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Operation: Final Fantasy


I'd like to thank Wolf Vixen for editing this story. It was inspired by an amazing HLD story, and also has inspiration taken from Stangstar06, Slirpuff, and many others. Despite the title, it is not about the Final Fantasy video game. It is also a work of pure fiction. My writing may not be as good as the aforementioned authors, but I had a great idea for a story I wanted to put on paper. With that in mind, feel free to leave comments or critiques, positive or negative. I hope you enjoy the first two chapters of the story!


To say that her situation was unusual was an understatement.

Whenever she stopped by a potential clients place for the first time, she had a basic idea of what to expect, but there was something that caught her off guard when Ryan answered the door and invited her inside.

It wasn't because of how he looked; he was handsome enough, probably in his mid-30's -- about seven, maybe eight or nine years older than her? Right around six feet tall, she guessed.

Madeline explained her client in detail before Trixie agreed to take the job, but going over little things such as a name, physical description, likes/dislikes, cost, confirmation of a clean bill of health, and sexual requests didn't exactly tell the whole story of what she was getting involved in.

The warm décor of the house wasn't typical of her usual clients. Neither was his pleasant attitude and greeting.

"Hello, you must be Trixie I presume? Please, come in," Ryan held the door open for her and welcomed her in.

Trixie straightened her blue dress out and demurely stepped inside, barely making a sound in her high heels. She offered her hand, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Patton."

"Please, it's Ryan," he said, gently taking her hand and escorting her inside, "I hope the place wasn't too hard to find?"

"No, not at all Ryan," she pleasantly smiled back.

As he started to close the door, something caught his eye, "Wow, is that your Mustang out there? I heard it pull up a few minutes ago but didn't think to associate it with you."

She smiled slyly, "Why yes it is. A little birthday present to myself last year. 2011 GT..."

"...5.0 liter V-8, 412 horse I believe, and an absolutely gorgeous red," he interrupted.

"Oooo, so close. You had everything right but the color," she smiled.

Ryan raised an eyebrow. He started to speak, but she put a finger to his lips before he could stammer his response out.

"The color is Race Red, not Gorgeous Red," She winked and walked inside the house. With her back turned to him, she couldn't help her smile.

Ryan snickered as he closed the door, "Touché. I have half a mind to send you back," He walked her to the couch, offering for her to have a seat, "Charlene might be jealous."

It was Trixies turn to raise an eyebrow. She tried not to let her confusion show. Charlene? Was this one of those jobs where the guy wanted a girl on each arm, literally? But she did analyze his smile when he said that. It wasn't cocky, or condescending. It wasn't even teasing, really. It was more... playful and good-natured.

"2012 Dodge Challenger. You might have seen her when you pulled up? Normally she's in the garage but it's such a nice day I had to let her out today. I had to show off her beautiful tiger stripes. She might get a little jealous of your little Race Red beauty."

Trixie smiled and shook her head, "The blue one outside is yours, I presume. I did even notice the cute little tiger stripes."

He smiled, "That's the one. Not sure if cute was what I was going for."

"Well, it depends. If I called the tiger stripes on the car cute, you wouldn't go for it. No man would, of course. But what if I called you 'tiger'. Wouldn't it be cute," Her smile radiated confidence as she cocked her head to the side in question. Men are so easy, she thought. I'm already reeling him in, wrapping him right around my finger. This job should be simple enough.

Ryan stammered and rubbed the back of his head, trying to figure out how to respond. Ungracefully he pretended like she never said it. "I just got her only a few months back," Ryan also resisted the urge to correct her and tell her it wasn't blue, but in fact Blue Streak Pearl. Instead he just smiled.

Trixie laughed but rolled her eyes, "Her. Her... now why do guys always refer to their vehicles as females?"

"Well I'm not sure where it originated, but have you ever seen the movie Full Metal Jacket?"

Crossing her legs and leaning her chin on her hand, she shook her head no.

"I'll spare you the details, but it's basically a Vietnam movie they made back in the 80's. In basic training, they all named their rifles. One of the guys named his rifle Charlene; I bet you can now guess where I received inspiration for the name of my Challenger."

