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One Little Bruise


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Sam couldn't stop staring at it. The damn thing kept teasing him, playing peek-a-boo from right under the edge of Jamie's shirt collar. Purple and angry looking, the bruise had to be a hickey. The little fucker with his white-blond, baby hair and those enormous chocolate brown Bambi eyes always got on his last damn nerve. This was strange in itself because he doubted the boy had ever said more than a handful of words to him so far, and they were well past the middle of the school year. But ever since Mrs. Hollingsworth assigned Jamie Bayer the chair in front of him, Sam felt, well... antsy. The kid was a tiny, quiet nerd. Not the thick glasses, pocket protector, and high-waist-pants nerd, but more of a head-always-in-a-book, super-polite, and no-sign-of-a-girlfriend sort of nerd.

Maybe that's why he kept obsessing about the fucking hickey. If there was no girlfriend, how the hell did he get the hickey? Sam glanced up at the front of the class and saw Mrs. H writing on the chalk board, droning on about what was going to be on their Spanish test Friday, so he leaned back in his desk and straightened his legs out. He slid his feet under the kid's desk, and oh-so-slowly started to raise the back of it up. Jamie never budged from his position bent over his notebook taking notes or whatever the fuck he was so intent on, but Sam watched a dark red flush slowly crawl up the pale skin of his neck. He started gently rocking the desk from side to side, careful not to make any noise. Jamie leaned even further over his scribbling, obviously having no intention of acknowledging that Sam was fucking with him.

He dropped the desk down abruptly and made a loud shushing noise at Jamie when their classmates looked their way. Jamie turned and glared at him. Sam smirked right back. Mrs. Hollingsworth, the old bat, immediately looked hard at Sam who raised his hands in a gesture of innocent appeal. Luckily the bell rang before she could say anything, so he quickly gathered his books to head for the door, and damn if the little brat didn't slip his foot out into the aisle and try to trip him. Years of running track made it easy for him to readjust his stride and not fall. Then he stopped and indicated Jamie should go first. He even gave him a sheepish grin to make up for messing with him earlier.

Jamie looked at him suspiciously as he left the classroom. Sam followed him down the hall, noticing how the kid's angry stride made his little ass all twitchy. Whoa! Why was he looking at the boy's ass? He jerked his eyes back up and fuck it all if his gaze didn't land right back on that goddamned hickey again. At his locker, he stopped to switch out his books and heard someone call Jamie's name. He looked down the hall to where Jamie was pulling his lunch out of his own locker and saw Trey, the tall, lanky, goth freak, coming up behind Jamie. Jamie looked back over his shoulder and smiled hesitantly before turning back to close his locker.

Sam felt his lips tighten when Trey reached down, flicked his finger over the hickey, then leaned down to whisper in Jamie's ear. The kid whirled around, blushing furiously and stammering. Trey laughed, slung his arm around Jamie's neck, and led him down the hallway toward the lunchroom.


Well, that explained a lot. What it did not explain was why Sam was still standing in the hallway two minutes later, grinding his teeth, clenching and releasing his fists when he should have been heading down to get his own lunch. So what if the kid was gay? He'd never thought about it, but he didn't think he had any beef with gay guys. It wasn't like the kid had ever tried to come onto him. It looked as if Jamie was into narrow-fucking punk-ass losers who wore black nail polish, didn't know their ass from their iPod, and sucked like a Hoover. What the fuck-ever.

Jamie could still feel a blush hot on his face. He stared down at his shoes as he and Trey walked into the lunchroom. He sat and started on his lunch as Trey got a soda and some crackers from the vending machines then came back to sit beside him.

"That stuff is so bad for you, you know," Jamie said, as Trey popped the soda can open and tore into the crackers.

"Whatever, Romeo."

Trey snickered and continued munching. Jamie scowled at him.

"I told you, man, it's not a hickey. My sister did it pinching the shit outta me."

"No need to lie, Jamie. It's not like it's any of my business what you and your girlfriend do anyway, man."

"I don't have a girlfriend," Jamie muttered into his sandwich. He knew Trey was teasing, but was really hoping he'd just drop it.

"Really?" Trey asked, suddenly serious. "That chick that was with my girlfriend when you were over last weekend was asking about you. She kept going on and on about how cute you were. Do you want me to ask her to come over after we finish the project Sunday? I know we were going to do it at your house, but we can do it at mine instead, if you think your mom might freak about girls coming over. Your mom is kinda scary, dude."

