tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOpen Invitation Ch. 02

Open Invitation Ch. 02


The light on the patio reveals a few figures in my yard, most in the process of leaving, one of the older gentleman nods appreciatively before wandering off, but a younger one seems frozen with a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. He's standing near one of the lattice posts and seems to be leaning on it for support. His hands are at his groin, shielding it from view as a blush creeps up into his cheeks as I stand there watching him for a moment. I flick both switches off, flooding the patio and room with darkness and going to bed.

For the next few weeks, I cannot help thinking of the men that were in my yard that night, at random intervals I find myself flushing as my thighs become hot and moist. Glancing around throughout the day I wonder if any of the men around me were there, watching me. The urge to show off begins to grow again, I try to fight it. I even go so far as to assuage it by going to the store and sitting on one of the benches outside, folding my arms in my lap as I curl over, letting my cleavage show as much as is possible without risking indecency while I rock softly, grinding my heated pussy against the seat of the bench. It's a good thing I hiked my skirt up before sitting as by the time I leave, the wood is warm and damp beneath me.

It doesn't work, soon I'm sitting in front of my computer, typing up another invitation, I even leave a note at the end to the young man, saying how I was glad to see he'd enjoyed himself and that I hope to see him here again. I post it and begin to count down to the time that I said I would open my drapes, this time I've picked tomorrow, letting it filter through the online population for more than a few hours. I can't wait until the appointed time and flick the on the light on my patio, just to see if anyone is there...there isn't...but I open the drapes anyway and leave them that way as I flick the light off and go to bed. I dream about being watched.

The next day I meander through the house, clean my room twice, and generally fidget impatiently until the weather turns a bit and a gentle spatter of rain darkens my mood. I extend the shade cover so the patio stays dry, then as the clouds clear just before sunset I get an idea from remembering the spatter marks I'd seen on the concrete after last time. Dragging the small table from its place near my lounge chair so it's a bit more obvious, knowing it'd be visible from the light that spills from my room, setting a box of tissues on it and a waste basket beneath before retreating back into the house. This time I leave the drapes open and as the sun dips beneath the horizon, I see a few figures walk into my small yard. Flash a smile and waving, my dim reading lamp lighting the room and still letting me see out the window a little.

This time I'm not dressed ultra sexy either... I've opted for comfort. A plain tee shirt clings to my breasts, my nipples hard and nearly visible through the pale fabric telling that I've skipped my bra. Baggy sweatpants hide the shape of my legs, but stay up by clinging to my hips, leaving a bit of a gap of flesh visible between the two hems. I go to my night stand and pull the little doors on the bottom open, then tug out the little box inside, my toy collection...or at least a good portion of it. I flash a smile at the glass and note that one of the figures is leaning against the lattice post before I flick the overhead light on, making the yard become impenetrable black by comparison.

Stripping off is much simpler this time, my tee shirt pulls off overhead, baring my breasts to the air where they break out in goosebumps, I skim my fingertips over them before dropping my hands to my hips to wiggle out of my pants, revealing that I've opted out of panties as well this time, though a little purple ring already dangles from my pussy. I tug on it gently, the silicone stretches a bit before the balls in my pussy begin to move. Did I forget to mention? They were teasing me throughout the entire day, I'm thoroughly soaked. One ball pops free, then the other before I lift them to my lips and suck them clean, moaning softly at the taste before setting the toy on my night stand.

I ponder the collection in the crate before me, two possibilities have run through my head today...playing it safe, or showing all out what I enjoy. A wicked smile crosses my face as my mind swings toward the latter. I bend over, leaving my rear in the air for a delicious view as I pick up a bundle of rope, freeing it from itself I begin to wrap the coils around my body, fingers making quick work of knots, starting with a lark's head in the middle of my back, ending by twisting the strands around each other as they cross my chest the last time, pinching my nipples between them. My breasts now jutting out, supported and confined by a framework of rope, my nipples reddening while the rest of my flesh breaks out in goosebumps. Another bundle from the crate wraps around my hips, the tails dangling as I pick up my hitachi, one of my favorites. Plugging it into a timer and turning it on brings a smile to my lips, the powerful hum audible even through the glass, I'm sure. I tease it against the ropes binding my chest, causing them to vibrate against my skin, my eyes close as I move it lower, switching to the ropes that encircle my hips, by the time I bring the vibrations to my pussy, I'm panting. I reach down with my free hand to spread my lips, the buzzing makes me curl forward around the thing, almost toppling me off my feet for an instant before I ease off and tease it along my lips then turn it off. Setting it on the bed, then fetching a few more bundles of rope, securing them to the legs of my bed, trailing the ends toward the middle. I gather a few more things and set them out where they can be viewed as I begin to use them.

