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One Night Too Many


This story started with an exchange of e-mails between the author and Michael, a 38-year-old married man who works part-time and is suffering through the beginning of a mid-life crisis. Michael enjoyed some of my previous stories on this site, which described some of the experiences and fantasies of the author and his wife.

Based upon hundreds of e-mails from many other Literotica readers, the author believes that Michael is an archetype of many husbands and boyfriends who consciously or unconsciously fantasize about their wife or girlfriend in various sexual scenarios. His wife is also typical of many women, whom if placed in the right circumstances are capable of making the sexual fantasies of her man come true, at least for one night!

He and his wife, Kerri, live outside Los Angeles where a majority of this story takes place. He described their sexual experiences and asked me to integrate their experiences and fantasies into a story to be published on this site. Michael and Kerri, have two small children, and appear to be a typical couple dealing with the stresses and craziness of living and surviving in 21st century Southern California. The following story is a combination of their actual experiences and their fantasies as a married couple as described by Michael. I leave it to the reader’s imagination to determine fact from fantasy.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.

“Ugh, oh Baby, give it to me harder,” screamed Kerri to her husband, pushing against his cock while kneeling on their queen sized bed in their bedroom.

“Suck your lover’s cock and I’ll give it to you harder,” grunted Michael and he started to pump a little deeper. He was so turned on by his sexy blond wife, starting to swallow the hard cock in her hands.

“You like having the two of us, don’t you? You like being a slut for me and my friends, don’t you, DON’T YOU?” yelled Michael as he quickened his pace into her pussy.

“Oh, oh yes, Yes…YES…. I wish there was one more man with us like when we were in Hawaii!” she grunted as she moved her tongue down the side of the wet phallus.

Michael closed his eyes and imagined his sweet and beautiful 30-year-old wife servicing three or even more men. He felt his cock getting harder inside her very wet pussy while fantasizing of having two or more men standing around the bed waiting for him to finish. He loved fucking her doggy style in front of the bedroom mirror and see the expressions on her face and her eyes as he was pounding her from behind.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw her head bobbing up and down on the cock as he picked up his pace. He looked down and saw her beautiful ass with the little white triangle patch of skin caused by wearing her tiny thong to the tanning bed and beach.

“I’ll give her a little more,” he thought to himself. He wet his right thumb and started to massage her little brown anus, above his thrusting cock. He closed his eyes continued to fantasize about sharing her with multiple men.

As he pushed his finger into the wet but tight hole, Kerri pulled her mouth off the lipstick-smudged cock

“I like it, I like it, Michael, push it in deeper! Oh fuck, Oh,” she murmured as she stroked the wet brown cock faster with her red finger nailed hands.

“Keep sucking that cock,” yelled Michael as he pushed his thumb into her ass all the way.

He felt his cock rubbing against his thumb and began to imagine what it would feel like if he and another man were double penetrating his beautiful blond wife while she was sucking another.

“She loves it,” he said to himself. “She is bucking against me trying to get more of my thumb in her ass.” He felt her finger graze his balls as she began to furiously rub her clitoris

“I’m Cumming, give it to me harder!” she screamed as her orgasm began in her feet and quickly moved upward, exploded in her ass and pussy and then engulfed her entire body in a white haze of warmth and tingling nerves.

This pushed Michael over the edge. He felt his cock swell and he pumped his thumb and cock in unison into her two open and wet orifices. He thought about sticking his cock in to her ass but it was too late. He came with her and he continued to pump until he felt the last spasm of orgasm start to recede way.

“Mother fucker,” he said out loud. “That was fucking incredible!”

“Yes, fantasizing about group sex was so good and it intensified the sex between us,” Michael thought as he felt his draining cock and thumb still side by side in her tight holes.

“But what it would be like in reality with several, real and virile men using his wife for their own pleasure?”

