tagLoving WivesOne Night At A Party (Conclusion 2)

One Night At A Party (Conclusion 2)

byquinn rogan©

We collapsed in each other's arms, slick with perspiration. I could feel the hard nubbins of Mary's nipples sliding across my slippery chest, and, unbelievably, I felt my erection begin to recover within seconds of my final ejaculation. Mentally, too, I was still in a state of extremely heightened stimulation.

The only thing wrong with our volcanic mutual climax had been that I hadn't actually been inside the velvety warmth of Mary's vagina when it happened. In fact, the underside of my cock had been grinding against her pubic bone as she jerked and spasmed in the final throes of ecstasy, and there had been a few seconds when the torrent of banked-up semen had been unable to get out, so hard was the pressure of her clitoris against me – but then she had pulled back momentarily, and the jets of come had spurted out, all over her belly and thighs.

As my cock recovered, now, I could feel it being laved in the incredibly sensuous mixture of perspiration, semen and Mary's own juices as it languorously lengthened and hardened against her soft, yielding lower body. I don't think I ever loved her, or wanted her, as much as I did at that moment.

Deep down, a still, small voice was whispering that, in the cold light of day, I – we – would want to re-examine the events and conversations which had brought us to this peak of shared ecstasy, but, right now, all moral questions were firmly on the back burner and my sensuality was firmly in command.

In the depths of recollection, I recalled every word – punctuated, as it had been, by the ragged gasps of Mary's impending final orgasm.

"Do you wish I'd let him take me outside to play with my naked tits – like he wanted to – then put his hand up my skirt to feel my wet cunt?"

"I wanted him to take me outside and stand me up against the wall of the house and fuck me!"

Even in the bedroom, while we were making love, Mary had never, ever, before spoken like that. In fact, we were not great talkers during 'the act', at all – oh, we did plenty of moaning and gasping and sighing, but I couldn't really recall us having a conversation, beyond the 'foreplay' stage, before.

And that last primeval scream of Mary's, on the word 'me', was quite unprecedented. Her orgasm was usually heralded by a quickening series of little gasps, followed by a long, shuddering one as her body stiffened in the moment of climax. Just the thought of that long drawn-out wail was enough to restore my cock to full erection, and I slithered downwards to position it between her thighs.

As I moved position, Mary gave a little moan of protest, and tightened her arms round me. I slid a hand up between us and cupped a naked breast. I could feel a very erect nipple pressing against my palm, and I moved my hand across its tip.

Mary shivered with pleasure, and one of her hands slipped between our bellies and closed round my cock, giving it a loving squeeze.

"Charlie," she breathed. Her voice was hesitant, nervous. I leaned my head back on the pillow to look at her. In the moonlight, I could see her eyes – large, round and serious, fixed on my face. I moved back towards her and kissed her mouth. It never tasted sweeter. Her soft, full lips opened slightly and my tongue quested inside, meeting hers. My passion began to build up again and, again, I moved slightly, to part her thighs and open her cunt to receive me.

Before, when we were making love, I always thought of her vagina as her 'cunt', but I never said so and, before tonight, I had never heard her even use the word. Now, when it came into my mind, it was as I had heard Mary saying it, and it was twice – three times – as exciting. My prick throbbed in anticipation – but Mary's fingers closed round it, easing it away from her opening, and her mouth slid from under mine.

"Charlie," she repeated. "I didn't think you'd be like this. I thought you'd be jealous – possessive …"

"So did I," I whispered, "but … but – well, do I have any reason to be? I mean – are you in love with Billy, or …?"

"Oh no!" she said, loudly, then instinctively covered her mouth as she remembered the children. "No!" she whispered, vehemently. "You know I love you!"

"Well, then," I said, trying to sound cool, but my heart leaping like a boy's as I realised that my question had been serious, and that I had been a little fearful of the reply.

There was a short silence. I realised Mary wanted to go on talking and, at first, I was disappointed – even resentful. Like most men, when I want the feel of a warm vagina wrapped round my cock, anything that gets in the way of that tends to be an unwelcome distraction. In an attempt to concentrate her mind on the important thing, I lowered my head to her breast and ran my tongue lightly over her nipple.

Mary ran her fingers through my hair, but it was an affectionate, rather than a passionate, gesture – then I became aware that she was talking again.

