Mistake #1

Helen walked into her house and stood just inside the front door. She could hear some distressingly familiar sounds coming from her daughter's room. Suddenly incensed, she crept down the hall to her own room and retrieved her Smith and Wesson .357 magnum. Then she walked down the hall to her daughter's room and kicked open the door. As she suspected, some jerk she had never seen before was fucking her daughter's eyeballs out.

"Get your cock out of my daughter and your ass out of my house!!" Helen screamed.

The kid looked at the pistol, jumped up and into his pants and shoes and sprinted out the door leaving his boxers, socks and shirt.

"You bitch!" Tina screeched. "What the hell gives you the right to tell me what I can and cannot do? I'm 18 now. Get off my back."

"It is my house, you miserable little slut! You are turning it into the town whorehouse. You have become the county sperm bucket! This shit has got to stop!"

"I don't have to take this, you dried up old maid."

"If you want to stay in this house, you've got to stop being a whore, get a job and change your entire act."

Tina started throwing clothes into a back pack.

"I'm outa here, you bitch. I've had more than enough!"

Tina started for the door.

She yelled back at her mother, "Don't wait for a sobbing midnight phone call. I'll never see you or talk to you again!"

"Good riddance," yelled Helen, "You can't come back. You are dead to me. So long, slut."

And with that, she slammed the door. She didn't shed a tear. Tina had been nothing but trouble since junior high when she discovered boys. Helen was not going to miss the monthly trips to the police station, the paying of bail or the discovery of yet another indiscretion on Tina's part. She really hoped she would never see Tina again. She poured herself a double and sat down to enjoy it.

Mistake #2

Tina hitched rides to Los Angeles. She didn't have bus fare. The rides cost her 2 blow jobs and 3 fucks but she didn't care. She had been on the streets of Los Angeles for 2 weeks surviving on hooking. She didn't particularly like strange cocks invading her body, but she wasn't totally against it either.

She was strolling up Wilshire one night about midnight. A big Lincoln limo pulled up beside her and stopped. Another trick, she thought.

A guy about 6'5" got out of the passenger side.

"Are you looking for work, young lady?" he asked.

"Sure. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, we are looking for extras in a movie we're casting. Since you could obviously use some help and since you are quite beautiful, we have decided to offer you a chance at one of the parts."

You could have knocked Tina over with a feather. Her big chance to escape the streets was right in front of her. She had dreamed of being a movie star for as long as she could remember.

"OK, I'm ready to do this." She stated excitedly.

It never occurred to her to wonder why a movie was being cast at midnight. She knew nothing of the film industry. The fact that she was always given to snap judgments pushed her over the top. She got into the limo.

The back seat of the limo was completely blacked out. She had no idea where it was headed. When the door opened again, she was at the foot of a ramp leading into a 747 at Los Angeles International Airport.

"Hey, I thought they were casting in Hollywood!" she exclaimed.

"No, we're flying to Las Vegas for the interview and the shoot," The big guy told her.

"Oh, OK," she replied.

She skipped happily up the ramp and into the airplane. All the seats in the airplane looked like first class lounges. Odd. Then she noticed that all the passengers were girls, pretty and about her age.

"What is going on here?" she asked.

"Just have a seat, miss. We're taking off soon," came the reply.

Tina found a seat and sat down. She noticed that there were no windows in this airplane. She was starting to get nervous, as were several of the other girls.

"I have changed my mind. I want to get off now!!" she commanded.

Another big guy appeared from nowhere.

"Sit back down miss," he ordered.

"No way. This is the United States! You can't force me to go anywhere!" she yelled at him.

She never saw the backhanded blow coming. It knocked her back into her seat. Steel handcuffs hidden in the arm rests gripped her wrists. She was trapped!! She woke up 10 minutes later. The big guy was still there. She started thrashing around and screaming. A big hand clamped down on her mouth.

"Shut up and sit still or I'll be forced to knock your dumb ass out again," he stated mildly.

Tina stopped wiggling and yelling. She didn't want anymore of what this guy had to offer. She could tell from the sounds and motions that they were already in the air. She could do nothing about her situation yet. She was a bad, unruly girl with no sense of discipline, but she wasn't stupid. She knew that she would have a chance to escape eventually.