She looked at Ryan, "So why did they all name their rifles?"

Ryan blushed, "Uhm, well, according to the movie..."

Trixie smiled at his awkwardness. She actually found it cute, especially when she saw a light shade of red surface on his face. Feeling a little sorry for him, she tried to bail him out anyway, "You know, you don't need to be embarrassed. As you well know, I am a big girl and have seen and heard all kinds of things."

Ryan laughed a little, "I know, I just..." He stammered trying to find the right words, "Let's just use the PG version and say it was the closest thing to a female they'd be seeing for a long, long time. The Gunny also told them they'd be married to the weapon and they'd better be faithful to it."

"I see," she smiled. She sat back and put both of her hands on her knees, taking in everything around her, "So are you married to Charlene? Are you the kind of guy who is faithful?" Trixie stared at him intently with her big blue eyes, somewhat flirtatiously but also trying to gage his reaction. Whether he knew it or not, it was a setup question.

Ryan returned her gaze with his own soft eyes, "Not exactly, and yes. I'd say Charlene isn't so much the love of my life but more of a fling. Nonetheless, I've always been faithful to whomever I was with." He laughed a little, "I may not be in the majority these days, but I still hold faithfulness extremely important."

Trixie couldn't seem to figure Ryan out. She'd been with a lot of guys before so she knew all the types. She took pride in the fact that she could get into the minds of most guys and figure out what made them tick. It served her well and was an excellent safety precaution which was extremely important in her line of work. Besides, the few psychology classes she took back in college she really enjoyed; unlike most people who brain-dumped what they learned in school, she not only retained but put into practical use.

She was intrigued with why he wanted her, let alone why he requested her from Madeline by name. At least that's how Madeline explained it; he didn't say he wanted just any of her girls, or any blonde, or any girl with a double-D rack. He requested Trixie specifically.

Ryan obviously wasn't what she referred to as The Scum. Those were the kind of guys that had no redeeming qualities, often lived in filth, treated women like shit, and had basically given up on life. She'd never allow herself, nor would Madeline allow anyone in her agency to do business with anyone like that; she pitied any woman that would. There was a difference between a high-priced call girl and a street walker, after all.

Ryan also didn't seem to be The Player. The Player was a classic smooth talker who had one goal: getting into a girl's pants by saying whatever she wanted to hear. He was friendly enough, like one, but unlike a Player he seemed to be genuine. She hadn't been seduced by a Player in years (well before she was hired by Madeline) and was confident it would take a lot for one to trick her. A Player could be sniffed out by the way they'd look at you when they thought you wouldn't notice. For example, when she first walked in the house she immediately found a mirror on the far wall in which she could observe Ryan. His eyes initially looked at her ass when she walked to the couch, but he immediately looked back up. That showed he was male, but still had at least a little respect for her. A Player was definitely someone who would name their car, but her instincts told her Ryan didn't fit the definition.

Upon entering the house earlier she noted it was decorated very nicely, almost as if a woman had done it. There were no pictures in the house, though. His ring finger did look like it may have had a tan line, but she couldn't be sure. This made her wonder if he was one of The Married. These are the guys that clean up nicely, say the right things to the escorts, and seem too good to be true; because they were.

They were the married men looking to break free from the 'ball and chain' and have a little fun on the side. Maybe the wife was stuffy, or maybe a divorce was too high of a price for the guy. It didn't matter and Trixie didn't care. Besides, when she asked Ryan about his faithfulness to his Challenger, it was a subtle metaphor on her part asking if he could be faithful to a woman. Ryan didn't blink or hesitate for a single second when he said he'd always been faithful to whomever he was with. He was very convincing.

Maybe he was simply one of The Rich. These were the kind of guys that had no self control or discipline and bought whatever they felt like. Still, the house he lived in wasn't overly expensive; Trixie believed it was a nice moderate home, but not a multi-million dollar home. He did have a fairly expensive car for the average guy, but she'd seen more expensive. She'd owned more expensive.

Even as she tried to quietly analyze him, she continued talking with him about anything and everything. At least an hour of back and forth conversation between the two had gone by.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't offer you anything to drink," Ryan said standing up, embarrassed. "I'm a rotten host. I guess I got caught up in the conversation. What can I get you? Red wine? Beer? Water? Soda?"

