tagFetishOne Night in Baltimore

One Night in Baltimore


I don't make a lot of money. It doesn't matter, it's Laila's money anyway. This time she's spending it in Baltimore. Laila enjoys Fells Point, shopping, drinking, but mostly teasing unwitting husbands and boyfriends with the tops of her stockings or the lace on her bra.

But that's not this story.

We were staying at a small bed & breakfast. After returning from working the beer engines at the Wharf, our host informed us and the one other guest that he would be out of town for the rest of our stay. His sister would be over in the morning to make breakfast and check us out.

As the small talk continued, I focused on the other guest. She was a good looking, I would say handsome, professional woman in her late thirties. Smartly dressed and wearing a short black skirt and sheer white blouse, black heels and stockings, I found myself studying her. It was the reddish bra under her white top that captured my eyes. Staring at other women in Laila's presence has serious consequences and I knew there was going to be a price to pay. Still I could not stop. With Laila I live every sexual fantasy imaginable, even though they are her fantasies. Why am I driven to desire unattainable women with so much less imagination? Maybe I just enjoy the results?

Laila ignored my indiscretion and carried on with a charming and interesting conversation. If only these people could see the complicated wonders in her mind? We said our good byes and went upstairs to our rooms. The other guest's name was Susan, a normal name for a normal person. Her room was across the hall from ours.

After Laila and I entered our room, I knew I was in for it. "How can you stare at another woman like that with me in front of you? Do you know what that makes me look like? Do you know how that makes me feel?"

Laila cares more about how she appears then she cares about me. She has no problem sharing me with others as long as she's the one that's sharing. Still, I care very much how Laila feels. I am her slave and I will do anything to make her feel good.

"Well, if this woman means so much to you, I'll have to put you both alone together so you can get to know each other"

Laila had me undress, wearing only my white Calvin Klein briefs. She took me out in the hall and locked the door behind us. "I'm going out for a while", she said, "I want you to go to Susan's and tell her you locked yourself out of the room and that I went out. Ask her if you can use her phone to call me to come back and unlock the door. And I want to know everything that happens while you're alone with her."

"Laila, honey, how am I going to explain how I locked myself out in my underwear?" I asked.

Laila laughed and walked away.

I was standing alone in the hallway. I inhaled deeply, feeling the blood rush through my body. I was excited, really nervous and I could feel myself fill out the front of my briefs as I approached Susan's door. I knew this would make Laila very happy. She loved to put me in these situations and then come to save me.

After my light knock Susan peeked from behind the slightly open door. Her eyes widened and she breathed in with surprise. I thought I felt a breeze go through me from her subtle gasp. She smiled and before I could say anything she asked, "What are you doing?"

She opened the door all the way but did not ask me to come in. I explained my dilemma as I stood in the hallway. Susan was dressed the same as before and I found myself looking at her red bra, stuttering, asking if I could use her phone. Susan looked me over, taking her time, smiling, obviously enjoying the situation. I noticed she was now wearing glasses, the kind of glasses that blend in with your face, real thin frames. I was wondering if she was wearing them when we met downstairs when Susan's laughter brought me back. "You better come in".

I followed Susan in and stood in the middle of the room while she sat on the end of the bed and crossed her legs. Her skirt moved up her thighs and I could see she was wearing pantyhose not stockings. I was getting excited, but my unusually small penis only filled out my briefs, making me appear well endowed as opposed to being a middle aged man in his underwear with a small erection.

Even though my penis is unusually small, it is uniquely shaped and most women are fascinated by it. One of Laila's favorite games is showing other people my penis and explaining how deceivingly well it works. My penis is really Laila's penis and she does what she wants with it.

"You can use my cell phone over there on the dresser. I'm just going to enjoy the view." Susan said.

I walked over to get the phone. Susan's dresser was in perfect order, in fact her room was impressively neat and tidy unlike Laila's room, a complete mess. I picked up the phone and called Laila. As the phone was ringing, I turned toward Susan. She was now lounging back on the bed and the top two buttons of her blouse were open so I could see the top of her red bra. The way she was laying I could also see up her skirt, not to see her panties, but I could see to the top of her thigh.

Laila answered the phone while I was staring at Susan. "Hello, Hello………Hello."

"Laila, hi it's me….uh, look, I locked myself out of the room….uh, and I'm here in Susan's room and..."

I heard her hang up. I put the phone back and Susan asked "So what did she say?" Susan was lying on her side holding her head up with her hand. Her clothes were slightly messed and she was completely enjoying the situation.

"That was a short conversation. Does she know you're in your undies?"

It occurred to me that Susan never offered me anything to cover up. My erection was now beginning to look like an erection. I adjusted my briefs as Susan giggled. There was a knock on the door and as Susan sat up I could see her panties through her pantyhose. Red, a matching set. She smiled, "So, should I get the door or should you?"

Susan got up and walked to the door. She opened the door and I saw Laila. Laila was wearing a short tan dress, kind of tight, nude stockings with seams and red high heels.

