tagFetishOpening Ch. 03

Opening Ch. 03


The next day, Ava and Hank slept in, then went out for a late breakfast. The day was quite warm - it was Fort Lauderdale in May, after all - and they walked around the city for two hours, finding the waterfront, watching the boats and marveling at some of the beautiful architecture (and some not so beautiful too). Along the way, they passed a couple of adult toy stores and after laughing at some of them they decided to stop in one to peruse some goodies together.

Ava and Hank took their time browsing. They looked at vibrators for each of them to use when they were on Skype together. They studied the strap-ons, and Ava pointed out what she might get for Hank. They paused at the bondage area and looked at the cuffs and ropes. Finally, as they were ready to go, they saw a small medical play section with nurses' hats, stethoscopes, bandages and lab coats.

"Not very advanced," Hank remarked. "No real medical equipment."

"Remember, most people aren't into...you know. But wouldn't you like to see me in a cute little nurse uniform?"

"I'd rather see you out of it." Hank laughed as Ava mock punched him. Then he leaned in close to her. "We both know that the uniform isn't what you like about the doctor's office."

"No, it isn't." Ava took a deep breath. "Baby, are we really going to do this?"

"We are. I'm all ready. I don't need anything from here. Are you ready to get started?"

"Yes... but I'm a little nervous."

Hank's voice changed a little as he started to get into character. "You need a medical visit to be sure everything is OK. And I've arranged for the doctor to come visit you."

She squeezed his arm. "Yes. I need an inspection. From the right doctor."

"Good, I'm glad you agree. Now, tell me why you need an exam again?"

"Sir, it's because I get excited and my pussy gets very wet sometimes. I want to be sure everything is OK."

"Uh huh. And what's the best way to know that?"

Ava's voice dropped. "To let the doctor inspect me."

"An internal inspection? A medical exam?"


"One where the doctor is going to have to open you? Check everything out?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good girl. I'm sure he'll be very thorough, and then you'll know everything is all right. Let's go."

By the time they'd walked back to the hotel in the heat, Ava and Hank were both sweaty. In the shower, they washed each other thoroughly from head to toe, including each other's most sensitive areas. When they were done, Hank kissed Ava and sent her into the bedroom of their suite. "Go get comfy. I'm sure the doctor will arrive soon."

In the outer room, Hank got together everything that he would need. He'd ordered a special toy for Ava just for this. She was quite an exhibitionist, in private, and he knew she wanted to show him her innermost parts. Once again Hank wondered how this wonderful woman had come into his life. Their sexuality matched perfectly, in the most remarkable ways, and the trust they had developed to explore the kinkier side of their personalities and voice any of their desires had led to sex being a safe place. God, it's just remarkable, Hank thought as he studied the stainless steel toy he was going to use on Ava. What is it about her, he wondered. And is it just her? Because I like it too. I never would have thought it.

With everything ready in his bag, Hank knocked on the door to the bedroom. He heard, "Come in." When he entered he found Ava sitting on the side of the bed in the hotel robe.

"Hi, Ava, I'm the doctor on call today, and I'm here for your exam." He shook Ava's hand. Hank always felt a little silly with the opening lines when they roleplayed, but he had found it was an entrée to doing some things that Ava really liked, and that he liked doing with her. And it never took long to get into the scene. Hank sat on the edge of the bed doing his best to look professional.

"I understand that you're here because of some sexual concerns. Can you tell me about them?"

"Yes, Doctor. I get very wet when I'm excited."

"Is that a problem?"

"I just want to be sure everything is OK. It can happen very fast."

"So you go from not being excited to being very turned on, very fast?"


"Well, that could be perfectly normal, but we'll want to check your sexual responses and make sure everything is working OK. Anything else?"

"Yes, well, I do have something. But it's a little embarrassing."

"It's OK, I'm a doctor. Everything you say is completely confidential. If I'm going to make sure there's not a problem, you need to confide in me. So trust me. It's fine."

"OK. Well, um...I get turned on by, uh, objects."

"Objects? Tell me a little more. What do you mean by 'objects,' and how do they turn you on?"

Ava looked away, embarrassed. "Well, I, uh, just like to have things in my, um, you know..." She stopped, looking down.

"Your vagina?" He said. Ava nodded. "Or if you're more comfortable, we can call it your pussy."

