Opening Andora's Box


"My mind filled with just your eyes. Just your eyes. Just your eyes." When Sara kept repeating those words Andora knew the show was over.

"Close your eyes, Sara." And she did that, but didn't stop repeating those three words. "Hear those words only in your mind, open your ears to my words. Open your mind to my truth." This did shut up the doctor. Andora briefly wondered where she was getting these lines from but deemed it unimportant.

She opened her legs a bit. "Sara, open your eyes." And once Sara did that Andora pointed between her legs. "Come sit here." She watched as Sara walked over to her, her motions graceful as always. Doctor Mercada was actually slightly taller than Andora but that wasn't a problem here. She simply let Sara lean on her, her soft tits pressing against Sara's slender body. With a deft hand Andora pulled Mercada's blouse up a little bit and undid several of the buttons. This exposed Sara's flat tummy, the product of a healthy exercise program. Andora began roaming over it with her right hand, she didn't know why but it felt right.

She kept rubbing it until a sigh from Sara pulled her from her reverie. Her mouth was already conveniently located near Sara's right ear so she didn't have to shift her head. She kept stroking those firm stomach muscles though. "You don't know it but you are a very attractive woman."

"I don't?" Sara asked uncertain.

"Of course you didn't," was Andora's rejoinder. "If you knew you wouldn't hide it like you are doing. Don't you think you should dress a little more sexy?"

Sara shook her head a little. "Don't wanna. I'm a professional, don't want others judge me on my looks."

Andora thought that response over. It seemed a different approach was needed. "Do you want to feel good about yourself?"

"I want to feel good about myself."

"But you don't, because you're hiding a part of yourself. To feel good, you need to stop hiding. You want to feel good, you want to stop hiding."

"I want to feel good, stop hiding." Sara's breath had quickened a bit at Andora's continued teasing.

"You want to stop hiding, show the world how sexy you are. You want to feel good."

"Yes, feel good."

"You will dress more as yourself, more sexy. You know you have succeeded when you see the desire in the eyes of others. It's all right, looking isn't touching. Do you understand?"

Sara murmured her assent.

'Excellent,' thought Andora. 'Just one more thing besides covering my tracks and we're done for today.' "It feels good to be like this, doesn't it?"

"It feels good," Sara agreed.

"You want to return to this state," Andora waited for the doctor's wordless agreement before continuing. "You can, you will. When I look into your eyes and I ask you to 'see only my eyes' then you will only see my eyes. You will let your thoughts drain away and let your mind slip into my eyes. What will you do when I look into your eyes and ask you to 'see only my eyes'?"

"I will see only your eyes. I relax and let go, just like now. Let your eyes fill my mind, just like now. Do as you told me, just like now."

Andora couldn't help herself, she kissed Sara's ear and she didn't leave her tongue out of it. "Good girl," she told Mercada as Sara gasped at the sensation.


"Sweet dreams Sara," Andora wished her before leaving. Sara smiled at the door and stretched her back before smoothing her skirt. She had decided to wear something a little different today, there had been no need to dress so conservatively all the time. It wasn't like there was anybody here that she wanted to impress professionally.

When she had come in for breakfast today she had noticed the appreciate gazes from both Andora and Pete. And all she had done was let down her hair, literally and figuratively. Her skirt was still modest and almost reached her knees and she had her blouse unbuttoned just enough to show that she really did have a cleavage. Her hair she had simply put in a pony, nothing fancy. Even if it wasn't as impressive as Andora's.

She dropped said blouse as she stepped into the bathroom and took stock of her underwear. She had gone a little different with that too. They were still as comfortable as what she had been wearing before but with these some thought had been spent on decoration as well. It was amazing how much clothes you could pack into a single crate, if you did it right.

She didn't have to turn the shower on as it did that automatic. Even the shower gel was dispensed without the press of a button. All Sara had to do was hold her hand under the dispenser. As she soaped up her body her mind wandered back to today's session. It had been a steamy one, as she had delved into Andora's fantasies.

