Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 01


"I guess that makes some sense but I just do not get it. I could understand if he wanted to play with some woman. That would be natural I guess but this is just strange to me," Cheryl replied.

"Well there is no need to rush it. I would enjoy meeting you two for a dinner sometime. As a rule I have a guideline that I use. We agree that we are going to meet for a set amount of time, say an hour. At the end of the hour we go our separate ways and then you decide what you want to do and contact me either way so I know. I will not push you but I would love to meet and I am available any evening next week. Talk it over with Scott and if you decide you would like to meet just let me know."

"I will. Thanks for taking time to talk. You seem very nice and I will let you know."

Signing off she sat back and thought about the conversation. It did not take long as she stood up and walked back into the den where Scott was reading. "Keep Thursday night open. We are meeting Greg from the site. You have until Wednesday to change your mind and not take this risk. If we meet him then what happens is all on you and I am not to blame. I do not want you to ever throw anything in my face. No accusations of being unfaithful, enjoying it too much, getting to close to someone. You will live with the consequences."

Turning she walked out of the room hoping she had shocked him into giving this up now that it was actually going to happen.

Scott sat silently for a moment and then smiled. He loved Cheryl more than life and this was going to be so much fun to share with her.

Wednesday came and Scott had not shown any hesitation about meeting with Greg. Cheryl had been holding out hope that as the time approached he would have second thoughts but that did not seem to be the case. If anything he seemed to be getting more excited about the dinner with Greg.

"I need to call Greg and let him know where we are going to meet tomorrow," Cheryl said casually to Scott.

"Call him? You two have exchanged number," he asked.

"No. He gave me his but he does not have mine yet. I assume he will have it as soon as I call him."

"I am not sure I like that idea. You should not be giving out your number to single men," Scott said showing concern for the first time.

"How else will I set up dates," she asked.

"Dates? Who said anything about dates? We are meeting him together so there is no reason why I can't coordinate everything."

"Why would you coordinate everything?"

Scott was unsure how to respond to this. He had assumed he would be making the arrangements and be in control. Thinking back he was not sure why he felt that way but somehow he had just assumed that would be the way things would be handled. "I just thought you would not want to be picking through guys and couples and talking with them. You did not seem to be that excited about the whole thing and I just thought I would relieve you of that part."

"I don't think so. If we are doing this I will pick the guys I want. I will give you veto power but I will pick who I want when I want. If you cannot handle that then just let me know and we will call the whole thing off."

After the challenge she stood looking at Scott hoping he would back down. Sensing exactly what she was trying to do Scott turned the tables, "I think you are 100% right. You are the one who is going to be enjoying them so you should make the decision. You pick the place and time. Just let me know and I will be there."

Picking up her cell phone she turned and walked out of the room as Scott sat smiling. She was so transparent. It still concerned him that this guy would have her number but if things got out of control he would put a stop to it. Feeling confident he went back to what he was reading.


"Hello," the male voice said on the other end of the phone. Cheryl had been hoping it would go to voice mail but no such luck.

"Hi. Is this Greg," she asked.

"Yes," came the reply.

"This is Cheryl. We have traded e-mails about meeting tomorrow evening. I thought I would give you a call and see if you were still interested and if so pick a spot where we can meet."

"Hi Cheryl. It is so nice to get to speak with you. I was beginning to think you would not use the number I gave you. I know this is a big step and you must be a little uncomfortable."

"A little is a huge understatement," she replied. "It is nice to actually put a voice with the person I have been talking to though. I do appreciate you taking this slowly. I am not making any promises. As a matter of fact I would put the chances of anything actually happening very low. I think Scott will come to his senses."

"Well you seem like a very nice couple who have a great relationship. I have spoken to Scott a couple of times and he seems to be ready to take the plunge but I want you to know that if you decide it is not for you then you just let me know. I will back out and tell Scott I like large ladies," he said laughing.

She found his laugh a little contagious and loved his voice. She was surprised that Scott had been talking with him because he had not mentioned it.