He felt his cock twinge again inside his wife. He knew, more than ever, that he wanted to share her sexually with real people again rather than a life-like 8-inch dark brown dildo and his small thumb.…………

Friday Morning

“Do you really want me to go through with this again, honey?” asked Kerri to her husband Michael. She was sitting on the back patio of their home wearing a white satin robe, with her B cup breasts nonchalantly half exposed. She was sipping a cup of coffee while taking in the beauty of another beautiful California morning in February.

“Yeah, it will be such a turn on for me to see you flirting with some rich guy at the bar, while you are dressed sexy and I am observing,” said Michael sitting opposite her and letting the sun warm him. The vision of his half naked wife and the warm weather was making him delay getting ready for work.

Michael was in his late thirties and was feeling inadequate. Since being laid off from his job three years ago and taking a series of part time jobs, his self esteem and self image were dangerously low. He was also putting on a little extra weight. He felt much older than his beautiful young wife who was only eight years younger than him. The problem was he felt ten years older and his wife looked and acted like she was still in her early twenties. Even with two young children, she drew admiring and lustful glances from men ten years younger than her. Michael’s sexual interests were changing and he was become more obsessed every day with seeing his beautiful young wife teasing other men and pushing the sexual envelope with others. Kerri, on the other hand, shared some of her husband’s sexual fantasies but was content on a week-to-week basis to have sex once or twice. Working full time and being the mother of two small children, did not allow her the luxury of delving into the deep depths of her sexuality.

“Well, what if the situation gets out of hand and you know, it goes too far?” asked Kerri.

“What if he wants to take me up to his room and fuck me without you?” she continued with a half-teasing smile.

“Don’t worry baby, it will never get that far,” he said with a sly smile, “because I will be very close to you in the bar and you can always use my presence as an excuse to get out of a tricky situation…. if you want to!”

Kerri replied, “Well, it is not really fair to really turn a man on and then to leave him hanging. After buying me a few drinks and touching me here and there, he must think he has a chance to take me up to his room. Then, I decide to bail and I introduce you to him and we both proceed to walk out the door and leave the poor fellow all hot and bothered.”

“Not too worry, Honey. You will be no different than every other cock teaser out there who torments men on a nightly basis. We, men, are very aware of the ‘Game’. If every man who was teased by a beautiful woman were that upset than we would have a lot of angry men walking around the streets every Friday and Saturday nights. We know what is going on and realize that achieving a one night stand with a beautiful woman like yourself is like getting a hole-in-one, no pun intended!” Michael laughed as he saw his wife start to smile and show him her mischievous smile.

“Ok, ok, we’ll have some fun and laughs tonight but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Remember Maui and what happens when things get out of hand!” a smiling Kerri told her husband as he got off the chair. She looked down, as she caught him staring at her chest, and noticed that both of her firm and beautiful breasts were exposed as she had shifted in her chair while speaking. She grabbed her boobs with her hands and squeezed them together and rubbed each nipple with a finger as she thought back to THE NIGHT, as the couple jokingly referred to their erotic ‘ménage a trois’.

“You do it so naturally, you are a naturally born cock teaser,” said Michael as he kissed her on the cheek. With the mention of the word Maui, his thoughts focused on Kerri and other men and what would happen tonight if they were lucky enough the realize one of his numerous sexual fantasies. He continued talking as he walked into the house, “We need to be ready to leave here about 6 o’clock, so don’t be late. You will have a professional driver and car. You know what the traffic will be like on the freeways at that time of day, especially the 405!”

As he walked away, Kerri thought of the sexual scenario planned for tonight. Michael had it all mapped out, as usual. He had rented a black limousine and a chauffeur’s uniform, like the type they wear in Europe. He would drive her to the downtown Los Angeles, Standard Hotel, one of the select and hip locales in the downtown LA area. Kerri would walk into the ground floor main lobby and take a seat at the stylish and upscale bar, preferably next to a European middle-aged man or a hunky young Hispanic stud. She would allow the man to buy her drinks and she would act seductively and allow herself to be touchy-feely and a tease. The man could even take physical liberties with her and tongue kiss with her if it got that far