Andora had been very descriptive and her voice had been like melted honey. Sara had noticed with some embarrassment how her own nipples had hardened as she listened. Just like they were doing now, as she massaged them. 'How long has it been since I played with myself, months?' It had to be, although it wasn't really a surprise. She rarely felt frisky enough for it and the last few months traipsing around in the back of beyond on a bulk freighter didn't exactly provide many thrills.

'But not tonight,' Mercada thought as she rolled her distended teats between her fingers. They had always been long, a source of discomfort whenever she got excited in public. But that wasn't a problem at the moment, right now they were just perfectly sensitive.

Eventually she continued soaping up the rest of her body, being careful to save her heated pussy for last. Her mind had been focussed on the task of kneading her flesh but turned to the images Andora had conjured up when Sara began caressing her cunt. The images were even more vivid because her memory recorder allowed Sara to replay Andora's honeyed voice describing them. One fantasy in particular in which Andora was plowed forcefully by Pete in the shower. She saw how Pete bent down to explore one of those magnificent orbs with his mouth and hummed in sympathy.

Her knees went weak as she finally let one of her fingers enter her forcing her to seek support by leaning against the cool wall. As the final leg towards the finish line began, the image in her mind changed. Andora's body changed into a slender one with small tits, her skin darkened to the color of tea. And her face morphed into a familiar one, one she saw every day as she looked in the mirror.

Sara gasped in surprise and even more arousal and her half-heartened attempts to change the fantasy failed. Instead, the dream-Pete got more forceful and turned her around before driving into her body. One of his hands began twisting her nipple while the other one sneaked downwards.

Sara squeezed her clit just when dream-Pete did and both Sara's came with a high, keening wail. As the fantasy dissolved Sara slumped down until she sat against the wall, Andora's voice still slipping into her mind. As her breathing calmed down, and after she remembered to turn the memory recorder off, she pondered what had happened. What had her mind been trying to tell her?

'Oh, stop kidding yourself Sara. You know what your subconscious is trying to tell you. You've been hiding from admitting you're wrong but you need to stop that. Time to come out and admit you were wrong about Pete, you were ready to give Andora fake memories just to avoid it for God's sake! No, Pete really is just the nice guy he's been since we got here.' Sara nodded at that conclusion. 'And since I am going to be stuck with him here for more then a year, I need to start treating him like the person he is.' Satisfied with that she got up and began washing off the soap.

A weight seemed to have lifted itself of her and she found her inner fire far from quenched. For a moment she debated just leaving the shower and going to sleep as she was normally was satisfied after just one orgasm. 'Then again, it has been a while since the last time. And why deny myself a reward?' she thought as her hand drifted lower.


She felt deliciously naughty as she sauntered into the kitchen the next morning. As she was deciding on what to wear today she had come up with an idea. She had been curious about why Andora never bothered with undergarments and had resolved to experience it for herself. To find out if there was more behind it than some directive left over from the neural restructuring.

With her heart throbbing in her throat she jovially greeted the other two inhabitants of the outpost. The startled look from Pete made Sara feel a little guilty, she really had been a bitch towards him. But he also seemed to be oblivious to her daring choice as he greeted her, which miffed Sara a bit. Surely it wasn't that hard to see she was naked beneath her blouse, especially as it was tucked into her pants so tight that it strained over her breasts.

Andora on the other hand was very thoughtful, making sure to study her chest for a minute before smiling a knowing smile. The knowledge that Andora knew she was going commando caused her nipples to harden, making it so obvious that even Pete noticed. He did a double take when his eyes incidentally brushed over them. Something he tried to cover up by staring intently at his breakfast.

But it was too late, Sara had noticed and she rubbed her clit against the seam of her tight pants as arousal flooded from her pussy. 'Maybe I can sneak in another session before I go to the gym.' She saw Andora lick her bottom-lip before biting into her sandwich. 'Oh yes, I definitely need some time alone.'


"You are making great strides towards becoming yourself," Andora told the doctor as she brushed her thumbs over her nipples. Her blouse had been completely unbuttoned and she was once again sitting between Andora's legs. The doctor mewled in gratitude for Andora's praise while still staring ahead. Her eyes didn't see the room, they saw two crystal-blue eyes twinkling like stars.

