Oops! Ch. 02


Elise surveyed the magnificent castle and grounds. It would be hers most of the time. Who would have ever thought that the two-bit slut she had been for most of her life would morph into what she had become. She was a high priced prostitute, but she had everything she wanted. She knew there might be some hard times ahead, but right now, that didn't worry her at all.

The chief butler knocked on her door and she admitted him. "Orders from Herr Herman," he informed her, "Get on the Gulfstream and fly to Berlin. There you will meet Herr Haas. You are to accompany Herr Haas for two days. You will be his companion and bedmate. Then, fly back here."

"Sounds like fun. I hope this guy isn't a total loser." she thought.

The butler loaded her bags into the Mercedes Benz limo and accompanied her to the airport where she boarded one of Herr Herman's Gulfstream jets. It was off to Berlin!

Another limo met her at the Berlin airport and took her to the best hotel in the city. She was checked in to a large suite with a hot tub and a wet bar. She took a bath and jumped into the hot tub. 30 minutes later the door bell rang and she pressed the remote button. The door opened and there stood a tall Arian looking guy about 40 years old. He didn't say a word he just took his clothes off and joined her in the hot tub.

"You are here to get a proper passport among other things," he announced, "I will be here for two days. I will be sleeping with you. You will then fly back to Frankfurt."

That sounded good to Elise. "Could be worse," she thought.

Herr Haas slid over next to her and gently petted her breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked tenderly. One hand slid up her thigh to her neatly trimmed bush. He flicked her clit. She started twitching and moaning as she received the first really good sexual sensations she had had in a while.

"By the way, your new last name is Ecstein. This will appear on your passport. Tomorrow we will take care of that business. Right now, we have to take care of us!" He took her hand and led her away from the hot tub. They dried each other off and headed for the bedroom.

When they got to the huge bed, he laid her down gently and started kissing her legs finishing up at her pussy where he licked and sucked on her clit. She was writhing and quivering under his attentions. He stuck his finger in her vagina and massaged her 'g' spot. She went wild and grabbed his cock, guiding it to her waiting lips. She licked the pre-cum from its tip and then swallowed it all the way to the back of her throat.

"Damn," exclaimed Herr Haas. He had received blow jobs before, but never anything like this! "Don't ever stop," he cried as she bobbed her head up and down on his prick. He had her labia sucked into his mouth and was running his tongue up and down them. His cock started to swell and he knew it wouldn't be long. "Oh, oh, oh!" he shouted as the first blast of warm Arian cum shot down her throat. He had never been brought off this fast, not even his first time.

"OH, CHRIST!" Elise screamed as she came on his face. "I can't wait to see what else he has in mind," she thought as her orgasm wound down.

Herr Haas got up and ordered room service. He and Elise did not get out of bed for 2 days except to get her passport. By the time he escorted her to the airport, he was completely fucked out. Reluctantly, he led her up the steps into the jet. He kissed her hard one more time, then he deplaned and the jet moved to the end of the runway and took off.

As soon as she got to the castle in Frankfurt, the chief butler took her passport. "We must acquire a visa," he explained. Then he was gone.

A week later the butler appeared, presented her passport to her and announced, "You will go to the airport. You will be flying to New York. You will meet Mr. Hansen and do for him what you did for Herr Haas."

She quickly opened the passport and there was a U.S. visa. Her bags were packed for her. The butler gave her another credit card. She took the limo to the airport, once again boarding the Gulfstream. The big business jet thundered down the runway and disappeared into the west.

Mr. Hansen met her at JFK. He escorted her to a limo and they set off for downtown Manhattan.

He had an apartment downtown. It was, of course, a penthouse apartment. The private elevator whisked them up to the penthouse. It was easily the equal of the other residences she had visited. Expensive art adorned the walls. Various pieces of art sat in cupboards around the living area. She noticed that the drapery was all oriental silk. The view was fantastic.

He escorted her around the place. It was around fifteen thousand square feet, she reckoned. He showed her a massive bedroom with a huge silk covered bed. He took her into the 'play' room. There were all kinds of interesting toys in the room and all of them were used for sexual enhancement of one kind or another. She had seen most of them during training on the island.

"Do you like this?" Mr. Hansen inquired.

"It looks interesting," she replied. "By the way, where's the kitchen?"

