I need to remove the bolts and cleanse the wounds. That will require the removal of your dress."

Khaira looked at him through wide eyes. She nodded in understanding. She had hoped to find companionship, but not this way. She sighed as she wryly mused, "I wanted a man to see my naked body, but not this way. Not to have to heal my wounds."

But then when had her life ever gone the way she wanted it.


"Yes, that is fine. I do not wish to bleed to death or die of an infection," she replied as she thought how she had bled to death once before.

Jagger carefully removed the crossbow bolts from her thigh, shoulder and side then slipped the dress over her head. She blushed as his eyes assessed the damage.

"The shoulder wound is deep. The thigh wounds aren't as bad. This one on your side could prove life threatening if not properly treated. It looks like you healed the wounds on your abdomen. Those could have killed you."

"Yes, I did heal them." Khaira replied. "I do have another healing spell memorized."

"You should use it, lass. Magical healing will prevent infection and other complications," Jagger said, watching her as she did indeed cast the healing spell on herself.

Upon casting she felt immediately better. The wounds in her shoulder, thigh, and side closed, leaving behind congealed blood. Jagger dropped a cloth into the bucket of warm water. He cleansed the blood away, revealing soft pale skin. Khaira flushed as he lingered on her thigh. It had been years since a man had touched her so intimately.

"Jagger," Khaira rasped, breathlessly, her face flushed.

"Yes, lass. Are you experiencing any discomfort?" he asked.

"Yes, but not from the wounds," she replied, softly as she averted her eyes. " It has been many years since anyone touched me. I live alone with very little contact."

"Were you exiled from your people?" he asked, drawn into her plight.

"No, not exiled. It was my choice," she replied. "But I fear I made the wrong one. I am sorry to trouble you. I feel fine. I shall collect my dress and be on the way."

"You are no trouble, lass." Jagger smiled. "Just because you feel fine doesn't mean you are fully healed. Stay. Rest."

Khaira nodded, feeling foolish. In her search for companionship, fulfillment, she hadn't considered the dangers of the forest. Perhaps it would have been better if the Orcs had killed her. It wasn't like anyone cared she was alone. It wasn't like anyone considered how she felt. None of her former adventuring companions ever came to visit her. She knew only her family would mourn her loss. Khaira averted her eyes as a blush stained her cheeks. How could she suggest fulfillment to someone who had just saved her life? She had never been any good at initiating such intimate contact. The romances she had years ago were few and far between.

She rolled to her right side away from Jagger, favoring her left shoulder. She shivered and groped for a blanket. Jagger covered her up with a heavy quilt and walked away to the hearth. He glanced back at her.

Who was she and why had she been wandering aimlessly in the forest? She claimed to be a druid, yet a druid would know how dangerous the forest at night could be. He'd met many elven druids in his 30 years, but none named Khaira. Where was she from? Why did she live alone? He felt he must get to the bottom of these questions.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully. Jagger sought his rest on his bedroll near the hearth, having given his bed to Khaira. Rising at dawn, he stepped outside the cabin and knelt to the east, completing his morning prayer ritual.

Returning to the cabin, he found a length of toweling, intent on a bath in the stream nearby. Quickly he bathed, wanting to be back in the cabin before Khaira awoke. As he walked through the door, he noticed Khaira climbing back into bed. Her body looked to be completely devoid of scars or wounds.

"How can this be?" he asked aloud as he stopped her, thoroughly looking her over.

"I shape changed as a way to completely heal myself," she replied, as she flashed him a brilliant wide smile. "I want to thank you for saving me."

"You are very much welcome, lass." Jagger replied. "No one hates Orcs more than I do."

Khaira raised her eyebrow in askance.

"Those filthy bastards are responsible for killing my folks, my wife and my son," he growled as vengeance blazed in his eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Jagger. And I thought Elves hated Orcs pretty damn bad." Khaira replied, a look of sorrow in her blue eyes. "Where is my dress?"

Jagger handed it to her and watched as she cast a spell to mend it. "So tell me Khaira, where are you from?"

"My village is called Home Amongst The Heavens in the common tongue. My parents still live there."

"Why do you live alone?"

"It is my choice."

"Why, though?" he persisted.

"What does it matter?" Khaira countered. "I left my home and set out walking. First east then south. I needed something to cure the melancholy plaguing me. Many years ago, I refused my betrothed. I was too stubborn to see how good he was. I wanted to be independent. Then I died. I came back, though, but I was different. I had a quest to complete for my deity and I accomplished that. I am one of the chosen of Mielikki. I have remained here in The High Forest. My betrothed married another. For fifty years I have been alone."

