tagMind ControlOne Spring Day Ch. 03

One Spring Day Ch. 03


Hours went by without Mistress having me do anything further to humiliate myself. Of course, wasn't what I had done today enough already? I was sticky, covered in my now ex-boyfriend's dried cum; I'd spent a good long while sucking what I could from my tits, only able to clean a small portion of myself. The rest just dried, leaving my skin coated with the sticky substance. Out of everything I'd gone through in the last day, I think that kneeling there in the living room, alone with my thoughts, was the worst I'd experienced. It gave me time to consider what I'd been through, to relive those humiliating moments of the past twenty-four hours over and over; coupled with this was the dread of what was to come. I had no idea what Mistress had in mind for the rest of today, or for the rest of the time she decided she wanted to play with me. I daydreamed scenario after scenario, working myself into a cold sweat and hidden panic. Outwardly I was a smiling, cum-soaked slut; on the inside I was a wound up ball of stress and nerves.

The sun was going down by the time Mistress came back into the room. I couldn't see her, as I was left facing the couch and dared not move from that position; I could, however, hear her walking down the stairs, each step groaning softly under her feet.

"How is my beautiful little pet feeling?" Mistress cooed from behind me. Her approach was nigh silent, and I hadn't realized how close she had come until I felt her warm hand on my cold, bare shoulder. I tilted my head back, the serene, dopey smile on my lips not betraying the horror and revulsion I felt on the inside.

"Sticky, Mistress!" My voice was that sickeningly sweet little girl voice she'd insisted that I use. "There's cum on my titties. I tried to clean it off for you, Mistress, but I couldn't reach everywhere." I inwardly cringed at my use of the word titties; she'd had fun last night whispering things into my ear, changing the way I'd speak. Some words were forever beyond my capability to say aloud again, simply because Mistress thought it would be cute if instead of saying 'breasts' I said 'titties', and instead of calling it my 'pussy' I called it my 'cunt'. She also preferred it if I used some kind of descriptor before that. Like my 'slutty cunt' or my 'wet cunt'. Anything to further embarrass and dehumanize me, I guess.

I found my hands moving on automation, trailing up my body and grasping the underside of my breasts. I could feel the stickiness under my fingers as I presented myself to her for inspection. Mistress made a show of leaning down and examining me, glancing me over as if I were some kind of animal. She began to play with my nipples, almost idly, as she looked at the job I'd done of licking myself clean. Despite the disgust I felt, I could sense my pussy growing increasingly wet. I loathed that she'd made me react to her touch so effectively.

"You've done so good, my little pet," Mistress spoke to me in that condescending way of hers. With a final tug to my nipples she let go and took a step back; the sensation made me whimper, both from the pain and the humiliation of craving more of her touch. How desperately I wanted her to keep rolling my hardened nubs between her fingers until my cum cascaded down my thighs. I was still adjusting to squirting every time I orgasmed, and the notion of creating a flood of cum tickled my naughty side.

Mistress moved back to the couch, sitting where she had earlier when she had jerked off my ex-boyfriend and coated me with his seed. "I'm so proud of you," She purred the words to me; despite her clearly speaking down to me, I felt my body reacting with pride; my back straightened and my smile brightened. "You've accepted your role so well. You've said goodbye to your lover, except for his last gift to you." This was said with a chuckle. "And you haven't made one peep of protest. It just reminds me how lucky I am to have chosen you. Mm, my sweet little slave."

Her hands began to unbutton her shirt, slowly and teasingly. I stared straight ahead, watching more of her pale, milky skin come into view as the shirt opened. As she passed the third button, I became aware that Mistress wasn't wearing a bra. I could see the soft lines of Mistress' small breasts coming into view, a teasing portion of skin that left plenty to the imagination. She unbuttoned her shirt completely, leaving it hanging open.

"Have you ever been with another woman, my beautiful little pet?" Mistress asked me as she began to trace her fingers along the curve of her still mostly covered breasts; I watched the movement of her fingertips, and a part of me wished she were doing that to me. The realization made me shiver.

"No, Mistress." I meekly answered, my hands still docilely holding up my breasts for her; I wanted to mime her actions, to tease my own body, but I dared not. My place was to do as I was commanded, not as I wanted to do.