"Charlie – I want to try to explain," she said, lightly pulling my hair so that I raised my head to look at her. She bent forward to kiss me, quickly, and went on.

"You know I love you – and the kids – and I'm not unhappy and – really – everything's OK, but – well – sometimes I just get – excited, and, then, I just can't help myself!"

I had been, I realised, 'saving' the beach barbecue incident – especially after Mary's earlier references to it had differed so radically from Billy's version. I thought, because of the 'group sex' aspect, Mary might be more reluctant to disclose what really happened there, but the thought that she might be preparing to tell me about it, now, made my mouth dry in anticipation.

But she had said 'sometimes'. Did that mean that there was even more? Again, I lifted my head and settled it on the pillow, next to hers. My balls were tight with anticipation as I waited for her to continue.

"Like – with Billy tonight," Mary went on, after a short pause. "I didn't mean – when I started dancing with him, I mean – for him to touch me … there."

"On your tits," I whispered, a little stir of excitement moving me – I wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes," she breathed, catching my mood. "I didn't mean to let him feel my – tits."

"But he did," I said. "He had his hands on your tits, playing with your nipples …"

"Yes – he did – but …" she carried on, quickly, not giving me a chance to interrupt, "… I didn't mean him to, when we started to dance. At first, we weren't dancing close together – it wasn't until the music changed, and got slower, that we came together. Then, well, someone turned the lights down and Billy came in close. He cupped his hands round my behind and I felt his – his cock – pressing against me. Sometimes, when that happens, the man eases back – but Billy didn't. I could feel – he was pushing it against me. He wanted me to feel it. It was very hard, and – and – I began to feel – excited …"

Mary took my hand and pressed it against her mound. Pressed against the apex of her thighs, my middle finger could feel the dampness of fresh juices flowing.

"Ohhh," she muttered. "That's what started – between my legs – and he knew it! He moved one of his hands up my back and pushed gently, so that my breasts were pressed against his shirt. Then he started whispering things – into my ear."

"What things?" I had to know.

"The same as you," Mary breathed. "He said I had the nicest breasts in the room, and asked if I could feel how much he liked them."

"What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything. But, I nodded my head, against his shoulder – and he moved his cock against me, again, in a sort of circular motion, then bent his knees a little and pushed it against – you know …"

"Against your cunt," I breathed. Mary nodded, and I didn't insist on her saying it. My fingers were now sliding along her lips, which were slick with her running moisture.

"Then his hand slid up between us and closed round my breast. He squeezed it, softly, and I couldn't help moving myself against him – against the bulge of his cock. I was so wet, by then! Then he unbuttoned part of my blouse and put his hand inside, and squeezed one of my breasts – on top of my bra. I wanted him to touch my nipples, Charlie – they were aching to be touched – and … and I told him my bra opened at the front! We had moved into a really dark corner of the room, and I stayed pressed right up against him, so that no-one would see us. Billy got my bra open, then he squeezed my left tit really hard. My back was against the wall and I pushed my – bottom half – hard against him, really grinding into his erection – and, and then – he came! I heard him give a little groan, then he pushed hard against me and began shaking …"

She clamped her hand, hard, on top of mine and pressed it against her, with a long shuddering sigh. The she released the pressure, and expelled a long breath.

"But, almost immediately, I started thinking of you, and all the guilt feelings came back. I feel such a hypocrite, Charlie – I've always been so 'against' that sort of thing. I've always been scared of you – with another girl – and what it might lead to – and you've been very good. I know you have – I'd have heard if you'd done anything like that …"

"And now – I almost wish you had," she went on, after a pause. "In fact, I do wish you had."

"Is that why you asked about Beverley?" I asked.

The temperature had dropped after Mary had described Billy's involuntary ejaculation, but I could sense it was just simmering. I wanted to bring it back closer to the boil, and I had a feeling there was something in her reference to Beverley – possibly leading to the barbecue incident. At one time, Mary and Beverley had been quite close – had Beverley once said something about me? I hadn't, in fact, ever 'played around' with her, but we had had a few close encounters on the dance floor and she had probably sensed my excitement, although I was sure I hadn't been as blatant about it as Billy …

"I suppose so," Mary answered. "I know she likes you, and I know she's – well, let one or two guys …"

Something was being left unsaid, here. I could sense it – and it involved Mary. I felt the familiar tightening in my scrotum.

