tagInterracial LoveOnly You Ch. 06

Only You Ch. 06


Author's Note: Ahh, finally! The sixth chapter. One more to go! Enjoy, kids.

Sienna H.


The water was just right as Tegan stepped into the large marble shower. She turned the glass knob and the hot water sprayed from the dual showerheads.

After pinning up her shoulder-length hair, she stepped gingerly into the heated mist. She had barely shut the glass door when Derek slid in right behind her.

She couldn't help the broad smile that danced across her lips. "I was wondering what was taking you so long." Tegan leaned her weight into his frame as his strong arms wrapped around her waist. She jumped slightly when his erect cock brushed against the small of her back.

Derek let out a small groan. He reached for the bottle of the rose and mint scented body wash she always used and squeezed a dollop into his hand. Derek lathered the scented mass in his hands before sweeping the suds over her body.

His nimble fingers slid over her taut nipples, making her whimper softly. Tegan's hand went to grasp his wet curls as his hand slipped between her wet thighs to stroke her smooth mound.

"Beautiful," he whispered, his breath coming out heavy and hot against her damp skin. Tegan's heart thumped loudly as he dropped to his knees and turned her to face him. She grabbed hold of the metal bar in the shower as he lifted her leg and placed it over his shoulder.

Derek leaned in, breathing in the scent of her arousal like the sweetest of perfumes. His nose nuzzled her clit and her hips jumped. His tongue darted out to lap at her pussy, the petal-soft folds slick with her juices and the hot water.

Tegan let out a harsh breath when he took the sensitive nub between his teeth and sucked lightly. His large hands cupped her cheeks to steady her as his tongue danced slow circles around her clit.

With both hands braced against the wall, her hips began to dance, moving in tandem with the rhythm his tongue made. Derek pushed back his soaking curls and watched her as she responded to the pleasure he was giving her. She was simply stunning, even more so by the water.

He pushed a thick finger into her damp heat and she gave a small cry. Her body began to tremble violently as her pussy clenched his finger tightly. Her hips moved faster, her large hazelnut colored breasts quivering from the orgasm now ripping through her body.

Over and over she whispered his name, the softest of arias that brought an impish smile to his face. Placing her leg gently on the marble floor of the shower, he rose to his full height.

Derek gathered her to him once more, grinding his hardness into her soft tummy. "Do you want me to fuck you, luv?" he growled out. His lips sought the tender flesh of her glorious neck, sucking the wet skin into his mouth, adding a little more pressure every so often.

Tegan felt the room start to spin, the heat of the shower not even comparing to the fire now roaring through her body. She needed him, and now. Her head tilted in a slight nod as she breathlessly called out. "Yes, please fuck me,"

Derek angled his cock so that it brushed lightly against her still throbbing pussy. Tegan moaned from the contact and tried to grind against him harder, but his strong hands stilled her moving hips.

"I didn't hear that," he whispered, his tone more dangerous. His cock rubbed harder against her pussy and Tegan let out an anguished groan.

"Please," she moaned. She lifted her hips, desperate for the slightest nudge of his cock against her clit.

Derek held her hips still but continued to rock his cock into her warmth, the sensations driving him crazy. He wasn't sure why he was so keen on making her beg for it, but it was turning him on to see her so worked up.

His lips crushed hard against hers, sucking in her taste and making his body roar with lust. He winced slightly when her blunt teeth nipped him harder than necessary. He supposed she was just paying him back.

He couldn't hold on any longer, He needed to feel her soft pussy wrapping around his cock as if they were made for one another.

With no gentle easing, he plunged hard into her, making her cry out, her teeth sinking into his shoulder. Derek let out a low growl, more out of lust than pain as his hips thrust hard into hers.

Derek lifted her off her feet and rested her against the marble ledge in the shower. With one leg lifted, he rolled his pelvis, sliding quite nicely into her pussy. Tegan's eyes rolled back as her head whipped from side to side. Her breath was coming in short, harsh pants. She simply couldn't get enough of him, she wanted more.

"Harder," she moaned.

Derek stopped rolling his hips and moved at a gradually slowing pace until he was barely moving at all. Tegan gave a frustrated snort, her whiskey colored eyes not even bothering to mask her irritation.

He couldn't help the chuckle that tumbled forth at the look on her face. She was positively cute when she was pissed.