A lube gun is first, I twist the pump-top lid off the bottle before dipping it in, drawing a good portion out before replacing the pump, I'll need it later. Bending over the bed, my ass toward the window, I tease the tip around my tight little pucker, squeezing a tiny bit out to begin the lubricating process before pushing the slender tube in. My eyes close and I let my mouth open, a loud moan escapes, surprising even myself. The metal is cold and smooth, I squeeze another drop from the gun before pressing it deeper, it's a habit I learned to make the entry a bit smoother, but the real lube release is later. I pump the slender tube in and out of my ass a few times before pressing it deep as it goes, squeezing steadily as I withdraw it, filling my ass with the lube that has become lukewarm from my body heat. I can't resist setting the gun down and smacking my ass gently a few times, making my cheeks jiggle, feeling the lube drip deeper into me before I straighten just enough to reach the toys in the middle of the bed.

I lift a long chain of anal beads into the air so they're visible, starting with a slender tapered bead, they grow thicker as they go down the line until the last one is nearly the size of my fist. It's a long string, I had to order them special and they cost me a pretty penny. I blush as I think that they're worth every cent. Leaning against one side, pulling a knee up onto the bed with me, one hand holding the strand of beads against my hip and pulling at my cheek so my ass is spread while the other works the tapered bead against my hole. It slips in slowly, after the widest point, about an inch, my ass all but slurps it deeper. I pump a squirt of lube into my hand and continue this process with the next bead, this one is half an inch bigger. The next is around two inches across, it slides in with a moan. I'm blushing now as the beads wiggle against each other inside me. The next few beads go a bit slower, eliciting a moan when they slide in, they're deceptively close to the same size, each a quarter inch bigger than the last until I get to the three inch ball. It seems massive as I wrap my slimy fingers around it, getting it wet. I've never put this bead into my ass before, I've always stopped at this point, but now I want to continue. There with my ass bared to a group of men I don't even know, I groaned deeply as I pressed the bead in. My fingertips swirling against my asshole as it stretches around the bead, I pause just before midway, my ass twitching in anticipation before I suddenly pull my hand back and slap the ball, causing it to pop into me. I shudder and clutch at the bedding as my pussy responds with a flood of juices, they trickle down the thigh of my leg that is still on the floor.

It takes a moment before I can move, jelly legged and wobbly as I crawl up onto the bed, dropping my chest to the mattress as I pick up a short thick dildo, teasing the wide head at my pussy before working it in. My juices slicking it up and making it shine before I manage it, my ass is already so full. I moan as I wiggle it deeper and deeper until it all but disappears into me, just the little flat base peeking out now. I fish around for the hitachi blindly and find it, flicking it on, the familiar hum running through my hand as I bring it down to my groin, tapping the buzzing head against the base of the dildo, then pressing it against my taint. I nearly scream in pleasure as the beads jump to life deep inside me. I twist the knob on the cord to cut the power down this time before turning it off, then roll to my back on the bed. I tie the tails from my hips around the hitachi and my thigh, making it press firmly against my pussy. Just to be sure I add second hitachi so that there's one against the front of my pussy and another where I know it will hit both my dildo and beads. Just for fun's sake I add a bobby pin that I've pulled a good bit apart to my clit, making it stand out so it presses against the working end of the front vibrator. Sitting up is a trick but I manage it, and tie the lower ropes around my ankles, causing my legs to spread wide. I tie a bandanna around my eyes before I continue, wrapping a cuff around my right wrist and attach a clip to it before tying the rope to the clip, then popping that hand free to tie the other. Turning on the hitachi's before picking up the power modulator on both of them, clipping my hand so I'm spread eagle. The low buzzing teases me a bit and I smile before I slowly ramp up the power.

