tagLesbian SexOptions Ch. 02

Options Ch. 02


Chapter 02: More Options

Shelly toweled her straight hair as she appraised the reflection of her lithe body. She thought once more that her breasts were too small, but several weeks of workouts had chiseled away at her tummy until her abs gained definition. She ran her hands over her trim hips and gazed at her slit barely concealed beneath a thin blonde triangle. Her figure contrasted so nicely with Barb's lush curves. Not bad, she smiled to herself.

In the next room Barb tried to concentrate on a paper. Between the lure of intimate messages on her computer and the awareness of her roommate's damp body fresh from the shower and so near, Barbara's concentration wavered.

"So I got this totally hot e-mail this afternoon," Shelly began.

"Mmm hmmm," Barb answered.

"Yeah . . . ." Shelly presented the facts as she baited her beautiful roommate. "She's really cute—"


"And she's really flexible . . . ."


"And she's a 'squirter' . . . ."


Shelly smiled into the mirror as she wrapped a thick towel around herself.

"What? She's a what?"

"You heard me," the blonde laughed through the partially open door. She heard Barbara mutter, "Fuck this!" and the keyboard clacked. Shelly continued, "Yeah, at least that what she says." She could feel herself respond at the thought.

"A 'squirter'? You know how much I love that!"

Shelly peered around the corner. "I know, Babs. But that's not the best part."

"Hmmm," Barb sighed. Her eyes wore a dreamy glaze. "How could it get much better?"

"Well, she's black, like 'dark chocolate' black. Really beautiful," Shelly said as she entered the living room. Her towel barely covered her vee and Barb kept peeking, hoping for a good look.

"Sixty percent cacao?"

"More like seventy five. But lemme finish. She sent some photos, including a pic of her kitty, and you won't believe— Here, just let me show ya, 'kay?"

Shelly scooted to her computer and logged into her account. In seconds she had accessed her messages and found the entry. It opened with a few lines of smoldering text, including the sender's description of how she got off looking at Barb's pictures.

"You should be sooo proud," Shelly told her. "She said it was one of the best cums she'd had in a long time. She loved thinking about your gorgeous lips—"

Barbara giggled. The two had been lovers for three months and still could not get enough of each other.

Shelly scrolled down past the photo of a cute college student with a perfect smile, past an arousing photo of two dark, delicate hands pinching stiff, espresso-colored nipples. She stopped on the third picture.

"Hmmm, yeah, here. She was thinking about your gorgeous lips on this!"

"Holy shit!" Barb gasped. Dark fingers spread the luscious brown morsel and held the damp labia apart. Her center glowed an inflamed pink and some of her fluids coated the bottom of her glistening slit. But the most striking feature was the bright clitoris surrounded by a very dark hood. It looked like a shiny pink pearl peeping out from a cocoa oyster.

"I know! And she wanted your lips on that! Cool, huh? Got me so hot I had to take care o' business myself when I saw it."

"Holy shit!" Barb fixated on the screen. "Damn, it reminds me of those chocolate-covered cherries you'd get at Valentine's Day. Oh, God, that has me so, like, instantly horny."

"How horny, Babs?" The two young women locked eyes. Shelly's heart pounded as she imagined nibbling on the brunette's lovely womanhood. Barbara's heart pounded as she imagined having her lovely womanhood nibbled by the beautiful blonde. Barb leaned back in her chair, legs parted. Shelly dropped her towel to the floor, knelt and took her reward.

Shelly consumed Barb with great tenderness. While Shelly's tongue and lips made love to Barb's delicate folds and slick skin, Barb concentrated on the erotic image. When her labia were suckled, she imagined the labia pictured on the computer screen being lipped and savored in the same way. When the warm tongue tip slithered across her clit, she dreamed of tasting their cyber-friend's glowing bud. Soon Shelly's exquisite mouth and the graphic photo had her on edge.

Shelly lost herself in Barbara. She had masturbated to the photo and it left such a sweet afterglow. She knew Barb would want to stare at it while she came, too. So she contented herself in guiding the trembling brunette through two delightful climaxes. Only then did she allow her head to be pushed from between the wet, muscular thighs. Shelly helped Barb into bed and they cuddled.

"Are you okay, Shell?"

"Mmm Hmmm! I don't think I'll ever get tired of how you taste."

"Mmmm, thanks. But—are you okay?"

"You mean do I need to cum?"

"Yeah, hon," Barbara blushed. "Do you need to?"

"In a little. I just want to hold you for now, 'kay?"

