tagLoving WivesOne Month of Service

One Month of Service

byDay Dreaming©

Poolside Nirvana

I startled awake from a pleasant day dream. As the fog in my brain dissipated, it occurred to me that my reality right now exceeded my best dreams. Here I was, lying beside a shimmering blue swimming pool, a stone’s throw from the ocean. The sun was beating down on me, transforming my pale skin to a golden bronze. I could literally feel the heat of the sun’s rays. Beads of sweat formed on my bare skin above and below a newly purchased bikini. Little rivulets cascaded onto the towel beneath me.

A wonderful turn of events had swept over me. My husband was enduring a cold Minnesota winter, and I was sunning myself in southern California. When I began looking for a job three weeks ago, I certainly didn’t think that I would stumble into nirvana.

One month from today, the company whose “help wanted” ad I had answered would be opening a new plant in our town. During my interview I was told that I would need to complete four weeks of training at the California corporate office before starting work. It was a rough assignment in the midst of a blizzardy cold winter. I wanted the job in part because of the vacation… I mean training… and I got it. Michael had to be convinced to let me go. But it was only one month after all. And he was happy for my success. As newlyweds, it would be some time before we would be able to afford travel to places like southern California.

Michael found me a cute little apartment to live in during my training. It was part of a complex of buildings right on the beach. The pool was an unforeseen bonus. I’d been here for a few days now. The weather was perpetually ideal, and the people in the complex were very friendly. Two young women about my age had taken a liking to me right away. As we chatted and tanned, the three of us quickly became friends. Heather even asked me for Michael’s e-mail address so she could tell him I was doing fine so far from home.

I couldn’t help noticing that these girls were quite attractive and they weren’t afraid to show it. After the first day, I felt like a fish out of water in my one-piece suit. Tammy offered to take me shopping. She nearly forced me to buy the skimpy bikini I was now wearing. The suit came with a cover-up, so I figured that I could get the maximum benefit from the sun and still be discreet on the walk from my apartment to the pool.

Enticing Trio

So here I was, a naïve Midwestern girl baring more than I thought I ever would, at poolside with a couple of new girl friends. Heather raised up on one elbow and looked us over.

“You know ladies, we’re a pretty good looking trio of young women here… even if only one of us has attracted a man worth marrying.” Now that I thought about it, I had to agree with Heather’s assessment. Heather was a leggy brunette with a slender body fit for modeling. She didn’t carry any extra weight, which was clearly evident when she stood in her scanty top and thong. She possessed pert little breasts and a tiny waist that women would die for. Still, it was her stems that made her a glass of heady champagne. Heather would stretch to 5’-10” if she flexed her cat-like frame as she did just then. This sexy move, and her comment about attracting men, made me wonder about this alluring woman. Heather must have been an inviting target for the handsome young men we saw from time to time at the pool. She caught my eye, and winked in a way that held more meaning than I understood at the time.

Tammy, in contrast to Heather, was a fiery, full-figured redhead. She boasted curves in all the right places. Her sizable breasts filled a bikini to its capacity. I wondered if she realized that her nipples were embarrassingly apparent as her thin top clung to her bosom. I glanced away and gazed instead at Tammy’s hips. They were full and round below a tight little tummy. I chuckled as I thought to myself that Michael would call her “a brick shithouse”. Under Heather’s stare, Tammy rolled her hips seductively. At that moment, Tammy looked every bit a piece of ripe fruit, ready to be harvested. Her figure had blossomed, and I knew she had become the object of many a man’s desire. I wondered idly if any of them had been able to pluck this attractive woman’s cherry. It wouldn’t be long before I would have the answer to that question.

“Francine, you’re just a blonde little goddess now, aren’t you?” Heather exclaimed, her eyes turning to me. “When bodies were passed out, you must have gotten first pick.”

Instinctively, I locked my knees together as she checked me out. I could feel her surveying my face. I knew I was fortunate to have a pretty face: high cheek bones, smiling lips, and shoulder-length blonde hair that required little attention. Her gaze drifted down to my bikini top.