"Mom's cool. She's just a little intense. She'd probably be overjoyed if I brought a girl home, but..." Jamie's voice trailed off as he put his sandwich down and he gripped his hands together in his lap nervously.

"But what, dude?" Trey asked.

Jamie looked over to see Trey's eyes on him intently. He had the sickening feeling Trey already knew what; he was just waiting for Jamie to confirm it. Jamie felt his face burning again as he faced forward and blinked rapidly to keep his sudden tears at bay. He was really enjoying the budding camaraderie he'd experienced with Trey since they'd been assigned this psychology project. Now, though, he saw it all going up in flames. He got control of himself and realized he was inadvertently making eye contact with Sam Bricker from Spanish class.

Sam was leaning up against the wall with some of his track buddies. He was a few inches taller than most of them, so he was hard to ignore. Jamie tried to avoid the guy, because there was something in the icy blue glare the black-haired boy always gave him that made him horribly self-conscious. That didn't keep him from using the image of the stud as jerk-off material though. Sam was wicked hot. At eighteen he'd already achieved perfection; the next few years might well produce mouth-watering miracles. Sam was scowling at him right now for God-only-knew why. What a prick. Jamie had never done anything to the guy, and yet he seemed determined to give Jamie shit. Well, at least they were both graduating in a few months, so he wouldn't have to deal with him much longer. His mental molestation of the muscular jock helped to take the sting out of Sam's constant attitude towards him. HA!

"Jamie..." Trey said, bumping their shoulders together and bringing his attention back to the bit of hell he was dealing with at the moment. "We're cool, man. Just say it."

"It," Jamie said instantly, looking back at Trey with a weak grin.

Trey barked out a laugh and thumped his ear.


Jamie mock-cried and found that his smile came a little easier. He took a deep breath and let it out on a shuddering sigh.

"Ooh-kay. I... I..."

Trey nodded encouragingly.

Jamie leaned in a little closer and whispered it.

"I'm gay."

Trey looked around in consideration. "See man? Nothing blew up or fell from the sky. I think everything's going to be all right."

Jamie looked down at his hands again to try and hide the goofy-ass grin he felt cover his face.

"Seriously though, dude, you should tell your guy to go easy on you. You look like you went a losing round with a vacuum."

"Dammit man! Honest, it was my sister paying me back for ignoring her. I don't have a boyfriend either," Jamie whispered furiously. He vowed he would wear a turtleneck tomorrow. Trey, the sorry fucker, just laughed.

Sam felt his stomach cramp and got this cold feeling as he watched Jamie and Trey interacting. The kid was visibly upset, and then the freak said something to him that had him grinning like a pig in shit, as Sam's granddad always said. He'd never seen the boy smile like that before, and for some reason it pissed him off that Trey made it happen. He pushed away from the wall and stomped out of the lunchroom, ignoring the calls from his friends. He went to the bathroom and splashed water on his face, trying to cool down. What the fuck was wrong with him? What did he care if the nerd and the mutant hooked up? He looked hard at his reflection in the mirror, trying to figure out exactly what he felt. The face looking back at him was angry and... sad? SAD? What the fuck! He stumbled away from the mirror and left the bathroom. He felt almost drunk, as if nothing was where or what it should be. Damn if that ass wipe Trey wasn't in the hall outside the restroom, talking on his cell.

"Hey, baby girl," Trey said, cradling the phone intimately. "How about you come over tonight? My mom is working third shift." He paused briefly. "No, Jamie isn't expecting us to hook back up till Sunday, so I'm all free." Another pause. "Yeah, he's cool and all, but I need some one-on-one time with your breasts...uh, I mean you, Tonia." The fucker laughed, told the girl he was just kidding, and walked further down the hallway out of Sam's earshot.

That son of a bitch! Playing a sweet little thing like Jamie boy. Sweet little thing? Fuck! That settled it. He was nutting up! Damn it all, though, the boy did not deserve that type of treatment. Sam headed back down the hall, determined to throw himself into the rest of the school day, then maybe run some laps after school to see if he could get his head back on straight.

