tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Thing Leads to Another Ch. 02

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 02


After the incident with Sarah and Melissa, I went home, got myself cleaned up, and made some dinner for the three of us. I figured I needed to do whatever I could to stay on the good side of those two or those pictures of me pulling on my cock would get out.

I was pretty sure Melissa would keep things quiet and not blab about the day's events to anyone. Sarah, on the other hand, was someone I hardly knew. She seemed to have something of a mean streak in her or maybe she just enjoyed taunting me. Either way, inviting the girls over for dinner should have been a good idea. I'd have them close to me where I could talk to them and see what I could do to get them to be cool and not tell anyone what happened or share those incriminating pictures with anyone, especially Tiffany. If she found out, I'd die. They'd sworn to keep everything a secret, but I just didn't know for sure if they would keep their word.

I made a simple dinner, the girls showed up right on time, and we ate dinner almost without incident. The conversation had been light and I actually managed to pay attention to what he girls were saying without letting my mind wander too much when they spoke.

While we ate and talked, I was surprised to feel Sarah's foot rubbing my bare leg. She got increasingly bold until her toes ran up the inside of my leg and I felt them come into contact with my cock. I was pretty shocked. I wouldn't have guessed she had any interest in anything more than humiliating me.

Sarah surprised me even more when she looked at me with a grin and winked at me. Stupid me, I didn't know how to react, so I just looked away. Sarah's response was to squeeze my nutsack with her toes, still grinning.

Sarah started rubbing her bare foot up and down on my cock. Even through the shorts I was wearing, the stimulation was enough to give me a hard-on. Luckily, I was seated at the table and no one could see underneath.

Melissa got suspicious of the foot play under the table and asked, "What are you two doing? You look like a couple of junior-high kids flirting."

"I didn't do anything," Sarah said, quickly pulling her foot away from my cock.

After dinner, we moved into the living room and sat down on the couch together. I was kind of surprised when the girls sat on each side of me and had me in the middle. I didn't really expect it.

Without saying anything, Sarah picked up the TV remote, turned the TV on, and started flipping through channels. We started watching TV, but about the time that I'd get interested in something, Sarah would flip the channel to something else.

While Sarah flipped through the channels, Melissa got on her cell phone and started calling her friends. I didn't pay attention to everything she said, but I did hear her tell someone to come over.

Before I had the chance to complain about Sarah flipping the channels, the girls started harassing me like high-school girls might. First, Melissa poked me in the side with her finger. It kind of surprised me so I jumped a little. When I turned to poke her back, Sarah tickled me on my opposite side. Before I knew it, we were in a full-on tickle fight. I hadn't been involved in something that silly in years, probably since I was in college myself. I have to confess that it was really fun, especially since it involved grabbing and groping the two girls as we played around.

Melissa seemed intent on just tickling me, but Sarah was much more aggressive. She wasn't satisfied with just tickling me. She also pinched me a few times and gave me a noogie.

After a few minutes, we were on the floor in front of the couch and the girls were on top of me. Neither of the girls was dressed appropriately for the rolling around we were doing on the floor. They were both in denim skirts. Melissa had a tank top on and Sarah was wearing a top with spaghetti straps.

While we wrestled, Melissa was trying to pin my arms at my side. In the process, I could see up her short skirt. She was wearing white, cotton panties. Meanwhile, Sarah was tickling me on my sides. I was wiggling and squirming on the floor, but I had a hard time fighting her off of me with Melissa keeping my arms busy as she was trying to pin me to the floor.

Melissa's cell phone rang, but she ignored it and kept wrestling with me. A few times, Sarah squeezed my balls through my shorts. I think she got the reaction she wanted. She kept doing it and I kept squirming.

A few seconds later, when Melissa's cell phone stopped ringing, Sarah's phone rang. She stopped torturing me, got on her hands and knees and got her cell phone off the coffee table.

"Hello," she said. After a pause, she continued, "Yeah, we're right next door. Come on over. I'll let you in." Then, she hung up.

I took this opportunity to take advantage of Melissa. I pushed her off of me and rolled over on top of her. "What are you going to do now?" I asked, holding both her hands in one of mine while I tickled her sides with my free hand.