Soon I'm squirming on the bed, moans escaping me with every breath. Then shortly after that i'm writhing. I turn down the power when I get close to orgasm, not wanting to cum just yet. My bed is soaked, that is clear from the feel between my thighs and under my ass, and I know the men outside can see it. I don't know how long I tease myself before I crank the power up all the way and drop the modulators to the floor. After that, I lose track of time all together. I imagine the view the men have as I buck and scream on the bed, knowing they can hear me. One, then two, then five orgasms rip through me in quick succession, each more pleasurable than the last. Then my sensitive nerves begin to protest and I clench my fists, my sounds becoming whimpers as the pain grows slowly. I imagine the men having the controls and insisting that I cum again and again. Somewhere in the back of my mind I take note of that idea and store it away. The timer clicks the power off on the hitachi's and I whine, my hips rolling at the sudden lack of sensation, after a while I relax and seconds tick by, then minutes.

I jump when someone taps on the glass, I hear a muffled "Nice show." and I smile. More minutes slide by before I suddenly arch off the bed, the hitachi's having come to life again. I can't even count how many times this happens, I programmed short and long periods of activity into the timer, I know I did, but it seems the timer has come to life itself. It drags me right up to the edge, then stops, then starts, then stops again, making me scream in frustration and thrash against the bonds, at one point I even pull my hand free to tease my fingers around my breasts until the hitachi's begin to buzz again. I can't stand it, I press my palm to the large pulsating head against my clit, grinding it into my body roughly until I cum, HARD. I turn off the hitachi's at the switch on the unit so the timer can't start them up again and simply lay there panting a few moments.

Then I begin to untie myself, pulling the blindfold free first, then extricating myself from the ropes, I simply toss them off the bed. Pulling the toy from my pussy starts another gush of juices from me and I writhe atop the already soaked blanket. Pulling the anal beads from my ass on the other hand doesn't cause just one gush, but several, and I can't resist spanking myself several times between each bead. My ass is red by the time the slender tip pulls free, but my ass isn't gaping open either, so that's a good thing. I roll over and grab the bottle of water and granola bar I left on my night stand, downing most of the water almost immediately before breaking into the sweet. I finish both before I bother sitting up fully, knowing this way my head will be clear. I get up and walk over to the patio door and reach for the switch again, my action is deliberate and slow enough to let any that want to escape being seen to slip away.

I can tell at a glance that there are far more tissues in the waste basket than would be used by the three men that are still there. The young one is leaning against the post again, this time much less abashed about the fact that he is working on tucking away his cock, a cluster of tissue in hand as he smiles sheepishly. The older one that nodded last time does so again before heading off, and another is still standing there, stroking as he watches me. I smile at him and my eyes slide down to the slow rhythmic strokes his hand is making on his cock. He pauses to squeeze the head, making it turn purple and I blush. I lean against the door frame to watch him as he finishes, never really deviating from that slow rhythm. My eyes dart to the younger man now and then, hoping that he stays. He seems to understand and his eyes are clearly roving over my body, his cock that he'd put away clearly hardens again, straining the fabric confines. Soon as the older man finishes and leaves, I lick my lips and open the door a crack.

"Hey." my voice comes out harsh, still parched despite the bottle of water.

"Hi," he returns, then waves a hand toward my bed "that guy was right, it was a nice show, he left far too soon to enjoy most of it though." I blush and bite my lower lip before pulling the door all the way open, the cool night air floods over my heated skin and goosebumps prickle my bare skin and I can't resist the temptation.

"I figured as much, it sounded like he was regretting having to leave." I step out on the patio to retrieve the wastebasket, the young man blushes as he hastily adds his handful to it.

"You're...amazing." he whispers as I turn away and walk back inside. I flash a smile over my shoulder.

"Only when I have an audience."

"Will you be hosting more shows?" he asks.

"I think I have to now...I'm rather addicted." my lips twitch into a smile and I close the door behind me, then pull the drapes, cutting off his view as I go about cleaning the mess I made of my bed.

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