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Only For My Husband


Danielle combed her long blonde hair as she stood in front of the full length mirror starring at her reflection. Danielle was a trophy wife and had married straight out of college to a man who was twenty years her senior.

Pete was a wonderful husband and as a matter of fact he gave Danielle everything she wanted in life. Pete was an heir to his parent's fortune and now controlled his Father's business. His wealth enabled him to give Danielle all the luxury's in life she could have ever dreamed.

Danielle leaned closer to the mirror looking around her eyes checking for any signs of age as she normally did after her showers. At twenty-nine she was very self-conscious about her appearance and spent most of her free time working out.

Danielle had a body most women would die for at almost a perfect 36-24-36 figure. Pete loved to see her dress in old fashion garter belts with seamed stockings and heels which made her resemble an old pin-up girl poster.

She loved Pete dearly and hadn't known anything about his wealth until he proposed marriage to her and he revealed his fortune to her. She had to admit she was a very lucky woman who was married to a man of her dreams and could afford to give her almost anything she asked for or would want in life.

Pete loved to show off his lovely wife and bought her many sexy revealing dresses that she would wear for him at home or out on the town. Danielle did anything she could to please her husband because she loved him so much.

There wasn't a night that Pete didn't bring his wife home something special regardless if it were flowers or jewelry or even a special treat like a last minute trip on their jet to eat dinner in another city.

That's right. They even owned their own personal jet which Pete used to run their family's business.

Danielle slipped the skin tight black dress that barely covered her gorgeous ass and tits over her head and slid it down over her hips giving it a tug here and there until the material covered as much of her skin as it could.

She stepped over to the vanity and sat down as she slipped her heels onto her feet buckling the straps around her ankles.

Danielle had a specially lighted mirror to apply her makeup on her vanity and turned the button to the desired level and began to apply what little makeup she required to make herself look gorgeous.

When she finished, she stood in front of the full length mirror again and fluffed her hair over her shoulders. She turned to the side and looked to see how smooth the material covered her nice round ass. She wasn't wearing any panty's or bra tonight. That's the way Pete loved to see her dress and they both had their own reasons why.

Pete had called her and told Danielle to meet her at their favorite seafood restaurant in Naples around seven. The chauffeur drove her into town and she didn't have to wait long for her husband to arrive as they sat down for dinner.

They were seated in a special booth Pete reserved toward the back of the restaurant and waited for the perfect opportunity to play their little game.

Danielle waited until several men were seated not far from their table and looked over at Pete giving him the signal to begin. Pete slipped next to his beautiful wife and placed his hand on her thigh and began to slowly caress her smooth skin above her knee and gently worked his hand toward her inner thigh.

Danielle spread her legs for her husband's hand as he continued to gently massage her thigh and leaned over and gave his wife a passionate kiss on the lips.

Pete noticed one of the men starring down under their table where he had his hand resting on his wife's thigh. Pete gave his wife a signal to spread her legs open as he continued to move his hand near her bare pussy.

They had to wait as the waiter filed their water glasses than left the table than Pete began moving his hand until his fingers were playing with his wife's pussy lips. Danielle leaned back as she felt her husband insert a finger into her pussy and began to slowly massage her clitoris making her moan slightly and close her eyes.

Pete glanced over at the man and saw that he was still starring under the table as Danielle spread her legs further apart giving the man a better view of what was going on.

Pete leaned over and gave his wife another kiss while he continued to play with her pussy under the short dress. Danielle moved her hand over to her husband's crotch and started to massage his hard cock through his pants as they both kept an eye on the man at one of the next tables.

Danielle kept her head tiled back as she felt her husband's finger inside her pussy. A faint sound of his finger could be heard as he probed inside her now wet pussy. Danielle moved her other hand above her husband's hand pushing him tighter against her crotch as she moaned again and lifted one of her legs slightly onto the cushion of the seat.

The man was trying not to notice them but couldn't keep his eyes off the beautiful blonde who was getting her pussy played with under the table.

