One Warm Day


It was a bright Sunday, B walked happily to the bus stop, enjoying the sun on her bare skin. Movement in one of the houses caught her eye. Red curtains not quite closed gave her a good view of her neighbours kissing passionately up against their bedroom wall. He had his hand inside her loose, pink top and her head was craned backwards, her eyes were closed and her mouth was moving quickly in his ear. B trembled slightly as she watched and imagined what her neighbour might be saying. She dragged her eyes away from the couple and ran for the bus.

The bus rumbled through the streets, sending vibrations through the seats and making her squirm. She was wearing a long, thin summer skirt and she could easily feel her warm thighs through the fabric. She pressed one hand in between her thighs and felt a deeper warmth and growing wetness. The bus stopped at an intersection and a girl wearing a tight white singlet, a small denim skirt and fishnets climbed on. Anyone could see her nipples through the thin white top and B couldn't stop staring at the point her thighs disappeared beneath her small skirt. She wanted to run her hands up those thighs the same way she was touching her own. The girl in the fishnets sat on a sideways-facing seat and B watched her in profile, her long legs stretched out, her skirt even higher when she sat down. B couldn't help herself, she wriggled down in her seat in the back of the bus and pressed her right hand further between her thighs. She could feel her silky, black underwear through her skirt and she rubbed slowly back and forth with her fingers, moaning softly and biting her lip. She felt an orgasm building inside her, making her move her fingers faster and faster and wriggle her pelvis. She was so close as the bus pulled up at her stop, and she almost groaned frustration as she hurried off the bus.

Walking down the street, she wondered if the strangers she passed could smell her wetness, barely hidden by the thin material. The thought made her wetter and she had to hurry to the house.

The house was warm and quiet. She checked each room as she passed, all empty but one - that meant she could be loud. She undressed outside his room, dropping everything except her black, silk bra and underwear and the thin scarf on the floor. She crept in, he was wearing his tight black t-shirt and jeans. He heard her coming and started to turn, but she sipped the scarf over his eyes.

"Hi," she whispered in his ear. He smiled. She took one of his hands and cupped it around her breast, the other slid slowly up her thigh, starting again the feelings on the bus. He reached the top of her thigh and felt for her clit through the silk. She moaned and her nipples hardened. He rubbed harder and her knees almost buckled. She knew he could feel her wetness seeping through the silk. He pushed the material aside and slid one finger inside her. She gasped, gripped the back of his head and kissed him deeply, the muscles inside tightening around his finger. She was so wet he pushed another finger in easily, feeling her tight cunt and imagining how it would feel around his cock.

She stood him up, and unbuttoned his jeans, revealing his cock straining to get out. She pulled down his underwear and put it in her mouth. His pre-cum tasted salty on her tongue, and it made her suck harder, the desire building every second. Before he could come, he took of the blindfold off, pulled her up on to her feet, and kissed her hard, his hands running all over the curves of her body. He pushed her back onto the bed and she opened her legs, revealing her pink, wet, smooth pussy. He climbed on top of her, one arm either side of her head, his muscles tight. She wanted him so badly now as he lowered his cock towards her. He pushed his hardness into her tight, wet cunt and she almost came straight away - moving her hips underneath him, his knob tracing exciting pulses inside her. He moved in and out of her pussy, the wetness and warmth building. She wanted to scream and she remembered the house was empty.

"I love your cock," she said, "even the thought of it makes me horny." He pushed in to her harder and faster, breathing heavily in her ear. She started the moan, softly at first, but then louder and louder.

"Oh, I'm going to come." And as she said the words the first wave of orgasm crashed through her, making her want to pass out. He gave one last hard thrust and she felt the cum flow out of him and into her, so that the next wave of orgasm didn't crash immediately but lingered and rippled through her body, making her bite him to stop from screaming so loudly. They lay there shaking slightly, him still inside her, sending fantastic aftershocks through her body.

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