"How old are you? Elves always look so young. I am never good at guessing."

"195." Khaira replied.

"I thought I knew most of the druids that inhabited The High Forest. How is it you've never been to any of The Order Of the Verdant Grove meetings? I think I would have remembered such a lovely lass as you."

"You mean Greengrove?" she asked, swallowing the truth. "I am not a member of The Order Of the Verdant Grove."

" I have been to Greengrove, though," she continued, flushing as she smiled at him. He had called her lovely. That was something she rarely heard. She glanced down at herself as she sat on the bed, holding her white dress. No wonder he called her lovely. Here she sat before him completely naked. Hadn't he admitted he had lost his wife to Orcs? Perhaps he was lonely, too. "I may be many things, but I have never been or considered myself as being lovely. The reason my betrothed wanted me was because my father owed him a blood oath. I was payment yet I refused."

Jagger crossed the room and knelt before her. "Ah, but you are lovely, lass," he replied, taking her hands into his. He bent and kissed her palm. Then picked the dress up from her lap and dropped it to the floor. Khaira let out a moan of anticipation.

Climbing onto the bed, he pressed her down, covering her with his body. He kissed her lips softly as his hands roamed her sides, stroking her hips. Dropping down to her neck, he kissed and nibbled. Khaira moaned even louder, drawing his attention.

"If you do not want this, lass, tell me to stop now," he said as his eyes met hers.

It took Khaira a few moments to find her voice. "Yes, I want this," she replied, raising her arms up to his back to stroke its broadness.

Jagger explored her body, touching, kissing and caressing her, eliciting soft moans from her. Khaira exploded instantly as he spread her legs and ran his hand over her wetness. He found her hardened nub, flicking a finger across it. Khaira let out a low moan as the sensations he wrought upon her body overloaded her senses. A brilliant climax, the first in many years, washed over her. She exulted in the glory of it.

Jagger left the bed momentarily and removed his clothes. Returning, he lay beside her and guided her hand to the large rock hard rod jutting out from his groin. He groaned as her small hand gripped it. He was so big, she thought. It'd been years since she'd been with anyone. Would he be too much? Too big?

"Stroke it, lass," he moaned as he sought her hairless crotch, priming her for what was to come. They built each other up into a frenzy, touching and stroking, kissing and caressing. Khaira eagerly opened her thighs wide for him as he climbed between them.

"Take me," she moaned as she guided him into her tightness. Jagger in turn let out a snarling growl as he pushed his meaty rod into her. She gripped him tightly, almost preventing his entrance, but her wetness allowed him to slide in all the way. Khaira screamed at the feel of his entire length buried deep inside her. The pleasure/pain of it was almost too much for her. She whimpered, shifting her hips and allowing her body to adjust to his invasion. Her nails raked over down his back. He took her screams and moans as encouragement to give her more. He thrust into her, varying each pump of his hips. Deep, shallow, hard, gentle, taking her higher until she reached several times in a row. He held back his own release, his concern on solely pleasing her. When Khaira swore she could take no more, he changed his strokes, sending her reeling into oblivion. Only then did he allow himself his own climax.

Jagger collapsed onto her, gasping for breath. He rested his head on her breasts.

"Ah, lass, you felt so good, so wonderful," he moaned, rolling to his back. He looked over to her, noticing the tears that flowed down her cheeks. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," she shook her head.

Jagger wiped away her tears, kissing her cheek and lips.

"Never in all my life have I felt anything like that," Khaira admitted.

"195 years old and no one has ever pleasured you as I did? I'm sorry to hear that, lass. A beautiful lass such as yourself should have had all kinds of men lining up to please you. Elven men from your village must all be blind." Jagger wryly scoffed.

"No, they weren't. Everyone knew who I belonged to. No one wanted to defy my betrothed. I ran away from him. While on the run, I only took time to find pleasure a few times. The romances I have had were far and very far between." Khaira replied. "I don't want to think of any of that. I shall only consider the pleasure that you shall give me."

"That I will, lass." Jagger agreed, with a twinkle in his eyes.

He spent the rest of the day and a good part of the night pleasuring her. As he slept, Khaira lay beside him, watching him. She let out a heavy sigh. She knew it was time to go before she became too attached. Crawling out of bed, she located a piece of parchment and some ink. She wrote him a letter, telling him exactly who she was.

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