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At the sound of my darling's voice coming from the bedroom, I dropped the hem of my brown, ankle-length skirt and smoothed the faux suede material at the waist and over my ass making sure I lacked any tell-tale lines. Turning back to the door, I "fluffed" my tits, lifting them gently to make sure they settled high in the lacy cups of a new demi-bra. My nipples, held firmly erect by a set of small gold rings, were distinctly visible under the soft, creamy silk of my blouse.

"Darlin', help me with this thing, will you?" David strolled into the living room fussing with a silk tie the same color as his deep blue eyes. "I hate these things," he sighed.

Turning around, I watched my lover's eyes scan my breasts, lingering on my hard nipples. "I know, lover. I'm sorry but thank you for coming to the gallery opening with me tonight. I really appreciate not having to go alone." Softly smoothing my palms over David's chest, feeling the intimate warmth of his skin radiating through the crisp cotton of his dark gray dress shirt, I adjusted his collar, tucking and straightening his tie. "You look very handsome tonight, Cowboy. If you aren't careful, I just might fall in love with you."

"And if you aren't careful, you're going to have every guy at the party following you around with their tongues hanging out," David smiled, creases forming at the corners of his eyes as his fingers grazed my nipples, sending tingles of arousal deep into my womb.

Pressing my breasts against his shirt front, I leaned against my husband, licking his neck just above his collar; kissing my way to just below his ear. "I love you, sweetheart. You're the most special man in the world to me," I whispered as his arms circled me, holding me close.

David's hands caressed my back through the sensual material of my blouse. "I love you, too, darlin'," he whispered in return, pulling away just enough to capture my lips and thread his tongue into my mouth to explore. We kissed for several long moments, our breath mingling, our tongues sliding back and forth over each other in a lazy, sinuous dance we began mastering the first day we fell into each other's arms.

Licking my way along David's lower lip, I gazed briefly into his eyes and breathed into his mouth, "I have a surprise for you, Cowboy. Hold out your hand." The lust in David's eye brightened to curiosity as he reluctantly released his hold on me and held out his hand. Running my tongue along the seam of his lips and kissing him again, I slipped the small, plastic transmitter I'd been hiding in my pocket into his hand. "Here, lover. I thought this might improve your outlook on tonight."

Cautiously, David examined the plain, rectangular black box. As his thumb flipped the switch on the front into the first-level position, he felt me jump slightly and make a small noise at the back of my throat. "Is this what I hope it is?"

For as long as either of us could remember, David and I bantered about getting a remote control vibrator. Often, as I stood at the kitchen sink after our evening meal, David wrapped his arms around me, gently sliding his hand down my belly into my panties to finger my clit. As he nibbled his way along my neck to my ear, he joked that if we had a remote control vibrator he might be able to get some rest from having to help with the dishes all the time.

Without a word, I pressed David's free hand against my pussy, through my skirt, so he could feel the vibrations of the wireless butterfly quivering against my clit. His smile broadening, David flicked the switch to the next highest level and heard the breath catch in my throat as the vibrations became stronger. "Just think about it, love," I smiled, my hazel-green eyes sparkling with mischief. "You can be all the way across the room tonight and still make me cum like a slut."

"I can hardly wait," he grinned, kissing me again, his mind already racing with possibilities. "But I can't help but wonder if you're going to regret this!"

The wind was starting to pick up as David and I made our way across the parking lot across from the Lavinia Stršm Arts Center. Dozens of times a week, I pulled into the lot, parked my car and walked in to work, but tonight my lover was escorting me, making all the difference. His hand gently pressed against the base of my spine as we crossed the street and reached to steady my steps, on low heels, over a ridge of snow plowed against the curb. With a light kiss on the corner of his mouth, I thanked him for being my gentleman cowboy and was rewarded with a quick fluttering of the butterfly against my clit.

As we entered the Arts Center, we were engulfed by the familiar sights and sounds of my second home. Faces in the crowd were familiar as well, and I smiled at the thought that none of them were any the wiser about the wetness burgeoning at the lips of my cunt. During our drive, David teased me with the same wicked, erotic talk we once shared only by long distance phone call. Driving me wild, David randomly alternated speeds on the vibrator while he described how he should ask to borrow ties from men at the opening so he could strip me naked in one of the galleries and tie me out, spread eagle to show everyone what a slut I was to wear a remote vibrator to a business event.

