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OneSilky: An Appreciation


Andrea Dworkin has long opposed pornography. She has also rejected erotica. This essay is a refutation of Dworkin's position.

Allow me to begin with a quote from a SilkyOne Literotica story, "Silky 09.'

Someone tells Silky (the eponymous heroine of the Silky Series) that she is Gorgeous. She reacts: "Gorgeous! Really? You think I'm gorgeous? Why? Do I have protrusions and recesses that meet cultural expectations for symmetry?"

"Yes, comes the answer, " but I don't think I've ever heard it expressed in that way."

Many of the exchanges and descriptions in Silky stories are expressed in ways a Literotica reader is not likely to have seen expressed "in that way." SilkyOne's stories are replete with fresh, compelling, and enthralling "that ways."

The exchange quoted above offers so much. The sentiment expressed is not unusual for Literotica , a young woman is praised as a prelude to sex. What is atypical for Literotica is the language used, an unexpected diversion into words from another realm, amusing and intelligent enough to give a reader pause, to make a reader think. But this is a Literotica story and the exchange just quoted is followed soon after by a very HOT scene, first involving cunnilingus and finally involving fucking:

He didn't answer; I didn't ask again. All we did was rip clothing off like a tornado in the garment district. A whirlwind of socks, blouse, briefs, papers, pens, and everything else. As soon as possible, he had lifted me against his wall. And was ripping me apart with a very nice thick cock. I pulled his ass against me with my calves and feet, and hung on for dear life. I think we put a hole in the sheet rock.

The above quote is extended, but extended as it is, it still manages to reveal only part of the richness, humor and explicitness gained by reading the whole scene. The metaphor, "A tornado in the garment district," is exact and appropriate. The "hole in the sheet rock" a surprise that offers a perfect finish to the paragraph.

The HOT subject matter accompanied by vivid writing is what makes OneSilky's stories very special.


The Silky saga, which to date (November 19) is 50 submissions deep, is full of passages ,like the one quoted above. Clever, amusing, descriptive, and, most importantly (this is Litoratica that we are talking about) that are HOT, sexy, arousing.

This reader had been reading Literotica for a little more than a year when, one day, I read my first OneSilky story and quickly became a fan. Became "hooked" might be better to say.

By rough count, more than 215- thousand authors have contributed well over a million and a quarter stories to Literotica. As I would assume most readers would agree, finding the author or authors whose stories titillate, amuse, or entertain, and does so in a literate manner is quite a chore. Oh, I am able quite often to find an author or a story that I can enjoy. I find my stories as many readers do by checking out the daily "New" story files or checking out the "favorites" of authors who have impressed me, and I am able most times I try to find adequate reading matter. But it sometimes is quite a job, separating the wheat from the chaff. OneSilky is almost always wheat, no chaff.


In her profile, OneSilky tells us that she is 23 to 26 years old and has an imagination "that goes FAR beyond my real, boring life." OneSilky, the author and Silky, the fictional character may share a name, but, for sure, do NOT share a boring life or, at least, Silky does not.

The character Silky enjoys a life full of adventure, sex, and excitement. A great deal of sex. A surfeit of sex.

Sex is there even when sex isn't happening.

Some college soccer players are widening a hole in a locker room wall so that they can watch the cheerleaders in a state of undress. Here is how OneSilky describes the soccer players' actions:

Will took control, and pushed his knife against resistance into the moistened and slippery opening. He felt the tip slip in, and then he withdrew partially and hammered in again

and again. He could count every beat of his heart. The impetus left him breathless as the intense feeling flowed through him. Hehad struck the wall, and scraped his knuckles painfully.

That is sex when sex isn't happening. There is much more sex when people are actually having sex, copulating.

Silky lives with two other people. In her own words: "My name is Silky, I'm almost 21, and I live with my owner/lover/Daddy George and my sister/lover Jessica in Alabama. We all sleep together in one big bed, and life is generally sweet. We are college students. Jess is tall and blond with blue eyes. I'm shorter, with flaming red hair (and pussy) and green eyes that match my emerald ear studs."

Not your traditional family arrangement, but in this case an arrangement that is happy and healthy, often joyous for its participants. There are problems....Silky and Jess obviously love and enjoy each other sexually, but, like most sisters, occasionally argue and fuss with each other----.They solve disputes by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. Jess always wins and Silky thinks she cheats. They love each other---as sisters do.

George is a controlling person. But his control is rather offhand, dominant only when it comes to Silky and Jess doing their schoolwork and studying. Then, he is unbending.

The sex between the three is fun to each of them. A science fiction OneSilky story. "Silkyon" (the first---there are two Silkyon stories) is the most intense description of a ménage a trois that I have ever read, descriptive, erotic and immensely clever, done in an other world setting with its own rules for procreation and sex, and, yet, a perfect metaphor for human earthly sex between three people.


The sex between Silky, Jess, and George, and between them and many other characters, is nearly always joyous (only one story features unpleasant sex, maybe two if you think a spider in a vagina is unpleasant ). But that isn't what distinguishes these stories (many Literotica submissions are wonderful.) What makes the OneSilky stories different is (1) the variety, and the profusion of submissions (49 in less than 3 months, better than one every two days===speak of being productive.), (2) the characters(so many and always consistent but rich in their behavior), and (3) the fantastic use of language. The language is original, full of surprises, and wonderfully used to describe a particular scene.