Suddenly. The man got up from the table and walked back toward the men's room as Pete looked disappointed and stopped playing with Danielle's pussy.

Pete looked at his wife and said. "I'm going to make a trip to the bathroom and see if I can talk to that man."

Danielle smiled than gave her husband a small kiss on the lips and watched Pete walk toward the mens room.

Pete walked into the room and saw the man standing in front of the urinal and walked up to the one next to him and waited a few seconds and said. "This place has the best seafood in Naples."

The man continued to pee as he glanced over at Pete and noticed who he was and hesitated a moment before giving him a reply and said. "Yeah. I love the food in this place myself. Do you come here often?"

Pete finished peeing and replied. "As a matter of fact I do come here at least once a month with my wife. Did you see my wife sitting out in the booth across from you?"

The man looked uncomfortable as he hurried and washed his hands and looked back at Pete and said. "I don't think I have. Have a nice evening."

Pete just chuckled to himself as he watched the man leave the mens room and washed his hands before returning to their table. Pete started to walk back to the table and noticed the man and his wife leaving the restaurant as he sat back down next to Danielle and slid into the booth next to her and gave her another passionate kiss.

Pete and Danielle and done this many times in the past and tonight was rather tame compared to things they have done in the past. There were a few times that Pete had finger fucked his wife to orgasm in a restaurant or movie theater. They even fucked in a parking lot like two teenagers once in a crowded shopping mall while visiting New York.

They were always coming up with new ideas and places for thrills and at the end of the night they always returned home and screwed like rabbits in heat.

They finished dinner and drove up to a club outside Naples that Pete knew was considered a local pickup bar. Danielle had wondered why her husband had taken a turn North on their way home and noticed a bunch of guys entering a bar.

Pete parked the car and slid over toward Danielle and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips and said. "Lets go in here and see if we can tease a few of these guys in the club."

Danielle smiled at her husband and said. "You have the devil himself inside you tonight. Don't you?"

Danielle gave her husband another kiss on the lips and waited for him to walk around and open the car door for her. They walked into the club as Pete talked to the man greeting people at the door and watched as Pete slipped the man a large bill to seat them near the dance floor.

The man seated them at a table along the dance floor and they ordered two drinks from the waitress and watched some of the couples dancing on the floor. Danielle leaned toward her husband and said. "Most of these people here appear to be single and looking."

Pete smiled at his wife and said. "Honey. That's what the fun is all about. Why do you think I brought you here tonight?"

Danielle looked around the place and noticed the men definitely out numbered the women tonight but noticed many couples dancing out on the dance floor.

The waitress brought them their drinks and Danielle took a sip of her drink while starring at her husband and seen a devilish look on his face and smiled back at him and said. "OK. Tell me exactly what you have on your dirty mind tonight?"

Pete took a drink and reached out and took Danielle's hand and said. "Why don't you go out there tonight and find a handsome stud and get him all turned on?"

Danielle took another sip of her drink and sighed as she smiled back at Pete and said. "I knew you were up too no good when we pulled into this place tonight. Go ahead and pick someone out for me."

Pete nodded his head toward a man standing alone on the other side of the dance floor and said. "Do you see that tall blonde man standing over there next to the rest room doors?"

Danielle glanced over to the other side of the club and seen the man Pete was talking about and said. "He looks rather cute and blonde too!"

Pete smiled at his wife and said. "Do you know that blonde's are hot in bed?"

Danielle starred at her husband and replied. "Ha. Ha. I'm not going to fuck that man, just make him hot!"

Pete took his wife's hand and said. "Why not make it more interesting tonight?"

Daniel grinned at her husband and replied. "Your not going to tell me you want me to take my clothes off and walk over there do you?"

Pete had hold of his wife's hand and said. "Take off the rings."

Daniel smiled and turned her head to the side and finally replied and said. "Pete. You're absolutely nuts!"

Pete kept holding his wife's hand and kept giving her the devilish smile until she finally replied and said. "OK. I still think you're completely gone out of your mind. Look at all those single studs standing over there."