"Mm," She murmured, pulling her shirt away from her right breast, exposing it to the chilly air of the living room. It was much smaller than mine, fitting easily into her palm when she gripped it. Her thumb began to run circles around the nipple; I stared intently, watching it grow hard, contracting into a tight little nub. "Tell me your normal fantasy when you masturbate, then. Certainly even my sweet, adorable pet masturbates?"

"Yes, Mistress." I answer her.

"Good, good." She smirked softly. "Before you tell me what you think about, why don't you tell me how you make yourself cum."

Mistress was openly squeezing her breasts now, one in each hand; they were pressed close together, creating a small amount of cleavage between her little tits. Fingers kneaded while thumbs ran over her hard nipples. She'd let them drop, and bounce slightly against her chest, before starting it all over again.

"I would do it in bed, Mistress, before sleep. I would start out by putting my hand in my pajama pants and gently rubbing my slutty cunt through my panties. I would do that for a little while, kind of teasing myself to build it up and make the release a lot better. And then when I was finally ready for it I would get my vibrator out and pull down my pants. I'd spread my legs as far as I could, Mistress, and start to slid my toy inside of my wet cunt. I would fuck myself and rub my clit until I came like the whore that I am."

Just talking about it made my cheeks flush; it wasn't just that, though. I could feel the moist stickiness growing between my legs. I couldn't believe how aroused I was becoming just from telling her how I masturbate! As I spoke, Mistress dropped her hands from her tits so that she could undo her pants. I watched as, for the first time, she disrobed entirely in front of me. Her crotch was bare, and I could see just how wet she was. Slowly she spread her legs, showing me the small camel toe between her thighs. She started running a finger up and down her slit.

"I bet you thought about men, hm?" Mistress asked me as she slipped a finger inside herself. I meekly nodded in response. "About toned bodies and hard cocks sliding inside of you?"

"Yes, Mistress." I answered her softly.

"Mm, no more." She replied as her lips curved into a malicious smile, just as a moan escaped them. A chill ran up my spine at her words. "No more, pet. From now on, when you see a cock it won't cause arousal in you. No, no. Instead, it will cause instant revulsion. There's nothing appealing about a dick to a little lesbian cuntslave like you. Men don't interest you. Nothing about them will ever turn you on again. Instead..." She trailed off, caressing her small breasts with one hand while the other was lewdly fingering her. "Instead, it's the soft curves of a woman that get you wet. The swell of breasts, the shape of our hips, the sight of a hot little pussy." Mistress accentuated the point by thrusting two fingers deeply into hers. "Just looking at them will get you nice and hot. And when you actually see a pussy, you'll want nothing more than to go over to it and beg to please it. Happiness, to you, is a wet cunt on your face."

No! I didn't want this! I didn't want to become a lesbian, didn't want to get turned on by women! The more she spoke, the harder I tried to fight it. I thought that maybe if I blocked her out of my mind it wouldn't count. I closed my eyes, shutting out the sight of Mistress fingering herself in front of me. I did my damndest to envision what I normally did: a strong, handsome man gently laying me down in the bed before gently teasing me. I pictured him kissing his way down from my neck to my chest; I could feel the soft, teasing brush of breasts tickling my tummy as they moved down my bo- Oh no! Try as I might, the vision in my head was reshaping itself. The muscled man with the hard cock was reforming into a thin woman with large, heavy tits. My fantasy usually had the hot guy kissing down to my pussy, and eating me out before we made love. But now that didn't appeal to me. Instead, in my mind, this beautiful brunette woman moved over to straddle my face so I could lean up and kiss her perfect pussy, press my tongue inside of her hot box. Oh God...

My eyes snapped open. Mistress was leering at me, still fingerfucking herself. I had been squeezing my legs together through the fantasy, and my moistness had spread along my inner thighs. I felt like a slutty mess, kneeling there with my snatch dripping down my legs. And she knew. Mistress knew what she'd done to me.

"You want to cum, don't you?" She asked me, teasingly.

"Yes... Yes, please Mistress. Please let me cum." I loathed myself for needing to ask her.

"Mm, I do so love watching you get off. Buuut, there won't be any more vibrators for you, baby. Those are for Mistresses to use on their slaves, not for slaves to fuck themselves with. But I bet we can find something nice and hard for you to get yourself off with."

Mistress made a show of looking around my home, glancing everywhere. With a devious smirk, her gaze stopped on the coffee table behind me. "Why don't you be a good little pet and hump that? Make yourself cum like the little slut you are from humping your table."

