One Wild Weekend


Josh chuckled and backed off. Mandy took his hand and steered him to the futon pushing him down to lay on his back, his cock standing stiff and erect. She climbed up to straddle him and lowered herself down onto his cock. I could hear her pleasure moans as she leaned forward on him and began to rock up and down.

"More," I heard her say, "more. Chris, fuck my ass, please? Fill me."

Chris looked at me and raised a brow almost as if asking my permission. I hesitated but nodded. He grabbed something from the table before he approached the futon. When he ripped open the package with his teeth, I realized it was a condom. He sheathed himself and approached the two on the futon. He caressed Mandy's ass and she groaned as he smacked it. Pulling her cheeks apart, he began easing himself into her. The blissful look on his face fascinated me. Mandy was riding Josh as Chris started pumping into her tight ass.

I walked over to them and reached out to caress Chris' cheek. I was an anal virgin; I had never done that before. Watching Mandy enjoying made me want to try it. Chris looked into my eyes. I climbed up onto the futon so I could kiss him. I felt Josh's hands on my thighs and realized he was pulling me over him. I sat over his face and he began to suck and eat my pussy. I threw my head back as he tongue fucked me. Chris was sucking my breasts as he continued to pump into Mandy.

I think that we all came at almost the same time. It was hard to tell who was first and it didn't matter. The taboo of what we were doing, the sight of everyone fucking, the musky smells all came together and I simply exploded. I saw stars and may have even blacked out momentarily. Next thing I knew I was laying next to Josh on the futon. I looked around and saw that everyone had collapsed pretty much in a heap. No one was stirring and I could only hear soft breathing and an occasional moan.

Shortly we all began to stir. I sat up slowly and looked over at Chris. He grinned back at me and I saw him mouth the word "Later," at me. I smiled at him from across the futon.

As soon as everyone was up and moving, we made our way down the beach to the water. The sun told us it was growing later in the afternoon and we had to go. We swam back to the yacht and climbed aboard. I stood for a moment in the circle of Chris' arms. He kissed me tenderly. With his arm still around me he started for the companionway. He did not stop at Mandy's and my cabin, but continued on to his own and steered me inside and closed the door behind us. I glanced around briefly, noting that his cabin was similar to ours, the exception being one queen bed instead of twin beds.

"Ready?" he asked, reclaiming my attention.

I raised an eyebrow at him, hoping he would realize how presumptuous he was being, how bossy and controlling. Besides, even though I wanted him like crazy, I had had time to begin thinking clearly again and had become a bit angry with him. He only chuckled at my look.

"What's wrong?" he asked reading me like a book.

"You screwed Mandy," I answered, my look becoming even more sour the more I thought about it.

"Are you opposed to sharing, even if you know I'm yours?"

"You're mine?" I asked softly, getting distracted from my anger. "Wait!" I recovered myself. "You fucked Mandy! Your cousin, damn it!"

"My cousin Mandy?" he shook his head at me. "Mary, Mandy is my cousin, we were raised as brother and sister, yes, but I guess Mandy didn't tell you."

"Now what did she neglect to tell me?" I practically wailed at him. "My best friend seems to have been very neglectful of me this weekend." I must have looked very forlorn because he came to me and wrapped me in his embrace. It felt good there; it was a safe, warm place to be. I unconsciously snuggled against him.

With a soft chuckle he began stoking my hair. "Mandy and I were each other's first. We were raised together, always there for each other; we experimented as we got older." He stated simply, matter-of-factly, as he glanced down at me to see my reaction. "Yes I fucked her ass because she asked me too, and it felt good. I'd have fucked her pussy too if she wanted, I've done it before. She wants Chris that way though, just like I want you. Yes, it's taboo and considered wrong, but another person's wrong is sometimes a little too strong. Should I be jealous of you and her together? A lot of people would consider that wrong. Think about it."

I was so distracted by the feel and the smell of him that it took a few silent minutes to funnel the information he had imparted through my brain and process it all. Finally I looked up at him. I had to be fair; I could not deny his argument. It actually made sense. I smiled, "You are cousins and you've had sex together," I stated.

"Are you OK with that? Are we OK?"

"Yes, we're OK."

"Good girl," he said. "Now, you ready?"

Grinning, I nodded, reaching my arms up around his neck and trying to pull him down to my lips. He would not let me.

"Not yet," he said pulling out of my embrace and walking over to his open suitcase. "First, this." He removed something red and came back toward me. "Do you trust me Mary?" he asked with a serious look on his face.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you trust me not to hurt you? Do you believe that I will do everything I can to only please you?"

I looked up into his eyes. I saw the honesty and emotion burning there. Even though our relationship had changed since yesterday, I had known him for years. Did I trust him? "Yes," I stated.

He smiled at me like he was a puppy I had just thrown a bone. Instead of pulling me close he turned me around. I felt something silky against my back; he was rubbing whatever was in his hand on my skin. It felt so nice.