Even on my back, she could see that I was a woman who had matured completely. My full round breasts were testing the strength of the fabric in my suit right now. Heather was piercingly direct as she sized me up. As she evaluated me, I thought with pride that not only were my globes ample like Tammy’s, they were also quite firm. When I stood tall, so did my tits. Heather was making the same observation. She was also wondering to herself what pleasures these mounds of flesh would provide as they were soon fondled and suckled by the men’s club. How tall would these little nipples extend themselves to be teased by these new partners?

Heather smiled to herself. A small town girl wearing a belly button ring. Heather recognized that I had the kind of smooth, tight tummy worth drawing attention to. She knew men were going to love me. I blushed as her eyes moved to the V between my legs. My new friend was noticing that I didn’t shave as closely as these girls. Puffy hair bulged under my pliant suit. She snickered. I thought she was making a comment about how provincial I was. She wasn’t. Instead, she was imagining the cat calls I would be receiving later that evening as I was coaxed out of my suit.

Finally, Heather’s eyes moved down to my legs. Without knowing it, she was seeing the results of many fitness classes. My thighs were well-toned, and extended down to long sculpted calves and brightly painted toes.

“Tell us the truth, Francine. Were you the prom queen or what?” She was right. I had been the head cheerleader in high school… and the prom queen. But even though I had received my share of attention, I was by no means promiscuous. I was a virgin when Michael found me and we married. My white picket fence was home in Minnesota. These girls could have their fun. I was even enjoying the suggestive tone of the last few minutes. But when all was said and done, I knew my life was in a small town in Minnesota.

Invitation to an Awakening

Now it was Tammy’s turn to sit up. The girls were quite animated today, I thought.

“Francine, have you seen that big house at the end of the complex?”

“Sure,” I replied. It looked like a mansion from the pool. A mansion that was clearly the most imposing building in this part of town.

“Because it’s Saturday, there’s a party at the condo tonight. What have you been doing for fun since you’ve been here?”

Not that much, I thought to myself. I’d only been here four days.

“How about the three of us going over together?” Tammy suggested.

I was hesitant. “I don’t know, Tammy. I’m married. Michael wouldn’t be too thrilled if he knew I was out partying while I’m here.”

Heather chimed in. “We could really use your props, Francine. You may have found a man, but we’re still out looking. How ‘bout helping us out?”

They were both looking so forlorn. I gave in. “Okay, but just to provide moral support.” Heather gave me another wink. It was much too meaningful. She seemed to be thinking that I was the type of girl who could become a lot wilder than I was letting on. But then, she knew exactly what was planned for me. Heather fully expected more promiscuity from me in one evening than I had experienced in a lifetime. I felt she had misjudged me. While I was forming this opinion, however, I failed to recognize the sophistication with which these two young ladies were carefully guiding me… guiding me toward a lifestyle I would have never imagined. They intended to be very convincing.

On the Doorstep

At eight, the girls picked me up for the party.

Heather was checking me out as soon as I opened the door. She seemed to have developed an excessive interest in me today. I was starting to wonder if she was gay. In truth, she’d singled me out on the day I first moved in. But not for herself. The way I filled out my party dress just confirmed her initial assessment of my suitability for what was to come.

“Very pretty ankle bracelet, Francine,” Heather complimented. “FFM…are those your initials?” I nodded yes. “Well it’s a very festive piece of jewelry. On a beautiful girl like you, that bracelet is sure to draw attention to your very pretty legs.” It sure was right now. The eyes of both girls traced my tan from ankle to thigh.

I blushed. I hadn’t worn the bracelet to be showy. My husband had given it to me. It was a symbol of my devotion to him. By tomorrow evening I would be sporting a new symbol of devotion. This symbol would be to a group of people I hadn’t even met yet.

Tammy came to the conversational rescue. “Bring your suit, Francie, they have a really great hot tub at the condo.”

“Where are yours?”

“In our purses, silly. Why do you think we have these tiny bikinis?”

