tagBDSMOnline Dominance Ch. 01

Online Dominance Ch. 01


Hi, I hope you enjoy this. It's the first real story I have ever written and it is a total work of fiction and please feels free to leave comments. Sorry if it starts out slow, it will get better in the next chapter.


Today I finally turned eighteen, and now I can legally do almost anything. I decided that tonight I would change something about myself, even if I could only do it online. In my everyday life I am a bossy person. This was all going to change because I really wanted to be sexually dominated. My whole body begged for an escape, to lose the sense of control as I hand it over to someone else. I knew I could only achieve this online because I knew if I tried it online I could be in trouble.

I read a lot of different e-books and websites and decided to use one of my favorites. The first step in this plan of mine was to make a Literotica account, and start by posting an ad in the bulletin board about a young female looking for an online Master. I had to be specific; this was going to be strictly an online affair. I got many messages, but most were from old perverts, or guys just looking for a girl to get pictures from.

I kept waiting and waiting, looking for the right man to come along and see how badly I needed to be controlled. One wary evening, just before I was about to log out for the night, a private message came in. The message simply said, "If you accept this, the next time I will message you would be to your Yahoo address. Reply quickly and DO NOT KEEP ME WAITING." Out of the hundreds of messages I received that night, for some reason this was the only one that made me want to give up control.

I replied to the message immediately, the demanding tone of the message had me feeling like his submissive already. While I waited for a reply, I started working on my final paper for English class. I was completely concentrated on my paper, when I got a request on my yahoo account from FlamesofHell33, so I assumed it was from him. I accepted and wrote "Hi". The reply was not what I expected.

"You are clearly lacking manners and training. From now on, refer to me as either Master or Sir."

I smiled to myself and typed back, "Hi, sir how are you?" I waited holding my breath, trying to guess what he would say next. He replied within a few seconds. I guess he is as anxious to talk to me as I am to hear from him I thought to myself.

"Don't be lazy and capitalize the Sir, and address me properly."

"Hi Sir how are you?"

He knew what he wanted, and I like that. I was already feeling the pull towards him.

"I am good. Now explain why you want a dominant / submissive relationship?"

Wow! That question was unexpected! I was here thinking that we would jump right into the sex that my body had been craving for so long. I shook my head and decide to go with an honest answer.

"Submission has been a fantasy of mine for a long time so I decided to finally pursue it."

He typed back "Ok, good. Your first task will be to email me, explaining in detail one of your fantasies. Then tell me why you want to be dominated. This will help me understand you better. It will allow you a single opportunity to tell me the type of things you like. Along with that, I want you to describe yourself."

"Will do Sir, anything else?" My heart was pounding with excitement. Could this mysterious guy be the one that I was looking for, and not one of those old perverts? I glanced back at the screen and realized he had typed another request.

"In addition to that task you will also take a picture specifically for me; you can crop out your face. You will not masturbate or orgasm or take part in any sexual activity, until I have read your submission and considered if you are worthy enough to be my slave."

"Yes Sir, anything else?" Oh my God!! Was all I thought; maybe I had found the one. So far he seemed normal enough, well as normal one could be.

"No that is all. I expect these requests to be in my inbox when I wake up tomorrow morning, and if they are not detailed enough I will add a word count to it. Good bye."

And with that he was gone, and I had now found my new Master. I was dancing in my seat with excitement when I started to write out the things he had requested.

I started typing out the email,

Good Morning Sir,

Well to start with, I am 5'2; I have really light brown skin and dirty blonde hair that goes down to my lower back. My eyes are green, and I usually wear contacts, unless I am being lazy I wear glasses. My bra size is 32C and I am pretty tone. Um what else would you want to know? Anything else just ask me.

Now my fantasy, there are so many, so I will tell you the one that I dream of most often. Here it goes; I want to be tied, blindfolded so I can't see anything. I want my legs in a spreader bar, and a Hitachi pressed to my clit. I want to be fucked hard by the person who tied me up, my Master, and be in orgasmic bliss. I want to cum over and over again, until I pass out.

Why I want to be dominated is because I need to give up control, I want to have a part of my life where someone else makes the decisions. It would be a way to escape, and discover new things about myself.

I attached the picture of myself. Well I hope everything I said is all right, and to your level.

I need to sleep now; otherwise I won't wake up tomorrow.


Your hopefully Slave

I read over the email, took a deep breath and emailed it all to him. Then I got ready to go to bed. Sleep came hard that night; I was so riled up about my fantasy finally coming true and that I had seemed to find the master of my dreams. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

I would like to thank my editor Kyriae and KillerWithWords . Hope you enjoyed, and please leave your comments and reviews.

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