"Don't tease," she said a hint of a whine in her voice. She normally hated to pout but he was being a bit unreasonable.

Derek thrust hard and slow into her and she let out the sexiest noise he'd ever heard. It was part whimper, part moan, part growl, and all woman. He felt his cock twitch inside her. "That was a new one," he said. "Let's see if I can make it happen again, shall we?" He slid out of her pussy, waiting a beat before repeating his actions.

Once again, she made the sound, her legs wrapping around his waist, her fingers scratching the skin on his back. He had never been so turned on.

"Baby girl, you are so sexy right now," he whispered, his pelvis rolling, making his cock dance inside her. "Fast or slow, honey. How do you want it?"

Tegan shivered under the intense gaze of his blue eyes. "Fast. And hard."

He complied, thrusting into her with so much force, Tegan had to hold onto his shoulders to steady herself. She egged him on, whispering the naughtiest things she could think of, making his heart race.

"You feel so fucking good," she moaned.

"Yeah?" How good?" His grip on her hips tightened, rocking her curves into him with each powerful thrust. He hit her secret spot and her toes curled in pleasure.

"Ohh, fuck. Like heaven." She bent her head, her lips right at his ear. "The night after we met, I went home and worked my pussy raw thinking about you."

"Jesus," he groaned. His hips began to move faster, pushing harder into her. Her nails were digging into the skin of his back and he was sure there were going to be bruises later on, but he didn't care. "How many times did you come, baby?"

"Mmm, I lost count at f-f-four," she shuddered as she started to orgasm, her legs beginning to quake. Derek took that as his cue and picked up the pace, pounding her pussy harder. Tegan could barely speak, her entire being on overload.

"I bet the real thing feels ever better," he gasped out. He could barely speak; his cock was screaming for release just as Tegan began crying out from her second climax.

"Oh it does," she moaned, her voice climbing higher until she couldn't get out more than a raspy scream.

Derek groaned as he came, his cock pumping his seed inside her as she still trembled in his arms. He was breathing heavily, trying to make his body return to normal when he realized the water in the shower was no longer on and realizing it must have been on a timer of some sort.

Tegan's legs were still shaking when he moved her from the ledge and held her tight to him. She noticed that his body was trembling a little and she clung to him tighter. She breathed in his scent, and smiled. She could get used to this.


Forty-five minutes later they were dressed and with the rest of the Trifecta en route to Simon's house. His lips held a devilish smile, as if he had a secret he wasn't planning to share with the rest of the class. That shower was one of the hottest experiences he had, hands down.

Just thinking about her soft, wet body, so pliant in his hands had his cock begging for round two. He might have to suggest to Tegan that they move their play to the Jacuzzi tub. That could definitely be interesting.

The sex did take his mind momentarily off the business at hand, but now he was back to fretting over the deal. On the one hand, it seemed like a no-brainer of an opportunity. Simon was a decent chap who had really interesting ideas for the company.

On the other, Derek felt like he'd be selling out to some giant corporation who'd probably turn their baby into some soulless money-making venture and he'd be damned before he let that happen.

Derek glanced around the limo at his two best friends. Matt and Tegan were busy talking about some movie that had just come out and Jake was busy texting on his phone. He felt as if his friends had already made up their minds about what they wanted to do. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be the one to hold everyone back.

"Derek? Oi, wake up you!" Derek glanced up to see Matt and Tegan staring at him.

"Sorry, what?" He shook out his black curls, removing his random thoughts from his mind.

Matt grinned, his handsome face lighting up. "I was just telling DJ Girl that we've got to check out that new Judd Apatow movie when it comes out."

"Sure," Derek nodded. "Definitely."

Tegan's light eyes searched his face. "Are you alright, babe? You seem kind of out of it."

"I'm fine," he said while flashing her a large grin. "Just thinking about some things."

"No worries about this deal, tonight mate." Matt chucked him under the chin. "Just have some fun with it. We'll know when everything is right. Besides, you might want to enjoy this hot girl you've got on your arm tonight."

"Oh you," Tegan slapped his arm playfully.

"You look gorgeous DJ Girl."

"Thanks Matt. You don't clean up so bad yourself. Actually you all look pretty hot."

When they stepped onto the elevator, Tegan remarked that Matt and Derek looked like members of a cheesy emo band. It was far from it, though.