Mistake #3

After hours and hours in the air, the big jet touched down. Tina had no idea where they were, but she knew it wasn't Las Vegas. It had taken over 10 hours to get here. The jet taxied into the terminal area and stopped. The doors were opened.

"All of you stand up and get ready to deplane," came the command over the intercom.

The girls filed out, down the ramp and across the tarmac. They were facing a large building with "PWW ADMINISTRATION" written in large letters across the front.

The doors swung open and a loudspeaker told them to get inside. Inside they found a small auditorium with theater seats.

"Sit down!" the order came over the speakers.

All the girls sat. 30 minutes later, a door at the side of the stage opened and another giant man walked out to the podium.

"You must pay careful attention to what you are about to hear. Your survival depends on how well you understand these things and how you follow instructions," he announced.

He left the stage and another 30 minutes went by. A man easily as large as the rest came to the stage center.

"Pay close attention to what I'm going to tell you," he ordered. "The first thing you should know is where you are. I am here to tell you that it doesn't matter where you are. You are on an island in the Pacific. You will never learn where it is. The important thing is that the closest island to us is 560 miles away. The surf here is rough and is patrolled by sharks. These sharks have developed a taste for girl-flesh. You'll find out why later."

"Now, as to your situation. You are all here for 2 reasons. One, you are all beautiful. That is a job requirement. Two, you are all unattached and untraceable. We did our homework while you were airborne, so we know a lot about each of you. "

"You will undergo multilevel training here. You will pass or die. There is no third option."

If you do not speak English or if you think your language skills are not strong, get up now and go through the red door."

About 20 of the girls filed out through the red door.

"The rest of you will undergo a brief boot camp where you will learn to obey simple commands. The penalties for failure are harsh. Do not test the instructor's patience. You do not get a second chance. Now, leave your belongings here. If you have any dope, leave that here too. There will be no exceptions. If you are addicted, you will just have to suffer through it. We are not a rehab clinic. File out through the blue door. Welcome to PWW," he said as he left.

The blue door swung open and the girls started to file out. They went down a long hall and through a door that said,"Quartermaster." Inside, they found several more huge guys issuing clothing. They guys said nothing. After they received their clothes, A guy appeared and told them to follow him. They exited the quartermaster room and went across and open field and into a large gymnasium. There were storage baskets to one side and a bunch of shower heads on the other side.

"Put your new issue clothes in the baskets and take your clothes off," came the order from the speakers." NOW!"

The clothes started to hit the floor and soon all the girls were standing around in bras and panties.

"All off them! Get nude now!" came the order.

Panties and bras followed the outer garments. Soon all the girls were nude.

"Go shower now. Be sure to wash thoroughly. There will be a cleanliness inspection and you must pass it."

As the girls walked across the gym, several large men picked up all their clothes and dumped them into one container.

"Hey," yelled Tina, "That's my stuff!"

One of the guys walked across the gym and slapped her butt hard. It stung. She yelped.

"Keep your mouth shut. You were not told to talk. You don't have any 'stuff' any more. Everything you have, including yourself belongs to the company," he said quietly.

"Bullshit!" yelled Tina, "you can't get away with this crap. I have rights. I'm 18. I'm an adult."

The guy looked at her with sad eyes and knocked her flat. When she woke up, she was spread eagled on a table. Her hands, feet and head were strapped down. She couldn't move. Slowly she started to remember how she got into this mess.

"OK, you win! I'll be good," she begged

A bold, low voice from the darkness said, "Too late. You have to learn to start learning. You will now undergo some instruction."

2 clips were attached to her nipples and a rod of some kind was thrust up her ass. Then the electricity came on. Tina writhed and shook. She came, but it wasn't like the other times. This hurt! The electric charge increased as she became more and more uncomfortable.

Mistake #4

Finally exhausted, she passed out. The electricity was turned off. Eventually, she came to.

"Have you decided to cooperate with your trainers?" a faceless voice inquired. "If you don't we have some more interesting things to do for you."

"Fuck you! I'm not giving up to a bunch of assholes like you. I'd rather die!"

