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One Lucky Neighbor


It wasn't uncommon for us to throw impromptu parties at our house, for virtually no reason. We have a big place, gorgeous view of the city out off the back deck, a fantastic game room and a hot tub right outside. With the first holiday of summer rapidly approaching, Dea decided we should invite some friends and neighbors over for a big bash.

Between our friends, neighbors and acquaintances we had nearly 30 people roaming around the house. The afternoon turned to evening and very few had left yet. The alcohol had been flowing freely all day and no one was feeling much pain. Between the visiting, the various video and pinball games being played and the basketball game on tv, it was late into the evening before people began heading home. Most lived close by and only had a short walk to get home, some had several miles to travel.

David (whom lives 2 doors down) and Stephanie (3 blocks over) were the last remaining guests of the evening. Both of their spouses had taken off earlier as they had enjoyed enough of the party and headed home. David really didn't consume much alcohol that evening but poor Stephanie looked like she may have slightly over-indulged. Although her speech wasn't slurred, she acted a bit tipsy and her eye movement sure seemed slow. The missus and I had our fair share that night, and neither of us was feeling any pain.

We began the cleanup for the evening when David made the remark that the hot tub didn't get much use that evening. He asked Dea if she would mind a late night soak, as he could sure use a bit of time in the tub. Stephanie piped up and said she would love to join him, as long as it was alright with us. The only problem was that she didn't bring a swim suit to wear, as she wasn't aware we had a hot tub in the backyard. Not wanting to disappoint our guests, Dea suggested that without suits we could all wrap up in towels, the girls get into the hot tub first then David and I would follow allowing entrance without complete exposure. As you enter the water, quickly drop the towel on the side and get in. David and I certainly had no problems with this idea.

Dea headed upstairs to grab some of the large towels for the hot tub. I headed outside and prepared the hot tub for use, removing the cover and adjusting the lights to just above dim. Heading back to let everyone know the tub was open and ready, I didn't find anyone in the game room where I left them just moments before. I heard Dea giggling and on her way back downstairs with David right behind her. Not far beyond was Stephanie, seeming to have a bit of difficulty managing the stairs as she made her way down.

Dea had already disrobed upstairs and was wrapped up in her towel. Handing one to Stephanie, Dea suggested using the bathroom to disrobe and then meet her out in the hot tub. She told David and I to get ready in the game room while Stephanie was preparing in the room next to us.

We heard Dea splashing in the hot tub and knew she had made her way to our final destination. David and I had just finished disrobing and toweling up when Stephanie entered the room. David commented on wondering what she looked like beneath that towel. I couldn't believe when she opened the top of her towel and let it fall to the floor in front of us. To my amazement, David reached out and grabbed her breasts then let his hand float down her body to her pussy. Come on, David said, you gotta check this out. Feel these tits, he said. What the hell, I approached her from behind and cupped both of her breasts, playing with her nipples between my fingertips. Just then, Dea called for us to hurry and join her out in the tub.

Stephanie re-covered herself and headed out to join Dea. Giving her a few moments to climb in before David and I made our way out to the hot tub. I got the feeling we are going to get lucky tonight, David said.

Our hot tub is fairly large, capable of comfortably seating 8. With the girls sitting nearly across from each other, David got in and set down nearest my wife. I made my way across the tub and set next to Stephanie. I noticed David has an erection as he entered the water, really no different than the predicament I found myself in. Small talk ensued and I notice Dea is leaning back with her eyes closed. Had I paid closer attention, I would have noticed that not only was David fingering my wife but that she was giving him a hand job. The bubbler was turned on and nothing could be clearly seen below the water surface. It was at that moment that David arches up and his erection crests the water surface. Eagerly watching our neighbor and my wife, Dea reaches over and wraps her hand around the base of his cock and proceeds to give him a blow job. Not missing a single movement, Stephanie reaches over and grabbed my hard cock, stroking it the length of my shaft. Since Dea was busy attending to Davids cock, she felt I could use a little toying myself. There is nothing sexier to me than watching my wife play, and it certainly doesn't hurt when another woman is playing with my cock.

David lets her suck his cock for a short period of time before pulling his dick out of her mouth. He adjusted his position from sitting beside her to kneeling between her legs. I set in the hot tub with Stephanie stroking my cock, and from the look on Dea's face I can tell our neighbor is fucking my wife for all he is worth, and she is enjoying every moment of his pounding. Stephanie moved in front of me, and sits down on my lap facing me as she grabs and guides my cock into her pussy. I slid right into her in a single motion as she slammed her tongue deep into my mouth. No sense in letting them be the only ones having fun, Stephanie told me. From the look of things, we are both getting a little fucking tonight.

I heard David lightly moan, and his pumping actions slowed to a crawl. He slowly moved himself back and away from between Dea's legs and set down beside her with that look of satisfaction on his face. Dea's skin appeared to be beet red from a combination of overheating in the temperate hot tub and the incredible fucking she just received. She actually stayed in the water longer that evening than she typically did, soon excused herself and climbed out.

David had moved over to the side of the tub, closer to where Stephanie and I were playing. Sitting up on the edge with his legs in the water, his cock amazingly still hard and stroking it in his hand. Stephanie got up off of my lap, turned around in front of David and got on her knees. She leaned toward David and began performing oral sex on him. Getting behind her, I slide my erection back into her pussy and reached around her body to play with her tits. Here I am banging a neighbor that I barely knew and watching her suck the cock of a neighbor right before my eyes. The pleasure her pussy provided me was just too much, and I completely lost it. I slammed my cock into her pumping every ounce of cum my balls contained, yet she never slowed for a second from deep throating David's cock. As my knees weakened, I remained behind her with my cock still buried inside her for the next few minutes.

