tagLetters & TranscriptsOnline Conversation Ch. 01

Online Conversation Ch. 01


This is my, well our, first submission after being a regular viewer of the great stories available on this site. Below is an actual account of a first encounter between myself and a very sexy lady on an internet chat site. I’ve chopped off the early ‘getting to know you’ exchanges (didn’t feel these would work for everyone!), but have left in a little after chat. I have her permission to publish this and we hope that, if popular, we will be able to publish further conversations as we have them. Please feel free to leave comments, thanks.



LadyBuzzToys 22:50

So, if I arrived at your front door right now, what would do to me?

captainnoone 22:52

Good question...I'd begin by closing the door behind you and pinning you against it...kiss you deeply and intensely and let my hands begin to explore your body...

LadyBuzzToys 22:55

I would enjoy being pinned back, and writhe slightly as I enjoyed your exploration. Pushing back just enough for you to know that you could boss me around...but only because I'm letting you.

captainnoone 22:57

I'd enjoy your writhing; it would make me want you all the more. I'd kiss your neck and you'd respond by lifting your head to let me in, I'd kiss down until I met your clothes, wanting to go further.

LadyBuzzToys 23:00

I'd undo the top button of my shirt, allowing you to see the curve of my breasts, and kiss a little more. I'd look up at you, give you the slightest of smiles and from that you would understand that I want you to carry on.

captainnoone 23:03

I'd undo the next two buttons, never breaking eye contact, feeling your chest rise and fall as I did. Finally I'd glance down and be delighted by what I saw...your delicious cleavage supported by a sexy black lace bra...my intake of breath gives away how impressed I am.

LadyBuzzToys 23:05

Catching you off guard I spin you round and pin you against the wall, slide my hands underneath you shirt over your stomach and round to your back, pulling you in for another brief kiss.

captainnoone 23:07

I'm shocked at first, but soon respond to your kiss...I realise the tables are turned and wonder what you're about to do.

LadyBuzzToys 23:08

I take two steps back from you, unbutton the rest of my shirt, but leave it on. I slide a hand underneath and feel my breasts, enjoying you watching.

captainnoone 23:11

I watch on, drinking in the sight of you touching yourself. While you touch yourself, you glance down and smile...you know just how much you're turning me on from the bulge in my jeans.

LadyBuzzToys 23:13

I grab hold of your belt and pull on it, guiding you into the living room, I'm wondering where will be comfortable and then you lead me on to...

captainnoone 23:15

the thick, shag pile rug that lies in front of the fire, a fire that I lit specially a while before you arrived. The warm glow is the only light in the room. I lay you down and your shirt drops open, giving me the opportunity to lay some soft kisses on your stomach and make my way up to your breasts.

LadyBuzzToys 23:17

Again the tables have been turned; I am enjoying both the warmth of the fire and the kisses on my skin. I start to remove your shirt, enjoying each patch of skin as it is revealed.

captainnoone 23:19

I continue to kiss your body, enjoying the feeling of your hands on my skin. I reach up and begin tracing my fingers around your breasts, touching them the way you did at the door, knowing you'd like it.

LadyBuzzToys 23:21

With this I begin to moan with pleasure. I unbuckle your belt, slide it off then pause. I rub your bulge through your jeans, enjoying the anticipation.

captainnoone 23:23

I let out a sigh of gratification as your hand rubs my bulge; instinctively I push myself into your hand. In a rush of frustration I quickly pull your shirt off your shoulders, pull your bra straps down and reveal your stunning breasts. I can’t' wait to get my lips on them.

LadyBuzzToys 23:24

I lie back and pull your lips to my breasts. I rub myself against you, enjoying the friction from the denim.

captainnoone 23:26

I kiss gently, carefully circling your nipple, trying to avoid it purposely. Occasionally, I pause and let out a warm breath as my mouth passes from one side of your nipple to the other. Your body reacts instantly as your nipples harden. The feeling of you rubbing against mine is driving me crazy

LadyBuzzToys 23:28

I unbutton and unzip your jeans, slide a hand in and begin a slow rhythmical rub through your underwear

captainnoone 23:29

Again I lose control and let out a moan of appreciation. Finally, and unexpectedly, I reach out my soft tongue and make contact with your nipple.

LadyBuzzToys 23:31

Ohh, that's good. I slide your jeans down and off, loving watching that bulge, knowing how much pleasure it will bring. I slide a hand under my skirt as you continue to play with my breasts.

captainnoone 23:34

It feels good to be out of my jeans. I move from nipple to nipple, licking more eagerly, and gently graze your nipples with my teeth. I'm sure I hear you moan gently, unsure of whether it's because of my tongue or what you're doing to yourself with your expert fingers...