Jamie cursed himself for not taking the lift Trey had offered after school. Instead, he'd gone to the library to find research material for his World Lit paper. Now, the sky was darkening ominously and the temperature was plummeting. He was walking home as fast as he could while toting the metric--shit-ton of books he had in his bag. He knew he wasn't going to make it before the storm broke. He'd call his mom to come pick him up, but she was working a double tonight and wouldn't be home for a few more hours.

As the first drops of rain splashed, he heard a car horn and saw someone pull over to the side of the road just ahead of him. They had to be from school, so he made his way hesitantly but hopefully toward the open passenger door and peered inside the car. Oh fuck no! Of course it was Sam. Who else in his fucked-up life could it possibly be? He was just about to decline politely and shut the door when the bottom fell out of the sky.

"Don't be a douche, Jamie. Just get in," Sam ordered gruffly.

"Thanks," Jamie muttered, slinging his book bag into the back seat and buckling up. Even though he was only out in the deluge a matter of seconds, he was drenched. He shivered and huddled in on himself. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam lean over and turn the heat up, then reach in the back. Sam tossed a small white towel into his lap.

"It's clean. I keep a couple around for after practice." Jamie smiled at Sam since the prick was being courteous enough to bail his ass out. As usual he was getting the glare. He was grateful the vast bench seat separated them as he turned to look out the window, running the towel over his face and hair. He conscientiously mopped up the water he couldn't help dripping everywhere.

"Sorry about the mess. I don't know much about cars, but this one is real cool." He didn't know why he kept trying to be nice to the man when his efforts were so obviously unappreciated.

"Thanks," Sam replied. Jamie was surprised when Sam kept talking. "My father and I restored it together. It had been sitting in a barn of my grandad's gathering dust and mouse shit." He looked over after he pulled back out onto the road and grinned. "Lots and lots of mouse shit. Where am I going?"

Jamie laughed. "Turn left onto Pine, then right on Maple. Mine is the third house on the left. It's not a bad walk usually, but with this rain..." He let the sentence trail off and shrugged. Sam nodded, then his face fell back into his customary scowl. Jamie was still thinking about that grin. Damn, the guy was fucking fine.

"Why didn't Trey give you a ride home?" Sam asked as he peered into the rain. It was coming down so hard it was almost impossible to see the road right in front of them, and the gigantic old car moved at a snail's pace. Jamie wondered how Sam knew he and Trey were that close as friends until he remembered seeing Sam across from them at lunch. He blushed and smiled, thinking of their conversation. He still could not get over how cool Trey had been about it. He subconsciously put his hand to his chest, feeling the warm glow created by a true friend's easy and complete acceptance.

Mother-fuck! Sam seethed, reacting to the dopey grin Jamie had on his face just from Sam saying the freak's name. He only mentioned the other man to remind himself why it was a bad idea to be thinking about how appealing Jamie looked with his shaggy blond hair all wet and clinging to his head. The raindrops on his eyelashes sparkled when he smiled at Sam and thanked him for the ride, his translucent wet T-shirt plastered to his small frame. Sam used the red light to peek over and check Jamie out while the boy's arms were extended, his hands behind him as he tried to dry the back of his head. Surprisingly, though built small, the kid had a well-defined musculature including a sweet little six-pack. Sam shifted uncomfortably as he pulled away from the light. He twisted in the seat, trying to make room for his rapidly growing erection. He realized the kid still hadn't answered his question.

"Well?" Sam barked. Goddamn but he wanted that blissed-out look off the kid's face.

"Oh!" Jamie squeaked as he startled from his daze. "He and Tonia are hooking up tonight since Trey's mom isn't home. Speaking of moms, I bet that's mine." The kid reached into his pocket, pulled out his ringing cell, and flipped it open. "Yeah Mom, I'm pulling into the driveway now. I got a ride from a classmate. Oh, so you'll be home around nine then? Okay, I'll just heat up leftovers from last night." He glanced over at Sam and blushed. "Yeah, love you, too, Mom. Bye." He leaned toward Sam as he stretched over the seat for his book bag. "Thanks again for the ride, Sam."

Sam roughly grabbed a handful of the boy's damp T-shirt. Jamie's head whipped around, and he resembled a deer caught in the headlights. "Wh...what?"

"What...WHAT? That's what I want to know! What about Trey and this Tonia chick? I mean don't the two of you... I mean, the thing." He didn't know exactly how to identify whatever the relationship was between the two guys. The time he spent thinking while running laps hadn't helped him define what it was he felt for the guy in front of him. Sam just knew that, unlike Trey, if he had the opportunity for some alone time with Jamie he would not be throwing him over for someone else... breasts or not.