Sarah didn't wait for the doorbell to ring. She'd gotten up, opened the front door and let two more girls into the house. I didn't recognize either of them.

I'd already pinned Melissa to the floor. I pushed her hands down and pinned her arms to the floor with my legs, careful not to hurt her. This gave me the chance to tickle Melissa mercilessly. She flailed about and tried to break free, but without Sarah's help, it was no use. In the process, my hands came into contact with her breasts a few times. I wondered if Melissa knew how much I enjoyed that.

"Hey, guys," Sarah said, standing in front of me with two other two girls. "This is Steve. Steve, this is Linda and April. They're friends of ours."

"Hi, ladies," I smiled. "Nice to meet you." The girls were cute. Linda looked Latin. She had long, dark hair and a voluptuous, deeply-tanned body. Out of the four girls, she had the biggest tits, which were spilling out of the low top she was wearing.

April was a petite blonde with the smallest tits of the four. She was wearing a little tube top and a pair of shorts that looked like they were painted on her. Her small tits had that hard look to them, like you get from too much padding and not enough flesh in the bra.

"Nice to meet you, too," Linda greeted. I shook her hand. April just waved a hand and grinned.

"Please, have a seat," I waved an arm over toward the couch. Both girls moved to the couch and sat down where the girls and I had been sitting.

"So, you want to take advantage of a girl while I'm letting the other guests in?" Sarah asked with a grin as she moved into position around behind me and started tickling me from the back again. After a few quick moves, the girls had the advantage again, the girls were on top of me, and I was flat on my back again. Honestly, I didn't mind.

"If you need some help down there, just let me know," April said chimed in from the couch. I assumed she was talking to the girls and not to me.

"Come on then," Sarah answered. She was really tickling me hard now. April wasted no time joining in the melee.

I felt three sets of hands on me now, tickling me all over my body. I was cackling uncontrollably and wiggling like a fish out of water.

"That's not fair," I heard Linda say. I couldn't see her with the other three girls tickling me, but I could tell by the direction of her voice that she wasn't on the couch any more. She was somewhere nearby.

Linda had apparently chosen to take my side in the wrestling match, which I thought was nice, considering how outnumbered I was. Melissa shrieked and stopped tickling me. Linda had started a tickle attack of her own and had started with Melissa as her first victim.

It was just me and four girls on the floor, wrestling around and tickling one another. With the softness of their bodies brushing up against me, I was aware of every touch. They each had a unique smell, too. Three of the girls smelled of perfume, but not Melissa. She simply smelled like fresh-cut flowers.

I could feel a breast here and a bare leg there. At one point, I felt Melissa's warm panty-covered crotch rubbing right up on my arm. As she moved around, she positioned her butt so that my hand was under her skirt and I could tell she was wearing only a thong because my bare hand came into contact with her bare ass. She didn't seem to mind my hand being there, but I instinctively pulled it out of there and tried not to touch her too much on the way out, but she moved a little and my whole hand brushed across her ass and pussy like I'd done it on purpose.

Feeling my hand glide across her pussy, Melissa let out a yelp of surprise.

"Pervert!" she screamed, and smacked me in the shoulder with a clenched fist. She wasn't really upset with me, but she did seem pleasantly surprised.

All this wrestling around and physical contact was making my cock get hard. I couldn't help it. The feeling of their bodies pressing against me and the sweet, feminine smell of them was too much for me to resist. I was aroused, but I was also getting worried. One of them was bound to notice my stiffening little cock soon. As much as I enjoyed rolling around on the floor with four hot girls, I needed a distraction or a reason to break out of the wrestling match before they discovered my boner, but I had no idea what to do.

I didn't have to think of a plan. Linda made the distraction herself. She was in the middle of tickling Melissa relentlessly, so Melissa turned around and playfully bit into one of Linda's large breasts. Linda let out a yelp that was more shock than pain and said, "I'll get you, bitch."

Linda reached down and grabbed the bottom of Melissa's skirt and pulled it up over her waist, giving me a great view of Melissa's thong-covered ass.

"Shit!" I gasped.

"Bitch," Melissa responded with a giggle as she tried to pull her skirt back down, but Linda had a good grip on it.