"Yes, Doctor. My... my pussy. I like to have things in it."

"Is that when you're masturbating? You do masturbate, don't you?"

"Yes Doctor, I do."

"How often?"

"Almost every day. Sometimes more than once. It depends on the time of the month."

"Ah, yes, hormones can make your body go crazy. You notice a big difference?"

"Well, before I get my period my breasts get swollen and I get very horny."

"I see. And is that when you want to use these objects in your pussy?"

"Yes, it is."

"When you say objects what do you mean, exactly?"

"Well, sometimes I use things from my kitchen." Ava glanced up at him from under her hair.

"OK, be specific. Like... what?"

"Well, one time I used the handle of a whisk. And another time I used the handle of an ice cream scoop."

"And did you get turned out when you were doing that?"

"I did. I got very turned on."

"And did it feel good?"

"Yes it did. And I like them because I can make them cold or warm. And they are generally very hard and I can push them very far back in my pussy.." Hank noticed that Ava's hand was pressing down on her robe at her crotch as she talked about her fetish for objects. He doubted she even knew she was doing it.

"Anything else that you like about them?"

"Well...sometimes they stretch me open."

"And does that feel good too?"

"Yes, it does."

"So what do you see as the problem?"

"Well...I feel dirty about it. And sometimes I'm embarrassed that I want to use them." Ava looked down again.

"Ah, I see. Hmm. Well, let me ask this to give you some perspective...Do you sometimes use a vibrator?"

"Yes, I do. The rabbit is my favorite."

"Excellent. That's very typical. Well, your vibrator is just a different kind of object. So really, there's nothing wrong with using something else, as long as you don't hurt yourself with it. And you need to attend to hygiene. You haven't ever hurt yourself, have you?"

"No, I'm careful about what I use."

"Good, so no bottles or anything like that."

"No, nothing like that. But...sometimes I like things that will be deep in me. That will hit me really deep inside."

"I see."

"Sometimes I like something deep enough to feel it bump my cervix."

"Hmm. Most women don't like that. But you do?"

"Yes, Doctor. I do."

"Well, there's no harm in a little contact as long as it isn't too hard or as long as you aren't forcing objects into the opening of your cervix."

Hank paused, thinking. "So far, I don't think there's a problem. It sounds like you have pretty natural, healthy sexual reactions to things. It may just be that you have a high sex drive." A small smile played around Hank's lips before he made himself look serious again. "But maybe I should proceed to your exam next, to be sure. Please lie down on the exam table and we'll get started."

Hank arranged a set of pillows in the middle of the bed and guided Ava to lie back on them, her legs pointing towards the edge of the bed. He pulled up the desk chair that they had brought in just for this reason, positioning it next to the bed between her legs. "Good. Let me just open your robe here." He lifted her bathrobe above her abdomen, pushing it open and to the sides. "And tell me if you get too cold."

Ava's legs were still together, and Hank gently took her left leg and began pushing it outward. "Ok, now, Ava, I'm going to need you to bend your knees and pull your legs up a bit."

"Doctor... I'm a little embarrassed to have you look at me."

"Ava, there won't be anything I haven't seen before. And you have to cooperate or we won't be able to do this. Now, open!" Hank's voice took a bit firmer of a tone. As Ava reluctantly pulled her legs up, he pushed her knees apart. "Ok, now slide down towards me just a little bit, so that you're near the edge of the exam table. Good. OK, I think we're ready."

Hank sat down in the chair between Ava's legs. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a pair of vinyl gloves and made a show of putting them on. Ava was propped up on the pillows, watching him closely, and he could see her stomach rising and falling rapidly as she breathed.

Looking up at Ava from between her legs, Hank said, "OK, we're ready." Ava bit her lip a little as Hank took his hands and placed them on her knees, then slowly spread them further until they were fully apart. He ran his hands slowly up her thighs. Reaching the edge of her pussy, he paused, just stroking down the sides of her outer lips. Ava shivered.

Hank could see Ava's inner lips peeking out. "OK, we're going to start by opening you up for a visual inspection." Hank placed his fingers on Ava's labia and began to pull them to the side. Ava's eyes fluttered as he touched her. Her inner lips came fully into view and her clit above them. Hank began to massage her lips, bringing them together then pulling them apart. Holding them apart with both hands, he brought his face closer, studying her folds. He then moved his fingers to her inner lips, pulling them apart as well so that he could see the opening of her vagina. He could see that she was glistening wet already. He ran a finger around the edge of her opening getting just a little moisture on it. He held it up.