"You're ready for more, you want more. Seeing Master's approval turns you on, knowing he wants you makes you wet."

"No, he's not my master," Sara complained.

Andora shot back, "But you know who I mean when I say Master. You picture him in your mind. Seeing the want in his eyes turned you on." She smiled as Sara agreed. "You imagined his cock, how it would feel, how it would taste. You want it, you want him. You're a strong, confident woman. You can make him want you, make him want you so bad he will take you. You want to be taken."


"Yes, taken. But he's a nice Master; you will have to take the first step. Let him know you want him, that you want it. You want the pleasure he brings you, like last night. In your mind, you already know what he can do to you."

"Fuck me good," was Sara's reply.

Now Andora herself got a distant look but she caught herself. It was time to wrap this up. "You're going to pleasure yourself, drive this truth in deeper with every climax. Teach yourself who you want, every little part of him."

A helping hand

Sara got why Andora was always going around without wearing anything underneath her clothes. It just felt so liberating. And underwear just got in the way. So she was once again starting the day sans underwear and this time it was even more obvious. Because her self-exploration that morning had gone on a little longer than she had intended she had decided to just wear her exercise outfit to breakfast.

The tight running shorts weren't just hugging her legs like the pants she wore yesterday. These were cupping her pussy too. Anybody could not only see that she wasn't wearing any panties, they could even see if she was aroused. That knowledge had hit her after she saw herself in the mirror wearing only those shorts. Her hand had plunged right back into her pussy, delaying her even more. She could still taste herself, something she hadn't even tried before last night. It was a good thing those shorts could handle a little moisture or she would have been even later.

She was getting a little worried; she had never been sex-crazed before. But she had also never felt so alive as she did right now so Sara reasoned that it couldn't hurt to indulge herself. She figured that hearing Andora describe some of her sexual fantasies had sparked something that had lain dormant.

So it didn't surprise Sara that both Andora and Pete were finishing their breakfast when she entered. And this time, both of them took their time admiring how she filled out the outfit. Which just turned her on and made certain body parts even more visible. And knowing that they saw that simply fueled that arousal. 'I should have done this weeks ago,' Sara concluded as she took a seat.

She watched with a smile as Pete left, the bulge even visible in his loose-fitting pants. It didn't seem too big, she had a bad experience with that. It was in college and she had actually enjoyed her time with Greg up until their first night together. He had been one of those insecure men who had their cocks surgically lengthened. She thought back on it. Greg had kept trying to stab through the back wall of her pussy into her stomach and that was about the extent of this technique. After that, Sara was no longer under the illusion that size mattered.

The memory had dampened her arousal enough that she could have her breakfast. After breakfast she checked her mail and did some work on the data she had collected for her original study. During all those activities, her mind kept flashing back to the sight of Pete leaving, his body slightly hunched in a futile attempt to hide his arousal. 'Too bad he's such a nice guy. I wouldn't have minded it if he had yanked off my shorts and bent me over the counter. Oh yes, he could have just slipped it in me and used my pony tail like a handle so...' Doctor Mercada took a deep, shuddering breath and pushed herself away from the desk. She would finish her work after a little break.


Eventually Sara got to the gym and she started to work up a sweat on the treadmill. She hadn't been running long when the door opened again. She looked over without breaking her stride and saw Pete himself coming in. She hadn't realized just how late she was running compared to her normal schedule. Normally she would be finished by the time he came in.

And a few days ago that would be to Pete's relief, she guiltily acknowledged. Sara gave him a friendly hi, noticing that Pete still seemed uncomfortable around her. But the way his eyes kept sneaking looks at her told her the source was now completely different.

From the corner of her eyes she observed him lying down on a bench, his attention totally focussed on working out. She surmised that from his unwavering gaze at the ceiling. And the erection visible in his boardshorts told her why and that it wasn't working. 'Poor guy, living with two hot chicks and not getting any relief. I really have been too hard on him.'