I got up quickly, a little more quickly than I had expected. I wasn't sure if it was because my body was responding automatically, or if my desire to cum was just that strong. But no matter the reason, I moved over to my coffee table and squatted down over one corner of it. The polished wood was cold and hard against my sex, and the sensation raised goosebumps all over my body. I had to lean forward to press my hands down on the surface for balance, but once I was sure that I wasn't going to fall on my face I began to do her bidding. It was slow at first, doing something that I'd never even thought of before; I grinded my hips back and forth, looking like a bitch in heat as I dragged my wet pussy over the surface of the table. It was hard going at first, the dry surface of the table giving too much friction and causing me to grimace in pain. But once my moisture had spread on the table's surface it became significantly easier. I thrust my hips faster and faster while pressing down hard against the table, trying to create as much pressure against my pussy as I could; my tits began to sway obscenely underneath me as I humped my furniture like a dog. I could see Mistress from the corner of my eye, furiously masturbating to my display. The embarrassment just fueled my arousal. It only took me a few moments to near that edge, and by then I was panting and grunting like the animal she so desperately wanted to see me act like.

"Mistress," I gasped out, "may your slave cum? Her little cunt is ready. It's so wet, Mistress. Please, please let her cum." I begged, like she'd been training me to do.

Mistress, though, was too enrapt in her own orgasm to pay much attention to me. I could tell she was cumming, from the way her hips bucked and she needily grasped at her breast as her pussy clenched around her fingers; she wasn't paying attention to my own desperate need for release, which left me whimpering as I rubbed myself ever faster against the table top.

Finally she came down from her own orgasmic bliss and glanced almost lazily in my direction; she seemed to be contemplating something. Finally, with the flick of her wrist, she spoke. "Mm. No, you may not cum yet. You, my little pet, need to learn restraint. You can't always get your way when you are a slave."

My heart sank, and I groaned aloud.

"There, there." She mock soothed. "I'll let you cum later. As long as you keep being a good girl and humping your table like the little slut you are. I'll check in on you in a little bit, okay?" Mistress said, rising from the couch and moving toward me. She reached down and gently, almost lovingly, fondled my dangling breasts as I humped. "I promise, baby. You'll cum in a little while. This is just a lesson, okay?" With a pinch to my tender nipples, Mistress pulled away and walked off, leaving me rubbing my cunt against the surface of the table.


She left me like this for nearly an hour. My body was in a perpetual state of arousal, on the edge of cumming but not quite capable of getting there. My whimpers and moans had gone from pleasurable to desperate, my pussy from sensitive to sore. By the time I started hearing Mistress' voice in the other room I was practically dying to either cum or stop humping the table. I'd already created a little puddle on the surface of the table, and I could feel it sloshing under the folds of my pussy with every thrust I made. She was whispering to somebody, and just as I was beginning to wonder who I heard her call out for me.

"Pet? Darling? If you're done fucking the furniture, I'd like for you to come join me in the kitchen."

Though she didn't give me permission to cum, I did stop humping the table with glee. I stood up, my legs cramping from having been in that position for so long; as I turned to walk into the kitchen I glanced back to the table, and the huge mess I'd made on it. I don't know what compelled me to do it, but before I went to obey Mistress' command, I reached down and stuck two of my fingers into the puddle, trying to gather as much of my juices as I could. There was a little flutter in my chest as I brought them to my lips and sucked them clean. It was naughty, it was wrong... but it was delicious. That sweet taste filled my mouth, and I rolled my tongue over my fingers to get every last drop from them. In all my life I'd never tasted anything from my own pussy, but now it took everything in me not to lean down to that table and lick it clean. God, she really was turning me into a lesbian cumslave.

I walked to the kitchen on weak legs, legs that didn't want to obey; I'd been squatting for far too long, and it was like trying to walk on rubber. But I knew I couldn't disobey her, and I was curious to find out who she was talking to in the kitchen. I stopped short as soon as my bare feet touched the cold tile of the kitchen floor; I don't know why I was surprised to see my older sister, Alexis, standing there. After the way Mistress so teasingly looked at our family pictures while she was humiliating me last night? But maybe it wasn't the fact that my sister was here that shocked me, but, instead, the fact that she was standing just inside the back door with her jeans pulled down to her knees and her own hand shoved into her panties, obviously rubbing herself. Her tight, pink panties that hugged her hips... and showed the outline of her fingers as they rubbed along the length of her wet little pussy. Mm, just imagining those down around her ankles with my face buried in her snatch was more than I cou-

Oh God, what in the hell was I thinking? Mistress had really got inside my head. I had to shake my head to get my mind off of my sister's cunt. So, Mistress had already got to my sister, clearly; she'd been standing there, whispering into her ear when I walked into the room. So, God alone knew what she'd already been reprogrammed to be like.