"And …?" I said, leaving it hanging in the air. Mary took a deep breath.

"You must have guessed that – last night, with Billy – wasn't the first time I've …," Mary opened, hesitantly.

"Yes," I agreed. "You've more or less said as much." I tried to sound calm, but my heart was thumping

"You see – I never mean it, Charlie, but – oh, I don't know – when I'm in a certain mood – maybe very happy, or I've had a drink, or something just – flicks my switch – well, it just happens."

I said nothing, but fondled her breast, tenderly, to show I understood.

"Tell me about the barbecue, Mary," I whispered. "All of it."

"Come on top of me, then," she murmured. I had a silly little thrill of excitement as I realised Mary, too, regretted that I hadn't been inside her when he had our recent huge mutual climax, and, in a ferment of anticipation, I slid between her parted thighs …

"Beverley's always had a 'thing' about Tom, ever since Linda hinted to her that his cock was the longest one she'd ever seen," Mary started. "She's fascinated by men's penises, anyway – I think it's because she was brought up with her mother and two sisters, and then went to an all girls' school. She's always talking about cocks, and looking at pictures of men's erections on the Internet – and bringing herself off, imagining them inside her! She asked me to describe yours, when it gets hard, and how it feels, inside me …"

"Did you tell her?" I asked, feeling a thrill surge through me at the thought of Beverley playing with her clitoris and gasping at the image of a huge erection on her PC screen.

"Yes," whispered Mary. "It was very arousing, describing it to another woman, knowing it would excite her. She even asked me if it turned me on, thinking about you putting it inside her …"

"And does it?" I asked.

"It did, then – but that was only … fantasy. I suppose you would like to – fuck Beverley, I mean. You'd really like her tits …"

"I'd rather fuck you," I said, honestly. "And, your tits are better than anyone's."

I tongued her nipple, and she giggled, a little.

"How about this barbecue, then?" I said.

"Well, Beverley and I were sitting with Tom and Billy, drinking beer. The rest of you were playing some game, down by the shoreline. Beverley had spotted the two of them sitting talking and asked me to try to let her get away with Tom, into the trees. She had had an awful lot to drink – so had I – and she was sure if she could get Tom on his own, she could at least get to feel his cock … So she asked me to try to distract Billy …"

"That was tough for you," I commented, ironically, but Mary didn't reply.

"Well, we sat down beside them, and Beverley kept leaning forward to poke the fire, so that her top fell forward and the boys could see her breasts. Eventually, Billy said something about the view and Bev threw some beer at him. Billy jumped up, and so did Bev, and he chased her, into the trees. Tom and I got up at the same time and I remember thinking – 'She's got the wrong one!' – and I chased after them."

"I couldn't see them, but I could hear Bev squealing, and I followed the sounds. When I caught up with them, Beverley was lying on her back, giggling, with Billy astride her. Then Billy leant forward and kissed her, and put his hands on her breasts. Bev stopped giggling and just lay, looking up at Billy, while he gave them a good feel. Then he pushed his hands under her t-shirt, and she closed her eyes and just lay there, letting him squeeze her tits."

"I was very turned on, watching them – in fact, I think I was touching myself – and that was when Tom came up behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders, first, then, as we watched Bev and Billy, he dropped them down my front and cupped them round my breasts. Then Billy pushed Bev's t-shirt up to her shoulders. Her breasts were bare, and she was moaning as Billy took hold of her nipples."

"I felt Tom's hands tighten on my breasts, and I put my hands up to cover his. I think I meant to pull them away, but … he had moved right in behind me, and I could feel his cock pressing against me. He wasn't moving it, but I could feel its length in the small of my back and I remember thinking – Beverley was right. He is big!"

"Then Beverley started playing with herself – her nipples – and Tom undid my bra at the back. I wanted to stop him, but I kept feeling that huge cock pressing into me and … and my nipples were aching to be touched. Then Tom put his hands under my shirt and felt my breasts – my tits, and I just leaned back into him, enjoying the feel of his big hands caressing my breasts."

"Then, he suddenly pulled my shirt and bra over my head – just as Billy turned round, to see me topless! I put my hands up to cover myself, but Tom pulled them away, and started rubbing my nipples with his palms, in full view of the other two."

