tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 02

Onyx Dreams Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Moonlight Dance

Cyrus awoke in the night, the familiar rumble fading of his room shaking, his nightmare still visible to him. A beast in his mind, calling to him, black and reflective scales gazing at him, softly calling his name. Cyrus shivered at the memory and slid out of bed, quietly opening his doors, making sure not to think a single thought out loud as he slowly walked along the chilled hallways of the monastery.

* * *

Outside Kennice stood in just her violet silk bra and panties. The moonlight bathed her in its glow, caressing her baby soft skin with its power. Soon the moon would reach full and Kennice would get to dance her first fertility dance before the druidic council. She had to pull the energy of the cosmos into her and call forth a healing for some specially selected ill ones from the nearby hospital.

Slowly, and with deliberate care, she gently extended her right arm, her hand gracefully pointed down, her manicured nails gleaming. Then she began to sing, her sweet soprano melodious on the night air.

She twirled slowly, her toes pointed and her upper body rolling gently like waves against the beach. She could feel the power of the earth, humming beneath her feet and she smiled as she sang and tried to cajole it into moving with her.

* * *

Cyrus moved silently through the cold hallways of the monastery, its chilly flagstones numbing his feet as he reached a doorway outside. Slowly Cyrus opened the door, hoping to catch some air and was greeted by the sight of Kennice dressed only in a set of sheer lingerie. Cyrus froze, his eyes going wide, his brain unable to process any thoughts as they took in the amazing sight of Kennice.

She twirled and pranced and rolled her body in the light of the moon. She could feel the earth and hear its song. "Yes," Kennice called as her movements became freer. She ran her hands seductively down her neck and to her breasts before trailing her fingers down her hardening nipples on the way down to her rock hard abs. Her hands stilled just above her panties, She continued rolling her body and then added the movement of a belly dance to it. All around her feet, flowers were springing up and bursting into bloom.

The hum of power was in the air.

Cyrus's hand tightened on the door handle as his eyes took in each and every one of Kennice's curves, his eyes lingering on her hands as they trailed across her hard nipples, poking through the sheer bra, trailing them down her body to her panties, he could just make out in the dim light, a small wet spot in the center.

This wonderful sight of beauty before him not only entangled and had an effect on his mind, but also his body as his member began to stiffen and tent his boxer shorts.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" a young man asked as he peeked over Cyrus' shoulder. The boy was blonde and had the palest blue eyes that seemed to hold the hint of laughter in them.

Cyrus jerked a little, a gentle nudge of sound came from him at the surprise and he was forced to steady himself on the door. "Uhh yeah, she's...absolutely amazing." Cyrus suddenly realized he was thinking about Kennice. "Oh god...I can't be here..." Cyrus turned and began running down the hallway hoping Elizabeth hadn't heard his thoughts.

The young man watched Cyrus flee with amusement. Rhys turned back around and watched Kennice end the dance. Yes, she was beautiful and if he played his cards right, he'd be married to her and he would be the next druidic high priest.

As Cyrus rushed through the halls, he skidded and slipped as he entered his room, gasping in pain as the stone floor, shredded across his back, drawing small spots of blood. Cyrus gritted his teeth as a cry of pain emitted from his lips quietly, almost like a dog growling. Slowly, very slowly, Cyrus crawled into bed, the pain filling his thoughts before he slipped into sleep.

* * *

Kennice made it back to her room with a sigh. The practice had gone better than what she expected but now she was exhausted. She wanted to sleep but she could still feel the hum of power through her body. She slipped into the shower and as the hot water hit her body, she thought of Cyrus and wondered what it would feel like to have him touching her. She closed her eyes and let her imagination take control...

* * *

Cyrus slid into a deeper sleep as he lay in his bed. As dreams began to blossom in his mind Cyrus could hear soft music on the air. In his dreams Cyrus moved towards the music, slowly Kennice became visible in front of him dancing the fertility dance before his eyes.

Cyrus softly moaned in his sleep as he felt himself growing stiff watching her dance, his eyes locked on Kennice's erect nipples and the small damp patch forming on her panties.

He was watching her dancing and she knew that the real reason she was dancing so well was not that she had felt the earth's power but because he made her hot and made things in her body sing out in need. She craved his touch and yet they couldn't seem to get a minute alone to quench it. But in her dream anything could happen.

"Come to me, Cyrus. Make love to me, please," she pleaded.

Cyrus moved forwards in his dream as he heard Kennice speak her words of desire. Cyrus suddenly realized he was buck naked in front of Kennice, his arousal sticking out in front of him like a hot rod of tempered steel. Cyrus looked Kennice over, watching the lingerie that covered her body become transparent before disappearing completely.

Kennice admired his body and then slid into his arms, her hot breath blowing across his skin as she kissed her way up his shoulder to his neck. Her hands rested lightly on his chest.

Cyrus wrapped his arms around Kennice, sliding them down her back as he moaned. Her kisses were like velvet, his skin prickling at each one. Cyrus gripped Kennice's buttocks tightly, massaging and squeezing them for a long moment before his hand slid between her legs to her swollen sex.

"Oh Cyrus, I only want you to be the one," she whimpered, her legs parting even more to allow him access to her womanhood.