Making me writhe and mewl in my seat, David promised to fondle my naked tits for all the men to watch, inviting them to take turns in twos and threes, sucking my nipples and licking my cunt while he used the butterfly to turn me into a cock- hungry, cum slut that would beg every man at the opening, from the youngest to the oldest, to fuck me over and over again while he watched, finally bathing my face with his own cum.

"I want to watch you be a whore," David said, turning the vibrator to high, driving me to my first climax of the evening as he talked filth to me. "I want to watch those guys run their hands and tongues and cocks all over you, the only cunt for all those guys. They're going to line up to fuck your mouth and fuck your cunt and fuck your ass. Every time one of them dumps his load in you, I'm going to shove my tongue into you and taste it. Once all their balls are empty, I'm going to fuck my cum-soaked whore then spray my cum all over your face so everyone knows exactly who you belong to."

"Good evening, folks," the soft, bass voice belonged to a security guard I knew only as Ted, who often acted as security for evening functions at the Arts Center.

"Hello, Ted. Nice to see you again," I practically purred, sliding my hand along the sleeve covering the solid muscles of his forearm. "You look dashing in your uniform this evening."

"Thank you, miss," the large, black guard smiled down at me. "You look like you're already having a good time tonight."

"Oh, yes," I smiled back. "My husband came with me tonight and I couldn't be happier." With that, I introduced David to Ted and the two shook hands briefly and exchanged a knowing male look that acknowledged someone was getting a serious piece of ass tonight.

Stopping at the coat check, David slipped the wool wrap off my shoulders as I introduced him to the petite blonde behind the counter. "David, this is Tanya. Tanya is my student assistant," I smiled, noting how her big, blue eyes lingered on the nipples poking through my blouse. I knew David would notice too, since he knew my suspicions of Tanya's bisexual tendencies from my experiences of her often brushing against my large tits as we worked together and pressing her own, compact little breasts against the back of my hand whenever the opportunity presented itself as we moved artwork around the Center. "Tanya, this is my husband, David."

"I've heard a lot about you," David said, handing Tanya my coat with a smile and pocketing the plastic hanger ticket. "It's nice to finally be able to put a face to the name. Tell me," he paused, his hand still his jeans pocket flipping the remote switch on my butterfly to send a jolt through me. "Is Jarod working tonight? I'd like a chance to meet him, too."

Jarod was my senior intern; silent, shy and prone to blushing as he attempted to covertly watch my breasts moving under the clingy turtle neck jerseys I was in the habit of wearing. Although David heard plenty of stories about the attractive, intelligent young man and went so far as to incorporate his name into our sexual play, suggesting I should train him to crawl under my desk and eat my cunt on demand, my husband had never met Jarod.

"Jarod's tending bar," Tanya smiled. "He's so cute tonight. He even wore a tie."

Moving away from the coat check, David grinned from ear to ear, his hand resting once more on the small of my back, following my movements as I passed through the lobby. "Maybe I should try to talk Jarod out of his tie," he suggested. Keeping his voice low, David continued, "You know, when you move just right, it's possible to see the light catch on your nipple rings and show right through the lace in your blouse."

"Really?" I gasped with feigned shock, knowing the peek-a-boo effect of the lace inserts was precisely the reason I'd chosen to wear this blouse for the opening. From all outward appearances, the top appeared demurely tailored and professional in style. It would only be those who concentrated on the swell of my breasts who would notice my nipples were nearly visible through the lace.

"You're being a slut, tonight," David nuzzled close to my ear.

"Are you enjoying it?" I asked.

"You know I am," David replied.

"It's all for you, love," I smiled.

Grinning in return, David nodded at the temporary bar set up near the box office. "Would you like a drink, my beautiful slut?"

"Yes, please," I answered with a wink as we made our way through the crowd of socializing Art Center patrons, stopping occasionally to exchange greetings and chat. "Good evening, Jarod. How are things tonight?"

"Well," the quiet-spoken young man glanced back and forth between David and me, naturally assuming his customary parade-rest stance, hands clasped behind his back, his feet shoulder width apart.