The language is what I love about OneSilky's stories!

Andrea Dworkin, no friend of pornography or erotica, expressed her contempt this way, "Erotica is simply high-class pornography; better produced, better conceived, better packaged, designed for a better class of consumer."

Well, Duh! As if better, better, better, and better is worth nothing.

I am sure Ms. Dworkin did not intend it, but her definition of erotica is exactly the type of writing that this devotee of Literotica has hungered for, and finally found in OneSilky.

Erotica must, by any rules imaginable, be first and foremost about sex, describe the sexual act or circumstance in such a way as to arouse the reader's libido. Literotica facilitates this need by offering a variety of categories for its fiction, everything from Group and Gay stories, BDSM and Romance tales, and voyeur or reluctance fiction (and many others.

Of course, one of the problems for the writer of erotica who wishes to serve "a better class of consumer" is how to describe the sex scenes (the money shots of porn movies).

I mean, there are only so many ways to describe the sex act, no? NOT!

OneSilky has described hot, involved, explicit sex scenes in a wild variety of styles old and new, but always amazingly fresh and original, funny and sensual (sometimes at the same time)..

She can describe the sexual escapades of Silky's Great Grandmother's Grandmother disguised as a cabin boy in Napoleonic times: "He reached her hairy joining, where she was so awash with oils she felt on fire, and then he began to teach her how to play this instrument as well. She had heard Mozart and Beethoven but neither of them could make this music! Glissades of pleasure poured through her arms and legs as he stroked between her legs. Bass drums pounded when he touched one special spot."

OneSilky tells of sex Silky experiences in pitch dark silence this way: "I hung from him like a sloth, tho I was much more active. He continued to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation, or perhaps it is 'susitation' since it wasn't a repeat. Gently he lowered his body onto mine, so that a whisper of frottage assailed my labia. He was large and hard and I was soft and wet."

Before I continue, I have to say that the snippets of description I have quoted here to exemplify OneSilky's talents, are just that,

snippets, hints at the full descriptions which are truly splendid.

It is hard to quit quoting from OneSilky. Here she is describing a brief encounter, a charitable fuck she offers a poor, inexperienced student: "I stripped completely, lay back, and invited him to start with labial lubrication of my lower orifice. He apparently thought he was removing paint, as nothing less than that would justify his chaetigerous brusqueness. I jack-knifed backwards, and suggested he just try to gently touch my labia."

A big part of the fun reading a OneSilky description is looking up words such as Chaetigerous in a dictionary and finding just how perfectly they are used---for their descriptive accuracy and for the touch of humor they add.

OneSilky can have a lot of fun when she chooses to. One of the Silky adventures she describes is called "My Robot," and is told as a parody of the Tom Swiftian style. Silky visits a hospital emergency room:

"We asked many other people why they were there.

"A dog bit me," said the first man rabidly.

"I've been feeding an alligator," the second said offhandedly.

"I think I've broken my leg," reported an older man lamely.

"I've gained thirty pounds," a fat woman sighed heavily.

"I can no longer hear anything," said another, deftly."

By the way, the whole of that particular adventure is told in the Tom Swiftian manner and with no diminution of good old erotic description that will not disappoint those who crave arousal, I say gushingly.

Many film buffs remember the dinner scene from Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon when eating at the table becomes a surrogate for sex. I remember the scene from OneSilky's Going To Church submission where Silky and Jess enjoy a church picnic:

"We started eating our KFC. (Do I LOOK like I know how to cook? Honestly!) I took a big mouthful of the cole slaw. I caught Jess's eye and pursed my lips. I let a few drops of the turbid fluid dribble down to my chin, swallowed, and wiped it off with my finger. Then I sensuously sucked my finger clean. She responded by dipping a chicken leg in the slaw, so it had some juice on the end, and then carefully licked it clean, smacking her lips. I began to osculate a leg up and down the shaft, taking tiny nibbles of its flesh in my teeth. We were a riot! I started deep throating mine; I could really get it all the way in!"

OneSilky is so full of surprises. The final sentence of a scene is often a surprise, funny, and perfectly appropriate.

'"You certainly come prepared," said Craig.

"I just try to stay focused," I replied. "Let's see, paper, pens, rulers, text... oh, damn! I forgot to wear panties!"

Of all the words of tongue and pen, those are the ones most distracting to men."

One of the most difficult things in life is to know when to stop a pleasurable activity. Quoting from SilkyOne's work is certainly a pleasurable activity. But, allow me one final indulgence, one more quote from Silky:

"We had a honeymoon, a spiritual and sexual saturnalia, a bacchanal where our kisses were the only wine, but were enough. The Goddess Venus would have wept with jealousy."

We, (at least I do) read erotica for several reasons: to leave the quotidian experience of our lives for another realm for some time, to experience a lift to our libido, to learn how others react to and experience life, for a good read, or for just the fun of it. Whichever of those reasons we read, OneSilky's stories deliver. Madonna was accused once of being a nymphomaniac. She denied it. She said that she liked sex enough, but, often, she would rather read a book. Madonna! May I introduce you to OneSilky?

Well, I'm jealous of OneSilky's talent, but I weep with happiness that I can read her work. I hope this little appreciation will alert a few readers to this fine writer.

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by TatankaBill10/11/17


Like the hooker said to the leper, thanks for the tip. I'm on a mission now! OneSilky, here I come.

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