"Wedgie!" Linda shouted, using her other hand to grab the waistband of Melissa's thong and pull it right up her ass crack. If I hadn't had a boner already, I would have gotten one at that sight. Linda and Melissa were both laughing.

April turned her attention away from tickling me for a second and slapped Melissa's bare ass. Despite Melissa's struggles, Linda somehow managed to pull the skirt up further and further on Melissa's slim frame. Now, it was up over her chest like a tube top covering her top and I could see everything below the waist from the back. I got a good, close-up look at her nicely puckered asshole, which was beautiful and pink.

Melissa was trying to break free and was squirming all over the place. She turned around. Her panties had been pulled tight enough from the back to make them slide over a little in the front. Half of her pussy was exposed to me and the seam of the panties was submerged into her slit. My cock stiffened even more. I could see that her outer lips had parted and her inner lips were wet and glistening.

April turned her attention to me and took over where Melissa had been trying to pin me. She giggled and started tickling me. "Enjoying the show?" she asked, plopping down on top of me with her back to Sarah.

Sarah wasn't at all distracted by anything that was going on. She was still tickling me. Then, I'm not sure what happened. I guess Sarah had tried to pull April back toward my waist a bit by latching onto her tube top, but I was already holding April's wrists in my hands, which caused her to freeze in place, even though Sarah was tugging at the tube top.

Without knowing what was going to happen, I inadvertently stopped April from acting in time to keep her top from coming down. I was struggling with her to keep her from tickling me when Sarah pulled at April's tube top, forcing it straight down her body.

In one swift motion, April's top and bra flopped right off her tits and down onto her waist. As the top went down, a piece of padding flew out of each cup of the bra and I got a good eyeful of her tits, well, what there was of them. I'd guessed she was an A cup when I first saw her, but now, with her tits uncovered and sticking out in front of me, I could see that her bra held more stuffing than it did any breasts. She was completely flat. Her tits didn't even make the slightest bump on her chest. Her nipples were long and erect, though.

Now, April struggled to break free of my grip to cover her breasts. I let go of her and her hands went right for her tube top, which she pulled up quickly.

"Shit!" Melissa giggled. "I knew you stuffed, but I didn't know it was ALL stuffing." The other girls laughed.

"Bitches!" April yelped. She was clearly pissed off. She reached across the floor to get her padding but before she could reach it, Linda picked it up and waved it in front of her.

April's face was flush with embarrassment. The girls were laughing at her. I felt bad for her. I could empathize with how she felt. I was in a similar situation earlier that day and I hadn't liked being on the receiving end of it.

April swung her hand around to slap Linda, but Linda blocked it and still had time to grab April's top and pull on it. As she did, April struggled to keep the top on, but she couldn't. The thin material ripped away from her body and was in more than one piece. Linda held it up for everyone to see, then reached for the bra, which came away from April's body even easier than the tube top did.

"Bitch!" April screamed, covering her nipples by crossing her arms in front of her chest. "I can't believe you just did that." I couldn't believe it, either. April was sitting there in front of me with no top on. Her tits were much smaller than she led everyone to believe they were. If it wasn't for the stuffing of the bra, she'd have no tits at all.

"That explains why you never go swimming with us," Melissa laughed.

Now, April was sitting on the floor with her hands covering her tiny tits. Before I could wonder what would happen next, Sarah leaned back without warning and her arm bumped into my hard, little cock. I hoped she wouldn't notice, but she homed in on my cock like a radar.

"Whoa," she said, turning to face my groin. I tried to sit up, but April was still partially on top of me. Sarah reached out and grabbed my cock through my shorts and fondled me without my permission. "He has a hard-on," Sarah announced to everyone.

April spun around and faced my crotch to see what Sarah was talking about. Like Sarah, April reached out a hand and grabbed my little cock through my shorts.

"He DOES!" April laughed. "Not a big one, but a hard-on for sure," she said.

"You gotta see it," Sarah said. "He has the smallest cock I've ever seen." I was so embarrassed. Again, the girls were making fun of me, and now, in front of two new girls. At least I wasn't the only one being embarrassed. April's tiny tits took part of the attention off of me.

"You've seen it?" Linda asked. "When?"

"Today," Sarah gloated. "He jacked off for us. It was sooo funny."