"Gee, that's too bad. Now you have to meet Franky." And the voice was gone.

An hour later, the dungeon door swung open and the first short man she had seen on this odyssey waddled through the door. He stood in front of Tina and grinned.

"What are you smiling at, you hideous little dwarf?" she spat at him.

"Relax," he croaked, "You're mine for as long as I need you."

He stripped off his shirt, revealing and unbelievable array of muscles. Then he dropped his pants. He wasn't wearing boxers, so the biggest cock she had ever seen came flopping out and pointed at her.

"Christ!" she swore, "What is that thing?"

It was at least a foot long and five inches across. Bigger than your average horse.

"You don't plan on putting that thing in my pussy, do you?" Tina asked with a wild look in her eyes.

"Your pussy too," said Franky, "but first you have other holes that need exploring."

"It won't fit," she cried.

"Sure it will. It'll just take a while to work it in. It'll be better for you if you relax. I don't care if you do are not. It's up to you. Personally, I like to make it painful."

Franky pushed a button on his remote control and 4 chains came down from the rafters. He chained her arms and then released her cuffs. He pushed another button and she was hoisted off the table. He flipped her over so she was lying on her stomach still spread eagled. He lowered her back to the table.

"What the hell are you doing?" she shouted.

"You'll know in a couple of minutes," Franky replied.

Franky grabbed a big dollop of Vaseline and swabbed her ass with it.

"Oh, no!" she protested.

"It was your choice, not mine!" Franky exclaimed.

He jumped up on the table behind her and rammed his cock all the way into her. She screamed and screamed, but Franky just started stroking and didn't pay any attention to her. Franky fucked her ass for 20 minutes. He started to shake and shudder. She was still screaming and crying.

"Oof!" grunted Franky as he shot a giant load of cum into her.

He kept his cock in her. It didn't seem to get any smaller. He started stroking again. She screamed some more.

Another 20 minutes went by with Franky steadily fucking her now sore ass.

Once again, he issued an, "Oof" and shot another huge load of cum up her ass.

He jumped off her and hoisted her up again. He rolled her back over and pinned her to the table, belly up.

"Damn, that was fun, huh, bitch?" He said.

She was till shaking from the ass-fucking she had received. Franky jumped up on the table and sat on her tits. He jammed his cock into her mouth.

"Clean it up, bitch and then suck it hard," he ordered.

She considered biting him, but thinking over her past few experiences, decided to forgo that item. Franky stroked in and out of her mouth, occasionally sticking his dick all the way down her throat. A short time later, Franky started to quiver. He shot another load of juice down her throat directly into her stomach. Her jaw was sore and she knew she would not be able to talk for a while.

"Don't spill a drop, you slut," Franky warned.

He slid down her body and jammed his cock into her pussy. It felt like someone had stuck a whole bologna up her twat. She wriggled like a worm on a hook. It didn't turn her on at all, so she was dry. Franky didn't care. He just kept on fucking her. Soon his breathing got very ragged and his strokes became erratic. He shot load number 4 deep into her cunt. Then he pulled his dick out of her.

"Learn anything, whore?" He asked. "Are we finished?" he asked looking at the microphone in the rafters.

"Give her another hour's worth Franky," Came the faceless answer.

"You are a lucky little cunt," Franky opined as he stuffed his prick into her pussy again.

Franky rode her hard for the remaining hour coming 4 times. By the time he finished, she was completely screwed our and totally sore. Franky released her bonds.

"You go back to the gym right now!" he ordered.

Tina could just barely waddle out of the dungeon and over to the gym.

"I see your extra training is over. You have fallen behind the rest of the class. We will give you the instructions you will require to complete this course. You will listen and learn or you'll get some more instruction from Franky, and this time it won't be so pleasant!" Came the voice from the speakers.

Tina meekly took a seat. She looked contrite.

"Could I get some medical assistance sir?" She inquired.

"Later. Right now you must catch up to your class. The reason you are here is to be trained to satisfy men. This training will include all known sexual acts and positions. You will become an expert in each one. If you pass, you will be sold into a life of luxury with one of our clients. If you fail, you will be sold to a whorehouse in central Asia or Africa. Defiance of the training rules will get you death, as we won't waste time on untrainables. Do you understand?"