Matt's brown hair was styled in an awesome mini-mohawk and he wore dark denim jeans and a black t-shirt that highlighted his full tattoo sleeves. On his feet he wore a pair of sneakers with ridiculously bright colors of orange, purple, bright blue, and an almost highlighter green. Jake was more conservatively dressed in a casual navy blue button up, faded blue jeans and checkered Vans slip-ons.

But it was Derek who once again set her pulse racing. Even dressed down, he was so smoking she had to keep her fingers in check, even as they itched to undo his pants and show him how incredibly hot he made her. He was clad in dark jeans, and a black t-shirt with the words "They're Coming to Get You, Barbara" written in bold neon colors on the front.

She felt incredibly proud to be sporting such fine ass men on her arm. For the first time in a long time, she felt absolutely beautiful. She was wearing slim black jeans that gave her figure a more slender look, a tight simple white tank top, bright yellow round toe flats, and a fitted light yellow and black argyle-style summer cardigan. Tegan hoped the outfit looked a little more indie scene chick than Mom-at-the-country-club-brunch chic.

Matt smiled at her once more. "Derek, I think I might have to borrow her for a while."

Derek put a possessive arm around her shoulder and shot Matt a faux gruff look. "Get your own, mate. This one's mine."

The limo came to a sudden stop. Jake peered anxiously out the window. "Looks like we're here," he said. There was a huge smile on his face that made Derek a little uneasy. He was way too happy about all of this.

They clambered from the limo, Gianni tipping his imaginary cap to Tegan who chuckled softly as Derek rolled his eyes. The guy was way too smooth for his taste. "I hope you all have a wonderful evening," he said easily in his crisp English.

Derek nodded as they walked up the slate stone way leading up to Simon Slade's impossibly classy bachelor pad.

It was how a house in L.A. should look, all glass panels and trendy grey tones. Tegan thought it was an accurate depiction of Simon Slade: hip, transparent, and austere with just a hint of shady. Before they could even knock, the door flew open and they were face-to-face with Simon.

"Ahh, the Trifecta!" he glowed. "Welcome to my home. The party's already started." Tegan noticed he was dressed down from his sleek business suits in a pair soft denim jeans and a crisp stone colored button down that matched his slate eyes perfectly. He really was a handsome man, she thought as they stepped inside his expansive home.

"Nice digs," she remarked. The house had an open floor plan, the rooms melding together in a modern look. The first level was decorated in various shades of grey, blue, and green. Tegan thought it looked like something straight out of Architectural Digest.

Simon smiled at her. "Thank you, Ms. James. As you can see, there are a lot of people who've turned out to get to know you guys better. Meet and greet for a few, then we'll step into my office to talk a little business." He pointed to a large counter in the kitchen that was laden with food. "Help yourselves to whatever. If you need anything the staff will be happy to get it for you."

At those words, a young man wearing all black appeared holding a tray with various alcoholic beverages on it. Tegan picked up a bottle of beer and another server slid in to open the beer and pour it into a glass.

"Wow," Derek said. "Efficient, aren't they?"

Simon nodded. "I'll be back to check up on you guys in 30." He made a shooing motion with his hands. "Go. Mingle. Get drunk, whatever." And with that, he turned on his heels to welcome other arriving guests.

Jake's broad smile was still there as he turned to his friends. "Well, let's say we get this party started?" He made a beeline for the buffet-style food setup.

Matt shook his head. "That guy is an idiot." His eyes searched the room. "Do you have any idea who half these people are?"

"Nope," Derek said, shaking his head. The first floor was pretty crowded with people eating off tiny plates or drinking. He could see outside to what he assumed was the backyard and there were more people out there. "Man, he's really wining and dining us, isn't he?"

"Oh this wasn't all for you," a breathy voice said behind them. Derek turned to see Jade Stone, the ever-present smile plastered on her face. She was looking hot tonight, practically sizzling in a white A-line skirt and white halter top.

He noticed that she was always wearing white; it complimented her sun-kissed skin rather well. Her hair was glossy as usual, casually brushed around her tan shoulders.

"Oh really?" Derek asked.

Jade nodded; he noticed that her round blue eyes always seemed to get bigger whenever she talked to him. "Simon was already having a party tonight for some of his friends and he invited you four along. He really likes you, you know?"

