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As he headed out towards the highway in his pickup, he shook his head at what he was about to do. But he also knew that it was an offer that he just couldn’t refuse. Pulling up to the stop sign he looked at the picture that he had taped to his visor and gazed at the raven haired beauty that looked back smiling. In a way he felt guilty, but in a way the bitch deserved what she had coming to her after all of her lying and deceit.

He had been chatting with the bewitching Angel for over a year on the internet and had almost fell in love. Until… He couldn’t get that email or the phone calls out of his head. He knew what he was going to do but not how. Every time he thought of her his heart stopped and his cock got hard as a rock and all he could think of is, “Yes this is the only way to get back at her for all she has done to everyone.”

It was only a long 14 hour drive to Minnesota and he needed to masterbate to rid himself of the hard on he had since he left home. He already had a room ready for him and all he had to do was give the name that he was supposed to at the front desk. Everything went off with out a hitch.

When he entered the room he found a wallet full of cash with instructions on the bed. So much getting off he thought to himself that would have to wait until later. He looked at the list of instructions and immediately started to get hard again thinking about what he was going to do with the things on the list. The list included things like duct tape, a leather dog collar, case of bottled beer, and 5 rolls of film…

When he had returned with his bag of goodies he climbed into the shower and turned it full on hot. When he had done washing he wrapped a towel around his waist and sat down on the bed.

He again took out the picture of his unsuspecting beauty and looked at her innocent smile once more. When he gazed at the beautiful smile and those alluring green eyes he could only think that a few months ago he almost confessed his inner most thoughts and dreams to her. Then he put the picture back in his wallet like it was almost holy and took out the other pictures that had been emailed to him.

The same gorgeous smile, alluring eyes and jet black hair, but completely naked and being fucked by her husband. And in the next photo she had her thighs wrapped around the head of a woman. Most photos like that would have turned him on. These photos just repulsed him, he had almost fallen for this whore.

Yet his cock got hard anyway and he tried to conjure up images of what he was going to do to her. All he could think of was running his fingers lovingly down her white throat and following with his lips. Kissing her until she felt it in her toes and making slow passionate love to her.

Just as he was about to cum, there was a loud rap at the door. He grabbed a robe and opened the door and there he came face to face with the man who had hired him to help him take down this woman. He like James had been lured like him over the internet and fallen prey to her but his seduction went much farther than that it had hit him in the pocket book.

The man handed him another wallet and an envelope and said don’t fuck this up I will be there waiting when you are done. He wanted to send her husband pictures of what they were doing to her and send her home to him a broken woman that no one would want.

He closed the door and sat back down on the bed and opened the envelope it contained the address of her job, what time she usually got off, and the best places to park where he couldn’t be seen grabbing her.

He had been sitting in the car since 9 am waiting for her to get off every thing had been working perfectly for him. It was 90 degrees in the shade so she parked off to the side near some trees. And he pulled up in the empty spot right next to her car. And he had been watching the clock at 12:30 when he saw her approaching her car. He quickly looked around and saw no one.

He got out of the car and came behind her as she bent to unlock her door and put a rag with chloroform on it over her mouth. He felt he go limp against his body and could hardly stand it. All he had to do was to open the rear passenger door and push her inside.

As he pushed her inside he went with her and felt the full length of her body under his. She was very slight in build and she was wearing a pink tee shirt and tight jeans. He looked up to make sure that no one was coming and closed the door. He then knelt over her and ran his hand down the entire front of her body, stopping only to cup and pinch her breasts and to hold her hot mound in his hand for just a few moments.

He then grabbed the duct tape from the floor board and began to bind her wrists. They were such small and fragile wrists that he could help kissing each one as he bound them together. Then he took out a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Looking down at her in this helpless state he was as hard as a rock and knew that the blanket he had could conceal he quickly. He quickly unzipped his pants and began to stroke himself until he was about to cum and all of a sudden he heard her start to moan.

All he could say to her is be quiet and don’t say a word, “I am not going to hurt you.” She wasn’t afraid of him, and when she heard him begin to stoke himself again she knew that he was going to cum on her. She wanted to see and feel it. Hearing his grunts and his movements had already made her wet. She wiggled beneath him to make him think she was fighting him and then she wiggled a leg up between his and against his balls. She heard a load moan com from the man and then felt as he shot hot cum all over her breasts through the tee shirt.