Upon seeing me, Alexis lit up with joy; she ran, as much as the jeans around her knees would allow her to do, over toward me to greet me. I opened my arms out of instinct to greet her with a hug, but apparently Mistress had foreseen that and had come up with a little surprise for me. Instead of hugging me, Alexis just leaned in and pressed her lips against mine and initiated the deepest, most passionate kiss I'd ever experienced. It far outweighed anything I'd had with any boyfriend, even during the height of lovemaking. Her tongue quickly invaded my mouth, probing and dancing against mine. Despite my desire not to, I found myself responding quickly. I whimpered a little against her lips as we kissed, and my eyelids drifted down. She was still fingering herself, and I could feel her hand working her pussy between our bodies. Each rub, each thrust inside her hot hole I could feel as her knuckles pressed into my bare stomach.

"Look who I found, pet," Mistress said with absolute condescending way possible. I wasn't able to reply to her, as my mouth was busy with the over-eager kissing of my sister, but I glanced to her out of the corner of my eye and saw her watching us intently.

After what felt like forever, my sister finally pulled back from me. "Hey baby sis," Alexis said, oblivious to the fact she was lewdly playing with her own body in my kitchen after having made out with her younger sister. "How's it going?"

"Fine," I replied, meekly. What else could I say? What could I say in general? There's a lunatic who is controlling my mind, changing my body, and ruining my life? If only. I could scream it until I was blue in the face and not only would my sister not believe it at this point, but I'd end up punished by Mistress just for trying. "It's going fine."

"You didn't tell me that you had a new roommate, sis. When did she move in?" With her free hand, Alexis gestured toward Mistress, who was leaning against the door frame.

Before I could answer, Mistress spoke up. "Yesterday. She met me at the coffee shop down the street. Before you knew it, I was fingering her and covering her with cum."

For some reason, Alexis began to laugh, in that genuine way that somebody would when they heard an amusing, innocent story. "Oh, that's my sis. Just a big titted slut, like always." She said.

I knew, deep down, that those were Mistress' words coming out of my sister's mouth, but they still stung as badly as they could. I wasn't able to eek out a reply before Alexis brought her free hand up to my tits, lifted one, and leaned down to suck on the nipple. I gasped in reply, gripping the back of my sister's head in response.

"You never told me, pet," Mistress began as she walked up behind my sister, "that you had such a gorgeous, mindfuckable slut of a sister. Did you know she was a chronic masturbator? Only happy when she's playing with her cunt? Well, neither did she until she walked in here. Right, slut?"

Alexis murmured a reply around my nipple, right before nipping it with her teeth. I gasped.

"Or that she decided men weren't for her, and now has an insatiable lust for tits? And with tits like yours, she won't be left wanting, will she?"

This time I managed to whimper out a "Yes, Mistress."

"My own personal lesbian sisters. It's just too delicious to pass up. You can stop suckling her now, love." Mistress said, patting the top of Alexis' head as if she were a dog. Reluctantly, her lips released their suction hold on my nipple and let my tit drop. "And since you got to enjoy all of the suckling action, why don't you give your sister something to suck on as well? It's only fair."

I wasn't sure what Mistress meant, until I saw her reach down and manually pull my sister's hand from the front of her panties; it lifted up toward my lips, fingers glistening with the moisture from her wet cunt. I opened my mouth and eagerly leaned forward, wrapping my lips around her index and middle fingers like my life depended on it, and began giving them the best blowjob I'd ever delivered in my life. Ironic that I was giving head to my sister's fingers. The taste of her pussy was exquisite. The flavor rushed my mouth, unlike anything I'd ever experienced before; my tongue explored every inch of those two digits while I sucked for dear life. I didn't even realize I was moaning around her fingers until I heard Mistress laughing at my expense; my cheeks flushed red, and I tried to contain myself.

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