"Jarod, I'd like to introduce you to my husband, David," I smoothed my hand over David's shoulder and down the center of this back, lightly scratching the material of his slate-gray jacket with my nails.

Shaking Jarod's hand, David watched a blush start to creep from the young man's collar toward his cheeks. "Nice to finally meet you, Jarod. That's a really nice tie you're wearing there. You know, it's funny how your name keeps coming up around our house. It seems you've made quite an impression on my wife." Turning to me, David asked, "Would you like the usual, darlin'?"

"Yes, please," I smiled, my eyelids flickering briefly and knees trembling as David obliged with a strong pulse of the butterfly that echoed as an intense throbbing want in my wet pussy.

As Jarod mixed a rum and coke, David questioned him about the time he spent in contemplation at a French monastery, all the time teasing my clit by varying the speed of the tiny vibrator. Accepting our mixed drinks, David nodded to Jarod before turning to me and looking at the front of my blouse. "Darlin' it looks like you have something on the front of your shirt." Reaching out, he brushed his finger tips across my nipple as Jarod's eyes followed his movement. "Oops," David said, his fingers lingering only slightly too long before turning to wink at Jarod. "It must have been the light. That isn't on your blouse, it's inside it. Well, Jarod, I expect we'll be seeing you again before the end of the night."

"Unh-hh," I gasped as David shifted the vibrator into high gear, causing my cunt to contract sharply. Bracing myself against his arm, I felt a trickle of wetness ooze out of my pussy.

"Are you all right, sweetheart?" David asked solicitously, cocking a knowing brow. Suddenly noticing the way Ted the guard loitered at the edge of the crowd, hungrily eyeing my tits, David knew Jarod was not the only witness to him tweaking my nipple.

"Yes, dear. I'm fine. Thank you for the drink." I tried to steady my hand as I reached to accept the plastic cup, sighing deeply as David took mercy and flipped off the butterfly. "I think we should circulate and meet some of the guests. Jarod, thank you. Have a good evening."

As we moved away from the bar, David's hand once again rested along the center of my spine. "Did you see the way Jarod's eyes practically popped out of his head when I touched your tit?" he teased. "I think he seems very trainable. Maybe we should take him home tonight and see if we teach him to be a slut for you. Wouldn't you like to have him under your skirt right now, licking up all those juices flowing from your cunt?"

"Mrs. Gray, how nice to see you again," I greeted the elderly lady in a green pants suit who was rapidly approaching as David buzzed my clit to punctuate his words.

"Have you seen O'Brien?" she asked brusquely, referring to Shane O'Brien, my boss and the Art Center's executive director.

"No, ma'am, I haven't seen him yet tonight. Can I do something for you?" I asked.

"I'm suppose to talk to O'Brien about a check for the building fund. I've been here for a half-hour and still haven't seen him," Mrs. Gray harumphed. "Being the executive director, you'd think he'd be out here to greet people as they arrive."

"I'm sure he's around somewhere, Mrs. Gray. Perhaps he's meeting with some of the other patrons at the moment," I suggested. "Let me go see if I can find him but first, allow me to introduce you to my husband, David. David, this is Madeline Gray, one of the Art Center's strongest supporters. Mrs. Gray raises horses on a farm in East Brattleborough. Perhaps you could tell her about being a puncher out west, while I go look for Shane?" I smiled sweetly at the look of abject horror that flashed briefly in David's eyes. My treachery was rewarded with a sharp, high- speed jolt from the butterfly secreted under my skirt.

Moving toward the Art Center's architectural ramp, I sought a vantage point above the heads of the crowd. Scanning the gathering briefly, I listened intently for the timber of my boss' voice. Picking June, our marketing specialist, out of the crowd first, I scrutinized the gathering around her to see if, as usual, she was on Shane's heels. It appeared this time, he slipped the noose. The vibrator's steady, low- speed tingling against my clit sent another bone-deep shudder of pleasure through me, causing my knees to go weak as I honed in on the sound of Shane's voice outside the second floor administrative offices, giving instructions to the caterers. My target locked in, I gradually made my way along the ramp, greeting people as I passed, moving cautiously until I was certain I was out of range of the remote control.

Finding Shane in his office fussing over his name tag, I brushed his hands away and worked the pin through the fabric of his lapel. "Where's your name tag?" he asked in a slightly annoyed voice.