"Red wine would be fine," she smiled. "I admit I lost track of the time, too. Normally when I meet a client for the first time we go into the specifics of the business contract right away, but obviously we had too much fun talking about other things. I believe now is a good of a time as any."

"Sounds good Trixie." He brought her out a wine glass, "So Madeline said $2,000 a day since I'll be requesting your company for a ten day period. Starting tomorrow morning at nine, through the following Tuesday at midnight. Then you'll turn into a pumpkin."

She smiled at his Cinderella reference even though they both knew it was incredibly corny. Her smile was even genuine.

He shrugged and smiled, "She warned me her business runs a tight schedule, and one minute past was unacceptable.

"Monday morning we'll be leaving for Hawaii. I have some business I need to take care of on Oahu which will give you plenty of time to yourself. We'll be there until Saturday morning when we fly back here. Of course I'll be paying for your plane ticket and meals. I know Madeline and I didn't discuss it, but I'll even be willing to give you $200 a day extra while we're in Hawaii for shopping, clothing, spa, or whatever you'd like to spend it on."

Inwardly her eyes lit up, but she didn't show it on the outside. She knew about Hawaii, but she wasn't expecting the extra spending money.

Ryan straightened up his posture, even though it came across as an awkward stance, "And of course, you'll have to be available for me... sexually. When I ask. Is all of this acceptable to you?"

She could tell that despite his best efforts to be calm and in control, he was extremely nervous as he ineptly pieced together the pieces of his chosen words. He even had a look on his face -- fear of rejection. Trixie found it charming. Oh yea, he's a first timer alright, she thought, smiling inwardly.

With a neutral face, Trixie told him, "All of that is acceptable. However, I would like to remind you of what you already discussed with Madeline. I will be available to you, but I will not do anything overly kinky. I will do intercourse and/or oral. If you want me to wear something specific just let me know, preferably before we leave for Hawaii. I do have a wide variety of outfits. Roleplay may or may not be acceptable, depending on the type; I will ultimately decide but would encourage you to not hesitate to ask.

Trixie smiled and said, "After all, this is your fantasy and as long as you're willing to play nice I believe it will be a trip you never forget."

Ryan returned her smile and offered his hand to her, I'm sure it will be. That all sounds wonderful. I can live with that, and can hardly wait for tomorrow." He pulled out five hundred dollars and a piece of paper, "Here is a list of things I'd like for you to pack up for the trip, if you don't mind. Whatever you don't spend, please feel free to keep."

She looked at the list, realizing that she already had most things he wrote down, such as certain types of dresses and shoes, or specific colors of lingerie. Ryan walked Trixie to the door.

As she walked out the door, she leaned in to kiss him on his cheek, "I can't wait for tomorrow, Ryan. I'll see you then, tiger."

He looked like he was in seventh heaven. She planned on leaving him in the dust, but as she started to turn around to leave, she caught on to a strange look in his eye. She had to do a double-take. The way he stared at her... she'd never seen anyone look at her like that. A look of amazing passion and adoration, but at the same time it was almost a far off look. It made her heart skip a beat. She awkwardly walked away, sliding into her Mustang before driving off.

She was embarrassed for the way she left. As usual she remained completely calm and cool the entire time she was there, at least right up until she had to do that last double-take.

Every man has an angle. What is Ryan's? Why does he want me so badly? What am I missing? By the time she left an initial meeting with a client, she had him figured out. Every single time -- until now. Ryan was something of an enigma.

She had no doubts that she was in a most unusual situation with Ryan.


"So are we forgetting anything," Ryan asked leaning back in his airline chair fumbling with the switch.

"I don't believe so. At least I have everything for six long wonderful days in Hawaii," Trixie smiled. "So what did you do with Charlene, tiger?"

Ryan moaned a little when she called him that. Trixie could tell he liked that nickname and filed it away for continued use down the road.

"Had to put her in the garage. I have the neighbors coming over to feed and water her. I don't think she'll be too happy with me, but at least I'll keep her out of the elements. She should thank me for that."