"Okay." Barbara let herself relax, secure and treasured in Shelly's arms.

"What are we doing for your birthday?" Shelly whispered in her ear.

"Hmmm, how 'bout more of this?"

"Well, duh! No, really, we should do something special. What do you want to do?"

"I dunno. Guess I haven't thought about it too much." Barb's eyes were closed. Shelly could not stop gazing at Barb's lovely face, and the exquisite lips curled in a tiny smile of bliss.

"Well, you gotta tell me 'cause it's, like, tomorrow."

"No, it's, um, three days from now."

"Babs, when's your birthday?"

"The ninth, silly."

"And what's the date today?"

"Um, it's the sixth. Right?"

"Noooo, it's the eighth!"

Barbara's eyes flashed open. "What?"

"Yuh huh. You're silly! It's tomorrow. And—it's your biggie, too! So, I'll go slow so you can keep up. Tomorrow, your twenty-first birth-day, you can have a special ce-le-bra-tion. But . . . you . . . must . . . tell . . . me," Shelly felt Barb start to giggle and lowered her voice to sound ominous, "what . . . you . . . want . . . to . . . do." The two dissolved in laughter.

As the moment passed, Barb admitted, "Jeez, Shell, I don't know."

"Okay, let me give you a few options. We can go out for dinner," Barb raised her eyebrows. "Or a movie," Barb's nose wrinkled. "We could stay in and have fabulous sex—"

"Yeah, that one!" She panted like a puppy.

"Oh, my cute little slut," the blonde cooed, rubbing her nose in the light brown hair until she found the skin of Barb's neck. "But I'd like to do something special—"

In a tone of a princess commanding a vassal, Barb said, "Then you may eat me until I beg for mercy." She giggled.

Shelly's mood changed in an instant. "Babs, please, be serious for a minute."

"Okay, Shell. I'm sorry." Barbara sounded hurt and Shelly immediately felt a twinge of guilt. She had to remind herself that Barb's feelings could be so fragile.

"No, you don't need to be sorry." The tall blonde sighed in frustration. "It's just that I want to do something really, really special for you. With you. My twenty-first was over the break—"

"I know. I missed you horribly—"

"I missed you, too, and it just sucked! I don't want to miss out on this one. And maybe we can make up for my suckie birthday while we're at it."

"I called."

"I know, but by the time I could call you back it was late and I was, like, too sad, you know? I didn't want to bum you out, too."

"You could've called."

"I should've."

"I'd have cheered you up."

Shelly hugged her friend. "Thanks, Babs."

Barb sat up and looked into her lover's face. The brunette's blue eyes glowed. "Okay, Shell. So, what'd you want to do on your birthday that you didn't get to do?"

"You mean, besides eat you until you begged for mercy?" she asked to lighten the mood once more.

"Yeah, besides that," Barbara giggled.

"Well, I wanted to have a really nice, romantic dinner with candlelight, staring into the eyes of someone who means a lot to me. I wanted to come home and have a hot bubble bath for two, maybe with a little champagne. I wanted to trade long, slow, sensual massages with scented candles. And I wanted to make long, slow, amazing love before falling asleep in a hot, like, tangle-cuddle."

"Wow," Barb whispered. After a few seconds, she said "You told me you had a family dinner. I mean, that sounds, nice."

"We had a family dinner 'cause my friends from home were either all gone or already busy. My little brother kept farting at me—God, he's such a dork! And my uncle patted me on the head, gave me ten bucks and a can of beer."

"Damn! That was a shitty birthday. Um, okay, let's do the 'dinner and—' thing."


"Good. Now, you wanna get dressed, before, um—" Barbara's voice dripped meaning as it trailed into silence.

"Before, what?" Shelly asked rhetorically. Then, "Uh, uh." She rolled onto her back and beckoned her roommate with a crooked finger and a come-hither smile.

* * * * * * *

Beautiful weather on the birthday morning tempted them to skip classes. But Barb suggested that the evening would be much more fun without the guilt of truancy. Shelly reluctantly agreed.

The buzz around the dorm was over a trendy new Thai restaurant. Shelly made a last-minute reservation for six-thirty then arranged a birthday surprise. She just had time to shower, and throw on shorts and a favorite t-shirt before Barb got back to the room.

"How'd lab go?" she asked innocently.

Barb rolled her eyes. "My lab partner is such a dickhead. And he broke another beaker!"

"Another? Isn't that, like, three already?"

Barb held up her hand.


"Yeah, and we have to share the replacement costs. Shit!"

