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One Night Ch. 05


**Thank you to my editor. Although I've told you before, it does mean allot that you would take the time.*

Sarah took the time to absorb what the man before did while thinking over his order. His eyes focused on the menu, looking it over so not to miss a single thing. It was the same way he looked at her. It was as though he wanted to commit certain things to memory. She watched his strong fingers holding the menu, the way they carefully grasped it. How could something so simple make her think of something so erotic? She didn't understand any of it. She looked at his hair, the way he had it combed. The dark locks she really wanted to run her fingers through. Where was she going with this? She was letting herself get carried away by her dreams.

Taking a sip of her wine she let it gather in her mouth before swallowing it. Her eyes locking with the man across from her and goose bumps covered her skin from it. Sarah had never felt so nervous with anyone. It was the desire, the unknown, possibly the fact she was going where she was with her boss. Her boss, that thought crept back into her mind, and she remembered this wasn't a date. This was her job, her big chance to make sure she got the story. She had to stop thinking of him in any other way.

"So my lovely Sarah have you decided what you'd like most."

"I have. The double happiness plate, I've heard it's absolutely delicious."

Her meal would consist of a sushi roll with lobster, sweet shrimp, scallop, tuna, and salmon. It sounded perfect and her friends had raved about it but Sarah had yet had a chance to experience it. Now was as good as any she guessed. Mr. James looked at the menu as though weighing what she had chosen.

"What about you Mr. James? What will you be having?" she asked getting more comfortable.

"I've decided on the seared tuna. It sounds like perfection doesn't it."

"It does." Getting bold Sarah though she would ask, "Would you share a bite with me by chance?"

"Little Sarah I was planning to share."

The waiter then came to the table and Mr. James ordered for them. The young man kept glancing towards Sarah but Mr. James kept his voice even and stern when telling the young boy their order. From that point on it seemed that he listened intently to what he was being told. She sat back and only listened, half tempted to close her eyes and drift away on the sound alone of his voice. It was soothing yet it held authority, something that made her begin to tingle from head to toe.

Watching, she never let her gaze falter from Mr. James. She began to take him in a little more. Observing more closely at his clothes and his body. It amazed her that such a man looked so good. Sarah had no idea what lay under his clothes, she could only imagine. That imagination, though, got her carried away on many more than one occasion. She didn't think it was a bad thing, in fact a very good one in her line of work. Spending that much time dreaming about her boss, though, was a different and all together crazy story.

"Enjoying your wine Sarah?" he inquired.

Jarred from her current distracting thoughts she smiled at him. The wine was perfect. He certainly had wonderful taste. Sarah knew somehow it extended to not only wine and food but to various other activities. Ones she would love to explore. She shook her head as though trying to clear it. Damn I can't stop think about sex with him she thought to herself.

"The wine, Mr. James, is delicious. I'm sure, though, you knew it would be."

"Yes, I do know a few things about wine, amongst other things. So how do you think the evening will go? Will we able to find a good story?"

"I have no doubt I can find one. I'm looking very forward to the chance you've given to me," Sarah said, obviously excited about it.

"I knew that it would be only time before the correct story for you to start with would come calling. I think this will be right up your alley. I believe in you. Tell me Sarah, will this type of club be a first for you as well?"

Swallowing slightly she watched as Mr. James took a sip from his glass. The wine slipping over his lips, teasing his tongue then sliding down his throat. Suddenly she wondered what wine would taste like coming from his mouth. She was sure it would be just as sweet if not sweeter. The flavor of the wine moving from his tongue, gently caressing her own as she drank from his lips. Sarah couldn't help but stifle a moan and bite her bottom lip as she cleared the thought.

"Um, no I've never been to a club like this. It will be a first for me. Am I that obvious?"

"Nothing about you is that obvious. I can just tell there is something just below your surface. Something you long to let out and run free. I'm hoping to help you with that as well young Sarah."

"I'm sorry. Help me with..."

The waiter bringing out the meal quickly silenced her. It smelled and looked as divine as she had heard. Her thoughts though still lingered around his words. The idea that there was something hidden below her surface, she wanted to know what he meant. Was it really that obvious that she wanted more from life then what she was getting? She had thought she hid it but it seemed Mr. James saw through it. Maybe, though, that was just what she needed. The waiter left them and Sarah looked over at him, waiting for him to speak because she was afraid of what might come out.

"I can tell there is more you need Sarah, more that you desire than what you are currently getting. Should you enjoy this evening then perhaps we can further the experience. Would make for an amazing story," he smiled and took a bite then held out one for her.

The tuna tasted divine, she had known it would. It slid down her throat, the flavors playing with her senses. She could taste everything, it wasn't too much, wasn't over the top. Matter of fact she thought it was perfect, just the right fit of everything. She took a sip of wine and began to eat some her dinner.

"I don't know what to say Mr. James."

"Shh, Sarah. You don't need to say anything now. Lets just enjoy this moment and our dinner."

So they did, the conversation always standing on a sexual fence. There was a tension she felt with him and it lasted. It was this way at the office so why wouldn't it continue now that they were eating dinner. It was an unspoken, obvious at their table and all around could feel it. Sarah sat quietly as the waiter brought the bill and Mr. James paid. They then left their table and walked through the restaurant, his hand never leaving the small of her back.

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