Trixie leaned her head back and laughed, "Poor girl. Whatever will she do without you? Too bad you didn't have room in your garage for my Mustang. They could have kept each other warm and cozy." She had a raised eyebrow when she said it, knowing she'd get under his skin. At least in a playful way.

Ryan shook his head, "Ugh! That's like a Michigan Wolverine dating an Ohio Buckeye. Or a Dallas Cowboy dating an Eagle cheerleader. Some things are crossing the line, Trixie."

Trixie laughed.

"You've been messing with that switch the entire flight. The chair won't go back any further. Haven't you flown before," she asked.

"I've done a lot of flying in my time, but it's mostly been on the cargo seats of big, grey Air Force jets. I've flown a little coach. But this is my first time in first class." Ryan continued, "I just don't get it; you'd think the seats lean back more up here. Isn't that one of the reasons to fly up front?"

"Well, I will say it is more comfortable up here than in back. We have the nice arm rests, a little more leg space, and even the flight attendants check up on us more. You're just being high maintenance," She took his hand in hers. Trixie thought he jumped a little at first, but could tell he immediately started to relax and held hers right back.

Ryan shrugged, "Maybe. I guess I've just been a bit more wound up than normal lately." He turned his head to her and smiled, "Sorry, you haven't exactly been getting the best side of me. I'm lousy at first impressions. And second. And third."

She looked at him and smiled warmly, "You're doing just fine." She squeezed his hand a little.

"So, I take it based on your flying experience you were in the Air Force?"

He nodded but didn't initially smile. When he did finally smile, she thought it was forced, "Yes ma'am, I sure was. So now you know my flying history. How about yours; have you flown much?"

Nice segue, she thought. Guess he doesn't want to talk about his time in the military. I can take a hint.

"Oh, it depends. I did a lot of traveling after I dropped out of college. I wanted to see the world." The inflection in her voice conveyed her full realization of the ignorance of youth that she once had. "Not as much anymore, but it depends on the job. It's been about seven or eight months since my last flight. Though I do have to admit I've never flown on an Air Force aircraft like you."

The interphone chimed as the first pilot began to speak.

Saved by the bell, Ryan, she thought.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we're about fifty miles out from Honolulu International and will be starting our descent shortly. It's a wonderful seventy-nine degrees on the ground, and we anticipate landing in about fifteen minutes. We'll have you on the ground and ready for those warm Hawaiian beaches in no time. Thank you again for flying with us, we're glad you chose to fly our airlines and can't wait to have you again."

"Finally, almost there," Trixie practically giggled like a school girl. Ryan smiled; he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She noticed him staring out of the corner of her eye but she didn't say anything; she just kept smiling.

I can't believe he hasn't put a move on me yet. Not even this morning before we left for the airport. Most guys would have banged me at least three times before we left the house. Ryan was still something of a mystery to her, but he did feel safe to her. She wouldn't let her guard down, of course, but she could afford to enjoy herself on the trip. If some of her other clients had offered to take her to Hawaii, she would have dreaded every single minute. So far, Ryan had been the perfect gentleman, almost too perfect. She snickered to herself, thinking he was either the most perfect man in the world or a serial killer just waiting to strike.

Ryan heard her snicker, "Whatcha thinking about hun?"

Trixie looked at him and fibbed a little, "Oh, I'm just thinking of laying on the sandy beach, wearing my coconut-shell bikini top and seashell bikini bottoms, having you rub lotion down my back and legs while I sipping a pina colada." She squealed, "Did you hear the pilot? Seventy-nine degrees. In December! What was it, like, forty-two degrees back home in Northern California?"

"You had me at coconut shells. I don't think I heard much of what you said after that," Ryan laughed, almost drooling.


"I could get used to this," Trixie said as they sat and ate lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean at Waikiki.

Ryan felt like he was in paradise; he wasn't sure if it was the beautiful scenery of the endless ocean view that he should be staring at, or Trixie herself. "I know what you mean," he quietly responded. She had on a purple bikini top and a short purple hula skirt. At the airport she had been given a predominantly purple lei blended with a small mixture of yellow and white flowers. Trixie definitely fit in with the crowd.

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