Cyrus looked into Kennice's eyes, his own glazing over with desire and love. "And I promise I will be the only one my love." Slowly Cyrus slid his fingertips over the moist lips of Kennice's centre. Slowly Cyrus leaned down and kissed Kennice with passion, his tongue sliding out and exploring her mouth.

Kennice was floating, at least that's how it felt when his lips touched hers and his fingers worked their magic on her body. She felt lights and heat and happiness all at once. So this was what it was like to be in love, she thought as she probed his mouth with her tongue. He tasted of happiness and greatness.

With gentleness only love can bring, Cyrus gradually slid his finger into Kennice's virgin depths. Cyrus slowly worked his finger back and forth as he felt Kennice's extremely tight muscles grip his fingers with strength.

Kennice was panting in amazement. "Oh, oh!" she cried, her eyes going wide.

Gently Cyrus slid his finger deeper, stopping at her maidenhead and slowly withdrawing his finger outwards. Almost as soon as it had come out it was plunged back in, joined by a second finger, the two gently stretching Kennice.

Kennice's eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She was making mewling sounds of pleasure, her body burning with the fire he was stroking.

Cyrus softly kissed down Kennice's neck and began to lay her back, a bed felt at her calves and across her back. The black silk sheets slid easily beneath them as Cyrus continued to slowly finger Kennice.

"Cyrus! Cyrus!" she cried his name pleadingly. "I, please, I need you!"

Cyrus looked down at Kennice and nodded, slowly sliding within her thigh, replacing his fingers with the tip of his solid, thick erection at her lips.

Softly Cyrus whispered. "Are you ready Kennice? After this...there's no going back."

"I'm...ready..." she panted and she was. She had been waiting for this her whole life.

Slowly Cyrus pushed his hips forwards until he met the resistance of her Hymen. Cyrus slowly withdrew and teasingly thrust just within the small area before Kennice's innocence. As he watched her Reaction Cyrus timed it almost perfectly, driving his full-length forwards as Kennice's pleasure occupied her mind.

Kennice yelped but then moaned as the pain and the pleasure combined. She could hear the earth singing and she finally knew what had been missing from her dance. It had been love. Love was the key!

Cyrus leaned down and softly kissed Kennice, a kiss filled with love and passion. Cyrus slowly began withdrawing his cock from Kennice, leaving just the tip within her before sliding his entire length back into her. Cyrus slid one hand to Kennice's breast and squeezed her nipple softly to build her pleasure.

"Where did you learn this?" she gasped, wriggling underneath him, her body dancing to a tune as old as time.

Cyrus smiled and kissed down her jaw line to her neck, softly kissing her delicate flesh and whispered. "From my Father. Friars always know how to please..." Cyrus kept his pace long and slow, wanting Kennice to enjoy this moment, to remember it and feel only pleasure.

Kennice chuckled at that. She had heard stories but who knew.... it could be this good. She had dreamed that her first time would be this way and it was perfect.

"Thank you," she said shyly as her hands delicately explored his body.

Cyrus smiled as he watched Kennice's hands explore every crevice of his body as his hips moved back and forth, a leisurely pace, almost hypnotic.

"Cyrus, I don't want this to ever end!"

Cyrus leaned down once more as he felt Kennice's explorations move to his back, his lips meeting hers once again in a long loving kiss. Cyrus sighed softly as the kiss parted; his pace increasing a little as Kennice explored further down his back.

She cupped his buttocks and then gently squeezed them. She could feel the muscles bunch beneath and it amazed her. He had so much strength and power. It attracted her as much as personality did.

Cyrus softly nuzzled against Kennice's neck as he took his time in pleasing her, wanting her very first orgasm to be an earth shattering experience.

"I feel pressure, fire, what is this?" she gasped as the first tremors of her orgasm began.

Softly Cyrus whispered in Kennice's ear as his pace increased once more. "It's the greatest feeling in the world...your very first..." Cyrus's voice ricocheted around their joined dream as he spoke the last word. "...Orgasm."

"Orgasm, I've heard of this but never felt it. It feels great," she added as she rocked her hips and moaned when it produced even more tremors.

Cyrus smiled and began nibbling on her neck and shoulder, his hand gently twisting Kennice's nipple. Cyrus took long and deep strokes into Kennice, closing his eyes at the amazing tightness he felt around himself.

Kennice felt her muscles tightening then releasing and suddenly she screamed and clutched at Cyrus as her body bucked and the tremors slammed through her body.

Cyrus lay close to Kennice, still thrusting into her at a medium pace as he witnessed her ride through her very first orgasm. The thought alone of doing this aroused him exponentially and Cyrus felt himself suddenly rocketing towards orgasm.

Cyrus exploded within Kennice just as she reached the peak of her orgasm, his emotions and pleasure flowing into hers and serving to multiply the ecstasy and awe that Kennice felt.

Kennice screamed out his name as her muscles locked and she fell into an ocean of bliss.

Cyrus strained as he fell into the same ocean, his entire body going numb from the intensity. When Cyrus opened his eyes again, it was morning and he was awake.

* * *

Upstairs in her room, Kennice's eyes opened. Her nipples were sore and her body ached. She sat up and touched her body. She felt like she'd had that wondrous moment but she was all alone in her room.

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