"Hello, is my Whitman here? He called and said he locked himself out of the room."

Susan turned to me and said "He's right here".

Laila and Susan were both standing in front of the open door looking at me, in my white Calvin Klein briefs, erect. Laila laughed out loud, joined by Susan. "What the fuck are you doing?" Laila asked still laughing.

"I'm glad you're not upset," Susan giggled, "I'm really enjoying his company. I love the way he fills out those undies. Is that a hard on?"

"Whitman, you're such an idiot" Laila said, "Thanks for taking care of him, Susan. Can I call you Susan?"

"Call me Suzy, and really, it was my pleasure. Do you want to come in and sit down?"

"Sure", Laila answered, "and I can use a drink, too. Whitman, go down stairs and get me a beer from the refrigerator. Do you want one Suzy?"

"I sure could use a beer", Susan answered.

I walked downstairs for two beers and two glasses. I knew Laila wouldn't let me drink, I didn't even ask. While I was getting the drinks, a group of college age girls noticed me through the window. They must have been drinking, hopping from bar to bar. They all stopped when they saw me and started screaming and laughing. One girl came over and knocked on the window pressing her lips against the window to give a kiss. I could hear them yelling to each other.

"Look at that old guy. He's got a hard on."

I quickly took the drinks upstairs. When I got to the room Laila asked "Who were you talking to?"

"Just some girls who passed by outside." I said.

"So, I get it, you just walk around in your undies to meet women, is that it?" Susan asked.

Everyone laughed and I poured the beers. "Now this is service," Laila said, "casual service." Laila looked at Susan. I don't know what they talked about while I was gone. "Do you mind if I get casual too?"

"Why not?" Susan answered.

Only Laila could pull this off. She stood up and asked Susan "Can you get this zipper for me?"

Susan stood and unzipped Laila's dress. I couldn't believe my eyes, Laila was wearing a white lycra teddy and nude seamed thigh high stockings. Susan then unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. The skirt fell to the ground and she turned toward me. I could see her red panties under her black pantyhose; her blouse was open showing dark nipples through her see-through red bra. She let the blouse fall off her shoulders on to the floor.

"There, now we're all in our undies."

My erection surged and popped through the slot in the front of my briefs. Everybody roared.

"It looks like little Whitman likes what he sees" laughed Laila.

I franticly fumbled to put myself back in my briefs and Laila asked Susan if she would like to see a very unusual penis. Susan smiled at Laila and they both sat down next to each other on the end of the bed.

"Come here, Whitman." Laila said. I walked over facing both of them and Laila grabbed the sides of my briefs. She pulled them down in a way that made my hard dick stretch down and then spring up and down as my underwear dropped to my ankles.

"That's a bobble head," giggled Susan.

Laila caught the head of my penis with her thumb and index finger, stopping it still. "Whitman's penis is kind of small," Laila explained, "but it works real good". Susan leaned forward, looking directly at the head of my dick as Laila was holding it with her thumb and finger. I could feel myself stretching toward her face.

"When Whitman gets excited he gets thicker, notice here, how he get thicker in some parts then others." Laila took Susan's finger in her hand and gently slid it down the side of my cock.

"Wow, I can even see it," Susan said, "You know, I got to admit this is one good looking dick. It looks good; it even feels good touching it."

"It's great for anal sex", Laila replied. "Sometimes, I'll talk on the phone with Whitman's dick up my ass. I don't let him move. I just squeeze and feel him, the different thicknesses."

"You talk on the phone with a dick up your ass?"

"Yeah, it's great."

Susan moved her hands down, cupped my balls and said, "His balls are so smooth, there is no hair on his balls."

"I shave and clip Whitman regularly. He is my poodle. You can see where I nicked him a couple times."

Susan moved even closer, my balls were resting in one hand and she was lightly touching different areas of them with her finger. I could see the head of my penis reflected in her glasses. Her breasts were hanging forward and I was looking down inside her bra. My cock was expanded forward as far as it could stretch and I was starting to bulge sideways.

"Look at that," Laila pointed out, as she gently rubbed the expanding side of my penis, "it's like when you squeeze a balloon, it gets bigger in another spot."

I could feel Susan's breath on my dick as she softly moved her index finger up and down the side of me. So slightly touching me but arousing the most intense sensation. "I've never been so close to a man's dick without sucking on it. I just never took the time to do this", Susan said.

"A lot of cocks don't look this good," Laila replied, "besides; the damn thing is always coming at you. It took me a while to teach Whitman to keep still."

Both Laila and Susan were now both stroking their index fingers back and forth on my dick and Susan was lightly rubbing my balls with her other hand. My heart was pumping out of control and I could feel the blood rushing from my legs and arms to my groin. They were so close, now facing each other, my penis between them, coaxing the most erotic feeling from me by barely touching me. I couldn't expand any more and just exploded, shooting semen and sperm to the bed's headboard. As Laila and Susan gasped, I could feel their breath breeze across my penis. The inside of my balls blew out across the bed. I exhaled as my blood replenished my body. Laila and Susan laughed loudly.

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