tagInterracial LoveOpposites Ch. 01

Opposites Ch. 01


He noticed her. Jake was sitting in the shoe department at Macys, and he was supposed to be watching his girlfriend try on shoes. But instead he noticed...her. She was directly across from him, in the purse department, moving slowly in between racks of purses. She was totally oblivious to him, engrossed in the business of choosing a new purse.

Her. Jake took an inventory of sorts. He started at the top of her head, admiring the shiny black hair that fell from it, straight and smooth, to hit below her shoulders and onto her back. Then her eyes, deep-set and dark, no hint of color behind long black lashes. Her mouth was contorted in a slight pout, her lips just barely shiny from a coat of gloss.

No color there either, he noticed, just shine. Her face was full and round; her cheeks pink with what he knew instinctively was a natural blush. His eyes continued moving downward, settling on the cleavage that was visible from her v-neck blouse. Smooth and soft, Jake thought to himself. And well-endowed, he smirked.

Just then she moved, and her back was now facing him. Jake looked at her hips, amazed at their slight form, considering the rest of her. And a slightly round ass, he thought. Also not what he expected, but not a bad thing either. Her jeans fit her perfectly, accentuating her thighs, down to her calves, then flared out, hiding what was underneath.

Judging from the bracelet on her slim wrist, he guessed her ankles would be slim also. No reason, he just thought they would be. Jake's eyes then did a mental zoom out: he took in her entire form, from top to bottom. She was fat, and there was no reason to mince words. But was that why he was looking, enticed with her?

She was covered in the most perfect color of caramel skin he had ever seen. She was fat, short and black. And he was unable to stop looking at her. He imagined what she felt like, what she smelled like, what she sounded like. He wanted to know those things. He wanted to be the only one to know them. He wanted...her.

She noticed him. Sophia was supposed to be purse-shopping; after all, she had waited a month for her favorite brand to go on sale. Instead she was distracted by...him. He was sitting in the shoe department. Sophia surmised the leggy blonde parading in front of him wearing 5 inch stilettos was his girlfriend. He watched this blonde intently, as if he couldn't get enough of her.

Him. Sophia secretly wished he would look at her that way. His hair was short, but not too short. Just long enough to run your fingers through while looking into his eyes. From where she was standing, Sophia couldn't tell what color they were, but they were definitely light. Probably blue, or green, she thought. Beautiful eyes rimmed with long light colored lashes.

His nose was prominent, the perfect Roman nose, and his lips were luscious and slightly pink. I guess she's been kissing him, Sophia grunted to herself. He was smiling at her-the blonde-and Sophia could see shallow dimples. Her eyes moving downward, she noticed the Adams apple protruding from his neck.

And the way his neck filled out the collar of the button up shirt he was wearing. Because he was sitting she couldn't tell how big he was, but his chest was broad, his back filling the back of the chair. His arms were draped over the arms of the chair, and Sophia looked at his hands. Big and strong, they looked like he was someone who wasn't afraid of hard work.

From there her eyes moved slightly to the side and she saw how well his thighs filled out the jeans he was wearing. He was sitting and that probably exaggerated the fit, but what she saw Sophia definitely liked. As well as the bulge right above those thighs. She hoped that wasn't exaggerated by the fit, though.

He looked tall, but she couldn't really tell. His knees came out far from the edge of the chair, and his legs ended in good-sized feet wearing nice shoes. He was blonde. Sophia wasn't usually drawn to blondes, but maybe that was why she was drawn to him.

He was blonde, and tanned. And white. Her polar opposite. But she couldn't stop looking. She wondered how he sounded, what he felt like, how he smelled. She wanted to find out. And she wanted to be the only one who felt those things. She wanted...him.

"Jake, Jake, wake up!" Jake could hear a female voice echoing in his dreams.

"Jake!" Jake awoke with a start, and opened his eyes to see Amanda, his girlfriend, sitting up and looking at him with anger in her eyes.

"Who is Sophia?" Amanda asked, and Jake was taken aback.

At first he didn't know who she was talking about, and then he remembered. Three days ago they were at Macys, Amanda wanting to buy shoes and insisting Jake come with her. That was when he noticed her. The girl in the purse department. He watched her until she checked out, then got up and asked the cashier the girl's name.