Michael would sit outside or at a table in the bar to observe what was going on. When she was ready to leave or the situation was getting out of hand, she would signal to Michael and he would walk over to the bar. He would tell her that it was time to leave for her next appointment. Kerri would then introduce Michael as her driver and bodyguard to her companion(s) at the bar. If she liked the man and wanted the game to continue, she would invite the man to go with her to the next destination. She would sit in the back seat of the limousine with her new man as Michael observed them through the rear view mirror. If the guy at the bar were a dud, Michael would escort Kerri out of the hotel to repeat the game somewhere else in the Hollywood area, like the bar at the Palm Restaurant or another similar venue. By the end of the night, Michael would be in a sexual frenzy from all of the teasing and possible sexual activity. He would want to take Kerri in the back seat of the limousine before returning to the hotel room that he reserved at the Standard Hotel. If things went 100% as planned, Michael hoped that they would be returning with at least one more person, preferably a hunky male.

“What would happen when they got back into the room?” Kerri could only imagine. Kerri knew about Michael’s fantasies about group sex and their limited joint experience two years ago. Since she wanted him to be happy and sexually fulfilled, she went along with his planned role-playing a few times per year. Although she told herself that she didn’t really need another man, deep down inside she enjoyed the prospect of being the sole focus of attention, and possibly being shared with another man and watching Michael’s reaction to the situation.

Michael and Kerri had been married for 6 years. They were 38 and 30, respectively. Kerri was a very attractive blond, 5’6”, and 125 lbs with a beautiful round ass and very firm B cup breasts. She would appear to most observers as a typical California sexy blond who turns heads at the local pool and beach. She loved her husband very much. Their sex life was excellent but Michael had always been curious about her sexual adventures before they were married. She knew that it excited him to hear the details of her sexual life with other men. She even started to write down her experiences and send him e-mails. She once wrote of being seduced while enjoying a late night massage with a friend. Michael wanted more and more and she even started to make up some stories just to make him happy. She had even described her masturbation experiences to him. Every day he would come home asking if she had been “hit on” by any men in the office. He was disappointed when she told him that no one had looked down her blouse or had offered to meet her after work for a drink.

“It was strange,” she thought to herself caressing her breasts, “that Michael was uninterested in any other women or even seeing her with a beautiful female friend.”

In her job as a supervisor for a large telecommunications company, several of female co-workers had confided to her that their husbands were always hoping to see them with another woman. Not Michael, he wanted to see me fucking other men as he watched or possibly joined in. These fantasies had been going on for several years with increasing intensity until the fateful trip to Hawaii two years ago.

Kerri opened her robe and stretched out allowing the California morning sun to warm her nude body. She closed her eyes and her hands unconsciously moved to her pussy, with its small landing strip of hair above completely shaved pussy. She remembered that special night in Maui…

Hawaii 2001

While dancing at a club one night in Maui while they were on vacation, Michael watched his wife flirt and dance with a young 21-year-old guy, Sloan, whom they started talking to at the bar. He had been staring at Kerri with a lustful look for about an hour and took every opportunity to move closer and closer to where they were seated at the bar.

Michael was closing in on 40 and was fairly big man at 6’2” and 210 lbs. He could never keep up with his younger wife on the dance floor. The young man asked Kerri to dance and Michael was more than happy to take a break. Kerri winked at Michael as Sloan led her to the dance floor. He knew that smile and he knew he was in for a show.

Sloan was buffed out, wearing a tight short sleeve shirt and baggy carpenter style jeans. He was a good-looking guy with short hair and an earring in his right ear. He was definitely a Hispanic military person and was shorter than Michael by a few inches.

They stayed on the dance floor for over a half an hour and Michael felt turned on, observing his wife starting to act wantonly with the young stud. She was dressed in a short dress and she was wearing a very thin push up bra. Her tan legs with her high heels were very much on display. After a few dances, the couple started dirty dancing and Michael watched the young man’s hands roaming over the young body of his wife at will.

Keri and Sloan acted as if Michael was not even in the club. They came back once for a drink and went off again until closing time was announced and the music ended for the night. Michael felt his cock getting hard for about an hour imagining what the young Sloan would do to his wife if he were given the opportunity. Tonight, appeared to be the opportunity that he was waiting for. He unconsciously crossed his fingers.