Danielle slipped of her engagement ring and wedding band and gave them to Pete to hold as she picked up her glass and finished her drink and stood up next to her husband and leaned over and kissed him on the lips and said. "Wish me luck."

The waitress came back at the same time as Danielle was leaving and Pete ordered a double for himself while he watched his lovely wife make her way across to the other side of the club. Pete watched Danielle's ass wiggle as she made her way across the dance floor walking in between the people who were dancing out on the floor.

Pete kept an eye on his wife until she disappeared behind some of the people who were dancing as the waitress returned with his drink. Pete drank a third of the drink as soon as the woman gave it to him than looked across the club trying to see if he could spot Danielle talking to the blonde headed man.

Pete couldn't see Danielle at the moment as he tilted his head looking for his wife until he finally saw her dancing in the far corner of the dance floor with the blonde headed guy. Pete could see her dancing with the man they had picked out or rather the one he had spotted standing alone.

Danielle was dancing to her third song when the lights went down low and the next song was a slow dance. Pete was trying to see his wife but the lights had been turned down so low that he could hardly see any of the couples on the dance floor except the people close to his side.

Pete was surprised when he spotted Danielle dancing with her arms around the blonde man almost right next to their table. She had worked herself around the dance floor to give her husband a better look of them out on the floor.

Pete noticed the man had his hands resting on Danielle's hips and she had her arms wrapped around the man pushing her boobs into his chest. Pete also noticed his wife was grinding her hips into the man's crotch when he noticed the man lowering his hands onto his wife's ass.

Pete sat there with his cock as hard as a steel rod watching the man rub the palm's of his hands over his wife's ass. They turned and Pete's eyes met Danielle's as she smiled at him as she continued to dance with the man.

Pete could see the man was whispering into Danielle's ear making her giggle as she continued to hold him against her body. They had turned again and Pete could clearly see the man's hands now massaging her nice round ass and giving it a slight squeeze as they danced.

Pete kept watching the couple almost ready to make out on the dance floor as he tried to contain his erection under his pants. Pete's heart began to race even faster as he watched Danielle tilt her head to kiss the man on the lips where they remained for several seconds.

Pete kept his eyes glued on his wife and the blonde headed man as they broke off the kiss and appeared to be starring into one another's eyes for a few seconds than locked themselves into another heated passionate kiss.

Pete saw the man squeezing his wife's ass cheeks and pulling her into his crotch as they continued to kiss. Pete thought to himself that Danielle had never taken their little games this far before and must really like the man she was dancing with tonight.

The song ended suddenly and Pete watched as the man walked Danielle back to the other side of the dance floor and out of his sight again.

A few moments later, Pete saw Danielle walking back to their table alone with a big smile on her face and sat down and finished her drink before she said anything to Pete.

Pete looked over at his wife waiting to hear what she had to say about the man when she smiled at him and finally said. "His name is Stan and he wanted to take me back to his place tonight for a drink."

Pete replied and said. "I bet he wanted to take you back to his place. What did you end up telling him?"

Danielle replied with a laugh and said. "Stan really didn't want me to leave but I told him I came here with someone important tonight and couldn't go home with him."

Pete leaned forward with that devilish grin on his face again and took hold of Danielle's hand and said. "Did you want to go home with that man tonight and fuck him?"

Danielle laughed and replied. "I could go back and tell Stan I'm available tonight if you want me to?"

Danielle started to stand up as Pete held onto her hand as tight as he could and gently pulled her forward and planted a passionate wet kiss on her lips and when they broke the kiss he said. "You're my little whore tonight."

Danielle kissed her husband again until a man walked up behind Pete and yelled out to him. "Pete. I didn't expect to see you here tonight. How are you doing?"

Pete stood up and shook the man's hand and introduced his wife to the man whose name was Rob. Pete offered the man a seat but said he had to get going but wanted to give him a set of plans he had been working on for a project that Pete's company would be involved in building.

Rob said it would only take a couple minutes of his time and Pete told Daniel he would be back in a couple minutes and ordered his wife another drink before he walked out to the car with the man.