He looked around and saw an elderly couple approaching and quickly covered her up and got out of the back and slipped into the drivers seat. He sped off quickly and headed for the hotel room. That is where the fun was going to begin.

When they got there he used his backdoor passkey to let them in and the room was a few feet in. He roughly guided her in and shoved her hard onto the bed. She hadn’t really said anything up to that point, but then she thought she should ask what he was going to do to her.

You are going to get fucked every which way I can think of and you are not going to know what hit you, but you will never be the same bitch. When he said that he noticed he nipples harden and she sucked in a deep breathe. She started to get a little frightened, but maybe he was just bluffing. They were in that car for an eternity and he could have then.

When they got to the hotel he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out of the backseat. she thought how odd it was that the feel of her hair knotted into his fist made her tingle with excitement. He led her inside the back door and straight to the first room. He took out the passkey and quickly got her inside.

He pushed her hard onto her knees began to unzip his pants. “It starts now” , he said as he grabbed the back of her head and forced his throbbing cock into her mouth.

She started to chock at first as he rammed it down her throat and she thought about biting him but didn’t know what he would do. She was actually frightened now knowing that the night wasn’t over with this. She went along almost willingly until she knew he was about to cum, then she tried to pull away but he grabbed her harder and she felt him start to pulse and hot streams shoot to the back of her throat. She had no choice but to swallow what he had.

Finished and still holding her head he got her to her feet and forced her onto the bed. She started to tremble and said “Please don’t hurt me I will do anything you want.” the answer to that was a swift hard blow to the cheek. She whimpered a little and began to softly cry.

He started at her ankles, removing her shoes and binding her ankles to the bed posts with duct tape. Moving up he cut the duct tape from earlier and stretched each arm out as long as he could and bound them to either side of her above her head. She realized that she still had clothes on and began to relax bit. Maybe all that he wants is oral all night and then I can go she thought.

Just then she felt something sharp and cold touch her skin under her pants leg. And heard the sound of her jeans being snipped. She wasn’t really scared of what was coming but he had scissors that were sharp and deadly.

He felt her stiffen and knew what she was thinking. “Don’t worry he said I am not going to kill you, but you will wish that I had.”

When he had finished with her pants he started on her shirt with the sleeves. And in a seconds time she was lying there in panties and a bra. She heard the bed creak and the weight shift and knew that he had gotten off the bed. But where did he go she thought. And then she heard him breathing across the room.

He had to stand back when he had gotten that far. The perfection of her breasts and flat stomach, stretching down towards her pink lace panties was about all he could take. He had nearly let her go and had to remember why he was doing this. He was trying but looking at her lying there she looked as innocent as she claimed she was, he was having a hard time. He shook his head and took off his own clothes and went back to where she was laying.

He started at her lips taking them roughly to his own. She tried to fight but the more he persisted the more she liked it and she felt herself getting wet. Then he laid back on his elbow and started to caress her breasts , and all of a sudden he eagerly ripped the bra apart. When he saw them jiggling from the roughness he moved closer and started to bite one of her nipples. He heard her gasp and cry out with pain and ran his hand over to the other one and started to pinch that nipple between his fingertips.

He knew she could feel his hard cock pressed against her thigh so he started to grind it in a little more. Then he ran his hand down her stomach and started to tease her through the panties. He was surprised at how wet she was. The bitch was enjoying this he thought. Well she wont be when I am done. He then moved between her partially spread legs and started poking her with his finger.

Finally he had to see what lie under those panties and tore them down the front. He spread he a little wider to see everything. Her clit was glistening from all her juices. He couldn’t help himself and bent down and darted his tongue inside. Oh he thought how good this one tastes. He couldn’t take this anymore and got on his knees ready to take her and the bathroom door swung open.

He was there, not saying a word but calling James with his hand. He walked over to the man. All the while Angel was asking what is going on? Help me whoever you are. there were no response to her pleas, just silence. She heard a door close. And the sound of 2 men talking. Now she was frightened. What was going on?

“Well, well James you have done splendidly. Now I know this was not in our bargain but I am going to help you out some. I will be here every step of the way watching and waiting for a sign of weakness from you. And just as a little incentive I brought with a little insurance.”, the man said as he pulled out a gun.

All James could do is nod, stunned. “Don’t worry James there will be more money in it for you as well. I just want to make sure she gets what is coming to her and I mean I want to see it all.” he stated, “Shall we?” he asked as he motioned to the door. All James could do is nod and follow him.

To be continued…….

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