"We'll talk with the prof. Jeez," Shelly laughed, "he is a dickhead. Hope his plates at home are all plastic. Or paper!"

Barb's anger softened and she smiled.

Shelly told her, "Forget it. Let's get ready for our date."

"Oh, Shell, I'm so excited. Aren't you excited?"

"Yeah, it'll be sooo fun. C'mon, go shower and then lemme do your hair. I know just how I want it to be while I stare at you all night."

"Oh, you little dom, you . . . ."

Shelly stood and moved toward Barb until they practically touched. Barb felt her nipples tighten at the blonde's proximity. She felt herself melt at the look in Shelly's smoldering brown eyes. She hoped they would kiss.

Instead, Shelly told her, "You better go, or we might not get out of here at all,"

"Promise?" Barb whispered.

"G'on," she growled in return. When Barb reluctantly turned away, she received a playful swat on the behind.

"Hey!" Barbara protested.

In awe, Shelly said, "Damn, that's a gorgeous butt!"

Barb giggled, disappeared, and Shelly heard the shower run.

* * * * * * *

The playful tone and light teases continued as the two dressed. The stress of classes slipped away in the mounting anticipation of their evening. As promised, Shelly helped Barbara with her hair. She gave it an upward sweep and pulled just a few curly strands out to frame her face. It looked natural, sophisticated, and sexy.

"Wow," Barb looked into the mirror. "I look hot!"

"No shit, Babs."

"Thanks, Shell," she replied as she hugged the taller blonde. "Should I do you?"

Shelly leered at her, and Barb flushed. "I mean, should I do yours?"

"I dunno, Babs. Should you do me?"

"No, I meant yours—like, your hair. Should I do your hair?"

"I'd rather you do me. Right here, right now," she laughed as she stole a quick glance at the clock. "But we'll be late. Too bad, too." She dropped her robe and walked nude to bathroom, an extra sway in her hips. Barb stared at her roommate's pert bottom, and she felt herself dampen.

"Oh, man, this is gonna be a great night," she mumbled to herself.

Shelly came back with a metal bottle. "So, watch this." She sprayed some mousse into her hands and bent forward until her hair fell. Both hands worked into the tresses. She used a light touch to crush it a few times, then stood quickly and tossed her head. Her hair fluffed, holding a gentle wave that fell past her shoulders. She could have just left the salon.

Except she's stark friggin' naked! Barb thought.

"Up here, girlfriend," Shelly giggled when she caught Barbara eying her chest.


They dressed and teased and laughed and touched as they passed one another in the small room. It seemed that the time whisked by and, suddenly, they were ready.

"What?" Barb asked. Shelly stared at her with an odd expression.

"Damn, Baby, you're so gorgeous!"

"Barbara felt her cheeks go hot. "Thanks, Shell. Shit, you too. Look at you!"

Their eyes roamed over each other and the energy between them became charged. Shelly said, "We better get out of here."

"Yeah," Barb sighed.

They strutted down the hallway and heads turned. Someone wolf-whistled as they passed. A towel-clad co-ed burst from shower and nearly ran into Barb. They stared at one another for an instant before Barbara grabbed her behind the head and planted a lusty kiss on her surprised mouth. The shampoo bottles dropped to the floor with a plastic clatter. Barb released her, grinned, took Shelly's arm, and the couple bumped their way down the hall. More hoots, and a breathless co-ed, swirled in their wake.

The cab had already arrived. They climbed in, passed on the address, and settled into the seat. Barb muttered, "That was fun!"

"Yeah, I thought Stacy was going to melt right there." They laughed. "Oh, Babs, thanks! This is gonna be sooo great."

"Happy Birthday, Shell."

"Happy Birthday, Babs." They shared a brief kiss. The cabbie checked the mirror, smiled, and watched the road.

* * * * * * *

The restaurant bustled and shimmered with activity. They found it magical and captivating. The table was a good one, though it could have been a little more private for Shelly's tastes. She made sure to sit on Barb's right side. The server's warm greeting and attentiveness made them feel important.

He ran through the specials, handed them menus, made a recommendation and asked if they would like drinks while they decided.

"Well, it's a birthday—" Barb began.

"She's twenty-one today," Shelly told him.

"Well, she turned twenty-one like, a week-and-a-half ago!"

"Ah, very well. Now, ladies, may I first see some ID, please?"

They showed their driver's licenses and the man seemed satisfied. "Thank you," he said as he handed back the cards. "If I may be so bold, would you ladies allow me to make a choice for you?"

Barbara and Shelly exchanged a quick glance. Barb shrugged. "Okay," Shelly answered for them both.