I wasn’t thinking that was why, but I went for my suit anyway. In my bedroom, I tried to stuff the one-piece suit into my purse. Why do they make these party purses so small, I asked myself? There was no way the one-piece would fit into this dark little container. Instead, it was the bikini that was forced tightly into my handbag. The symbolism was lost on me at the time, but within hours I would find myself involved in another form of force fitting. In these later struggles, however, my handbag wouldn’t be the receptacle involved. It would be my own supple body that would be asked to receive the full expression of not one, but multiple partners. These new acquaintances were members of a club formed especially to take advantage of attractive young women like me. Heather and Tammy had already informed the club of my availability for membership. The men were anxiously awaiting my arrival right now, so they could unwrap their new female playmate. At tonight’s party I was to be the guest-of-honor… and the evening’s entertainment!

Meeting the Men’s Club

As we approached the condo, I realized that it was much larger and grander than it appeared from a distance. Unlike my little apartment, or our house in Minnesota for that matter, the condo was built up many levels. Elegant dormers and ornate bay windows flanked the sides of the covered entry.

I felt small as Heather rang the bell. Tammy gave my hand an excited squeeze. The massive front door was opened by a handsome man. Heather introduced him as Robert. He struck me as a businessman of some sort, due to his slim build and immaculately groomed fingernails. Robert immediately looked me softly in the eyes and invited us in. The foyer reinforced my image of a house fashioned by old money. I inhaled the fragrance of the oiled wood paneling. The room’s age filled my senses.

Robert led us to a back play room. Lounging around a brass and teak bar were three men I guessed to be in their late 20’s. Jason looked to be a surfer. His dark skin contrasted with hair bleached nearly white from the sun. Clay, on the other hand, was a rugged individual. Hair poked through his open shirt, which he had unbuttoned to show off a muscular chest and arms. The third man at the bar was Colin. Colin seemed out of place for two reasons. First of all, his face was buried behind a large video camera. Robert leaned over to inform me that Colin fancied himself as a budding film-maker. Equally incongruous, Colin was a very large black man. Colin must have stood more than 6 feet 6 inches.

“This will be our group tonight,” Robert announced with authority. It was a much smaller party than I had imagined for such an imposing house. There was actually one other man at the party with us right then. Robert didn’t introduce him to me, but this unknown man was already getting acquainted with me. It would be tomorrow morning before I would meet the faceless producer of tonight’s event.

“What are you drinking, ladies?” Robert asked. “Grab something you like and we’ll head out onto the deck.”

Clay slid behind the bar. I soon held a glass of bubbly white wine and was following Robert to the glass wall at the back of this oversized room. As I made my way toward him, I ran my fingernails across the velvet wallpaper. Dozens of tiny lights sparkled down from the tall ceiling. Some were red, but I didn’t notice that every once in awhile one of these red lights would flash on as a hidden eye followed my movements.

The furnishings in the play room were dominated by a large sofa and foot stools which filled the middle of the room. There was an incongruous large blank wall opposite me. I would learn the purpose of this wall later.

“You wouldn’t expect to find this kind of luxury here, would you?” Heather asked rhetorically as she joined me at the glass doors. “The condo is so full of surprises,” she added, reinforcing the sense of mystery I was feeling.

The view from the deck was stunning. Fading sunset cast shards of light onto the waves. Bright rays danced on the crests, only to disappear as each wave cascaded onto the sandy shore and slapped its mist into the gentle breeze. A number of times I breathed the salt air in deeply. I wanted to remember this moment as long as I could. Jason had stepped up next to me. He was also enjoying the view on the deck. His joy however was caused by the rising and falling of my full chest, which now intermittently strained against my dress. While I surveyed the ocean, Jason drank my body in with his eyes. My perfume intoxicated him more than the tequila he now sipped. After completing his assessment, Jason’s anticipation was heightened beyond even his earlier expectations.

Developing a Sound Track

Heather joined us and gave Jason a big hug. He kissed her neck as only a close friend would. I was a little jealous that she had someone with whom to share this sunset. Robert came up behind me, and placed his hand on the small of my back. I turned to see who had taken this liberty, at which Robert offered me more wine from the bottle in his other hand. As he poured, the hand on my back slipped around my waist. In the coolness of the waning daylight, I forgot my marriage for a moment and allowed him to pull me to him for warmth. This first contact affected each of us. I loved the beautiful setting and the confidence of the man next to me. Because I had not offered any resistance, Robert, like Jason, began to anticipate in detail the passion that the evening would surely bring.