LadyBuzzToys 23:36

I tease myself, feeling my wetness already through the thin fabric. I stop then move my hands back to you, over your t and bulge, wondering if this would be the right time to take them off.

captainnoone 23:39

In my mind I'm begging you to pull them off; I need to feel the soft skin of your fingers directly on me. I pause to get you out of your shirt and remove your bra completely. I kneel up and look down at your topless frame, desperate to see the rest of you.

LadyBuzzToys 23:41

I unzip my skirt and gesture to you to pull it off, feeling the tiniest of involuntary thrusts from my hips. I relish the way you are looking down on me.

captainnoone 23:45

I respond instantly, eager to see more of the body I can't take my eyes off. I pull your skirt over your hips and down over your legs, which you lift to help me. I turn and throw the skirt on the floor. When I turn back, I see you lying there in just your knickers, I can't wait to take you and it shows in my eyes.

LadyBuzzToys 23:47

My legs part slightly and again I slide a hand over my black knickers. I am feeling very naughty doing this in front of you, delaying your pleasure.

captainnoone 23:49

I watch as you run your fingers over the fabric. Instinctively I respond by reaching for my bulge and for a moment we stoke ourselves in unison. I simply can't take my eyes off you; they scan every inch of your body.

LadyBuzzToys 23:50

I roll over and kneel up. From behind you see me slide my knickers down...to just below my bottom.

captainnoone 23:51

I gasp at the sight of your firm bottom and reach out to explore you once again with my fingers. I run my hands all over them, being careful not to slip a finger anywhere too sensitive, not yet.

LadyBuzzToys 23:52

I push back onto your big fingers, wanting much more. I reach behind and tug at your underwear, wanting you to take them off.

captainnoone 23:54

Although I'm lost in the feeling of you pushing back and responding to my touch, I slide them down without hesitation and reveal myself to you.

LadyBuzzToys 23:56

This makes me gasp and become more frenzied. I push you onto your back and sit astride your thighs. I run my hands up and down your legs and over you chest. I lean forward to tease your nipples with my tongue, I touch you almost everywhere.

captainnoone 23:57

My body is tingling with your touch, I yearn for you to wrap your hand around me and begin to stroke. I guide your hand to where I really need it to be.

LadyBuzzToys 23:59

I groan when I touch it, I slide my firm grip up and down the shaft. My legs shift to the side of you; I part your legs and lick inside your thighs.

captainnoone 00:01

I moan in response to your grip and can't help but buck my hips in time as your firm grip moves rhythmically up and down my shaft. The licking drives me crazy……..You're too far away from me, I need to feel my tongue on you again.

LadyBuzzToys 00:03

I kneel up, straddle you again and lean forward to kiss you. Then I lower my breasts to your mouth, enjoying your greedy licks and nibbles.

captainnoone 00:06

While my tongue swirls around your nipples, I reach my hands down. One glides down your back to your bottom, the other across your stomach towards your most sensitive of areas...your legs are wide apart, either side of mine and I easily explore you with my fingers.

LadyBuzzToys 00:08

I push down onto your fingers, moaning, wanting so much more, loving the way your hands are in control of me. I start to beg for what I want. Please, please, let me slide onto you.

captainnoone 00:11

I love hearing you beg, it makes me harder than I thought possible. I move both of my hands to your bottom and slowly guide you towards my aching shaft. I feel your soft, warm lips meet the tip and gasp.

LadyBuzzToys 00:12

I pause there delighted by the anticipation of what is to come; I turn, look you straight in the eye and give you a very dirty smile. I begin to move my hips in a slow circle, moving down onto you very slowly.

captainnoone 00:14

I stare into your eyes as we share the intense sensation, it drives me wild. I feel you slowly working down my shaft and have to force myself to resist thrusting into you, although it's the only thing I want to do...

LadyBuzzToys 00:16

I let out a very soft scream as I slide all the way onto you, feeling so tight around you. I lean forward, pin your shoulders down and thrust down onto you, slowly sliding up and down.

captainnoone 00:19

I close my eyes and let out a loud groan as I feel your hands pin me and your pussy gliding up and down my shaft, I can't help but thrust to meet you each time you come down on me, pushing myself as deep inside you as I can...

LadyBuzzToys 00:20

I start to fuck you harder, no longer able to control the slow movements. My hips slam into you as I thrust.

captainnoone 00:21

I grab you bottom firmly and force you down even harder, I need you deeper and deeper.

LadyBuzzToys 00:22

With one hand I reach behind and caress your balls, with the other I selfishly reach down to stroke my clitoris, still thrusting hard.

captainnoone 00:25

Your hand on my balls feels like heaven. The sight of your hand reaching towards your clit spurs me on. I move my fingertips closer to the tiny hole between your cheeks, wondering if you want me to touch...

