tagNon-Erotic PoetryOne Nation - Under God?

One Nation - Under God?


The battlements ready, our campaign sound, A fallen soldier on sacred ground... The ruins of today bring tomorrow for our youth, so why do we continue to save the nation for me and you? It's useless to bring something to this world, though hopeful it may be.... there's something precious in a child....there's another world to see. Maybe we can preserve, what little humility we have left - before our broken world turns to desolate and bereft - and maybe we can tell our children, how ignorant we were before, when we all hated the Muslims, when we faught the Korean war, when Pearl Harbor was destroyed, and we irradicated an entire city, when the whole world faught, not once, but twice... and when we stopped to take pity. When we just couldn't accept that we were wrong, and so we persecuted every witch, when we destroyed hundreds of lives to prove the purpose of religious evangelists. When we took our land, staked our claim, leaving deperate few to survive on reservations, when we took to heart that women were, in fact, more than breeding stock and sexual collaberations, when the blacks were free and finally we could for once see that we were filled with hate - when we all took to claim, the neverending fame of all that we would debate - for our nation is just as small, as any other compared to you... my earthly Mother, my twilight's child, please tell me.... Why so few? Why do so many people take this life, for granted as though it doesn't mean a thing? Why do we destroy ourselves and give birth to a life without a name? Because that's what we do - we take everything for granted and give nothing back - we lie and strongarm anything that gets in our way to make up for the souls we lack - and our government IS our god - in the mindless ravines of barren ground we walk upon... please tell me Mother - is there anything left for us to call our own, has every bit of hope yet gone? I have hope, someday, we'll remember how we felt. when nothing was the same. When our world was changed with two buildings, when we can admit to how we shame - the millions of people out there, who don't KNOW what it's like to be free - the thousands of civilians who live in fear because of YOU AND ME - and maybe someday we'll learn to live, and love our fellow man.... but I tell ya, Mother... I certainly hope you won't give up on us in our ignorance... and I hope you'll lend a helping hand. For those of you who can't abide, with a higher power or a God - for those of you who can't lie, and those who simply shake their heads, or nod - I only ask that you give us a chance, because it's so hard being so young. I only ask that you love us - because we'll grow up soon enough. And when we do - do you want us to follow in your steps? Do you want us to live this way - with nothing to guide us through the depths? Please tell me, that you'll consider loving us all the same, please don't judge me for my age. And please don't treat me as though I have no name, and please..... don't live with so much rage. It only hurts us, it only makes Her cry - to see us fight so everyday - I only hope someday we'll learn to live, live to learn, and perhaps then... we can truly say goodbye.

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