The cashier didn't want to tell him, but Jake smiled his best shit-eating smile, and leaned in close to the young brunette with crooked teeth, and said one word: please. The cashier literally melted, and promptly produced a name...Sophia. She wouldn't surrender the last name though, for fear of being overheard and fired.

But Jake was ok with that, because he had his mystery girl's first name. Sophia. It fit her perfectly. He had dreamt of her every night since, and now maybe all that fantasizing had caught up with him.

Amanda sat there, arms crossed, pouting and snarling at the same time. She was the only woman Jake knew who could do that. It was a very unattractive look for her, so Jake sat up and took her hands into his.

"Baby, I must have been dreaming. I don't know a Sophia. The only Sophia I have ever even heard of is Sophia Loren. And you have to admit she was hot in her day. Maybe I was dreaming of her." Jake said with that crooked smile that he knew always softened her up.

"You aren't lying to me, are you? I'm not some dumb blonde, you know. Don't think you can cheat on me and get away with it." Amanda answered, and tore her hands from his.

She scooted to the edge of the bed and got up, and Jake noticed she was wearing one of his t-shirts. He had actually forgotten they made love last night. He probably forgot because he imagined it was Sophia he was making love to, not Amanda. Over the course of three days he had come to loathe Amanda's body, her face, her voice, even her hair.

They had quickly become a turn-off. In fact, the night after the shopping spree, she had tried to initiate sex, but he faked a migraine just so he wouldn't have to see her naked. Until that day, Amanda had been his ultimate fantasy. Tall, blonde and big-breasted. She was 5'10, 125 lbs soaking wet.

He paid for her breast implants, giving her the surgery as a Christmas present two years ago. She loved to have sex, but she was only interested in "vanilla" sex; she never wanted to try anything new. Anal was definitely off limits, and as hot as she was, she was too lazy to be on top very often.

And as far as oral sex was concerned, she was happy to receive, but never gave to the finish. Jake thought after three years he loved her as much as he was going to, and now, he doesn't even think he ever loved her. Watching her walk away in a huff, and remembering last nights unremarkable sex, Jake made a decision.

Sophia awoke in a sweat after a third night of dreaming of the sex god in the shoe department at Macys. For three nights he invaded her sleep, making her moan in need and in pleasure, and she would always wake up wet, with sweat and with her own juices. This morning was no different. Sophia got up and stripped the sheets, again, and moved toward the bathroom to start the day.

"I have got to get a grip. Or...get him" Sophia thought out loud as she entered the bathroom.

Sitting in the tub a few minutes later, Sophia relived her dream from last night. She is sitting in her living room watching TV in her favorite pajamas: a spaghetti strapped tank top and shorts. Then there is a knock at the door. She gets up to answer it, and standing on the other side is...him.

Without saying a word he walks in and begins kissing her. Slowly, sensually, he kisses her, his hands roaming over her back, her breasts, and her hips. He strips her of her tank top and starts to work on her breasts... Sophia shook her head, realizing that she had to get moving or she would end up late for work. Her dream-fantasy would have to wait until later.

Jake worked as a lifeguard for the county where he lived. While he loved his job, he had grown tired of constantly being hit on. While some men might enjoy that type of attention, Jake was put off by it. Being very shy at heart, it was hard for him to see himself as an attractive person.

In his head he knew he must be, because of all the women, and sometimes men, who would ask for his number or volunteer theirs.

But in his heart, he wasn't so sure of himself. His ride into work this morning was wrought with despair. How was he going to find Sophia? He had no idea what her last name was, where she worked, if she even lived in the same county. She could have been from out of town, for goodness sakes.

It was driving him crazy. She was driving him crazy. Sophia...just thinking of her name caused Jake's cock to swell. He was instantly reminded of the recurrent dream he had been having the past three days.

Sophia lying naked on his bed, legs spread, her smoothly shaven pussy swollen and wet with arousal. He could even smell her in his dreams, she smelled like pineapples and sex. Jake walks over to the bed, his cock painfully stiff and twitching at the sight of her. He leans down and kisses her softly on her lips, causing her to let out a deep moan into his mouth.

Then her hands are caressing his face, clutching the back of his head, pulling him in closer to her soft giving body, and the minute his cock touches her skin a drop of pre-cum leaks out and leaves a wet mark on her thigh.