"If you get hungry, just summon Jeffers. He's a professional chef. We are busy people and don't have much time to mess around cooking. Now, my dear, why don't you get comfortable? My sleeping quarters are your sleeping quarters. We'll visit the play room later."

Elise walked into the bedroom and immediately divested herself of her clothing. She stretched out naked on the bed. How lucky could a girl get?

Mr. Hansen entered the bedroom. "Let's knock some of this New York dust off before we do anything else," he said. He stripped down to nudity.

She noticed he had a nicely shaped cock about 7" long. "Big enough to play with," she thought.

The shower turned out to be another huge room with water jets everywhere. When the water came on it was instantly hot. No warm up. Amazing.

He walked over to her and grabbed her tits. Then he rubbed her pussy. "Let's get soapy," he exclaimed. He started soaping her up with a wonderful smelling body wash. It made her feel warm all over. She soaped him and rubbed his cock. She washed his nuts. She washed his ass and stuck a finger in it. He moaned and moved back onto her finger. She shoved it in to the second joint and twisted it. Then she jerked it out. He almost came when she yanked her finger out of his ass. That hadn't been done to him before.

"Let's get rinsed and get out," he said.

He used big, rough European towels to dry off. As she dried him off she once again rubbed his dick good and hard. He did the same to her tits and pussy. Throwing the towels on the floor, they walked gland in hand to the bedroom.

He jumped in bed and she followed him. "I am yours to command until my boss calls," she informed him, "What do you want to do first?"

"I always wanted a toy like you," declared Mr. Hansen. "I may try to buy you from Herman."

Elise didn't answer him. It made no difference to her who owned her as long as he had bucks. All of Herr Herman's buddies had bucks.

"You are in charge," said Mr. Hansen, "Do what you want."

Elise sprang across the bed and grabbed his balls. She greedily sucked them one at a time and then made a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to gobble both of them up at once. She grabbed them again and slid her hungry mouth over his dick. She deep throated him. He had a wild look in his eyes as she took his whole cock into her throat and started swallowing.

"OH Jesus!" he cried. He had never felt anything like that before. He knew he was going to cum faster than he ever had. He tried to hold it off, but Elise had too much skill. He fired his load down her throat. His dick slipped out of her mouth. "Damn, I have never cum that fast or that hard in my life!" he exclaimed.

She smiled up at him. Not a drop had escaped her sucking gullet. She had swallowed it all. Hansen knew it was going to be a very fun few days. As she grinned at him she tickled his perineum. He twitched. She knew he was going to like whatever she decided on. "Let's do it like missionaries," she suggested.

Hansen had very seldom done it that way so it kind of intrigued him. "Whatever you say sugar, you're driving."

She spread her legs and invited him in. He complied with no hesitation. His cock skidded off her thigh and planted itself solidly in her cunt. She started an action with her pussy muscle that had to be felt to be believed. Her cunt was massaging his cock like a milking machine.

"Oh Jesus," Hansen muttered, "I'll never last long like this!"

"Yes you will," she replied remembering the lessons taught to her on the island. She knew exactly how to bring him right to the brink and keep him there until he was begging for release. She continued to work her pussy on him as he wiggled in an attempt to shove his dick in further. Just as he was ready to cum she clamped down hard with her cunt and stop the motion. She did that five or six times.

Hansen was going out of his mind. He wanted to cum so bad but she wouldn't let him. He had never been at this peak for this long in his life. Still she tortured him with her talented snatch. Finally he cried out, "Please, please let me cum!! You're killing me!" In response the milking sensation increased rapidly. He knew he was going to have the most fabulous climax of his life.

She continued to milk his cock. Suddenly he eyes clamped shut and he tried to drill her through the mattress. He stuffed it in as far as it would go and held still while he off-loaded the biggest gob of cum he had ever produced. He fell to one side as she smiled up at him.

"That's my version of the missionary position," she grinned. "What do you think?"

"That's lethal," he replied as he panted back down to earth. "If you could bottle that stuff you'd have more money than Herman."

"After you recover, let's go have a look at your 'game' room." she smiled.

"Good idea," puffed Hansen. "I should be recovered in a month or two!"

