Only You Ch. 04


He could have smacked himself. Of course the rest of the world would know about Lottie's issues. "Drea, you have to understand something. That thing with Carrie is ancient history. And as for Lottie, we're no longer together. Even when we were together we weren't really with each other."

Drea shot him a suspicious look. "Seriously?"

"Yes," he replied. "After Tegan and I slept together, I called her to end things. But before I left on my trip I'd been planning to break up with her for good." He didn't feel the need to mention that while he was pouring out his heart to Lottie she had fallen asleep on the phone.

"What about Carrie? Teddy and I saw you two at Rio today. You were holding her hand."

"It was innocent, I say. We were trying to resolve our issues. She even apologized for being rude to Tegan at my birthday party." His blue eyes looked at her pleadingly. "Look, I don't expect you to fully trust me. But believe me, it's all true. I would never do anything to harm Tegan."

"You had better not, Ryan." She jabbed a finger into his chest and he tried not to wince. "Or else there will be hell to pay. She's a good girl, Derek which is a rarity. Don't fuck things up." Drea shoved him aside and walked into the ladies' room, leaving a stunned Derek in her wake.

He sighed loudly. This shit was becoming too much. It was time to come clean.


By the time they arrived back at Tegan's apartment, Derek was pretty much sober. After Drea's revelation, drinking himself into a stupor seemed like the complete opposite of a good idea.

Tegan had noticed his seemingly withdrawn behavior. She chalked it up to his shock about the offer from NerdsUnite! and felt like it wasn't her place to push it unless he initiated conversation.

Unlocking the door, she headed straight into her bedroom, peeling off her shirt as she walked. She turned around to watch him. Derek was still standing by the door, hands shoved into his pockets, a dark eyebrow raised curiously at her. He watched her, clad in only her jeans and a violet bra that highlighted the deep brown of her skin.

A sly smile crossed her face as she turned back towards the bedroom, giving him a lovely view of her curvy hips and round ass. "Are you coming?" she asked.

He followed her slowly, stepping into the bedroom. Tegan held out her hand beckoning him closer. She grabbed his striped blue button down and pulled him closer. Reaching up on tiptoes, she kissed his lips softly, her tongue lightly caressing his. Derek wrapped his arm around her waist, her body pulling tightly against his. She kissed him harder, a soft sigh escaping her lips. Nimbly, her fingers unbuttoned his shirt and pushed the material away from his body.

Tegan boldly kissed his bare chest, her tongue lingering on his flat pink nipples. Derek groaned loudly, his head tilting back as his fingers wove their way into her hair. There was something different about her tonight. She was stronger, more aggressive...and he kind of liked it.

Kneeling down, she unbuckled his jeans and slid them down. She worked silently, making quick work of his boxer briefs. He stood completely naked in front of her. Tegan pushed Derek back, setting him down on the bed. Gingerly, she stepped out of her jeans, kicking them to the side as she reached behind to unclasp her bra. Derek breathed sharply as her beautiful breasts bounced free, her dark nipples already hardening. Tegan pulled down her black panties before straddling his lap. When her soaking pussy came into contact with his half hard cock, a low moan tumbled from her lips. "Jesus," she moaned.

Grabbing his face, she kissed him once more before taking his earlobe into her mouth, sucking on the fleshy skin. "I've thought about you all day baby," she whispered. Her hips began to dance slowly, her pussy rubbing against him. Derek's hands went to cup her ass, his fingers digging into the soft skin. "Been so wet," she continued, her hips moving faster now. Rubbing against him was sending sharp sparks all over her body. "All day thinking about you."

"Fuck Tegan," he said, his voice hoarse. "I need to have you, baby."

Tegan's head tilted as she arched her back, her hips still rolling. Derek leaned forward, taking a dark bud into his mouth. She let out a low whimper when he bit down gently. She lifted up a little before sliding him inside her. Derek moaned loudly. "Ride me," he commanded.

Her hips moved again. Her pussy gripping him so tight it was almost painful. Her breath was coming in heavy gasps and she felt like she could come just from the shivery sensations rippling through her body. Tegan stared deeply into his blue eyes before kissing him hard. When she squeezed and held his cock deep inside her, Derek growled. His teeth nipped bluntly at her plump bottom lip.