"Please review the menu, and I shall be back in just a moment." He turned and hustled toward the kitchen.

Shelly reached under the table and found the edge of the slit in Barb's silver dress. She ran her hand under the hem and touched Barb's thigh. The silky stocking and its lacy top excited Shelly, and she sighed. "That's a nice leg," she whispered.

"Shit, Shell, you're getting me turned on already! If you keep that up—"

"Yeees," she prompted.

"This!" Barbara's hand reached under the table, undid a few buttons on Shelly's skirt and stroked upward. Her fingers traveled almost to the hip and felt nothing but smooth skin. "Did you go—without?"

"Maybe." Shelly winked. "You'll find out."

The server returned with an ice bucket. As he set it next to the table, he bent toward them and murmured, "Ladies, this table is not so private, and the table cloth is a little . . . short."

The two young women snatched their hands from each other's legs. Barb blushed crimson, but Shelly just grinned.

"I believe we have a more suitable table back there." He tilted his head for emphasis. "If you would care to follow me, please?" He picked up the bucket and led the way. The women grabbed their menus and trailed him.

"Here you are." Their new table felt much more intimate, the light more subdued, and the tablecloth draped to the floor.

"Oh, this is perfect," Shelly told him. "Thank you!"

"Now, in celebration of your happy occasions, I thought this might be nice." He deftly tore the foil from the bottle, uncorked the Asti with a muffle "pop," and poured each of them a flute. Then he immersed the bottle in its frigid marinade.

"I will be back in a few minutes. Please enjoy!"

Shelly observed, "He looks just like the hotel manager in that old Julia Roberts movie—"

"You mean, Pretty Woman?"

"Yeah. Doesn't he?"

"Yeah. A bit older and fatter. Not so much hair. But he does."

"I wonder if he can catch a flying snail."

"Don't you dare," Barb warned.

"Oh, relax, I bet they don't even serve snails here."

Barb remained wary and decided to change the subject. "A toast. Right? Isn't that what you're supposed to say?"

"A toast." Shelly tapped Barb's flute and the ring of fine crystal made then smile.

"Happy Birthday, Shelly."

"Happy Birthday, Barbara."

They sipped at the wine.

"Wow, he's right. This is good," Barb proclaimed.

"Man, I like this," Shelly agreed. Her hand tested their privacy and Barb shivered. "Now, where were we?" Her palm cupped Barb's thigh and slid higher. Goose bumps raced up Barb's leg and she felt a bolt of lightning sizzle into her pussy.

"Right about there."

"You sure? Not here?" Shelly hand reached higher and found the edge of Barbara's thong.

"Mmmm, no not quite there," Barb whispered. She took another sip to steady herself.

Shelly reached under the elastic and brushed at her friend's light tuft.

"Ooo, yeah, that's pretty good!"

"Wait a few minutes" Shelly promised. She gave Barb a light tickle that got to them both. Then she peered into her menu as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, you big tease!" Barb's subdued voice sounded harsh, but her blue eyes danced.

"I'm not teasing," Shelly told her, all truth and innocence. She fixed her lover with an intense gaze and asked, "I'm previewing. Don't you believe me?"

Barb registered the raw lust packed into Shelly's expression, smiled and nodded. She could hardly wait.

The server returned and took their order. He brought them an appetizer, small bowls of soup, and wonderful dishes rich with coconut and spice. The champagne bottle was emptied. As the meal neared its conclusion they were feeling the warmth of good and spicy food coupled with fine wine.

"Babs, I need to tell you something. About Stacy."


"She asked me about you, once."

"Really? Asked what?"

"Well, this was just after we, you-and-me-we, hooked up. And she asked if you were into girls. I said I didn't know, but I was pretty sure she knew I was BS-ing her."

"How'd she—"

"Wait, please. Lemme finish. See, Stacy and I had a night. This was probably three or four months before you and I got together."

"Have you been with her since, um, 'you and me'?"

Shelly covered Barbara's hand with hers. "No. I'd have told you." Barb relaxed.

"I've cum with some of my e-mail or PM friends," Shelly continued. "But you know I do that, right? I tell you about them, right?"

Barb nodded. "That's totally okay, Shell." Then a sly smile stretched the brunette's full lips and she admitted, "It's even better when you give me details."

Shelly smiled back. "Just wait," was her enigmatic promise. "So, Stacy told me she wished you were. Into girls, I mean. 'Cause she really wanted to get with you."


"Oh. Babs, try not to be so pleased with yourself!"

"What can I say?"

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