She woke up with a start, not remembering where she was. Then reality set in and she remembered she was in New York with some guy named Hansen. In fact, he was lying next to her and had his finger in her pussy. He was asleep but his finger wasn't. "He must be having a hell of a dream," She thought as she felt his finger wiggling around her G spot. Her pussy was sopping wet. She was approaching orgasm. She grinned. What if he brought her off and never woke up? Too good! She humped his finger. Her dam burst and she flooded the bed with girl juice. Hansen still had not awakened. She enjoyed the feeling of coming down from her orgasm and then drifted off to sleep again.

He woke up and felt the pussy wrapped around his finger. His hand was wet with cum. She was wriggling around in her sleep. He felt for her G spot wondering if he could bring her off in her sleep. He stroked his finger into her a little more vigorously. She moaned and humped harder. Suddenly she bucked her hips and shot cum into his hand which by now was a gooey mess. He took his finger out of her snatch and got up to go to the bathroom.

Almost as soon as Hansen left the bed, Elise was awake. "What a dream!" she thought. She wandered off to the bathroom to find him in the shower.

"Sleep well?" he asked with a wry grin.

"Yeah, how about you?" she giggled.

Hansen wondered what was so funny, but decided it wasn't that important. After all, they had to explore his sex lab today.

She got in the shower with him and soaped him up. She polished his rod and gripped his nuts. She felt them contract a little and she knew it wouldn't take much to send him over the edge. "I wonder what got him so ready?" she asked herself. She rinsed his cock off, dropped to her knees and popped his hard cock into her mouth. Once again she deep throated him. She swallowed. He groaned. She hummed a happy little tune. He came like a freight train.

"Shower's over," he announced.

They dried each other off and ordered a meal. It only took Jeffers about twenty minutes to prepare and serve it. The meal was delicious. They polished it off with a two hundred dollar bottle of wine.

They were both a little wobbly as they headed for the game room. He escorted her inside.

"Would you like to try the Chinese trapeze?" he asked.

She had seen one before on the island and she knew how it worked. She hopped up into the swinging seat. "Who winds it up?" she asked.

"It's electric, self winding. We don't have to work at all," he replied sliding into position under her. His oak hard shaft was sticking right straight up as she wound herself down over it. When her pussy touched his thighs he pushed a button and it wound itself back up. It was much better than the one on the island. After her pussy had twisted around his cock twenty times or so he felt himself about to cum. "I'm gonna squirt into you!" he remarked excitedly.

"I'm gonna cum too," she responded.

The trapeze continued to twist and twirl. She had never felt anything like this. It twisted right down to Hansen's lap just as she came hard. As she wound up again, Hansen came too. He shot semen all over her pussy and ass. It was great. He crawled out from under the trapeze and shut off the machine.

His only comment was, "Wow!"

"Your cock's all droopy," remarked Elise.

"Yeah, it is kind of floppy," Hansen replied. "We better rest for a while. I've got to make a couple of phone calls. Go into the TV room and amuse yourself."

She was fiddling around with the remote controller when Hansen came into the room. He didn't look happy. "Herman called and wants you to go to Australia right away," he said sadly. "I wish we had more time together. It was just starting to be a lot of fun!"

"Oh well," she replied. "I guess it's over for now. How do I get a visa?"

"Jeffers is getting it for you right now," Hansen replied. "We won't even have time for a quickie."

Elise replied, "Too bad! Maybe I'll get to stay longer next time."

Jeffers had packed her bags and put them in the limo. She wasn't happy with the turn of events, but she was a slave and could do nothing. The limo let her out in front of a Gulfstream waiting at the executive terminal. She boarded the corporate jet and it slipped down the runway and out across the wide, blue Pacific. She was the only passenger on the jet. She dozed off in her seat. Four and a half hours later they were landing in Honolulu. She deplaned and was escorted to a limo which took her to the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach. She learned that she had a suite there for two nights before the long flight to Australia.

"Two days without cock," she thought glumly. She briefly considered scooping up one of the beach boys but decided against it. She knew that Herr Herman would be very angry if he found out. She didn't want to wind up in a Kenyan whorehouse.

Two days later an escort appeared and took her back to the airport. She got on the jet and once more they glided across the Pacific. Four hours out of Honolulu, she heard an ominous rumble coming from the rear of the plane.

A steward appeared and said," Strap in. We are having engine troubles and may crash!"