Danielle smiled at Pete and puckered her lips as though she were kissing him as he walked toward the parking lot to the man's car.

Pete quickly looked over the plans the man gave him and thanked him and told Rob that he would get in touch with him during the following week and rushed over to his car and put the plans inside the trunk and glanced at his watch.

He had been gone almost thirty minutes as he rushed back into the club and back to their table. Pete walked through the busy crowd in the club trying to make his way over to his and Danielle's table and when he finally reached the table he saw another man seated in his chair talking to Danielle.

Pete was startled to see it was a well-groomed black man seated in his spot and stood next to him as Danielle pointed at Pete and said. "Brandon. I would like you to meet my date tonight. His name is Pete."

Danielle continued her introduction and said. "Pete. I would like you to meet this nice man who just bought me a drink. His name is Brandon."

Brandon stood up and shook Pete's hand. Brandon was much taller and larger than Pete and looked a couple years younger than Danielle.

Brandon than said. "I guess I'll leave you two alone now that your back."

Danielle blurted out and said. "Oh. Brandon. You don't have to leave because Pete is back. Your welcome to join us for a drink before you leave."

Brandon replied and said. "I shouldn't barge in on the two of you like this. I didn't know you had a date until you mentioned Pete."

Pete cut in and said. "Nonsense. You pull up another chair and sit right here with us the rest of the evening if you want and let me buy you a drink."

Pete ordered them a round of drinks while they sat and talked and Danielle didn't let Brandon know that she was married to Pete but only his date for the evening. She flirted with him over the next hour until she asked Brandon to dance with her.

Pete watched them dance to several songs as he sipped on his drink and waited for his wife to return with her dance partner. They both were out of breath as Danielle made a comment and said. "Couldn't that DJ play anything slow while we were out their tonight?"

It was getting late and Brandon finally said he had to leave because he had an early appointment and shook both Pete and Danielle's hands before he left but Danielle also gave him a small kiss on the lips just before he walked away.

Danielle fell asleep in the car on the way home that night so there wasn't much said until they reached their house.

They reached the bedroom when Pete put his arms around Danielle and planted a wet passionate kiss on her lips as she began to squirm and push her body into his crotch as the kiss continued. Pete was able to grab the hem of her dress and pulled it over her hips and got a better grip and slipped it the rest of the way off leaving his wife completely naked in front of him as she put her hands on his face holding him in another long passionate kiss.

Danielle slipped her hands down and began to unbuckle her husband's pants than worked on his shirt until he stood naked along with his wife as they continued to touch each other like wild animals.

The only sound that could be heard in the room was their breath as they continued to kiss while Pete began to squeeze and play with his wife's large boobs. Pete finally pushed Danielle back onto the bed as she reached down between their legs and guided his hard cock into her wet pussy and wenched as he entered her and shoved himself inside as deep as he could go with one thrust.

They continued to kiss as Pete began to screw his wife's tight pussy and felt her legs wrap around his ass as he pushed himself deep inside her.

Once they broke the kiss Pete was the first to speak and said. "Did you get hot thinking about that black dick tonight?"

Danielle began to move her hips up to meet her husband's strokes as she replied back to him and said. "Yes Baby. Fuck me."

Pete continued screwing his wife as he asked another question and said. "Did you feel his cock tonight?"

Danielle moaned and was able to answer her husband in a whisper and said. "Oh God. He felt huge."

Pete replied. "You felt his cock?"

Danielle replied in a whisper again and said. "Oh yeah keep fucking me . . . I touched him on the dance floor when we were dancing . . . Oh . . . Yeah . . . Good . . . "

Pete began to fuck his wife with more force as he listened to her say she felt Brandon's cock and screwed her with such force that she was gasping for air as Pete drove his cock into her as hard as he could.

Danielle's pussy was soaked and the wet sounds coming from her pussy filled the room as Pete kept screwing her. They kissed again as Danielle began to quiver and shake and started to moan out loud as she reached her orgasm.

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