Derek heard the softness in her tone when she uttered the last part and he couldn't help but wonder if Simon wasn't the only one who really liked him. He mentally shook those thoughts from his head. Why was he even thinking about another woman when he had Tegan? Old habits die hard, he thought.

"Well, we kind of like him too" Matt said. He offered his arm to Jade, who took it. "Care to share a drink with me, Ms. Stone?"

Jade laughed flirtatiously. "Of course, Mr. Cornwall. Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Give me time," he winked as they walked away.

"He is so ridiculous," Tegan said, draining her beer.

Derek shrugged. "Pretty much. So, we have a whole half hour to do as we please. What do you want to do?"

"Go down on you in the bathroom" she replied bluntly.

His blue eyes widened, the incredulous shock on his face making him sputter. "W-w-what?"

She burst out laughing. "I'm totally joking. Even I'm not that skeezy."

Derek's lips formed into a pout. "Damn, I was kind of hoping you were."


For the next thirty minutes, Derek wandered aimlessly around the party, talking briefly with the other guests about mindless things that didn't really hold his interest. Unlike the other party last night at the Rooftop, this one was more about Simon than about appealing to the Trifecta's interest. There were several people that represented the companies Slade Enterprises had taken over, Simon's co-workers, and other various people with ties to the businessman.

To Derek, it was almost as if Simon had gathered people there who he'd knew make him look more appealing which was a pretty ingenious move. The reps from the companies had nothing but glowing reports.

They talked about how Simon the Shark was a dogged but very fair man who understood his work and treated people with respect. One man in particular talked about his initial skepticism about Slade Enterprises and how he was reassured constantly that his company was in good hands.

It was a lot of information to take in, and Derek was trying to absorb it all. He was casually leaning against a wall, sipping on soda when someone tapped him on the shoulder. It was Jade, still all smiles.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked brightly.

"Somewhat. How about you? Aren't you supposed to be working tonight?"

Jade gave a casual shrug. "Supposedly." She leaned into him, and Derek stepped back a little. It was all a bit too intimate. "So, Derek how long have you and Tegan been seeing each other?"

Ahh, here it goes he thought. "Um, for quite some time now."

Her blue eyes studied his for a moment and it made him a little uncomfortable. There was something in her gaze, something that indicated she had a secret and she wasn't sharing. That made him a little uneasy.

In an instant it was gone, replaced by her usual look of unmasked lust. "Well, I just came over to let you know Simon's ready for you guys now." With that, she flounced away, her white skirt swishing behind her.

Derek's eyes followed, watching her walk away with a look of curiosity. There was something a bit peculiar about that girl he just couldn't put his finger on.

"What did she want?"

"Whoa!" he exclaimed, jumping nearly a foot out of his skin. He turned to see Tegan right behind him. "Jesus, you've got to start wearing a bell or something!"

Tegan giggled. "Calm down, you bitchass. It's not even that serious." She noticed the guilty look flash on his face. "Mmm-hmm."


"You were watching her ass, weren't you?"

"What? No! I haven't any clue what you're talking about."

A small smile spread on her pretty face. "Baby, I was joking with you." She punched him lightly on the arm. "Calm down, okay? Nervous Derek isn't all that attractive."

He returned the smile as his heartbeat slowed back to normal. He had been watching her walk away, but not for the reasons Tegan thought. "I'm sorry Tegan J. Your question just caught me off guard."

"No shit."

"I gotta go see Simon now to talk business." Tegan wrapped her arms around his trim waist, drawing him closer. "Do you want me to go with you?"

"That's okay, babe." He kissed the top of her head, inhaling the scent of her spicy shampoo.

"It's kind of a Trifecta thing. But I'll let you know how it goes."

"Okay." Tegan kissed him softly on the lips before moving away. "Good luck, kid."


Derek walked down a carpeted hallway in search of Simon's office. He was about to give up and start opening doors randomly when he heard deep laughter booming from a slightly open door at the end of the hallway.

When he pushed the door open he found Simon, Matt, and Jake already seated in Simon's impressive office. It was a fairly large room that resembled his Slade Enterprises office, with the color scheme, and the two flat screen televisions. In lieu of a desk there was a round solid oak table in the middle of the room with several comfy black leather chairs around it.

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