Sophia releases his lips from hers and begins to nibble on Jake's earlobe, running her nails over his back, spreading her legs wider for him to nestle between her thighs. He obliges her, and begins to move slowly up and down her body, rubbing his hard shaft against her sensitive pussy lips, getting her moisture all over him.

She whispers into his ear "Fuck me Jake" and Jake's cock jumps involuntarily at the naughty words spoken by this beautiful sexy woman. He reaches down between them and positions the head of his dick at her hot opening, never taking his eyes off of hers. Slowly he pushes his length into her, feeling how tight she is, how she is opening up to let all of him inside, and he thinks her pussy was made for him alone.

Sophia holds her breath, relishing the fullness of his cock inside her, not wanting that feeling to end. Raising her knees toward her chest, she opens up even further, and Jake pushes all the way in to the hilt, never feeling so much pleasure before now. Then he begins to rock back...

Deep in thought and oblivious to the outside world, Jake didn't notice the car in front of his was stopped at a red light. Awakening from his trance a little too late, Jake stepped on his brakes but couldn't avoid hitting the car in front of him.

It wasn't a hard hit, thankfully, but it did push the car partially out into the intersection, where another vehicle hit it again. Jake yelled out and got out of his vehicle. He ran into the intersection, paying no mind to the cars that continued to whiz by. When he approached the drivers side window his heart fell; it was her...Sophia.

She was conscious, but bleeding from a cut on her forehead. Her airbag had deployed, and her seatbelt seemed to be cutting into her midsection, but she was still conscious. Jake went to open the door when the driver of the second car came running up behind him.

"Why the fuck didn't she stop?" he screamed in Sophia's direction.

"Sir, please, I hit her at the red light and pushed her into the intersection. It wasn't her fault. Now if you want to help, then help. Otherwise, go back to your vehicle and wait for police." Jake responded, and with that the second driver skulked back to his vehicle.

"Figures" Jake mumbled, and opened the driver's side door. When he leaned across Sophia to unbuckle her seat belt, she let out a tiny sound, almost like a whimper.

"Did I hurt you?" Jake asked. "I'm not going to move you, you may have serious injuries, but I do want to unbuckle your safety belt, ok? Can you hear me Sophia?"

"Yes" Sophia answered, then opened her eyes and saw him.

Him. From Macys. Was he really there, or was she having hallucinations? She knew she hit her head, and she could feel the blood running down the side of her face, but damnit that looked like him in front of her.

And did he just say her name? But how would he know her name? As he moved in front of her again to reach her seat belt clasp, he brushed up against her breasts, and her nipples instantly became hard. Sophia drew in a breath, and let out another small whimper.

"I'm so sorry I keep hurting you. I'm sorry I hit you. I think you'll be ok, but the paramedics should be here soon." Jake told her, freeing her from the constraints of the seatbelt.

"I'm ok, I just hit my head, but I'm ok." Sophia answered him, and moved to get out of the car. Just then a sharp blinding pain went through her leg.

"Don't move, I think your leg might be broken. In fact, I think that piece of bone right there shouldn't be sticking out of it like that." Jake said, stilling her with a hand to her thigh, and pointing at the bone protruding from her shin.

"Oh shit. That's not good..." Sophia said just before passing out.

Sophia woke up in a hospital room. She could hear machines beeping. Her head hurt. Her leg hurt worse. In fact everything hurt. She wondered what time it was. Turning her head to look for a clock, she saw him. Mr. Macys was sitting in a chair against the wall, eyes closed. He didn't look like he was sleeping, just thinking.

She eyed her purse on the table next to him. Not wanting to disturb him, she tried to maneuver herself to move off the bed, only to find her leg in traction. "Shit" she mumbled, and with that proclamation Jake opened his eyes.

"Hey" Jake said, "don't move, I'll get you what you need." Jake half stood, and grasped the chair by the arms behind him, dragging himself and the chair closer to the bed.

"What time is it?" Sophia asked, looking at him, still not believing he was the same guy she saw only days ago.

"5:15 pm, you were in surgery for your leg for quite a while." Jake responded, taking her hand.

"Oh my God. My job must be frantic right now. I have to call them, tell them why I didn't go to work today."