Tina gets wise

"Yes sir I understand," promised Tina.

"There are numerous guards on this island. All of them are men and all of them are large. Pay attention to their orders. Failure to comply immediately with an order will result in immediate punishment. We will now escort you to the lagoon to witness the final solution to a problem. The girl you will see went down the same path as you. She failed to learn. Now she must pay. Go with the guard."

Tina followed the guard out of the gym and down to the lagoon. They got in a boat with another girl who was struggling and cursing. Franky was there as well as 2 other girls. The boat pulled out of the lagoon and across the reef past the surf. Franky knocked the wild girl down. He tied her legs backwards underneath her back. He tied her arms behind her. She came to still writhing and cursing. Franky plunged his cock into her cunt. She screamed. Franky came in her. She screamed again. Franky jerked his dick out of her and plunged a knife into her twat. Blood started flowing freely. Franky held her ass over the side of the boat. Soon the blood attracted 6 or 7 tiger sharks. They circled the boat. Franky dropped the bleeding girl into the water. The sharks closed in and devoured the girl.

"Final lesson for you sluts," Franky proclaimed.

Suddenly, as if by magic, Tina's attitude changed. She knew that to fight these people was fatal. Tina was a slut and a whore but she wasn't stupid. She promised herself that she would learn all they had to offer. Franky looked at her and knew she had had an epiphany.

"I see you cunts are ready to learn," he remarked dejectedly, "That means no pussy for me until the next batch."

The girls were taken back to the gym. They dressed. Then they were marched off to the chow hall where they got a small meal. They all wolfed it down quickly, not knowing when the next would come.

Back at the gym, another instructor was addressing the rest of the class, "Your first lessons will be in military discipline. You will be in 'boot' camp for one month until you can follow orders without question. You will learn to clean you sleeping spaces. You will learn to march. 15% of you will flunk this phase and be sold to the whorehouses. I suggest you do as you are told."

The girls were marched to military style barracks and assigned bunks. It was late in the day. They had been undergoing primary training all day. They knew the real training would start tomorrow.

"Get your clothes off!" the loudspeaker said, "Trainees sleep nude! Do it now."

There were 112 girls left in the class. In less than 1 minute all of them were naked and trembling.

"Our barracks guards get to sleep with 2 of you every night. Don't fight it unless you want the meet Franky," the voice ordered.

"Who the hell is Franky?" the girl in the bunk next to Tina asked.

"You don't want to know. If your turn comes, just fuck the guard and be quiet. Franky is a bad nightmare," Tina replied.

The barrack fell silent. The lights went out. Through the moonlight that filtered through the windows Tina could see 2 nude guards moving through the barracks. "God, don't let it be me," she prayed silently. Her pussy and asshole were still recovering from Franky's lesson.

Soon the guards selected their bedmates. They jumped in bed with them and immediately started fucking them. The girls moaned but didn't struggle or say a word. In 30 minutes or so the guards got up and went to their quarters. One of them returned at about 2:00 AM and selectively fucked another girl. Tina, remembering the shark incident, knew that when her turn came she would have to accept this treatment and at least pretend to like it.

The next morning they were marched to the chow hall and then to the gym. An instructor soon appeared and addressed the class, "You will now start your training. You will first learn military discipline. You will exercise daily. You will be taught to cook, select clothing for men and women, learn how to act in all social situations, and how to speak. You will study male and female anatomy. You will be given an extensive sexual education where you will learn fellatio, cunnilingus, intercourse, anal sex and masturbation. This course will take at least a year. 60% of you will pass. The other 40% will be sold to some rather unsavory whorehouses, worldwide. After my lecture is over, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions. This will be the last time you will ask questions. Be polite. Be ladylike. When you have finished this course, you will be worth a lot of money. Right now, you are worth nothing. Any questions?"

Tina had no questions. She had already figured out where her place was. Several of the other girls asked a few questions but most were meaningless. The lecture was over. The training started.

Two weeks later Tina's pussy felt a lot better. She got really horny and volunteered to sleep with a guard. This action earned her extra credit with the guards because Tina was one fine piece of ass.

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