Withdrawing from her, I made my way out of the tub and into the game room to find my bride wiped out on the sofa. Her towel on the floor, she lay naked with a wicked smile on her face. I sat on the floor beside her as she told me how much she enjoyed the evening. Soon, David and Stephanie entered the room and thanked us the great time we showed them. Stephanie asked if I could help gather her things, and if I wouldn't mind drop her off at home. Dea thought that would be the best for her, as she had a couple blocks to travel. The trip was short and quiet; Stephanie only said thanks as I dropped her at home.

Pulling the car back into the garage at home for the night, back into the house I went. Hearing noises coming from the game room, I headed that direction. Apparently David wasn't quite ready to head home, as he was on top of my wife banging away. She had her legs wrapped around him and this guy was going at it like he hadn't been laid in years. This time without the water to obscure my vision, I watched his cock pounding away at my wife's pussy. Neither well endowed nor short, his cock seemed to be providing Dea the enjoyment she craves as he fucked her. There was no way I was going to stop the pleasure he was providing, as her moans let me know he was doing everything just right. This time he announced he was cuming, and she wanted everything he could muster. Watching David screw my wife resulted in my cock is getting hard at the sight of my wife being fucked as hard as he was going. David collapsed on top of her and remained there for a bit of time. Withdrawing his spent cock from her pussy, he gathered his clothes and made his way to the door. See you guys later, and looking forward to our next meeting David said as he shut the door.

It had been couple weeks since I ran into David again. Between my work schedule and various obligations, we just didn't seem to cross paths. Out of the blue, he called one Thursday evening and asked if I could help him pick up an appliance. As we drove to the destination, he apologized for taking advantage of my wife and was a bit embarrassed about that evening. I explained that I loved my wife, and since she had enjoyed herself that evening, I was fine with the events that occurred. Dea is a grown woman and can do as she pleases, and she has no problem stopping anything that she isn't comfortable with. We completed our task for the evening and headed home.

Work was to take me out of town for the next couple of weeks. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, both while I was gone and when I returned home. My first night home brought out the sexual prowess that Dea possesses. She started out performing oral sex on me as I laid beside her on the bed. She climbed on top of me and with little assistance I penetrated her opening as she set down on top of me in a single stroke. She appeared to be extremely horny this evening, and I soon discovered why.

As she continued to fuck me, she started telling me about a visit she had from David the night after I had left. He had come over to apologize for taking advantage of her. David said the thought of getting naked in the hot tub with her excited him. That his cock had gotten hard that night just like it was at that point. Dea explained that she enjoyed the idea of making him hard, and that nothing would have happened that night if she didn't want it to. At this point, he apparently pulled his erection out and told her how good it felt when she blew him but was still apologetic for his actions the night of the party. Dea said she sat beside him, leaned down and began sucking his cock, asking if that looked like he had forced her to do something she didn't want to do. Sucking cock is one of those things that turns Dea on, and she loves to do it. She continued to suck his cock, swallowing his load without losing a drop. He remained hard, and told her how incredible her pussy felt and that he enjoyed fucking her. She didn't want to see him remain hard and needing more attention, crawled on top of him after removing her panties. Mounting him, she asked if he still considered this taking advantage of her while she fucked him. Dea said she could feel his cock get larger, and soon he was filling her pussy with cum. Climbing off him, she laid down on the sofa beside him. Apparently this guy has an incredible sexual appetite, as he was still hard and looking for more. David climbed on top of Dea and fucked her one more time.

Dea said they talked after they had sex, and David had mentioned the conversation he and I had in the truck the night we picked up his appliance. David told her that I was fine with the activities which occurred that evening, and that Dea was capable of deciding what she would or would not do. Dea also mentioned that she told David he could stop by anytime that he needed a little help with his condition and that he had stopped by 3 times already in the two weeks I was gone.

Over the course of the next couple of years David managed to find time in the evenings to stop by on a fairly regular schedule, at least 4 or 5 times a month when I was out of town. She had discovered that he enjoys cuming in her mouth first, followed by intercourse in a couple different positions where he filled my wife's pussy with cum. I discovered this guy loves to fuck as much as Dea enjoys sex, and is multi-orgasmic which is something I cannot achieve.

We had managed only a handful of meetings where the 3 of us got together to play. Dea loved it when we can all get together for sex, and absolutely loved draining the cum out of both of us. She turns me on when we are together alone, when there is more than the two of us and when she tells me of her adventures of satisfying David. The sex we had when I returned from a work trip was absolutely incredible, particularly when David had stopped by to satisfy his craving. She would get so horny whether I was riding her or she was fucking me, telling me of how David fucked her in my absence. Her orgasms seemed to intensify when describing his cock pulsating and cuming deep inside her body.

We still occasionally are able to meet up with David since his relocation to another state. He is still capable of cumming multiple times and absolutely loves to feel Dea squeeze his cock with her pussy while they are having sex. Perhaps if we lived closer, we could resume our relationship of him fucking my wife while I am away and providing Dea with the sexual enjoyment she loves. For now, those memories will continue to drive me crazy.

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