LadyBuzzToys 00:26

Yes, I want you to!......Mmm, after a few seconds circling, applying pressure, a finger sneaks in. It moves around again in a circle, gently stretching the tender muscle.

captainnoone 00:31

I feel the muscle relax, allowing me to ease even further in...I can't help but wonder how amazing it would feel to slide my shaft in there. The mere thought makes me slam even harder into your delicious tight pussy...

LadyBuzzToys 00:33

The sensation of cock and finger combined makes me cum, I tense and my pussy is wetter that you've known it, perhaps too wet to fuck. I climb off you and get down on all fours, still wanting more. I run my hand over the soft skin of my bottom, showing you exactly what I want

captainnoone 00:35

I quickly get up and move behind you. I run my hands over your bottom and my finger finds your hole once more. This time it slides in so easily, it tells me you are ready. I move forward and position the tip of my shaft. You feel it touch and I see your body tense then relax.

LadyBuzzToys 00:36

I push back onto you, my whole body begging for more.

captainnoone 00:38

The feel of you pushing back onto me drives me insane. I look down and watch my shaft disappear inside you. I place a hand on each of your hips and pull you closer to me, feeling the wonderful tightness envelop me.

LadyBuzzToys 00:40

I breathe harder, being fucked like this is a little painful, but so, so good. My bottom stays tight around your shaft and I moan as push back.

captainnoone 00:41

The feeling is so intense, I respond by pushing harder and faster into you, I know it must be hurting but I can tell you like it. My entire shaft is sliding in and out of you from tip to base each time.

LadyBuzzToys 00:43

That's so fucking good, sliding in and out of my tight arse, I feel the sensation of coming again rising inside of me.

captainnoone 00:45

I'm desperate to make you come and I feel the tension in your body. I continue to pound you. I reach below with both hands. Two fingers of one hand slide easily in and out of your wet pussy; while the other frantically strokes your clit...I want to hear you come...

LadyBuzzToys 00:47

And you do…….as my moans turn into screams, almost animal like, you feel every muscle in me tense...and then release.

captainnoone 00:48

The sound of your screams overwhelms me. My breathing tells you I'm getting closer myself. I can't help but wonder where you want it...

LadyBuzzToys 00:50

You've made me feel as dirty as hell, and I'm thinking about you coming on my face.

captainnoone 00:51

I gently pull out of you and move round so that my shaft is right in front of your beautiful face.

LadyBuzzToys 00:51

My mouth is open, still breathing hard…

captainnoone 00:53

I slide my shaft in and feel your lips close around me...my hips begin to stir and I move myself in and out of your mouth.

LadyBuzzToys 00:53

I reach behind you and slide a finger into your anus, guiding your hips into me.

captainnoone 00:56

That tips me over the edge. I pull out of your mouth and take my shaft in my fist. I pump it right in front of you, I can see you watching me...I know I'm about to come.

LadyBuzzToys 00:57

My mouth hangs open, hoping to catch some come, still panting and moaning…

captainnoone 00:58

I inhale suddenly as I come. I look down and see rope after rope of thick white come land on your face and tongue.

LadyBuzzToys 00:59

Mmmm, I lick my lips greedily, use my fingers to wipe it off my face then suck them in front of you.

captainnoone 01:01

I almost collapse as the feeling subsides...seeing you sucking your fingers is amazing...I run my eyes over your body, it's glistening with sweat and looks amazing...

LadyBuzzToys 01:02

I am calming down, catching my breath, still gently touching myself, exploring just how wet I am...and satisfied. I stroke the sides of your long legs and torso, glad for the pleasure they have given.

captainnoone 01:04

I lie down beside you and run my hands over your glistening body, knowing I'm sharing the same feelings as you.

LadyBuzzToys 01:05

Your toned body looks amazing covered in sweat, and I am exhausted.



LadyBuzzToys 01:06

Well, I didn't get that early night I had planned!

captainnoone 01:07

Nor me. That was absolutely amazing...thank you.

LadyBuzzToys 01:08

Thank you...didn't expect it to last so long, but it got me really horny.

captainnoone 01:09

Me too, couldn't help but stroke while I read what you wrote...so horny and descriptive.

LadyBuzzToys 01:10

I get very turned on by words. I've been playing with a vibrator, and have been very, very wet.

captainnoone 01:11

Oh wow...thanks for sharing that with me. I have a very active imagination and can picture you doing it.

LadyBuzzToys 01:12

I'd love to talk again sometime...maybe you could boss me around, or vice versa. Either way, I've got to be up in five hours, so really should get off to bed!

captainnoone 01:13

Yes, I've got to be up at six. Would love to talk again and share some more adventurous ideas. Hope we can do it again soon.

LadyBuzzToys 01:14

For now, I can fall asleep thinking of a tall man doing dirty things. Mmmm, sweet derams indeed.

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