“How about coming up to our room for a nightcap?” asked Michael when his wife and ‘dancing partner’ returned to the bar area. She was sweating and her dress had become glued to her body in the hot Hawaiian night. Both men were staring at her upright breasts and dark quarter sized areolas that had become almost transparent through the dress and thin bra.

“Why not?” Kerri asked as she put both her arms around each man. She continued hugging both of them against her breasts, “The night is still young and we can dance on our balcony together.” The young man readily agreed to go with them after giving Michael a look for approval. Michael’s cock was half erect as they walked out of the club.

Once in the hotel suite room of the Embassy Vacation Resort, Kerri turned on the stereo while Michael made drinks at the mini-bar. The humid night had made Kerri’s dress even more transparent as they walked for 10 minutes back to the hotel. Michael and Sloan were staring at her beautiful ass and the white thong panties that could be seen through the dress, as she bent over trying to find a radio station on the stereo. Both look at one another and smiled conspiratorially with raised eyebrows.

“Let’s go on the balcony. It is a beautiful night,” winked Kerri as she led both men out of the room. The music was hip-hop and as Michael walked he felt not only the heat of the jungle but also the beat of the jungle. There was an animalistic feeling in the air and Michael thought that he could even smell sex!

Things had cooled down only a little bit. It started to feel awkward with the three of them on the balcony sipping their drinks.

“Who would make the first move?” wondered Michael, as he nervously looked at his wife looking out in the dark night and ocean with her back to both men. Her hips were moving back and forth to the beat of the music.

“She is hot tonight,” he murmured to himself as he stared at her ass and her transparent dress and white thong.

He decided after a few more minutes of awkwardness and small talk with Sloan, that he would give Kerri and Sloan an opportunity to be alone and get things started. Michael told both of them that he was very tired and wanted to lie down on the couch in the suite. .

“Okay, honey, but don’t fall asleep on the couch. Sloan will be leaving after he finishes his drink and I don’t want to have to drag you half asleep into the bedroom,” she said while continuing to move her hips back and forth.

“I’ll be with you in a few minutes,” she added, smiling sexily at Sloan.

“You are right honey,” answered Michael as he walked towards his wife, “I’ll lay down on the bed instead in the other room.”

He kissed his wife good night on the cheek and shook hands with Sloan saying that maybe they would see each other in the morning at the beach. Michael turned and left them on the balcony together and turned out the lights in the sitting room. Now he could watch them together without either of them being able to see him.

It didn’t take long. Coming out of the bathroom he heard them giggling together on the balcony. He slowly crawled on his knees from the darkened bedroom and hid behind a chair. He had a perfect view of the two: his beautiful blonde wife and the young Hispanic stud.

They were making out, hot and heavy in the dim light. Sloan’s hands were all over her body. Kerri was not resisting him at all.

“OOH,” gasped Kerri as Sloan’s finger slipped into her pussy. “That feels so good, don’t stop, lover,” she commanded, as the young man’s elbow was seen moving back and forth by Michael.

Michael had taken his pants off in the bathroom and he had his cock in his hand. “I hope he fucks her and she sucks his cock,” he told himself as she watched his wife spread her legs to give Sloan better access as she leaned her back against the railing on the balcony.

As Michael started to stroke his cock harder, he thought he saw his wife looking in his direction. He started to talk to himself, “She knows that I am here in the dark. She is acting like a slut with Sloan to turn me on…. she is making my fantasies come true.”

Sloan removed her dress slowly and ran his hands along the sides of her body. She was standing against the railing in her high heels and white thong and thin white bra. She looked magnificent with her blond hair blowing in the night breeze and Sloan kneeling in front of her. He removed her bra and Michael immediately noticed that her nipples were erect and her breasts were framed by the two small bikini top triangles of white skin

“Eat my pussy, baby!” Kerri urgently told Sloan as he was kneeling kissing her tanned legs and running his hands between her thighs.

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