"Where would you like to meet," she asked.

"Well I like to keep things low key and just meet some place you feel comfortable. How about Applebee's or some place like that. We can have couple of drinks and some food. Limit it to one hour and then we go our separate ways. From that point the ball will be in your court. I assumed you would rather meet some place away from where you live?"

"Yes that would probably be best. Why don't you pick a place and just e-mail us. How about 7 tomorrow?"

"That sounds perfect. Try not to be too nervous. I know you are probably overwhelmed about all of this but you are in control. If you do not want anything to happen I certainly will not push you."

"Thanks Greg. I look forward to meeting you. See you tomorrow," she replied and hung up the phone.

He seemed nice enough. She just hoped he did not turn out to be some crazy guy that they would regret ever meeting.


Cheryl was so nervous she could not even think straight. She could not believe that she had agreed to this meeting. She was not some sexy 20 year old with a hot body. She was a 43 year old mother of two. She had to admit she was in great shape but she had no illusions that her body was 20 years old. She picked out a dress she knew Scott like and slid it on. It was a halter top but pretty conservative but she felt very comfortable in it. Picking out some heels she walked downstairs holding them. It was still a few minutes before they needed to leave and she wanted to have a drink before they left, hell she would fix one to go also.

Scott knew that Cheryl was stressed about meeting Greg but he was pretty comfortable. It was agreed that nothing would happen tonight and that it would just be a meet and greet. Talk, get comfortable with each other and if everyone wanted another meeting would be set up to take things a little further. "Have a drink before we leave," he asked?

"Vodka and Cranberry, heavy on the vodka," she said with a smile trying to sound more confident than she felt. "Mix enough for me to take one for the road also."

"You got it. I was thinking that if we decide he is not a good match we need a signal. I was thinking you could order a rum and coke and since you do not like rum I would know you do not like him. What do you think," Scott asked.

"Why do we need a signal, we are not doing anything other than meeting. We can talk about a follow up when we are alone."

"True. Guess I am getting ahead of myself"

An hour later they were pulling into the parking lot of Applebee's in St. Augustine. After two strong, and large drinks Cheryl was feeling at ease and actually looking forward to meeting. If Scott was ok with her getting frisky with a good looking guy then who was she to complain. They asked for a booth next to the window so they could watch for Greg's arrival.

"Nervous," Scott asked?

"Why should I be nervous? You are the one who should be worried. If Greg is as good looking as his photo then I could get used to his attention. You had better not get upset with anything that happens. One cross word from you and this whole thing is over."

"Pull the talon's in. I told you as long as I think you are safe you are free to enjoy"

They continued their banter until they saw Greg walk in the door. Cheryl immediately smiled. He was everything his photo showed and more. He was a little more muscular than he appeared in the photo and had a very confident air about him. Cheryl could tell he was flirting with the hostess as he looked around to find them.

Spotting her he said something to the hostess and walked over to the table.

"Hi Cheryl," he said smiling as she got up for a quick hug. She did notice that he did not move enough to let Scott stand up to shake his hand and instead reached around her keeping Scott sitting down.

"It is great to finally meet you two. Cheryl you are as lovely as the photos. Frankly they do not do you justice. Scott how are you?

"We are doing great," Scott replied noticing Cheryl blushing beside him. "It is good to meet you also. I have to admit we are both a little nervous about all of this."

"I can understand that. A lot of people have the fantasy of this lifestyle but are concerned about the effects on their marriage. I want you to know that I will be very open with you. I have seen it work great for couples and terribly for others. I know that is not what you want to hear but I would rather not play and keep you as friends than play and you two have issues."

"Fair enough," Scott replied. "Where do we begin?"

Laughing Greg replied, "Not sure about you but I am going to order me something to eat and have a couple of drinks. We can get to the heavy stuff later after we get to know each other." He smiled at Cheryl as he motioned for the waitress. In the span of 5 minutes he had taken total control of the situation and Cheryl was thinking Scott might be in trouble.