Colin continued to record our every move. At first it was disconcerting to see his camera pointed at me continuously, but I was slowly getting used to him stalking around behind his lens. I felt like I was on a reality show. In truth, I wasn’t too far wrong.

Robert again refilled my glass. “Tell me about yourself, Francine” he requested. I smiled at the thought that he might care about my very ordinary life. But he was interested… and interesting. As we talked, I was surprised to find that we shared much in common and had similar points-of-view. We became good friends quickly. Robert subtly encouraged me to drink by topping my wine glass frequently. He was envious of the wine glass, which I brought to my lips more and more often. He hoped to take the place of wine glass later.

Clay broke into our conversation. “Francine, what are your favorite sound tracks? Does a pretty woman like you have a favorite artist?”

It was easy for me to tick off the titles of the CDs in my apartment. Clay laughed. “I can imagine you enjoying some of those solo singers, and maybe I can see you grooving to the moldy oldies and even the country music… but you can’t be serious about the heavy metal! I’m having trouble envisioning your foxy blonde frame rocking to a pounding bass.”

In a moment of defiance, I retorted “Hey Clay, I have a wild side too, you know.” I gave him a wink. He read much more into it than I intended. He leaned forward to embrace me.

As he did, he whispered into my ear “I’m glad to hear that, honey. I’ll try to make sure you have the opportunity to show me later”. With that, I thought I felt him give my bottom a little squeeze, but I could have been mistaken.

Behind the scenes, Benito had heard my selections and was rummaging through his music archive. The producer was pulling out some of my favorite songs for the soundtrack of tonight’s feature attraction.

My Bedroom

“Robert, don’t you think it’s about time we got a chance to try that hot tub?” Tammy called from across the deck.

“Oh, you’re ready to change into something a bit more revealing, are you?” he retorted.

“Well, I am craving something warm and slippery,” she called back.

With that cryptic remark, everyone returned to the play room.

Heather turned back for me. “Come along, Francine, I’ll show you where to change.”

We girls grabbed our purses and veered left past the play room. Heather stuck her head into an adjacent corridor and beckoned me forward.

“Just checking to make sure there aren’t any other guests we might interfere with,” she said cheerily over her shoulder.

We walked down a wood-paneled hallway punctuated with five equally spaced doors on each side. As we walked past the third set of doors, I thought I heard a sound I recognized. Bedsprings were getting a vigorous workout. And a woman was moaning, as though she was in the throes of passion. I caught up to Heather.

“Heather, did you hear that? I think someone is having sex in that bedroom we just passed.”

Heather smiled at me. “Robert is known to have a number of very active lady friends.”

I nodded dumbly, not grasping Heather’s meaning. She directed me to the last door.

“This is your room. You can change into your suit and meet us back in the play room. The patio is covered with sharp stones. There should be a pair of waterproof sandals waiting for you.”

She closed the door behind her, and left me standing in a pretty room with a large four poster bed. I dropped my purse on the ornate dresser next to it. I gazed at myself in the full length mirror directly at the foot of the bed. Just then, as I was looking myself over, my oversized image flashed up onto the white wall in the play room. My new friends watched as I began to strip out of my clothes.

“Wow, this girl is a major league babe,” Clay called out.

“Will you look at those tits,” Jason exclaimed. “Frenchie must be the hottest chick we’ve ever had in here.”

“Gentlemen, look closely. Our lady for the evening appears to be a natural blonde.” And as Robert focused his attention on my flaxen mound, my womanly charms were projected at twenty times their actual size on the ten foot tall screen. Tammy strolled back into the room.

“Getting a sneak peek at your newest toy?”

“She gets a rating of four cocks up,” Colin stated enthusiastically.

I found the sandals, if one could call them that. They were something between Dorothy of Oz’ glass slippers and a pair of vampy stiletto heels. A red metallic finish gave these “sandals” a bright appearance. Crossing laces bound them securely to my ankles. It was a good thing. Three inch heels elevated me to new and risky heights.

I pulled on my suit to the dismay of my clandestine audience. Once again I took a quick look in the mirror. Who ever wears high heels with a swimming suit? The only comparison I could think of was the Miss America pageant. I turned to make sure I was covered in back, and gave my bottom a playful pat.

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