"Let's see it," Linda beamed.

"Yeah, let's have a look," April agreed. "Get those shorts off."

"No way," I said. "There's no way I'm taking off my shorts."

Sarah's free hand went for the waistband of the shorts. Before she could get them down, I was able to push April off of me enough that I could block Sarah, frantically gripping the waist of my shorts with both hands.

"I bet I can make you change your mind," Sarah slipped a hand into the waist of my shorts. Now, she roughly gripped my bare cock under the shorts. "How about if I do this?" she asked, roughly stroking my cock inside my shorts. Even as rough as she was handling my little cock, it still felt pretty good. I just wished it wasn't under these circumstances.

"No way," I secretly wished she wouldn't stop.

Sarah's hand moved from my cock to probe further inside my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around my balls now and she started to squeeze.

"Maybe this is a more convincing argument?" she asked, squeezing harder.

"Ow, shit," I groaned in pain. "That hurts."

Sarah's grip on my balls tightened and I felt a fingernail or two start to sink into my delicate skin. A little more pressure, and I think she'd have started to do some real damage. It was very painful.

"How about now?" she asked.

"Okay, okay," I reluctantly agreed through gritted teeth. "Just let go of my balls."

"Let go of your shorts," she ordered. I complied and let go of the shorts. Sarah loosened her grip on my balls a bit. She was still holding them, but the pressure was nowhere near as great. I was surprised when April turned the rest of the way around, took her hands off her tits, gripped my shorts on both sides and started tugging them down.

Sarah gripped my balls tightly again. "Raise your ass so she can get them down," Sarah ordered. The pain was intense, so I complied quickly. With my butt up in the air, April was able to pull my shorts down easily. This also caused my cock to stand up on display for the four girls to look at with ease. I was totally humiliated again. The four girls were giggling to themselves when my little cock came into sight, sticking up from my groin with Sarah's hand gripping my nuts.

I was surprised that I still maintained an erection with Sarah inflicting so much pain on me and with the humiliation of the four girls looking at my little cock.

"Wow, it really is small," April said.

"You'd know. You're the expert on small things," Linda said. The rest of the girls laughed at her.

"Melissa likes it," Sarah added in what seemed like an attempt to embarrass Melissa.

"I just get turned on by seeing you guys humiliate him. That's all." Melissa defended herself.

"Really?" Linda asked. "How about now?"

"Well," Melissa looked a little embarrassed herself. "I kinda like seeing April embarrassed the same way. I don't know why, but it's getting me so wet."

"I like seeing him humiliated, too." Linda agreed. "What should we do with him now?"

"Make him lay there," Melissa suggested. "and spread his legs so we can all get a better look."

Melissa stood up and walked around toward my feet. Linda followed her.

"Open your legs," Sarah commanded. I had no choice but to comply. I spread my legs to show them.

All four girls were staring at me in this humiliating position. Sarah still had her grip on my balls, but she'd relaxed her grip so it wasn't as painful now. My cock was standing straight up and facing the ceiling.

April stopped attempting to cover her tits. She reached out one hand and roughly gripped my cock, giving it a few pumps then rested her hand on my lower abdomen.

"It's small, but it's really hard," April said.

"Do you ever get any pussy?" Linda asked, kneeling beside me and looking at my little cock the whole time.

"Sometimes," I said, embarrassed.

"Ever get any second dates?" Linda asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Melissa asked.

"Well, I'm sure anybody who gets that little thing will not want seconds from him after the disappointment," Linda explained. She took my cock into her hand and handled it as if she was examining it for other defects. She was a lot more gentle with it than the other girls had been. She didn't stroke it, either. She just ran her hands all over it, feeling its shape. She ran a finger around the head of it, sliding her finger around the edge of the head of my cock. "I'm sorry, but it's just too small to give a woman any real pleasure."

That hurt. I felt so inadequate at the moment. I was lying on my own floor with my little cock out and four beautiful women were talking about how I couldn't give pleasure.

Linda pushed Sarah's hand off my balls, then massaged them gently in her hands. "Just because he has a small cock doesn't mean you have to abuse him," She scolded Sarah. "He can't help it he has this tiny cock. I'm sure he'd rather have a big, fat dick if he had the choice."

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