"You honestly expect me to pin a name tag to this blouse and ruin the material?" I passed my hand across the front of my breasts making it impossible for my red- blooded boss not to follow the motion with his eyes. Pretending not to notice the way Shane's eyes focused on the gold glinting through the lace of my blouse, making the peak of my hard nipple stand out, I continued, "Besides, people are here to meet you, not me. Speaking of which, Mrs. Gray is hot to find you."

"Oh, great," he sighed. Finally prying his eyes away from my tits, he gestured to the office door with one hand, "After you."

"Always the gentleman," I smiled, tilting my head and peeking at him flirtatiously from the corner of my eye.

"What's in the cup?" Shane asked.

"Rum and coke but you already knew that," I laughed.

"Why can't you drink Scotch?"

"You mean, why don't I carry Scotch? Because you'd grab it and drink it before I had a chance. Besides, it tastes like a burnt stick," I said.

"Then you shouldn't have any problem with me drinking it before you can," Shane grinned, his eyes skimming over the front of my blouse again.

"I'm not your coaster. By the way, your tie is crooked," I told him.

Looking down, he tried to straighten it. "Why didn't you tell me before? Here, straighten it for me," he said, standing still and tilting his chin up.

"Ohhh!" The squeak I issued surprised even me. The butterfly shimmied back into action as David, standing in the gallery below, watched the good-natured exchange between friends and timed the jolt for the precise moment I touched Shane's tie. My knees turned to jelly as visions of David's erotic fantasy flashed through my head and my boss became one of the men volunteering his tie to immobilize me for a long, nasty chain fuck. I fell briefly against Shane's chest and the delicious scent of his male body filled my senses.

Immediately, a concerned look crossed Shane's face and he braced me with his hands. "Are you all right?" he asked.

At that moment, David kicked the vibrator into high and I gasped, stumbling against Shane again. My breasts pressed against his side as his arm came around me protectively. My cowboy watched knowingly from below as he controlled the tingling in my clit that transformed to bolts of lightening shooting straight to my core. Helplessly, I slipped into the throws of a full orgasm as my cunt contracted violently. I shuddered deeply, silently, leaning heavily against Shane's side, suddenly nervous that he might be able to smell the scent of sex rising from beneath my skirt, despite its length. I felt a trail of cum trickle down the inside of my thigh and the impetuous image of my boss licking me clean while David watched threw me into another tremor of climax. Below, I knew David's cock was rock hard and oozing precum as he watched me climax in the arms of my unsuspecting boss with people along the ramp turning to curiously note the scene unfolding in their midst.

As my trembling subsided, I righted myself against the hand rail, pulling out of Shane's arms, his erotic male scent still filling my head. Momentarily, my boss' concerned voice began to penetrate the blissful haze glazing my mind. "PŽre, what happened?" he asked, using his familiar nickname for me, "Are you okay?"

"Cramp. It was a really strong cramp. Every once in a while, one hits me," I stammered. "I'm all right now. I spilled my drink, though." The empty plastic cup rolled down the ramp, away from a large, brown puddle of rum and coke soaking into the carpet.

"That's okay, the custodian will clean it up later," Shane said. "Are you sure you're all right now?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I think I'll just make a little side trip to the ladies room, though," I said, feeling a cum slick oozing further and further down my thigh.

At the base of the ramp, we were greeted by David, who stroked my cheek lightly with the backs of his fingers as Shane informed him that IÕd been stricken by a bad cramp. "You know," David said, "I've noticed she gets those quite often. Usually right after she gets home from work in the evening. Sometimes she'll have three or four of them, right in a row."

With a smile lighting his face, David pressed his groin against my hip so I could feel the hard-on raging hot in his jeans and flipped the switch on the control in his pocket. Caught between the two men, I struggled to conceal the spasm of pleasure that threatened to overtake my entire body. "Sweetheart," I said in a quiet, controlled voice. "Would you walk me to the ladies room, please?"

"Of course, darlin'," David smiled, leading me away from my bewildered boss. "Are you enjoying the party?"

"That was unbelievable," I smiled. "But I need your tongue in my cunt right now."

"You want to pick up your skirt or shall I just crawl under it?" David answered.

"You're coming with me into the ladies room and eat me out in one of the stalls," I told him, taking his hand.

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