"Now, hold still," he ordered. I felt the silkiness slide up my neck, surrounding it, pulling gently against it. I held very still, almost not breathing as he rubbed it back and forth over my throat. He slid the sash up to my eyes and I felt him tying it in place.

Two thoughts flashed through my brain, what was he doing to me and why was I enjoying it so much. My hand lifted toward the sash. His grabbed it to stop me.

"No," he ordered. "Leave it."


"No," he put a finger over my lips. "Quiet. Now climb on the bed."

I felt the hand that was still on my wrist steering me until I bumped into the bed. I climbed up and sat down.

"On your knees," he ordered. "Scoot up higher." I did immediately as he said. It did not even occur to me not to. Chris once again took my wrist and I felt him tie something silky around it. I heard him moving around, and then he was tying my other wrist. I pulled my hands and realized I could only move them backwards a small bit.

"What...?" I began to ask.

"Shh," he placed his finger upon my lips once again. "Trust me." The bed shifted as his weight came upon it. I could tell that he was behind me. I then felt his hands upon my back, caressing me from neck to ass.

"Ouch!" I yelped at the sudden sting as he slapped my rear. It stung but strangely I was getting turned on. He smacked me again. I groaned. I felt his hands on my thighs, pulling them wider apart. His hands began squeezing my ass cheeks.

"You liked watching me fuck Mandy's ass," he told me.

It was not a question, but I answered anyway. "Yes," I told him.

"Don't talk," he ordered once again. "I may have to punish you if you can not obey." Although his words and tone startled me, I felt myself becoming even more excited. "You want me to do that to you, don't you?"

I nodded my head, keeping silent.

"Well, I'm not going to do that today," he said. "You aren't ready yet." I felt disappointment wash over me. "Soon though." His knee slipped between my legs encouraging me to spread even wider. His hands caressing my ass were pulling me open.

"You're beautiful," he whispered. I felt his lips kissing where no one had kissed before. Licking my ass slit. He kissed my tight hole. I felt something pressing there and tightened.

"Relax," he ordered. "You will feel pressure, maybe slight discomfort at first. We will go as slowly as you need to." At his patient words, I relaxed my whole body and felt his pinky finger slip into my ass. He had been right. It didn't hurt, just discomfort that quickly dissolved. I felt the urge to press back against him.

"Hold still," he ordered. I stopped moving. He removed his finger. I groaned silently. I wanted it back. I felt him pressing against me again and automatically relaxed. "Good baby, that's it." He once again entered me. It felt larger, a bit more filling. He had inserted his thumb then. I fought the urge to move, and was rewarded by him moving his thumb gently in and out. I felt his other hand on my pussy now. His fingers entered me. With his thumb fucking my ass and his fingers fucking my cunt I felt more complete than I had ever felt.

"Come for me baby," he whispered. I came, hard, all over his hand, juices spraying out of me. He removed his hands from both my holes. "Spread your legs wider," he ordered. I did. I felt his head between my legs and his mouth was on my pussy before my orgasm had even worn off. His tongue licked at my clit then delved deeply into me. I pressed myself down onto him riding his face and tongue. I couldn't help myself; I wanted everything he could give me. Once again I climaxed. It felt like my juices were squirting out of me. He sucked them up like I was the finest nectar.

During all of this, the only thing keeping me upright had been my hands on the headboard of the bed. He removed himself from underneath me and once again was on his knees behind me. "Let go," he ordered. I let go of the bed.

I felt his hands caress my ass once again, then my back. He pressed my shoulders down until my head was cradled in pillows and my ass was in the air. I felt his hand at the back of my neck holding me there. His cock was entering my pussy, nothing slow about it. He rammed hard into me almost lifting my knees from the bed. He did not stop. The pleasure pain I was feeling was almost overwhelming. I needed to cum. His loose hand reached around me to tweak my nipple, then it move to tweak my nub.

I screamed as his hot cum spurted into me and he groaned. He kept pounding my pussy and coming. My orgasm went on and on. I felt my knees give way and found myself lying flat on the bed, arms stretched above me, still tied. He was lying next to me, an arm draped over me.

He began untying my blindfold. The first thing I saw was his grinning face and smiling eyes. "Was it good for you?" he asked with a chuckle.

I tried to slug him but my hands were still tied. Would he let me talk now? I nodded.

"It's okay, talk."

"Chris, I think you are the best I've ever had. Don't get a swelled head over the compliment though." I laughed, myself, over my pun. He chuckled with me as he began unfastening my wrists. When I was loose he pulled me into his arms. I snuggled there with my head fitting just under his chin. I decided I liked it here.

"Mandy said that you haven't been seeing other girls lately," I said hesitantly.

"Yeah? Well, Mandy talks too much," he said with a slight blush.

"Go figure," I grumbled. "I feel like I keep getting hit over the head every ten seconds with something she didn't tell me. So, is it true?"