"Dammit," he groaned. She began to bounce on his cock, her breasts moved rhythmically. He moved against her, every thrust drawing little cries of ecstasy from her lips. When his cock hit her spot in the perfect way, she bucked, her fingers tightening their grip on his shoulders. "Right there," she breathed. "Don't stop."

Derek grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled, leaving her neck open. He kissed the nape of her neck, licking her salty skin and relishing her taste. She looked absolutely beautiful, her dark hair wild, her hips moving smooth like a dancer's. Everything about her turned him on. She was moaning his name now, a sound he could get used to.

Her body began to tremble as her movements became more erratic. "Come for me Tegan," he commanded. She let out a small scream and arched her back as she climaxed, her brown legs wrapping tightly around his waist. With a powerful thrust, he came with a grunt. Derek pulled her to him, cradled her to his chest as he fell back to the bed.

"Fuck," he breathed. "Holy sweet fuck." She stroked his chest, her slender finger tracing the small flat nipple. His fingers twirled in her dark hair, pushing her sweaty bangs out of her eyes. She was pretty quiet. Normally after sex he couldn't get her to shut up. He wasn't used to the quiet. "What's wrong, Tegan J.?"

"I should be asking you the same question," she said. "You seemed kind of down tonight."

Derek sighed. She could still hear his heart pounding rapidly. "Just got a lot on my mind, is all."

"Are you worried about this buy out deal?"

"Mostly." He lifted her chin to look at him. "Tegan, there's something I have to tell you."

"What's up?" Her light brown eyes searched his face. There was a definite look of discomfort.

"Simon Slade, the bloke who's interested in NerdsUnite!...he wants me, Matt, and Jake to fly out to California and meet the rest of his company."

Tegan smiled. "Is that all? That's okay. I mean you're leaving next Friday anyway."

"No, baby you don't understand. He wants us there first thing on Monday. We have to leave New York early Monday morning."

Her smile faltered slightly. "Oh." She sat up quickly, wrapping the sheet around her body. "Seriously?"

"I'm sorry Tegan J," he said. "I don't want to leave so early..."

"No, I understand. This is your work. You do what you have to do." She turned her back to him. She knew she was acting like a baby, wanting him all to herself. But she couldn't deny it, she had grown accustomed to him being around. Yes, she knew he couldn't stay forever. He had another life. But...fuck it was hard to explain.

"Tegan," he said softly. His lips pressed gently against her back. She smelled of sex and him. "I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing, you jackass." She smiled at him but it was almost a grimace. "You and I, we're just having fun, right? We don't even live in the same country."

"Well jeez, don't make it sound like a business deal gone wrong." Derek pressed his cheek to her back, hugging her to him. "Otherwise I'll start asking for a refund. I don't pay for shite jobs."

Tegan laughed loudly, her shoulders shaking with mirth. "You are such an asshole." She sighed softly. "So I guess this is our last night, huh?"

Derek was quiet for a moment. There was only one thought dancing around his brain. "It doesn't have to be."

She turned to face him, surprise evident on her face. "What are you saying?"

His blue eyes sparkled as his impish lopsided grin returned. "Come with me to L.A."

Her brown eyes widened. "Are you fucking serious?"

"As Britney's mental state," he replied. "Come on, Tegan J.! Sojourn with me to the land of fake boobs, orange skin, and meth addictions!"

Tegan stared at him. "Derek are you serious? I, DJing and photography." She didn't want to tell him the other reason. The thought of leaving her life, even for a moment to spontaneously follow after a guy scared the balls outta her.

Derek grabbed her arms. "Tegan, answer me this: when was the last time you took a crazy ass leap or did something unexpected?"

"Derek, since I met you I've been leaping off shit right and left."

"Okay, so what's one more thing? Do it, Tegan J. Let's do something else crazy." He could tell he was wearing her down. "Sunshine," he chanted. "Movie stars...swimming pools..."

"Alright already!" she exclaimed. "I'll do it just to shut you up. I don't want to hear your Beverly Hillbillies accent."

Derek grinned madly. "So you'll do it? You'll come with me to L.A.?"

Tegan nodded. "Sure. What's one more leap?"

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