tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOne Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok


Thailand is the jewel of Asia and without a doubt a must stop for anyone traveling in the Far East. The people are not only courteous they are friendly, always with a smile and eager to help lost tourists. The food alone is to die for, not to mention all the nightlife in Bangkok. Another highlight is the reasonably priced surgery that has people from both Europe and America streaming to this lovely country.

Bangkok was famous for another thing and that was why I was here. The sex trade was world renown, anything you desired could be found here. Whereas most of the sexual tourists came here with something in mind they desired, I wanted to try everything. I say everything but I did have some limits such as child porn and of course, whatever I experienced I wanted to do it safely. With Bangkok being the porn capital of the world, it also makes it STD capital of the world and my motto was 'raincoats for every act'.

As soon as I was settled in my hotel, I headed to Patpong the infamous red light district. The difference with Patpong from the other red-light districts of the world is it's not just hookers and pimps it more like a festival with gawking tourists both men and women walking the street and having a great time. I went to a club that I'd heard of and when I went in a saw a girl sitting alone I sat next to her. She looked at me strangely and asked if she knew me. As she had been in the bar alone I had figured her for a hooker but by her question, I realized I had made a mistake. I apologized for intruding and went to back out of her booth. No wait, you seem like a nice man she said in her broken English, if you want, you could buy me a drink. Of course, what she said hardly sounded like that so I'm just paraphrasing here. Our one drink quickly turned into three and we both became quite tipsy.

Brazened by the alcohol I had consumed I made my move. I told her she was very beautiful and she actually blushed. She reached under the table and grabbed my thigh as she asked me was I sure I wanted to date her. As her nearness made my erection grow, I told her I wanted nothing more in this world. She said, "I'm not like other girls," as she continued to rub my leg making my member throb. I told her I knew that and that was the reason I wanted to date her.

We walked back to my hotel, arm in arm, stopping every so often to kiss and hold each other. I must say I was quite aroused by the time we got up to my room. This was where I always ran into problems with intimacy, you see I am rather under endowed and once a woman saw how small I am, they tend to lose interest. After Chilyn allowed me to remove her blouse and then kiss her tiny breasts, she said she wanted to please me. I stood red faced and ready for rejection as I allowed her to undo my trousers and expose my penis. On her knees in front of me, she held me in just two fingers,

"You so tiny, just like little boy."

She giggled as she continued to stroke me keeping me hard. When she looked to me, she saw the discomfort she had caused so she stood and kissed me apologizing for her gaffe. Chilyn told me she liked my little pee pee as she called it. Of course, this talk did nothing to ease my humiliation, so she said, that she too had a humiliation. She began to undress herself, demurely turning around as she dropped her lacey panties to the floor. Her delicate derrière looked so inviting I dropped to my knees to plant kisses on it. That is exactly when she turned and my first kiss was on her flaccid penis. That's right my beautiful Chilyn was not a Chilyn but a Chilyon meaning he was a boy. Not only was my girlfriend a boy she also had a bigger cock than I did. As I sat there in shock to say the very least with my lips merely inches from her sex she adroitly used her dainty foot to rub my man hood. She put her hand on my head for balance and as she did, she gently pulled my lips to her member.

It all appeared so unreal and yet so erotic and I did what just seemed right, I open my mouth and took her in. You must understand I had never had any homo-erotic thoughts before but right now I wanted nothing more than to please my little boy-girl and I did my best to do that very thing. I could feel her growing inside my mouth to full erection and I felt pride in my newfound ability. When she held my head and began to undulate back and forth, I knew what to expect. She didn't disappoint and as she orgasmed down my throat, I did the same on her toes. This was a sexual thrill, like no other I'd ever experienced and although it left my body thrilled and satisfied, it left my mind addled.

That night a whole new world opened up to me, what do they call it, 'vertical thinking' or 'thinking outside the box,' whatever you call it I had not been doing it. All my life I had been trying to fit my little square peg in a big round hole and no matter what I tried it didn't work. That night the light went on over my head, what if I was meant to be the hole instead of the peg. The problem was I liked girls, I liked the way they looked, the way they smelled and there is no way I'm attracted to men. However, a transsexual or girly-boy as Chilyn call them was the perfect mate for me.

The next day I had to leave Bangkok and I did so with a heavy heart only made worse with the tears running down Chilyn's cheeks. I had not only found the sexual adventure I had been seeking I also achieved knowledge where I could look for sexual gratification. As we landed in LA, I wondered where I could meet a girly-boy here.

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