Her blood froze. "So this is how it ends," she thought. "It looks like it's time for me to pay the price for the life I've led." She could see they were losing altitude rapidly. The friendly blue Pacific now looked like a horrible blue monster, ready to consume her. "Oh damn!" she wailed. "We're all gonna die." She remembered the tiger sharks from the island.

The sharp descent stopped about 200 feet above the waves as the jet started to pancake into the sea. The pilot skillfully made a nose up landing on the water. As soon as the jet stopped, the steward broke out the life raft and deployed it alongside the sinking aircraft.

She got into the raft with the pilot, copilot and steward. They watched as their link to civilization slipped beneath the waves.

"Don't panic," said the captain as he deployed the sail. "I know where we are and we should be able to sail to the nearest island in about two days. We got off a mayday and location before we went in so we should be ok."

A small pool of relief trickled into Elise's mind. Maybe she wouldn't die after all.

Three days later they spotted the island. They got busy on the oars and were soon shooting through the surf and onto the beach. The men dragged the raft up into the tree line and broke out the 'stranded' kit. They constructed a small hut for protection from the sun. It gave them somewhere to sleep.

"You guys scout the island and see if we are alone," the captain ordered. The two men walked off in different directions. "Funny turn of fate, huh?" he said.

"Herr Herman won't be pleased," Elise averred. "He hates it when his plans are disrupted."

"I've known Herman for a long time," the pilot said. "He will make every effort to find us."

Elise walked over to the pilot and sat down next to him. "What'll we do until the cavalry arrives?" she asked with a sexy smile.

"I'm sure we'll think of something," the pilot answered and cupped her breast. She gave a small moan as he rolled her nipple in his fingers. He leaned in and kissed her, ramming his tongue down her throat. They played tonsil hockey for a little while.

She grabbed his cock through his uniform. "We're overdressed," she observed as she stripped off her skirt and blouse.

He removed his coat, shirt and pants and then removed her bra. Her magnificent tits bobbed free. "Talk about the perks of the wealthy!" the pilot remarked. He stroked her tits and noticed a growing wet spot on her panties. "She's ready," he thought. He laid her back on the raft floor and jerked her panties off. He pulled his boxers off. His 6" cock waved in the island breeze. He quickly mounted her and thrust his prick into her honey pot.

"Thank god!" she thought. She hadn't had a cock in her since Hansen. It felt so good as he stroked in and out of her. She performed her missionary trick on the pilot. Soon he was panting like a bird dog.

"Make me come," he pleaded.

"Not yet, quality takes time," she replied as she played him up and down the climax scale. Suddenly her pussy started a rapid rhythm.

His breathing was shallow. He slammed into her hoping for release. He didn't quite understand what she was doing to him but he knew he didn't want it to stop. Just as he thought his balls would explode, her pussy clamped down hard on his cock and performed a quivering motion that drove him over the top and into the biggest, best orgasm he had ever had. "Perks of the wealthy," flashed across his mind as he fell off of her and started a nap.

Unsatisfied, Elise put most of her clothes back on and waited for the return of the crew. An hour later the steward showed up. "Nope, nobody's here," he said, looking at the partially dressed Elise. "I found a nice little clearing back in the jungle," he offered.

Elise was now near maximum horny. "Let's go," she enthusiastically agreed.

Five minutes back into the trees was a small glade with a fresh water pond. The steward stopped in the middle of the glade and Elise dropped to her knees in front of him. "I need this more than you do," she remarked as she dragged out his cock and immediately deep throated him.

His worlds suddenly consisted of his cock and two lips. He could not think of anything else. He felt her swallowing around his cock head. He had never felt anything like this before. He exploded down her throat. She didn't spill a drop.

"OK, let's get serious," she said as she pulled off his pant and boxers. She jumped out of her panties and flopped down on the turf. She grabbed his flaccid cock and started jacking him off. It slowly rose in her expert hands. She pulled him to her, desperate now for release. She rolled him onto his back and jammed his dick into her center. He had a much larger appendage than the pilot. She happily bounced up and down on his thickening meat. She rubbed herself back and forth so that her clit was sanding his pubic bone. Harder and faster she rode. He came into her and a minute later she got the much sought relief. She threw her head back and screamed, "YES, YES, YES!"

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