An hour later the waitress cleared the table and had brought fresh drinks. It was clear Scott was comfortable as he and Greg talked football and business with Cheryl adding a comment here and there. Greg was careful to spend most of his time talking with Scott but he did look at Cheryl enough to let her know he was interested.

After the waitress left Greg turned more serious. "I feel like I know you both fairly well already just from our chats on-line but I would be interested in going through things again just to make sure we are on the same page." Greg knew that talking about things they had already discussed was a good way to ease them into new territory.

"Well not a lot to tell to be honest. It has always been an interest of mine. I am sexually liberal, very confident in our relationship and just think it would be fun to try a few things together before we take up the rocking chair. I know Cheryl is worried about the effect on our marriage and this affecting our relationship but my only concern really is some guy getting fixated on her and being a nuisance. "

"That is a valid concern. Some single guys just do not know how to play the game. With couples that is less of a concern but it is harder to find 4 people who are all attracted to each other. What about single females? Is that part of the deal," Greg asked?

Scott looked at Cheryl, "I don't think it is something we would say no to if it was the right situation but that is not the focus. The whole purpose of this is to try new things. Honestly I get just as excited about having an extra guy as I do about a couple or female."

Cheryl noticed they were both looking at her as they talked waiting for her to weigh in with her thoughts. Taking a quick drink she began, "I guess I am not as confident as Scott. I have never really had an interest in other guys. Not to say I have not seen a guy I thought was attractive but this lifestyle is really nothing that ever crossed my mind. Down the road as I get more comfortable I guess couples and ladies would be ok but initially I am not comfortable with that. You said that it had worked out bad for some couples. Tell us more about that."

"Well as we talked before. Couples who have a strong relationship I have seen it work out well. The lifestyle is something for them both to enjoy together and to keep things fresh in the bedroom. Where I have seen it fail is if the couple is using it to try and fix a bad relationship. They are already tired or discontented with each other and they are really looking at playing as something for themselves as opposed to something for them to share."

"That makes some sense. I just do not see how a husband could enjoy watching his wife playing with another guy. If this worked well and I got comfortable I guess I would not freak out if Scott played with a lady but it is not something I would enjoy. I would be doing it just for him," Cheryl said.

"Do not be so sure. Many wife's I know were as hesitant as you are but once they tried it and realized that the sex was just fun they really get into it. That is not to say that you do not develop some real friendships but it is not what you and Scott have. Scott do you have any concerns about jealously? Anything that you feel is off limits?"

"Not really. I am sure that I will have some jealousy at some time but nothing I cannot handle."

"Order me a rum and coke, " Cheryl suddenly said. "I need a break from Vodka."

Greg noticed the surprised look briefly play across Scott's face as he motioned for the waitress. All of a sudden there was tension and he could sense it. Not real sure what was happening he decided to back off. "Well the bottom line is the lady is always in control. It is about having fun and being comfortable and if everyone is not ready then it is best not to play." Looking at Cheryl he continued, "Cheryl you are lovely and honestly any guy would be crazy not to want to spend time with you. I am very interested and I hope to hear from you after you have had time to digest what we have spoken about. It is well past the agreed time limit so I will leave you two to think about things. Great to meet you both."

Shaking their hands he got up and walked to the bar as he motioned for the waitress. Taking the bill he quickly paid and waved to them as he headed for the door.

"What was that," Scott asked turning to Cheryl.

"You would be jealous? Scott this is asking for disaster. Greg seems very nice and if it was going to happen with anyone I can see it with him but I am not going to be put in a situation where I am worried about you being jealous."

"Babe you misunderstood. Of course I would be a little jealous. A little is a good thing. I would not be freaking out and you do not have to worry about me at all getting upset. I think Greg is very nice and I can see you are attracted to him. Do not write it all off just yet"

Grabbing her purse Cheryl got up and headed for the door.

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