One Night


The house was dark when I arrived home. Not surprising, it was quite late. It had been a long night of work. I walked to the kitchen and flipped on the light. I tried not to make any noise as I put my stuff in the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. I stood silently resting on the counter as I enjoyed a post work drink.

After finishing my beer, I turned the lights off and quietly made my way to the bedroom. As I opened the door, I could see the brilliant moonlight shining through the windows. The soft light bathed her form as she lay in the bed, sleeping soundly.

Deciding that the moon was all the light I needed, I declined to turn any more on. I made my way to my side of the bed and began removing my work clothes. As I sat on the corner of the bed to remove my shoes, I had to suppress a groan, not wanting to wake her. My muscles ached. As I pulled off one shoe, I felt and heard her stirring behind me. Bending over to untie my other shoe, I felt her hand on the small of my back.

I couldn't suppress the groan this time as her nails dragged down my back. I turned to look at her and she smiled sleepily.

"Sorry, I woke you," I whispered.

"Its okay," she replied, running her fingernails down my spine again. My back arched. Her touch felt so wonderful on my aching back.

I kicked my shoe off and unbuttoned my pants, pushing them down my legs. She scooted closer to me on the bed and continued to drag her nails down my back. I sighed contentedly. When I had removed my pants and boxers, I stood to crawl under the covers with her. Her hand dragged down my back one last time, lingering as it went over my ass.

I crawled under the covers and rolled toward her, she immediately nuzzled into me. Her arms wrapping around my neck as mine encircled her waist.

"I missed you," she breathed before pressing her lips against the flesh of my neck. My arms pulled her closer, her body melting into mine.

"I missed you too baby," I replied, kissing her cheek.

Her nails resumed their massaging of my back and shoulders. Mine began their own journey up and down her body. Stroking through her hair before descending back down to her hips. Her body pressing tighter against mine.

When her leg began rubbing up and down mine, I could feel my body respond. As tired as I was, she still aroused me. I let out a low groan and pushed my hips into her. I could feel her nipples harden as she felt my arousal and her arms tightened around my neck. She pulled herself harder into my body, her breasts crushing against my chest.

Our eyes met as my hand traveled lower down her back. As I squeezed her ass, our lips met in a hungry needy kiss. Our hands explored each others bodies as our kiss became deeper. My arousal was complete now and it pressed against her stomach. Her leg slid up around my hips and I could now feel hers. Hot and moist.

My hips pressed into her more insistently as our kiss grew deeper. My tongue parting her lips and seeking hers. Our bodies sliding against each other. Hands roaming. I felt her moan into my mouth. One of her hands slid down from my neck and slipped between us. She teased across my chest, paying close attention to my nipples. When she tugged gently on the ring in my right nipple, I squeezed her ass cheek firmly in response.

She responded by pushing her hips harder against me, her wetness dragging over my hard shaft. It was then that I noticed the difference. I pulled back from our kiss and looked at her. As my eyes locked on hers she knew I had noticed.

"I did it today," she said in response to my silent question, "Do you like it?"

I answered her by smiling broadly and slipping my hand between her legs. I slowly dragged my palm up over her now smooth bare pussy. I smiled again and lowered my lips to hers. We kissed passionately as I ran my fingers over her sex and her body moved with me.

She slid her hand down my chest, fingertips dancing over my skin, her nails scratching me softly. She reached my cock and wrapped her fingers around it as I continued to drag my fingers through her moist slit. We moaned into each others mouth.

Our eyes locked as we stroked and rubbed each other. I could feel her hard nipples against mine. I gently nudged her body and rolled her onto her back, my body rolling with her and settling between her legs. Her hand never left my cock and mine soon joined.

She looked up at me and quietly mouthed, "Please baby."

I guided the head of my shaft to her, rubbing it through her wetness. Her pussy felt so soft and smooth. I pushed my hips forward and felt her open for me. I pushed in more and my cock head was bathed in her heat. It felt wonderful. I pushed forward until I was buried fully inside her, my heavy balls resting against her ass.

Her leg slid up the back of mine and rested against my ass when I was completely inside her. We lay still, savoring the feeling of being joined as one. I could feel her walls contract around my shaft and my cock throb in response.

Staring down into her eyes, I said, "I love you baby."

"I love you too," she responded and her hips started to move. I began to move my hips with her. Before long my shaft was gliding in and out of her pussy at a steady pace. Her walls squeezing me tight but her wetness allowing me to move easily.

I listened to her breathing as I stroked my cock into her. Panting. She wrapped both legs around my waist, pulling me deeper into her. I could feel her wetness coating my balls every time I bottomed out in her. Our bodies moved together. Slick flesh against slick flesh. Her nipples dragging over mine. Our eyes locked. My breathing becoming more labored.