"Then – then Billy got up, and pulled Bev to her feet, and they came across to where we were, and, for a while, the boys touched our tits as a kind of – foursome. It was really strange – at one time, each of the boys had one of our tits, each – but, then, Billy kissed one of my nipples, and, well, you know what that does to me, Charlie – I started moaning and Billy got the message very quickly and put his hand between my legs."

"I knew I was wet, down there, but I managed to pull his hand away. By now, we had 'paired off' again, though, and Tom had Beverley up against a tree-trunk. Her panties were halfway down her thighs, and his hand was between her legs. I could see her bush, and he had at least two fingers inside her, and she was really moaning loudly."

"Billy was still kissing and tonguing my nipple, and I was watching them, over his shoulder, and getting more turned on by the second. Billy touched the inside of my thigh again and, this time, I wrapped my arms round his head, pulling his mouth onto my nipple and he pushed his hand against my – my cunt, and it felt … ooooohhh, Charlie, I was so wet …… and Billy could feel it soaking through my shorts, and he pushed his fingers hard against me, nearly pushing my shorts up inside me, and he took my nipple between his teeth and … and I started to come! Oh, I came buckets, Charlie, and when I came to my senses, at last, Billy had a finger inside me! His whole finger, Charlie, right up my wet cunt – oh, fuck me hard, now, Charlie – think about Billy's finger, filling up my cunt, and making me come! Fuck me! Fuck me – hard – harder, Charlie – harder …"

I needed no second telling. Propped on my elbows, I drove into my wriggling wife with long hard strokes, watching her face as she writhed in ecstatic recollection, and her rigid-nippled breasts as they shook violently. Every time I withdrew, Mary thrust her hips up to follow me, then gasped as I entered her again, forcing her back down on to the rumpled bed.

Because of my recent ejaculation, I was able to maintain some degree of detachment, and to concentrate on bringing Mary closer and closer to orgasm, reading the fleeting expressions on her face, until the closing of her teeth on her lower lip told me that she was on the verge.

I braced my arms, pulling myself practically all the way out of her. I stayed, poised above her, for a second or two. She moaned in protest, and her arms reached blindly upwards, then I slammed my cock back into her, making sure that my pubic bone ground against her clitoris, and, this time, stayed wedged deeply inside as she toppled over the edge and went into a huge freefall climax.

Miraculously, I was able to resist the almost overwhelming temptation to join her on her trip into ecstasy, and I watched, fascinated, as her head rolled and her mouth opened and shut as wave after wave of orgasm shook her.

The storm took long minutes to blow itself out and, when it had, heralded by a long, shuddering exhalation of every drop of breath in her body, Mary rolled herself into a foetal ball, her back turned towards me. Every so often, another shudder racked her, as she took another breath.

Tentatively, I put a hand on her shoulder, and she started like a gazelle and I pulled it away. Then I put it back, and she jumped again, but lifted a hand back to cover it, and keep it in place. I moved in behind her, and she wriggled back towards me, her back fitting into the hollows of my chest.

I slipped a hand round to cup her breast. She sighed, contentedly, and let me fondle her. Again, her hand rested on mine. Then, I moved my lower body against her and, as she felt the hardness of my still erect penis slide between her bottom cheeks, I heard a muffled 'Oh!' and she slightly parted her thighs, to trap my cock in the velvety junction just below her centre.

Then, after a few more seconds, she moved languorously, and stretched, like a cat, at the same time turning to face me. Pushing the bedclothes back, hands stretched up over head, she deliberately displayed her nakedness to me – her firm high breasts, narrow waist, dark bush nestling between strong, yet delicate, shapely thighs. She looked down at me – at my erect cock, standing up, ready, from its nest of black curly hair – and one hand came down to caress it, lovingly.

"Oh, Charlie," she breathed. "You're wonderful. What other man would understand so well?"

"Understand?" I thought to myself. I still wasn't sure whether I should be blamed or congratulated for my 'understanding' – all I knew was that hearing these stories of my wife's adventures with other men was the most erotic experience I had ever had – and I was hungry for more.

"Would you like to try my 'understanding' again?" I breathed.

"Yes," whispered Mary. "There is a bit more to – explain."

Her hand squeezed my cock, as my fingers danced up the inside of her thigh. As I felt her warm, moist centre, she pulled up the bedclothes, and started to speak.

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