"Ava, you seem very well lubricated already."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Did that happen just from talking about some of your sexual interests?"

"Yes, Doctor... And I was a little excited before that too."

"Why is that?"

" I was thinking about the exam and it made me a little excited to know you would be looking at me."

"Ah. So Ava, you like knowing that I'm looking at you?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"It excites you?"


"It sounds like you have something of an exhibitionist in you. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Now let me continue with my inspection." Hank continued to hold open Ava's lips, moving his fingers to different places to pull her open. When he used his fingers to grasp Ava's inner lips, pulling them up and out, Ava made a small noise. Looking up, he saw that her eyes were closed. "We need to separate these so that we can see all the way in." Ava nodded, looking a little flushed.

Hank put two fingers to each side of Ava's vagina and began to stretch her open. Ava felt herself being stretched and felt a rush of heat.

"Ah, good. Ava, I can see inside you. Everything looks fine so far."

Hank took his right index finger and ran it around the inside of Ava's pussy, spiraling in deeper. Taking his finger out he rubbed along the side of her inner lips making them wet as well. He continued for a minute dipping in, getting Ava's moisture on his finger, then rubbing it over her lips. Then Hank ran his wet finger up over the top of her lips and to her clit. "Now, we've started testing your sexual response too. Does this feel good?" Hank ran his gloved finger back and forth across her clit. Ava's eyes were closed again as she whispered yes.

"Good." Hank took his left hand and pulled back the sheath covering Ava's clit a bit more. Dipping his right index finger in Ava's pussy again for moisture, he brought it up and rubbed it directly over her exposed clit. Ava jumped at the sensation. Hank did it again.

"Oh! Doctor, that's... intense."

"It should be." Hank agreed. Letting her sheath partly cover her clit again, Hank continued to run his smooth, gloved finger over it. "OK. I'll move on to something else.

Hank again returned his fingers to the sides of Ava's vagina. Holding her open with his left hand, he slid one finger smoothly in and began to work it around, turning his hand so that he could press everywhere within her pussy. When he reached the top of her vagina, he crooked his finger, feeling for her g-spot. He began to rub her clit while continuing to move his hand around.

"Now, that's one finger, we're going to see how two fingers feel in you, OK?"

"Yes, doctor. "

"You're very tight, but I'm sure you can fit two." Hank slid his index and middle finger together into her. They slipped in without any trouble and Hank again began moving, twisting his wrist. Hank kept his left hand on Ava's clit, rubbing occasionally. "There that's two fingers and they fit just fine. That's very normal."

"Yes, Doctor, thank you."

Hank continued probing for a bit, really just giving Ava an internal and external massage, then withdrew his fingers. "OK, Ava, now, it's time to check your response on something different. Would you say that felt good so far?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"Good. Now, you said you liked having objects, things out of the ordinary, in your pussy. Is that right?"


"OK. And that turns you on?"

"Yes, it does."

"OK. Well, let's try something." Hank reached into his bag, pulling out a thick-handled plastic cooking spoon. "Now, let's take a look at this. Long. Smooth. From the kitchen. You do like kitchen objects, don't you, Ava?"

"Yes," she whispered, watching him turn the spoon over in his hands. The plastic handle of the spoon was about an inch across at its widest and probably twelve inches long before it opened into the spoon.

"Then let's see how you react to this." Hank took the handle of the spoon and brought it to Ava's pussy. She sighed as he pressed it against her entrance, working it around in a circle, just inside her pussy. As he did this, he began sliding it in. Ava was so wet that the spoon slipped in one motion, and Hank stopped only when he felt it hit her inside. "Do you feel that Ava? Do you feel how deep this spoon is?"

"Yesss..." she whispered again.

"Good. Now we're going to use this spoon in you to see what you like." Hank began moving the spoon in and out slowly, but changing the angle and pressure so that he was pushing down in her pussy, then pulling to the side, then pulling upward. In each new spot, he moved the spoon in and out a few times, using it to probe every corner of her vagina, rubbing against her walls on all sides.

"Does this turn you on, Ava? Knowing you have a big spoon in your pussy?"

"Yes, Doctor, it does." She spoke very quietly, her eyes closed.