Her attention kept drifting to Pete, or more precisely to his dick. It seemed to call out to her, crying out for attention. Sara licked her lips as she pictured the kind of attention she could give it and him. 'And why don't I?' she wondered. She also slowed down as she milled that thought over in her mind. The treadmill automatically slowed down as well. 'It's not like he's my patient or anything.' She looked at Pete again. 'And it's been so long for me, far too long.'

Sara couldn't look away anymore, her gaze had been fixed on his cock. It seemed to beckon her to come and her body obeyed. She silently crossed the meters separating them and with equal stealth she straddled the man. She made certain that her pussy would touch down on his hard-on. Naturally Pete was started but he couldn't do much while he was keeping weights up and Sara wasn't giving him a chance.

She kissed him hard on the lips while grinding her hips into his pole. But it wasn't enough, she had to have more. She had to feel it against her naked flesh, taste it. In the same time it took Pete to put the handle bar down Sara had managed to slid down his body, yank his shorts and underwear down and begin licking his cock all along its length.

This left Pete with just about enough wits to just lie back and enjoy what was being done to him. Using her left hand to fondle him Sara explained herself to Pete, "You poor boy, all worked up and no one to give you some release." She took one of his balls in her mouth and suckled on it for a few moments before releasing it with a pop. "I'm going to change that." Her left hand scooted down to make room for her mouth.

Even though she had been right about him being average in length she couldn't fit all in her mouth. Part of the reason was that he was a little thicker than she had expected but mostly it was inexperience. She normally didn't enjoy sucking a guy off. But this was Pete's dick and it felt great and tasted even better.

She accidentally scraped her teeth on his skin eliciting a moan from Pete.

Mortification at the mistake barely had time to register before it was replaced by a jolt of pleasure from knowing she was pleasing Pete. A hand sidled up to her and intertwined its fingers with her hair. Pete wasn't really setting the pace now or anything but it did make him look so masterful. Her pussy clenched at the thought. 'A slave being used by her master,' Sara had a mini-orgasm.

"I, I can't hold out much longer." It was obvious to anyone that issuing the warning had been difficult.

Sara let him slip out of her mouth, keeping him firm with long strokes of her hand. She looked him right in the eyes and ordered, "Give it to me." That alone apparently was enough as she barely had the time to reattach herself to his dick before he erupted.

As the first spurt hit her tongue, she came as well. The orgasm was odd, a little hollow if that was possible. The fact that she hadn't touched herself at all was probably the reason for that. She dutifully began licking up any leftovers, laving his rod with her tongue. 'Have to have it, every last drop of it.'

It was while she was doing that, that she began to realize what exactly she had done and thought for the past 15 minutes. She stood up and backed away, feeling faintly disquieted that she hadn't gotten every drop of Pete's cum yet. But that feeling just spurred her horror and she fled the room without a word. Leaving a mystified Pete to wonder if he was dreaming.


"Enter," Sara hollered. She had been frantically pacing about the room, waiting. Her memory recorder was now a curse as it played back in perfect clarity what had happened, again and again. And her traitorous body simply refused to understand that it was wrong.

A concerned Andora came in and saw the distressed Doctor Mercada. Before she could even ask what's wrong Sara flew into her arms and began to snivel into her chest. "Oh Andora, I've done something horrible."

"I doubt that, you're not a horrible person."

"You won't think so after I tell you what I did." Sara replied dejectedly. "I, I... I was in the gym when master, I mean Pete, came in. I just couldn't help myself, I practically assaulted him. I didn't even give him the chance to say anything!" She explained in a rising voice.

Andora tried to calm her down and turned her head so she could look her in the eyes. "What exactly did you do, just stick to the facts. And remember, I won't judge you."

Spellbound for a moment Sara finally nodded. She didn't look away as she began talking. "He was lifting weights when I pulled of his cloths and I, ehm, gave him a blowjob."

Andora didn't look horrified as Sara half expected, instead she gave the doctor a brilliant smile. "But that's wonderful. You did clean him up afterwards right?"

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