"You," he answered turning slightly away. "Mary, you've invaded my mind. All I've been able to think about are the things I'd like to do to you and with you. I've imagined how you'd feel snuggled in my arms and under me with my cock buried inside you. I've wondered how you'd taste." He looked back down at me.

"So, you've had me now," I said with a false bravado, not meeting his eyes. "Are you satisfied?" I fought back the tears that threatened. This was the part I hated. Guys get what they want and that's it, they're gone. All they want is a quick fuck. I thought he was better than that, yet, suddenly, I felt that I couldn't trust myself, or him.

"Definitely," he answered. The tear I couldn't stop leaked out and down my cheek. "Why are you crying, baby?"

"I'm not crying," I said pulling away from his arms.

"Where are you going?"

"We are probably docked by now. I'm going to pack. The weekend is over." I answered flatly. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed.

I felt his arm come around my waist holding me in place. "You're not going anywhere until you tell me what is wrong. And don't tell me nothing, there is something. Spill it," he ordered.

As with before, I could not deny his tone of voice. With tears spilling down my cheeks in earnest now I told him simply, "You're satisfied. The weekend is over. It was fun. It's over. You are such a guy."

"Satisfied?" he sounded perplexed for a moment. "Aw hell baby," he continued, "If I'm 'such a guy' then you, my dear, are such a female! Don't torture yourself. Yes, I'm satisfied. You've given me possibly the greatest sex of my life. Am I satisfied as in 'are we done?' Hell no! Baby, we've only just begun. Now that I've tasted you I just want you more."

I could hear the honesty dripping from his words like a leaky faucet. I turned so I could see his eyes. One thing about Chris I had admired from the beginning was his eyes. They spoke volumes, they were deep, they could see into a person. They could not lie. Looking closely I saw that his words were truth.

With a joyful squeal I jumped on him knocking him onto his back. Our lips met and I was kissed soundly. I shrieked at the unexpected smack on my rear end.

"Why did you smack me again?" I accused.

"That, baby, is for thinking I'm just any guy," he replied. "You have a lot to learn about me, and from me. I'm not just a guy. I hope you are ready and can handle it."

"Try me!" I retorted saucily, my grin anchored in place.

"Oh, I fully intend to!" he shot back. "Now get to your cabin and pack. I'm sure we are back and everyone is probably waiting on us to finish."

"They know what we've been doing."

"And what do you think they've been up to? Going to be shy now?

"Hell to the NO!"

"That's right," he winked at me. "No shyness, no inhibitions, just honesty, trust, and self. Now go. I'll meet you on deck." I got up and scooted out the door quickly without looking back.

Once in my own cabin, I saw my bag packed and ready with a change of clothes laid out beside it. Silently thanking Mandy, I quickly slipped into the clothes, grabbed the bag, and headed topside.

Everyone looked as I emerged onto the darkening deck. Mandy was securely snuggled in the circle of Josh's arms. Chris held his hand out to me and I walked to him. He lifted my hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss there, then pull me close and just held me.

"Ladies," Josh addressed us, always the proper host, "did you enjoy your weekend?"

Mandy and I looked at each other and simply burst into gales of laughter. We were both soon bent over holding our stomachs we were laughing so hard. I had almost regained control over myself when I saw Josh and Chris look at each other with a long-suffering look. I lost it again. My renewed laughter reinfecting Mandy who was now laughing so hard she couldn't breathe.

When we finally slowed some Chris bravely asked, "What's so funny?"

"Lord Chris," I answered, "did we 'enjoy our weekend'? Really?"

"Well?" Josh asked.

"Hell to the yeah!" Mandy and I answered simultaneously. Then we both yelled, "Jinx!" just like we had done when we were schoolgirls.

"Well," Josh continued, "how would you like to spend a few days at my house in a couple of weeks?"

"I'd love it," I told him honestly, coming over to give him a hug. "And thank you for what you and Mandy did for Chris and I. I love you both for it, for being such good friends."

"Anytime, my dear," he gave me a tight squeeze. "Now give your man a proper kiss good-bye." He smacked my ass as he sent me back to Chris who promptly took me in his arms and met my lips.

After we had both been soundly kissed we picked up our bags, linked our arms, and headed for the gangplank. Once there we stopped and turned. I stared deeply into Chris' eyes once more and saw him mouth one word to me. I blew him a kiss and headed down the gangplank with Mandy at my side. We found her car and she pointed it toward home.

Unlike our boisterous trip out just yesterday morning, we played subdued haunting music. There was no laughing and joking, as we were each lost in our own thoughts. It had been a wonderful end to summer that I would forever remember and cherish. I stared out at the night sky, not seeing the stars as my mind relived those last moments on deck. I smiled when I thought once more of Chris' last word to me, the same as on the beach.


My smile widened even more and I grinned in anticipation. I couldn't wait for later to get here.

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