Her arms snaked around my neck and her fingers massaged my muscles. I thrust my cock into her more forcefully and she responded with a loud moan. Soon her fingers began traveling down my back, her nails digging in when my cock hit the right spot. My back arched when she dug her nails in, pushing my cock deeper. She moaned and clawed my back harder.

As the pleasure increased, so did my pace. Her moans told me she loved it. Our bodies crashed together. The sound of our slick flesh smacking together filled my ears. I could feel myself getting closer. I couldn't hold back any longer.

I gazed down at her face, bathed in the moonlight. She was so beautiful. I thrust into her harder. Drawing closer to the edge and pushing past.

"I'm close baby," I whispered.

She nodded her head and dug her nails into my back. I arched and drove my cock deep. I exploded into her with a growl and immediately felt her pussy spasm around me. She flooded my cock as I filled her pussy with my seed.

As our breathing slowed, I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her deeply, my body collapsing onto her. Her arms tight around my back and neck. We kissed and caressed each other as my spent cock softened inside her.

Concerned for her comfort, I eventually rolled off her, my cock slipping from her pussy. I lay beside her and she snuggled into me. I could feel her chest rise and fall against mine. I ran my fingers through her hair and massaged her neck.

She cooed appreciatively and kissed my neck. Her fingers lazily danced over my chest, toying with my nipples and her favorite piece of jewelry.

In time we drifted off to sleep, holding each other. Our bodies pressed tightly together. The sound of our happy satisfied breathing lulling us to sleep.

I woke some time later. I wasn't sure how long I had been asleep. I felt her against me. Warm and soft. Her breath on my neck. I ran my hand slowly down her back and felt her shift. Half asleep, I continued to roam her body with my hand. I squeezed her ass cheek as I ran my hand over it. She stirred some more. Soon her hands began reciprocating the movements of my own. I felt her fingertips dance down my spine. I pressed closer and she did as well.

As we caressed each other I felt my shaft slowly swell back to fullness. She felt it too and ground her hips. Her leg slipped between mine and slowly rubbed up and down. My hand kneaded her ass as our lips met. We kissed and caressed and moved our bodies together for a while, our passion building.

When my patience began wearing thin, I gently nudged her shoulder and rolled her over until her back was to me. I scooted closer and she pressed back, my cock settling between her ass cheeks. My hands found her breasts, kneading them softly and rolling the hard nipples between my fingers. Her hand found my hip and her fingers dug in.

I reached a hand down and lifted her leg over mine, opening her. I then slid my hand between us to grip my throbbing shaft. As I guided it between her legs, she pushed back against me and moaned as the head brushed against her wetness. I found her opening and eased back inside her.

I raised my hand to her chin and tilted her head back to kiss her as we slowly rocked together, our bodies one. We made love, soft and gently for some time before our need became too great. With my hands on her hips I pushed into her harder, her ass meeting my thrusts.

With a groan and a squeeze of my arms around her, I came deep inside her once again. Her own climax followed shortly. We drifted off to sleep again with my arms wrapped around her and hers cover mine. I never removed my cock from her this time.

I awoke to the morning sun shining through our bedroom window. We were still holding each other in the spoon position, our cheeks pressed tightly together. In our slumber my cock had slipped from her pussy and lay soft against her ass.

I looked at the alarm clock beside our bed and noticed the time. I had an early shift that day and wanted to hit the gym beforehand. I gently extricated myself from our embrace and climbed from the bed. She never stirred as I made my way to the bathroom.

I decided on a shower, even though I would be working up a sweat during my workout. Somehow I thought it best to wash the smell of our lovemaking from my body before going out in public. Although, part of me wanted it to stay with me throughout the day.

She was still sleeping soundly when I returned to the bedroom. I packed my bag with my gym clothes and work clothes as quietly as I could. I went to the clock to make sure the alarm was set for her. I noticed her move out of the corner of my eye.

"Good morning," I whispered.

She smiled sleepily and whispered back, "Good morning baby. Going to the gym?"

"Yes." I told her, "the alarm is set. I left lunch for you in the fridge."

"Yay," she replied softly and lifted her arms for me. I leaned down and let her wrap her arms around my neck. She held on tight as our lips met for a soft kiss. She seemed reluctant to let go, and I was just as reluctant to leave. The knowledge that she would be there, waiting for me upon my return, allowed me to pull away and leave for the daily grind.

She would be on my mind all day, as she always is. I already missed her as I left the house. I longed to hold her in my arms again and be held in hers.

Its only nine hours, I told myself as I climbed into my car and pulled away.

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