"I called them right after you went into surgery. I hope you don't mind, but I went through your purse and saw your work badge, and I called them to let them know you had been in a car accident. I don't know if you know this, but I'm the one that hit you at the red light. I'm so sorry." Jake told her frantically, holding her hand tightly, hoping she wouldn't curse him out or make him leave, or both.

"What is your name?" Sophia asked.

"Jake. Jake McQueen."

"I'm Sophia Caine. But I guess you already know that. Thank you for taking care of me. But you didn't have to stay all this time. I'll be fine, you should go now." Sophia responded, trying idly to pull her hand free. But Jake wasn't letting go. She looked at him intently, and noticed his eyes were green. I figured they would be, she thought to herself.

"This is going to sound crazy. But I saw you in Macys a few days ago. I think this was fate, or karma, or something. I think we were supposed to meet." Jake told her earnestly. Sophia's heart beat sped up. So it was him. But...he noticed her? In Macys? While she was watching him, he was watching her?

"I thought I heard you say my name in the car. Was I imagining that?" Sophia asked.

"No, I said your name. After you bought the purse, I asked the clerk your name, and she would only give me your first name. I hope you aren't angry. I had to know your name."

"No, I guess not. But...oh my head hurts." Sophia lifted her other hand to her forehead and felt what she thought were dozens of stitches.

"You've got 37 stitches. It was a deep and long cut. But the doctor said there is a chance it won't scar." Jake told her when he noticed her fingering the stitches. "I kind of pretended I was your boyfriend. I wasn't sure when your boss was going to get here, and there was so much information being passed on. By the way, your boss couldn't stay, but said she would be back at 630."

Sophia closed her eyes and thought about what Jake just told her. Asked the clerk her name. Pretended to be her boyfriend. But her head hurt so badly, and her leg was starting to throb, that Sophia didn't ask anymore questions.

"Ok, its ok. Thank you so much for being so nice. I don't know how to repay you." Sophia said with a wince, and closed her eyes again.

"Just rest now, I'm not going to leave you alone." Jake whispered to her, still grasping her hand.

He dug in his front pocket with the other hand and noticed 15 missed calls. All from Amanda. After he cleared the missed calls he noticed the 7 text messages. Again all from Amanda. He didn't even bother reading them; he just closed his phone and put it back in his pocket. He then laid his head down on the bed next to Sophia's hand, and tried to sort his thoughts.

Sophia woke up again. This time Jake was gone. But Sophia wondered if he was ever really there. That's when she heard her boss speak up.

"He's gone. He said he would be back tonight though. He's cute, where'd you find him?" Christy asked, walking over to the bed and smiling down at Sophia.

"In Macys, he was on sale." Sophia responded, and they both laughed, although it was painful for Sophia. "What time is it? I feel lost." Sophia asked Christy.

"Its 755. I'm going to have to go soon. But...Jake is it? He said he would be back around 10, so you won't be alone for long. Have you called your family yet?" Christy responded.

"No, I'll call them. Don't worry. Thank you for coming. Um, I don't think I'll be in tomorrow." Sophia told her, and Christy just rolled her eyes.

"No shit. Don't worry about the job. Just get better. I'll come back tomorrow. Good night." Christy said to her, and walked out of the room. Sophia reached for the phone to call her parents and tell them what happened. "This should be fun." Sophia sighed.

Jake sat in his apartment, looking at the floor. For the past hour and a half he had listened to Amanda's bitching about him not answering her calls all day. He tried to explain that he was in an accident and being sworn to help people, he couldn't leave the other driver until he knew for certain she was ok.

Oh when he said "she" Amanda blew up. She accused him of cheating on her with the accident victim. Jake calmly asked her how that could be possible if he just got into an accident with her. Amanda said in her most annoying voice that they had probably been fucking and both leaving her apartment at the same time, and that's how they got into the accident.

At that notion Jake laughed out loud. And that was it for Amanda. She started to cry, stormed into the bedroom and came out minutes later with her overnight bag. She announced she was going to her best friends' house for the night. She also announced that Jake had better be there when she returned in the morning or there would be hell to pay.

Jake had to fight to keep from laughing again. Amanda just stood there, for what seemed like hours, apparently waiting for him to stop her from leaving. But Jake wasn't going to stop her. He just wanted her to leave already so he could get back to the hospital and be with Sophia. As if Amanda read his mind, she dropped her bag and decided she wasn't going anywhere.

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