The kid looked at him, obviously confused and maybe a little scared. "Well, we're going to get together this weekend. It's not that big a deal. We have it all worked out." Sam was suddenly furious that Jamie felt that he was not a big deal.

"Worked out? As in he does his thing and you do your thing when the two of you aren't doing..." Sam gestured wildly, feeling the last of his control and maybe even a bit of his sanity slipping away from him. The fucking brat looked at him as if he were a small child who needed everything spelled out.

"Well, yeah. I mean, damn. Trey and I aren't dating or anything," he said. Jamie's usual reticence disappeared, erased by his total and complete confusion and frustration at this bizarre conversation.

What the hell? Jamie had no idea what was going on in Sam's head. The big guy had a wild look in his eye and was clearly bent out of shape about something, but damn if Jamie could figure it out. By the manic look on Sam's face, Jamie knew it was time to get the hell out of the car and let Sam deal with his breakdown in peace. He looked pointedly down at the big hand twisted up in his T-shirt and then back up again. He needed to get his book bag and make his escape.

The wildness abruptly smoothed out and Sam said, almost hoarsely, "Not dating, eh? This should be fine then."

Sam reached his free arm around Jamie's waist and jerked him closer. Sam used the fist in Jamie's shirt to push him down, so that he was lying back on the seat. Jamie's breath left him in an oomph as Sam's mouth covered his. His mouth opened, gasping for air and received as a bonus a hot, silky tongue. Whimpering as Sam's tongue glided against his own, he lost himself in pure sensation as his mouth was thoroughly explored. When reason returned he wrenched his lips loose, turned his head, and raised his hands to push at the broad chest pressed against his own.

Mine! That was his only coherent thought as Sam looked down at the flushed face beneath him, the chest heaving with panting breaths, and the frantic, desperate eyes. Mine, mine, mine! He growled as his boy tried to push him away. He grabbed both of Jamie's small wrists in one of his own and lifted the arms above Jamie's head. With his other hand, he worked the still damp shirt up and over the pale arms, tangling it around the captured wrists. He hooked the shirt over the window lever and sat back on his heels to catch his breath.

Goddamn, look at that.

Jamie's eyes were wide and dilated. His hair was a tangled mass framing his face and his lips were swollen and parted as his breath heaved in and out of his lungs. His chest... oh fuck. With his arms stretched over his head, all his lean muscles were clearly delineated. Jamie shifted slightly, pulling against his bonds. The movement rippled all down his arms, chest, and abs. Sam slid back a little further on the seat and wedged himself between Jamie's legs. He leaned down with intent. Jamie completely froze, watching him, and the only movement Sam saw was the wildly throbbing vein on his throat.

He maintained eye contact with Jamie as he drew closer to the boy's imprisoned body. He slowly dragged the tip of his tongue from the waistband of the low-slung jeans up the center of that sexy, tiny six-pack. A little higher and he veered to the left to nibble one of those perfect pink nipples. His baby boy released a keening whine and thrust his hips up, grinding his cock into Sam's abs. He groaned, feeling the heat of the erection that pulsed against him. He trailed biting kisses to the underside of that pointed jaw, then licked and sucked his way to Jamie's ear.

"Mine now," Sam whispered darkly as he dipped his head down to suck his own mark of possession behind the shell-like ear. The only sounds were the rain pounding on the roof of the car, the occasional crack and rumble of thunder, the rustle of their clothes rubbing together as Jamie ground helplessly against him, his own deep groans, and his boy's panting whines. It was perfect. He reached under Jamie with one hand, cupping and lifting that sweet ass so that he could grind harder against the smaller body. He pulled away from Jamie's neck to admire the mark he left as it darkened.

"Sam, please," Jamie whimpered. He bit at his lip and begged Sam with passion-drugged eyes. Jamie continued to move, reaching for something that was obviously close, but maddeningly elusive. Sam saw his poor baby's suffering and didn't even think twice. He just dropped the tight little ass back to the seat and groped for the buttons of Jamie's jeans. He popped them free quickly and dove in, tugging the boy's hot, hard cock free. His baby grunted and thrust hard into his grasp as he pulled it, running his thumb over the weeping tip, using the pre-cum to ease the motion.

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