"And how does it feel?"

"It's fine, Doctor."

"No pain, no discomfort?"

"No, Doctor."

"Good." Hank resumed his probing. After a minute he spoke again. "OK, I think that went very well. We have just a little bit of our inspection left. You're doing great, just a little bit longer."

"Thank you, Doctor. But...there's more left?" Ava opened her eyes and looked at Hank.

"Yes, there is. I've gotten a good look at the outside of you. But I need to check you on the inside, too." Hank took the spoon out of Ava, putting it to one side.

"Doctor, you looked at me already."

"Yes, but I didn't see deep enough. I need to do a thorough exam. Now just relax."

Hank reached over to the bedside table where he'd previously put an ice bucket filled with cold water. Reaching inside, he took out something shiny and silver metal and dried it on his robe. He held it up for Ava to see. She gasped.

"Ava, do you know what this is?"

"It's a speculum, Doctor."

"Right. I'm going to use this to open you up Ava. So I can see inside." Ava's eyes fluttered closed as he spoke, then opened again. "Let me show you how it works." He demonstrated, starting with it closed, and showing how when he squeezed one part, the sides would pry apart. "It opens very wide, Ava. Think about how much this could open you up." Then he showed how he could open the other end and lock it into place with an adjustment screw. "With this, and my light, I'll be able to be sure that everything is OK internally."

Hank spread some lube over the prongs of the speculum. "Now, this is going to be cold, but I know you can take it. Are you ready, Ava?"

"Doctor, I'm nervous."

"Ava, you have to take this. You have to be opened in order for me to perform a full exam. You know that, don't you?"

Ava's eyes were squeezed tight together. "Yes, doctor, I do."

Hank moved closer to Ava's pussy again. With his left hand, he again separated Ava's lips. Then he put the speculum at the entrance to her pussy. As he began sliding it in, Ava gasped and tried to pull away. "OH Shit, that's cold!"

"Now Ava, you know you have to take it. Just be still!" He continued to slide the speculum in. Ava was muttering, "oh, cold, cold... oh." Hank began to rub his finger over her clit again, and Ava responded by pushing up against his hand.

"It will warm up soon, Ava, just relax. I need to finish your exam." Moving his head down so that he could see, Hank turned on his light and played it over the speculum in Ava's pussy. "OK, now time to take a look." He slowly started squeezing the handle of the speculum, slowly stretching the walls of Ava's pussy. As he watched Ava open up to the speculum, he glanced up to see that now she was staring at him intently, her mouth open slightly. He smiled momentarily, knowing that this intimate act was an enormous turn-on for her. He felt a rush of blood to his own cock, again marveling that Ava would let him - no, would want him - to do this.

"OK? Too wide for you yet?" Ava shook her head, and Hank continued to open the speculum until he had a good view inside. He locked the blades in place with the thumbscrew and then shone his light into her. He began rubbing Ava's clit again as he did this. "Everything looks fine, Ava. Just fine. You're very pink and moist. I'd say you have no problems with arousal and it's all normal." Hank released the speculum then moved it around to open it at another angle. Again looking up, Hank saw that now Ava's eyes were closed and one hand had moved to her breast. He could see her playing with her hard nipple. Her breathing was harder and he released and then rotated the speculum again.

As he opened up Ava's pussy again, the pretense of the doctor was almost gone. Ava's pussy lay completely open in front of him as he rubbed her clit. "Ava." He said. Her eyes opened and their gazes locked. "You know I'm looking inside you, don't you?" She nodded. "You know I opened you wide. So I could see." She nodded again. "Good girl. You're doing a good job. I'm going to look at you some more." Hank deliberately moved his eyes from Ava's face to the speculum, leaning over again so she would know what he was looking at. Hank applied more pressure to her clit, and was rewarded with a sound from Ava.

After a moment, Hank asked, "Would you like to see too, Ava?"

Ava gasped, and said, "Oh yes."

Hank produced a hand-held mirror from his bag and held it up to her opened pussy. Ava leaned forward and looked at the speculum opening her pink pussy. She had never seen that deeply inside herself before.

Hank put the mirror down. There was one thing more that they had talked about for her doctor visit. Holding the speculum in her with his left hand, he took his well-lubricated right index finger and began probing under her, at her anus. Finding it, Hank began to press in. Ava's body reacted by pulling back.

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